Zens wireless speaker and charger

Zens' new 4,500mAh Power Bank chargers bring the juice and the tunes

We're big fans of the Zens Qi wireless chargers around these parts, and we're really digging the news Zens sent us today.

They have two 4,500mAh Qi wireless Power Banks in the works to dole out all sorts of electrons to keep your compatible device going and going. The standard Power Bank charges via USB, and the huge capacity means you're always close to power when you need a top off or when that battery dips into the red. Since it uses the Qi standard, there are hundreds of different devices that are compatible. Set the Power Bank down, drop your phone or tablet up top, and the magic flows.

Their next product takes everything above, and adds a wireless speaker to the mix. Using Bluetooth, the two 5-inch speakers should deliver a lot of sound, even when you're charging your Qi-compatible device up. The ZENS Qi Wireless Portable Audio Speaker also uses NFC to tap and pair with phones or tablets automatically.

The Power Bank will retail for about € 69.99, and should be in stores by March 30. The Qi Wireless Portable Audio Speaker will retail for € 99.99 and will also be available March 30. The units are a little pricey, but as we've all experienced, you get what you pay for sometimes. We'll be checking them out as soon as we can.


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Zens introduces two hot new high-capacity Qi wireless chargers


Seriously! It looks really nice too! Kind of wish the battery would be a bit bigger if its gonna power the speaker and charging at the same time. But hey, I'd pay for this if I didn't already have a wired speaker/qi.

I am VERY interested to see this, but Ravpower already makes a true wireless Qi charger. I have it, and it works great. It's 4800mAh.

Edit: I tried to link to it directly, but AC's added tag made the link inoperable. http://goo.gl/YeMDbM should take you to Amazon to view it.

Ah, I hadn't seen that before. I am pretty keen on the Bluetooth speaker version of this though, assuming it will charge devices by USB as well.

I wonder of the specified charge capacity is what it will actually transfer over qi or if that is for plugged in only.

Edit: does it have USB charge ports, it looked like it but I looked again and maybe not.

I asked Jerry and he isn't sure. They haven't gotten one to test yet. If it does (seems stupid not to), I will be getting the speaker one for sure.

Update: I emailed the manufacturer and they just replied. The Power Bank is Qi and has a USB port for charging but the BT Speaker is Qi ONLY. Darn.

Full email reply:

Hello Brandon,

Thank you for your email and interest in our products!

The ZENS Qi Power Bank does have a USB out port so you can charge an iPad, phone or other tablet with the USB cable. The ZENS Qi Bluetooth Speaker doesn't support this. Here you can only charge your device with Qi wireless. Of course Bluetooth works on any device.

We love your recommendations and will improve further!

Enjoy wireless charging.