5 reasons to try the free tier of Peacock

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NBC's Peacock streaming service is the only major streaming platform currently offering a free, introductory level to subscribers. While you'll still be required to create an account linked to your email, the free tier of Peacock gives you access to approximately 13,000 hours of ad-supported television and film content. Here are five reasons to try the free tier of Peacock.

You can access two-thirds of Peacock's library

Peacock Content

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The free tier still provides streamers with roughly 13,000 hours of ad-supported programming. Among the content you'll find are the first two seasons of The Office, current-season episodes and specials from both NBC and Telemundo, news clips, and more than 30 themed channels of curated clips from the best in news and pop culture programming.

Peacock also offers a rotating selection of roughly 700 blockbusters and B-list standouts, with only about 60 films blocked behind the premium pay-wall at a time. The current lineup of films available on Peacock's free tier include the Bourne franchise, Psych 2: Lassie Come Home, A Beautiful Mind, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and the first three films in the Harry Potter franchise.

Limited ads on Peacock

The ads on Peacock's free tier are limited to just five minutes of commercials per hour, marking an ad-to-show ratio much lower than the the one you'll experience on regular TV or the ad-supported version of Hulu, the latter of which costs $6 per month.

You can watch full seasons of your favorite shows

Peacock Shows

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The free tier offers full series collections of a handful of new and classic shoes. This includes everything from Real Housewives to Royal Pains, as well as classics like Columbo. Shows trending on the free tier right now also include Parks and Recreation, 30 Rock, and Yellowstone.

You have next-day access to new NBC shows

Subscribers opting to use the free tier still have access to new episodes of shows that are currently in their first seasons, aka freshman series, the day after they air on television. While the free tier doesn't offer next-day access to new episodes of ongoing series like Chicago Fire or The Voice, viewers who want to catch up can do so one week after the new episode broadcasts on NBC.

Peacock offers live "channels"

Peacock Live Channels

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Peacock's "channels" don't actually operate as direct live streams, but serve as curated, themed collections of clips from specific NBC programs. Selections available right now include Today All Day channel, which serves as a digital extension of the daily morning show, and combines show clips with Peacock-exclusive segments featuring Today hosts.

There's also the SNL Vault channel, which compiles some of the best sketches from Saturday Night Live, and the Can't Not Laugh channel, which features selections from shows like Superstore and Parks and Recreation.

Not enough content? Upgrade to Peacock Premium

If you decide that the ads on Peacock are too disruptive, or you want access to the full media library, Peacock also offers two levels of paid plans.

The Peacock Premium ad-supported tier costs $5 a month and increases the content library to 20,000 hours. Meanwhile, the service's top-tier Premium Plus plan costs $10 per month and also boasts 20,000 hours of on-demand and live content, with the added perk of being ad-free.

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