8 Great Tech Gifts For Mom & Dad 2017

Mom and dad deserve the best, but they also need something that may be a bit more accessible than the average tech gift. These are some of our favorite gifts that only need a brief introduction, and perhaps a power outlet, and you're good to go! Updated for 2017!

Sony WH1000XM2 Noise-Canceling headphones

The best headphones are the ones you don't want to take off, and Sony makes what we think are the most comfortable wireless headphones that sound great in any situation. Not only do these $300 beauties feel weightless on your head, but their noise canceling is spectacular — take them on a plane and the engine sounds disappear.

$298 Buy Now $348 at Walmart

Amazon Echo (2nd Gen)

Now cheaper (starting at $79), smaller, and better-looking, Amazon's second-generation Echo is quickly becoming an essential home tool. Alexa has thousands of skills (some useful, some silly), sure, but Alexa is at its best when it's simple: getting the weather, asking for directions, or just playing a song from Spotify.

from $79 Buy Now $100 at Best Buy

Amazon Kindle Oasis (2nd gen)

Holy cow, this is a nice piece of equipment. We didn't think the e-reader had much left in the way of innovation, but Amazon's 7-inch, waterproof Oasis a gem of a product. Perfectly weighted with a sharp e-ink screen and a bright backlight perfect for dark nooks or the lightest beach, you're going to read more than ever with this one.

from $270 Buy Now

Sonos One

Music never sounds better than when you don't have to mess with wires, receivers, apps and adapters. Sonos One is the best-sounding speaker you can put anywhere in your home, with an app so easy and a feature set so intuitive that mom and dad can just press play. Sonos has taken what's amazing about the Play:1 and added far-field microphones and Alexa support, with Google Assistant coming in 2018. A must-have product for $249!

$199 Buy Now

Nixplay Seed 10-inch Wi-Fi photo frame

Everyone loves photos, but no one prints them anymore. Take that hassle away by getting mom and dad a Wi-Fi-enabled digital photo frame that can download images and video from the cloud — and with 10GB of free storage, keep 'em there forever. There's even an app for iOS and Android that sends photos from any phone. Available in four awesome colors!

$170 Buy Now

Samsung Chromebook Pro

These days, it's easy to recommend a Chromebook to anyone — especially a parent who just wants to browse the web and send the occasional email. The Chromebook Pro has a super-bright and sharp display and comes with an S Pen stylus for taking notes or sketching. There's also Android app support!

$499 Buy Now

Fitbit Charge 2

Easy to set up, fun to use, and incredibly comfortable, the Fitbit Charge 2 is one of the best fitness tech gifts you can give mom or dad this year. With great apps for iOS, Android and Windows, unparalleled support, and a huge network of people ready to challenge and motivate, the Charge 2 is Fitbit's best tracker yet. Even better? It lasts five days on a battery charge!

from $129 Buy Now

Spotify subscription

Spotify is everywhere, and it's one of the best ways to access music, podcasts and music videos on practically any screen. At $9.99 per month, it's inexpensive enough to gift for a year, and its apps are well designed and easy to use on all platforms.

$9.99 Buy Now

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