4. The buttons are on the back

LG G3 buttons

This was one of our favorite features introduced on the LG G2 and continued in the G Pro 2. And it sounds crazy, but it works.

LG has moved the power button — traditionally on either the top of the side of a smartphone — and the volume buttons to the rear of the LG G3. That does a few things.

One is that it completely cleans up the lines of the phone. There are no unsightly bulges protruding from the sides. It gives the phone a gorgeous, sleek profile.

Other benefit is that the buttons are where your fingers tend to rest on the back of the phone. So you don't have to reach up or adjust your grip to turn it on. (Hell, you don't even have to use the power button to turn the phone on, but more on that in a minute.) That also puts the volume buttons within easy reach, and LG's added in some functionality to those as well, allowing them to serve as a shutter button for the camera, and as a way to quickly launch apps.

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