Got a look at a pretty cool (and brand new) backing skin for the Droid last night at the Showstoppers event, part of CTIA here in Las Vegas. It attaches directly to the battery cover and base of the phone and feels pretty darn good.


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Zagg Leather Skin for the Motorola Droid


That would be a really nice looking skin if Zagg didn't have to ruin it by having their logo take up 1/3rd of the surface area. Give me a break Zagg. You're not LV or Coach. People aren't in awe of ZAGG they are in awe of the great work you guys do. Hopefully there are more modestly advertised skins available. If so, I may be in the market. Nice looking for sure.

Agreed... the logo ruins the whole thing. Just make it about 1/4th the size and put in at the bottom.