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HP's latest brings Android and the Tegra 4 in a familiar package

We've teamed up with NVIDIA this week to help put two HP Slatebook X2 tablets in the hands of you, our loyal members.  This tablet is fairly new to the market, and initial impressions are good.  We like nice things as much as you guys, so we're going to give two of these away.  Here are some quick specs (we'll have a full review up sometime in the near future):

  • Tegra 4 quad-core A15 SoC
  • 2GB RAM
  • 10.1-inch  1920x1200 display
  • Included keyboard dock with built-in second battery.

This is a photo contest, and takes place in the forums.  The rules are simple, and can be found in the first post.  The link is at the bottom.  Happy posting, and good luck!

Win a Slatebook X2 here


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Your chance to win an HP Slatebook X2


This looks really cool. Won't be an n7 beater I think but it looks great. Shame it's not an international contest

I was wondering this myself (probably not me, but you can always hope for the best). So long as they haven't forgotten it (and let's be honest here, that's something only I would do...) then I'm sure they know what they're doing and will announce the winner soon. It's a pity this contest isn't international though, that tablet looks really nice!

Still dissapointed that HP couldn't move the Palm Pre product Line forward, but I'll accept a Slatebook X2 as an apology!


Hmm I've been interested In a chromebook for some time, but I love gaming on my desktop and I feel that if I want a laptop I'll also want to game on it.
Unfortunately I know the chromebook isn't made for gaming. DECISIONS DECISIONS.

Via Nexus⁴ w/ Android Central app!

Have you announced the winners to the back to school photo contest?

Posted via Android Central App

This isn't a "Chrome" experience from what I can tell. It appears to be, basically, an android tablet with a fold out keyboard.

Sometimes I wonder why they even have Chromebooks given that they could just make everything Android. I own an HP Chromebook ($250) and use it all the time around the house. If I don't need Microsoft Office, it does everything else...and cheaply and quickly!

The android type thing looks very interesting.