Early last month word slipped about Zipcar and their Android application that was in the works and now the application has finally hit the market. If you're unfamiliar, Zipcar it is a popular metro-based loaner car company that allows people to rent and use cars in a rather non traditional manner. The application does have a disclaimer in the market that it still is a beta version, but don't let that deter you from giving it a shot, and if you notice any bugs be sure to provide feedback! Download links available after the break.

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Zipcar for Android now in the Android Market


Downloaded it and tried using it during a reservation I had this weekend. It works well enough for finding a car and making a reservation, but it fell short during my reservation. The app couldn't tell that I was in possession of the car and wouldn't allow me to lock/unlock or honk the horn.

Also, when not in a reservation, playing around with the lock/unlock button causes the sound to get into a loop and won't stop without closing the app or sometimes a battery pull.

All these seems like beta issues, though, so the future looks bright. I'm running GB on a DX, so some of my problems might be caused by that, but who knows.

I just downloaded this app, but haven't used it for a reservation yet. I checked out the buttons on the virtual remote control and didn't have a problem (looping). It'll be interesting to see how it works on an actual vehicle. It'll be convenient to keep my card in my pocket and just use my phone as a remote control device. So schwars1's glitch is just something particular to his phone. I'll report on things after I use the app for my next reservation

By the way, Zipcar is a great way to go since the rates include gas AND insurance. And you can book by the hour or the day. The variety of available vehicles is nice, even includes small pickup trucks, vans and luxury cars.