We have seen our fair share of odd Android videos, most of them including a dancing Android, but this one is on a whole other level. Words don't really describe what takes place here, these models go from wearing clothes to Android devices, and then the dancing Android pops up. Seriously, just watch it, and see for yourself.

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Yet another weird Android commercial surfaces


Welcome to last year. These bloggers are really something. They dig up crap from last year and try to make headlines about it. HAHAHA What a joke.

And yet here you are pinga taking the time to read their blogs AND comment on them... so if they're a joke guess your life is so lame and miserable your enjoyment is to waist time on stuff you dislike....I'm sorry for you.. what a sad existence.

It's just Korean and a bit European concept.. You'll understand if you saw more Korean commercials. Like bqrius it's tributes to the famous Korean fashion designer Andre Kim.. The android at the end is a representation of him.