5 million Galaxy Note 2s sold worldwide, Samsung says

We reported earlier in November that just over a month after its launch, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 had sold over 3 million units worldwide. Now just a few weeks later that number has jumped up to 5 million sales worldwide, according to Samsung. It's a pretty great rate of sales, and we're sure that those will only continue to increase as the holiday buying season kicks off. Especially considering that the Note 2 is now available on all major carriers here in the states.

Samsung notes (pun intended) that the device is outpacing its predecessor -- the original Note -- in sales at this point. In its previous sales release, CEO of Samsung Mobile JK Shin indicated a sales goal of 20 million units for the Note 2.

Source: Samsung

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  • Im one of the 5 million nice phone super fast im very happy with it. Had two weeks now real easy to root great app support
  • remove all system app.
    leave only most basic like phone. contact. playstore. browser. etc.
    remove the rest. and you'll know what is fast and battery life. :-P
  • I really need to do this...I just haven't gotten around to it. Maybe that'll be my project tonight...
  • always need a view days for me to get it right and stable.
    google the apk that i'm not sure what it does.
    remove it when i think it's save or i don't need.
    flash it a couple times a day cause it failed to boot.
    :-P and i satisfied. :-D
    like a fresh install windows.
    only install the app you want or need. i don't like custom rom. i love stock rom with only the app i need. pardon my english. :-)
  • Of course, all this requires root right? I remember on my evo3d I was able to uninstall stock apps without rooting. My note 2 is fast already and the battery life is amazing but if it can get better by removing the stock apps I don't even touch would be great. Still haven't decided to root yet. I haven't rooted a phone since the evo4g.
  • whats that menu in the picture? I've had my sprint note since day 2 and have never seen that menu. doesnt look too important, just wondering...
  • It's not there, simple. I think it's a help image or something similar.
  • Go Samsung! And 5 million thanks to you for the magnificently seeable 5.5" display on Note II!
  • Love my Galaxy Note 2. I was pretty skeptical about it before I got it due to the screen size, but now I wouldn't even mind 6". Probably 6-6.3" would be the upper phone size limit I could live with. Come on Samsung, 6" Galaxy Note 3!
  • Absolutely! YES for the 6+" display!
  • Well, hopefully I will be part of the over five million crowd this Christmas.
  • Love the Note 2..even if its not pure Android.
  • Got the DNA instead.. Awesome phone!
  • They will count me in when they enable Google Wallet (carrier/Google). It's part of my daily life with my Sprint s3.
  • AT&T will count me in when 4.1.2 hits the airways. Multi-Window support is the biggest reason I want to switch from my S3. I also think that the display on the Note 2 is so much crisper and cleaner. Let's see what cards AT&T has up their sleeves in the next couple of months with updates.
  • getting mine this weekend! can't wait to get rid of my iphone! :D
  • Go in sin no more. ^^ ;-)
  • Cool! Add me to the numbers; my Verizon pre-order is shipping out this week! Woohoo! Can't wait! Feel like a kid at Christmas. :P
  • Still waiting for my pre-order to ship. I hope VZW HQ gets invaded by a horde of overly-amorous flying monkeys.... I want my ginormous Phablet phone!!!
  • I am in that number and I love mine.
  • I'm be there in about 3 or 4 days :)
  • I'm part of the 5 million. Root your Galaxy Note 2 and change the screen density to 240. The apps and UI will run just like a Nexus 7.
  • Just use Paranoid Android and leave those silly density hacks
  • Clearly the BEST Android device on the market period. Just the other day i posted on my Google Plus and facebook pages the images of 24hrs of battery life with 21% left over and 9 hrs of actual on screen time used..The least I have had daily was 17hrs of battery life with 7hrs of on screen time. I have NEVER EVER had a better smartphone ever. Plus on tmobile i am rocking UNLIMITED DATA exactly what this device deserves. You can rest assured that NO DEVICE in the next 6months will top this. Unless it is Samsung.
  • Getting mine and my wife's on 29th. I need to verify the rumor that claims that white version doesn't have a wake-up lag. Prolly BS, but who the heck knows... Also, I wish there were 32GB or even 64GB versions of that monster.
  • I've had my Note2 for a month, if there's a lag it doesn't bother me. I think if the screen is off for a while there's an additional 1-2 second wait if you have power saving enabled but it's a price I'm willing to pay for extra hours of juice. :)
  • there is a small lag, but I only noticed it after I read it somewhere. this phone is good enough to not worry about "wake up lag". BTW i have white ATT 16 GB
  • Verizon is really pissing me off. Leaving Sprint and the GS III whenever my pre-order comes in.
  • My first android phone after owning every iphone and my next phone will probably be a galaxy note 3
  • It would be 5 million and 1 if I could get an early upgrade from my note 1. I want the multi window function, the new s pen functions, and the quad core processor!
  • In Italy, there are still sold the original flip cover for Galaxy Note II. It's amazing!
  • I want Note 2 more than any other phone I've ever seen. Ever. I will pay full price for it happily once I get the cash.
  • I can't wait until this comes to VZW... Almost!
  • One of the 5 million and couldn't be happier with my phone! The magic hasn't worn off after a month, probably because my friends can't hide their amazement everytime I whip out my phone and show off its features haha. One of my nurses at the clinic recently got a new iphone and the other staff agree mine is 10x better :P
  • So far I love my note 2. The battery life is unlike any other phone I have had. It outlasts my wifes iphone 4 by several hours and I can still remove and replace the battery if I want. Also, I haven't had the need for a memory card yet and am looking forward to rooting. Only problem so far is I'm afraid to drop it since it feels a little cheap due to the plastic. But a nice case will fix that. I hope sammy decides to make phones with stronger materials next time.
  • I don't understand why you believe the plastic is cheap? Just because it is plastic doesn't in itself make it cheap. I always ask people to show me widespread evidence of any Samsung device where the materials used have broken down from everyday wear and tear? If a user drops their phone or runs over it with a car, I'd expect damage regardless of the materials used. So although Samsung might use plastic, the plastic they use is durable, lightweight, and functional.
  • The backcover is the flimsiest thing I have ever had on a phone. I have the white back cover and it the paint is coming off from being inside a genuine samsung leather pouch for about 2 weeks. I will be replacing it with aftermarket soon
  • @yankeesusa.. Why why why?!?!?!?!? It will just make the phone feel heavier than it is!! That 'cheap plastic' is what makes the phone so damn light. It also won't break/crack easily if dropped. Sheesh, think man!!
  • I have deep affection for my Galaxy Note 2! What a great device!
  • Ready to throw down full off-contract price to preserve my unlimited data... come on already, VZW -- make it so !
  • I have to wait till 2013 to get it. I hope I can sway Verizon to let me have it sooner. I have accessories for it already, thanks to winning a shopping spree from Android Central. And of course I had to get accessories for my new phone....can't wait The Note 2 will be so much fun
  • To the people who say the Galaxy Note 2 has flimsy construction, I thought the same way about plastic too but the phone feels solid. Also, last night I dropped my phone from a height of around four feet onto a tiled floor face down. My heart stopped for a bit and I had to gather some courage before picking it off the floor but surprise for the flimsy Note 2: the back cover was detached on two sides, but the phone was intact. No cracks, chips, breaks or problems in performance. But yeah I'm getting a seidio case. :)
  • Nowadays you’ve got to have the big data speeds to go mobile with graphics work. For transmitting my graphics work in Atlanta, I have my Note 2 on AT&T's 4G LTE. This is THE best phone, bar none.