New high-end Sonos speaker leaks, could take its audio to the next level

Sonos Arc logo close-up
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What you need to know

  • Sonos appears to be developing a new high-end speaker called the "Optimo 2."
  • This new speaker would feature Dolby Atmos sound and built-in microphones, with more RAM and flash memory when compared to other Sonos speakers.
  • The Optimo 2 is also one of three products Sonos is working on, including the "Optimo 1" and "Optimo SL."

Sonos seems to be working on a new high-end speaker codenamed "Optimo 2."

Apparently, The Verge was able to view in-progress images of Sonos' next potential flagship speaker. From the images, the new speaker is apparently designed with a dual-angled shell and, based on some details The Verge was able to obtain, could end up being Sonos' best-sounding speaker.

The 3D mockup of the proposed Optimo 2 shows its current design. The image is of the front of the device. It's also being speculated that the device will stick to Sonos' classic white and black coloring for speakers.

A mockup for the design of the proposed Sonos Optimo 2 high-end speaker.

(Image credit: The Verge)

It goes without saying that this new high-end speaker's design looks quite similar to the Sonos Play:5. The Verge cites people closer to the project in saying that the Optimo 2 comes with "twice as much RAM and as much as eight times more flash memory than any previous Sonos speaker." It also appears as though Sonos is looking to support the speaker long-term with consistent software updates.

The Optimo 2 is said to include Dolby Atmos and sport drivers that fire in several different directions for all-around sound. In addition to music playback over Wi-Fi, the speaker may also support Bluetooth playback availability, something normally included in the company's portable speakers like the Sonos Move and Roam. The device could also take things a step further by including in-line USB-C support for music playback.

According to the in-progress build, the Optimo 2 comes with built-in microphones, which could assist the speaker in sound optimization and bring support for Sonos Voice Control. Notably, the company was recently sued by Google over its voice control technology. However, Sonos did not seem troubled by the move, saying that Google's suit is "an intimidation tactic designed to retaliate against Sonos for speaking out against Google's monopolistic practices."

The Verge reports that the Optimo 2 will take the lead among other products being produced by the company. The two other speakers currently in the works are reportedly the "Optimo 1" and "Optimo SL," the latter of which will follow products like the Roam SL by omitting microphones, likely making it a cheaper option among the three.

Meanwhile, we're still waiting on the Sonos Sub-Mini to be fully revealed, although it was reportedly pushed back following the company's troubling quarter.

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