2015 Moto G 16GB now sold out from Motorola

If you had your eye on the 2015 Moto G with 16GB of storage and 2GB of RAM, you may be out of luck for the moment. The higher-end version of the smartphone is now sold out on Moto Maker, leaving just its smaller-storage, lower-memory brother as the only option for purchase for the time being.

Unfortunately, this means you're stuck with the 8GB 2015 Moto G until Motorola manages to restock the 16GB version, as both Amazon and Best Buy are still only listing the 8GB version for sale. Still, if you just can't wait for more stock and don't mind adding a little extra storage from the microSD slot, you can customize a 2015 Moto G to your heart's content and snag one starting at $179.99 direct from Motorola.

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