5 Gear VR games that shouldn't be missed

When it comes to gaming on VR, a controller might seem counter intuitive. But there are plenty of games on the Oculus store that need a controller to play. We've gone through the store and found some of the best controller required games available. Whether you like shooting, horror, or even hack and slash, there is something here for you. Read on to see exactly why you want a controller to use with your Samsung Gear VR.

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Protocol Zero

Protocol Zero

Protocol Zero is a really fun sneak and shoot style game. Your goal is to make it through each level killing enemies, and grabbing items of interest along the way. The city is war torn making stealth of the highest importance. The sound and visuals combined with the immersive 3D environment make it really fun.

The controls on this one work well for the most part but are a little bit clunky in some respects. The fact that you have to hit the controller to change your pov in a 3D VR headset is a bit weird, but you get used to it easily. Figuring out how to pick up items, or the way that everything works is a bit tricky at first but once you've figured it out everything works well. If you're a fan of games that require plenty of stealth and timing then this is the one to check out.

Protocol Zero is available for $4.99 on the Oculus store, or you can try out the demo for free.

Dread Halls


Dreadhalls is a horror survival game that does it's job of scaring you quite well. You wake up in a dungeon with nothing but a map that intially shows only the room you're in. From the moment you open this game up it is a dreadful vibe. The music and setting combine to mess with you and the feel of the game is claustrophobic. As you explore the dungeon you'll realize that there are other things in the darkness with you and your only option is to run and hide from them.

The controls are displayed right as you start playing and work pretty well. The graphics got a little bit choppy on us when turning corners but it actually added to the gameplay and creepy feel. This is easily one of the best VR games we've seen in the horror genre.

You can try out the Dreadhalls demo for free or the full game for $4.99.

Herobound: First Steps

Herobound: First Steps

If you were hoping for a hack and slash adventuring game for VR, then direct your attention to Herobound: First Steps. Your goal is to make it through the dungeons, slaying monsters and finding treasures along your way. You'll encounter beasties like moving blobs of goo, skeletons, and a green thing that definitely wants to eat you. It has the feel of a classic dungeon crawler, while including new features that take advantage of the 3D nature of the game.

The controls work well, and are definitely something that could only be done with a controller. You'll collect all sorts of gems — some of which are used to open special in game chests, containing loot you definitely want. Multiple weapons also keep things interesting, allowing you to add a degree of customization to how you clear each room. The game is really fun, and it's quite easy to fall into it for close to an hour — if not more. One of the few downsides is that it does have a tendency to heat your device up.

Herobound: First steps is available on the Oculus store for Free

Magic Man's Head Games

Magic Man's Head Games

Magic Man's Head Games is a hack and slash style game that takes place in Adventure Time — yes that Adventure Time. You stumble upon Jake and Finn having a picnic and they befriend you which is when Magic Man shows up, turns you into a balloon and zips on out. Now you, Jake and Finn will need to hunt him down, battling animated sandwiches and small faeries along the way. You control Jake and Finn trying to track down Magic man, and fighting his minions along the way.

It's a hack and slash game that has you jumping and exploring the world you've previously only seen on television. The graphics can get a little wonky, but so long as you can freely spin in a circle you should be fine. This one is a ton of fun and has some great features like the original voice actors from Adventure Time voicing their respective characters within the game. The controls are easy to get the hang of and the story is at the very least amusing.

You can pick this one up for free on the Oculus store

Babel Rising 3D

Babel Rising 3D

Babel Rising 3D is a game in which you play a God punishing the mortals building heretical towers. There are both workers, and after a few levels you'll see priests who cast spells to protect the workers from your wrath. The workers try to wind their way up their tower in Babel, and you'll need to destroy them as they run. As the levels progress it gets far more difficult, and you'll be racing to catch up. Multiple types of levels keep the gameplay challenging and fun.

This game utilizes the combination of controller and VR headset really well, and it's a ton of fun to boot. There is a full campaign as well as several survival levels which open as you continue through the main story. Some of them are pure fantasy but there are also options like The Hanging Gardens. You've got a regular arsenal of magic to fire, along with special abilities which need to be powered up before they can be released, wreaking havoc on everything in their paths. This is definitely not a serious game, and that's what makes it fun.

Babel Rising 3D is available on the Oculus store for $2.99

There are tons of great games to play on the Samsung Gear VR and as you can see some of the best ones require a controller to play. Whether you're looking to get scared silly, or just blow off steam by slashing through a dungeon there is a game here for you. Are any of these up your alley? Let us know in the comments!

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