Nothing Ear (2) launch brings a powerful, customizable sound experience

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What you need to know

  • The Nothing Ear (2) has launched with a slightly lighter weight and similar overall design to its predecessor.
  • The Ear (2) has been revamped with a dual chamber design and an 11.6mm dynamic driver for improved sound definition.
  • Consumers can expect a customizable ANC, Transparency Mode, and LHDC 5.0 Bluetooth codec.
  • The Nothing Ear (2) goes on sale on March 28 for $149 in the U.S.,£129 in the U.K., and ₹9,999 in India.

A bit over two weeks after the teasers, Nothing has now launched its latest earbuds. The London-based company's launch of Ear (2) focuses on bringing a much more powerful sound experience to the user. Nothing's latest earbud release only weighs 4.5 g, making them only slightly lighter than the previous Ear (1) earbuds.

When it comes to its sound, the Ear (2) has been reworked to include a dual chamber design along with an 11.6mm dynamic driver for enhanced audio detail.

The Ear (2) includes a new customizable ANC (active noise cancelation), as previous rumors speculated. The new device offers users a personalized ANC, environment-adaptive ANC, and a Transparency Mode. Nothing's latest launch also supports Dual Connectivity to wrap up these welcome, higher-quality features to bring the Ear (2) more in line with some of the best wireless earbuds.

While the Nothing Ear (2) is smaller than the previous iteration of the buds, its overall design hasn't diverged that much away from its recognizable design. The buds still deliver that transparent feel that many of the other Nothing products sport, like the Phone (1). The company stated that it's "rebuilt the charging case with a stronger, pressure-resistant material for a premium feel."

Considering the buds each hold a 33mAh battery, the Ear (2) can provide around four hours of music playback and three hours of talk time with ANC active. The case contains a 485mAh battery, bringing your total listening time to around 36 hours, as it can provide nearly eight full charge cycles for your new buds. The product does support 2.5W wireless charging, as well.

Nothing's Ear (2) has been stamped with an IP54 sweat and dust-resistance rating, so you can take it for a run or a walk on a sweltering day. Touch controls make the Ear (2) even more seamless without taking you out of what you're doing. The buds also feature AAC, SBC, and LHDC 5.0 Bluetooth codec.

Our Nothing Ear (2) review is packed with all the details surrounding the device and what you can come to expect from its given features. The new buds will go on sale on March 28 (pre-order available now) for $149 in the U.S. and £129 in the U.K. When it comes to India, consumers there can expect a ₹9,999 price tag.

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