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This 27-inch touch screen microwave with Netflix is peak CES

GE Microwave
GE Microwave (Image credit: GE Appliances)

What you need to know

  • This microwave with a 27-inch touchscreen is the most CES thing you've ever seen.
  • GE Appliances' Kitchen Hub has cameras inside it to help you cook better.
  • You can also watch Netflix on it.

The GE Appliances Kitchen Hub, a microwave with a 27-inch smart touch screen, might be the most CES thing we've ever seen.

The Kitchen Hub is a first-of-its-kind, interactive smart kitchen hub with a built-in microwave. It has integrated AI-powered computer vision technology, that can help you plan and make meals, hopefully saving on waste, which reportedly costs US families $800 a year. A press release for the Kitchen Hub states:

The next-gen Kitchen Hub from GE Appliances is a 27-inch smart touch screen, 1.9 cubic foot microwave and ventilation combo designed to easily fit in the space above the range. Consumers can use cameras to interact with friends and family, snap and share their culinary masterpieces, and even determine when their meals are done while viewing the inside of the oven from their couch. And if cooking isn't entertaining enough, the Kitchen Hub Micro provides access to popular apps, such as Netflix and Spotify. The addition of the microwave into the next gen Kitchen Hub allows the user a full-service kitchen experience.

The Kitchen Hub has built-in Google Assistant support for creating grocery lists, planning meals, internet searching, and temperature control. It also has thousands of recipes through SideChef, and live video chat functionality with multiple camera angles. It sits above your range, and even have an overhead cooktop-facing camera for taking pictures of your meals, from the oven to Instagram in record time. And yes, there's a camera inside the oven so you can check on your food from anywhere in the house.

So there you have it, a 27-inch touch screen microwave with Netflix. What a time to be alive. For more information on GE Appliances, and the Kitchen Hub, check out their website!

  • Ok, at first, this seemed absolutely absurd. "Peak CES", indeed. But as I thought about it more, it's not altogether outrageous. I have often thought it would be convenient to have access to a PC of sorts in the kitchen for looking up recipes or managing grocery lists, and an AI assistant could help by taking commands when your hands are full (I've called out to the Alexa in the next room to set a cooking timer on occasion). Having one mounted on the front of the microwave would be a convenient place to put it, without taking up counter space. I would assume/hope it would have the needed protection to keep it safe from food splatters, flour-covered hands, and steam rising from the stovetop below, so it would actually survive being in the kitchen. And, if you're blocking the clear view of the food inside with a screen, then having a camera inside the microwave seems like a necessary feature. From there, a lot of the extras (while unnecessary and a little goofy) seem like just near-zero-cost uses of tech that's already there. It has cameras, it has a network connection; why not let you access the camera from your phone? It's running Android; why not let it run standard Android apps then?
  • I hope this is a home and not office microwave since they are microwaving salmon. Maybe it's the elder millennial in me, but WTF are you microwaving for so long that you need it to have Netflix built in?
  • Arguably, it's a space-saving option vs. what you're microwaving for so long you need Netflix. Rather than having a TV, or laptop sitting on your counter or table, you have the microwave right there with the display, Assistant, etc. Of course, there's also the argument that you could just purchase something smaller or use your phone but whatever. Some people like to ball out and have fancy kitchen appliances.
  • If you can't pull yourself away from Netflix long enough to nuke popcorn or a Hot Pocket, then you have a serious problem disconnecting.
  • Its kitchen hood, not microwave :D