Most popular Bixby Voice commands

Bixby Voice for Galaxy S8, and Galaxy Note 8, brings an assistant to your pocket. There is plenty that Bixby is capable of doing by using commands, from playing music from your favorite app, to adding items to your calendar. We've got the details on the most awesome commands to aid you in your Bixby adventures!

When it comes to making it from point A to point B, many of us use our phones as maps and get turn-by-turn directions for them. If you end up needing to use Maps, you can interact verbally by getting Bixby to help you out.

  • Navigate to location.
  • Start/Stop Navigation.
  • Change destination to location.


Bixby is able to connect with a few different music services, including Pandora and Google Play. This means that once you know how to ask, you can have your tunes in just a few words, rather than having to manually open the app and find what you want to listen to. While there are a variety of different commands available depending on which music service you're using, there are a few that are pretty universal.

  • Play Music
  • Stop Music
  • Pause Music
  • Play Music from specific album


There are times when trying to get the perfect angle for your selfie and managing to hit the shutter button without ruining it is an effort in futility. For those of us with small hands, this is even worse thanks to that super tall infinity display that the Galaxy S8 is rocking. Thankfully, there are a solid handful of camera commands you can use with Bixby. These are especially handy for getting group shots without losing your balance or for getting that perfect angle.

  • Take a selfie
  • Set the timer for x seconds
  • Rotate the camera


The calendar on your phone can be used as a powerful tool to keep track of everything going on in your busy schedule. Bixby can read off what is coming up on your calendar, as well as add items to your itinerary. That makes it handy to add things when you're busy, without having to type anything out.

  • Add an event to my calendar.
  • What is on my calendar for x date?
  • Do I have anything on my calendar for x date?


Do you have a favorite command for use with Bixby Voice? Did we miss an excellent command or set of commands that ought to be here? Let us know about it in the comments below!

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