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Another nice Droid Bionic video, this time from javikid in the Android Central Forums. Just two days to go, folks.

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Yet another hands-on with the Droid Bionic


Any word on the "feel" of the phone. Heavy? Bulky? Does it have a cheap plastic feel, or a solid construction?

Actually got a few minutes with it (real one) today. Not nearly as heavy or bulky as you would think...and certainly no where near the tank the Thunderbolt is. Felt more solid to me (I felt the Charge was cheap plastic in hand), but everyone's preferences will be different.

It may be late, but I was pretty impressed. Don't let all the 'haters' fool you on this one.

Thanks for the reply @zepfloyd. Glad to hear the news. The Charge did feel like a plastic toy to me, so I'm glad to know the Bionic feels like an adult phone.

Just held a dummy model of's actually a lot thinner that I thought it would be from these videos. I was definitely impressed.

Looks like another Droid X, just a bit more refined.
I'm waiting for Christmas to see what the next Nexus will be and the fate of T-Mob.
Hey, at least I didn't say I am waiting for the iPhone 5 or the iPhone 4S!


it's a hardware upgrade from the X/X2 and it may be slightly more contoured but it's (slightly) larger and heavier than the X/X2.

Looks ok. I was actually considering dropping the Charge to get this but since the latest leak was released. I have no reason to.

That is due to blur, well motorola applications platform. Just goes to show it slows down even the real powerful hardware.

Eh, think I'll keep my Charge. I had been one of those waiting for the Bionic since it was announced, but by mid-May, after the Etna was cancelled and no date for the Targa was in sight, I lost interest. I've lost a lot of respect and faith for Moto because of this debacle, announcing a phone and not bringing it out for 9 freaking months is insane.

I really can't support them unless they start making some major changes, and I'm really happy with my Charge as well as the direction Samsung appears to be headed. With the Nexus Prime, probable LTE GS2, and a whole slew of other ICS phones sure to be coming soon, I see no reason to settle for this, a glorified LTE DX2.

Cannot wait for this phone! My boss and I were at a Verizon store and got to mess with a display unit (not a dummie). The thing was pretty amazing. He had his Charge and we were testing the to see how fast the browser was loading up pages. The Charge seemed to have been keeping up initially, but got smoked almost instantly. Boss' Charge also started to hiccup between screens but Bionic was as if it was just rebooted. That Bionic is serious stuff...