State of Android


During 2014, 8 out of every 10 phones that were shipped ran Android, and there are currently 4,000 distinct Android devices. Android has grown substantially over the years, and some of the details Google went through at Google I/O shows just how far they have come. On the stage, Sundar Pichai of Google stated that we are in "the moment of mobile and the smartphone," as over 600 million have adopted smartphones over the past year.

Additionally, Google has over a billion users taking advantage of its core services, like Android, Chrome, Gmail, YouTube, Maps, and Search. Google is also working with 400 manufacturers currently over 500 carriers. More than 17 million Chromecasts have been sold, and there are already 20,000 cast-capabel apps in Google Play.

The experience will only continue to improve as Google rolls out additional changes in Android M