Before you go getting all excited about seeing that 9,300 applications were added to the Android Market last month, know this: There'es a lot of fluff in there. It is always great to see that you are able to customize applications by adding skins, but should we really count each of the dozens and dozens of skins as an application in the market? Does anyone really need that many adult-style applications? And beyond that, do we need to continue and add another application, instead of adding content to the original?

In mid-March we reported that the Market had hit 30,000 applications, and the numbers will  rise and rise. While, yes, we are indeed seeing some quality applications being added to the Market (See our weekly AndroidCentral Editor Picks of the Week for examples) we can all agree that playing the numbers game is, at best, a game. Let's go for quality over quantity. [via Electronista]