ThunderBolt Gingerbread update

And this is what it looks like. Yes, Verizon just gave us the heads up that the 146-megabyte Gingerbread update for the HTC ThunderBolt is indeed pushing out right now. Hit up this post for the changelog.

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lloydbeatz says:

yup, loading it now.

joewyno says:

It's working now!!!!

vickery1956 says:

Anybody know where this new customizable dock is suppose to be???

srh.pres.usx says:

there's no reference to customizable dock in the documentation any more. this was a leftover from the moto update that previously went out.

droid83 says:

its about f--ckg time

honjull says:

Downloading it as I type this. I got the update that was originally pulled as well, so my download is only 13.927MB

DROIDDNAer says:

So, has the phone been much better with GB?

cadzilla74 says:

Same here. I assume we are just getting patched for the voicemail notifier. I have had problems with the GB I've got not playing the assigned ring tones to specific contacts. Hopefully this will be fixed as well. Other than that, I haven't had a single issue with the first GB rollout. I use Verizon Visual Voicemail anyway so that never bothered me. The failure to play custom ringtones is more of an annoyance than anything else. They worked perfectly with FroYo. If this doesn't fix it I may have to dig deeper under the hood.

srh.pres.usx says:

If you had already applied the previous update for GB, it will download a patch update of around 13.8MB or so. Installed and working like a charm.

cguella says:

No Problem. Updated, kept settings and software. I had been on the pulled version with no problems (actually happy with it) and now on the new version from today. Maybe former GB installers are getting a different package.

vickery1956 says:

Since some of you have downloaded the new 13.927MB update, what do you see new?

srh.pres.usx says:

no obvious differences for me - the previous GB version was working fine on my TBolt.

vickery1956 says:

Same here!

Cubfan says:

Wow, already? :)

Unibrow says:

"Data charges may apply" That's freaking rich right there, lol

richardpandy says:

lmao - Sounds like Verizon to me! haha

Synycalwon says:

What's the big deal? It's a standard disclaimer all carriers do. And it really only applies if you're roaming, which is rare with Verizon's network coverage! :P

Unibrow says:

It's funny because there are people that do not have an unlimited plan, not only that but it's an update being pushed from Verizon. How pissed would you be if you got overage charges on your account do to a software upgrade that was pushed to your phone to address bugs and such? Granted, this won't affect most people as most people with a Tbolt probably have unlimited but it's just the point of the whole thing that I find absolutely hilarious.

Synycalwon says:

Again, it's about roaming regardless of whether or not you have an unlimited or tiered data plan. These updates do NOT count against your data usage UNLESS you're roaming!

sp991 says: quaint.

mikebob2 says:

I've been running the first GB update for the last couple of weeks and like many others experienced the Voice Mail notification problem. I just downloaded the new revised GB update and I am happy to report that the Voicemail notification problem has been fixed.

Chilly818 says:

I did the same however; I did not have any updates????

KrsWon says:

Does anyone know if it's the thunderbolt that has data in voice I'm itching isley are if it's because of 4 g? I have a modem card now because sometimes I need to talk while I'm surfing the net, and am interested in getting rid of it and going straight tether.

BrianTufo says:

Yes the TBolt has data and voice at the same time. I do it on 3G a lot actually since I'm not always in a 4G area. Some think you have to be on 4G for some reason but that's not true.

KrsWon says:

Thxs. I'm not in a 4g area either. Is the tbolt the only phone that can do this on Verizon, or is it a HTC feature only?

Synycalwon says:

It is currently the only phone on Verizon that can do voice and data in both 3G and LTE areas (because it has separate cell radios for each). It's rumored that the upcoming HTC Rezound (aka Vigor) will have the same functionality. It's not an HTC feature, but so far they're the only ones that have put out phones with this feature.

butlerpd1 says:

you can do both on droid charge I have done it

Synycalwon says:

Not possible. The Charge can only do simultaneous voice/data on LTE, NOT on 3G. ONLY the Thunderbolt can do it on both. :)

jnaught says:

I don't know that I've tried it on 3G (I rarely am in an area without 4G), but The Charge can also do simultaneous voice/data on wifi, as well.

Unibrow says:

every single phone does that on wifi, because it's a separate radio.

Xian.I.Am says:

Will someone shed some light on the Desktop UI and Full Dock Mode app which were mentioned on the change log. How can we access them?

I downloaded circle launcher so I can get access to the dock mode. Not too sure why this feature is hidden (just like car panel). Still not sure about the Desktop UI

papamarik#AC says:

You need a physical HTC dock in order to use the dock mode with this new Gingerbread update. Here is an article about it

dmcpilot says:

Actually, that's not correct...I just downloaded CircleLauncher's free, installed fine and gives a widget to directly to the Dock Mode--pretty cool actually...

K_Daddy says:

The weather / clock widget makes noise now.

This build version being released now is the same as the leaked one that came out I think about a week ago. I've been running it since then and it has new issues. With the update it randomly will make the unlock sound. I checked the settings and it is disabled for screen unlock sound. Next big one I've found is the data connectivity is a lot worse. My TB will drop 4/3g connection daily. If you pull down your quick settings it says it's "turning on". It will stay like this until I reboot my phone. I hope this release you guys are downloading isn't this one. My build number matches your release of 2.11.605.5 so I hope they made some changes first. Not likely since the build number didn't change.

The unlock sound i thought it was the unlock is the weather sound effects. This can be disabled in the app.

mexifry75 says:

does anyone know if u have pdanet on ur tb that when u update that big red will know? and Im d.l. it as I type.

jhod says:

Big wait for... Ehh...!!

soboness5 says:

Well, they didn't change the clock's night mode back to the old version where the buttons weren't lit up.

I'm excited that they properly enabled Video for Gtalk now. I've only tested it for a quick call but it works!

I'm excited that they properly enabled Video for Gtalk now. I've only tested it for a quick call but it works!

IAmTTim says:

DON'T DO THIS UPDATE IF YOU'VE ROOTED WITH REVOLUTIONARY, IT WON'T WORK! I can't say for other methods which you used to root.

Bond32 says:

Yes you can. Revolutionary root does work with this build.

Just a Guy says:

Anyone with the clock issue have it fixed with the update? I lost my clock icon with the gb update and haven't been able to change or turn my alarm off. I've downloaded alarm clock plus from the market, but still have to check it nightly because it reverts back to my stock alarm time. This becomes a pain in my rear when I travel for work and have to be at work at different times of the day/night.

Synycalwon says:

Guess they figured everyone would have a clock widget on their screen where you can touch the clock part to bring up the desk clock, then at the bottom alarm clock. I have always had the weather/clock widget on the home screen and access the alarm clock that way.

bkorver says:


How the hell are you still at %50 + battery at 11:32 A.M.?!?!?!?!

shadow2578 says:

live in mississippi, and haven't gotten so much as a sniff of an update. are we missing something?

Just a Guy says:

I'm up in north MS (olive branch area) and updated mine this afternoon.

shadow2578 says:

well i go into check for new software and it says looking for ota, and then nothing? i have 3g showing and 1 to two signal bars, is there anything special needed?

rkf1957 says:

Just tried again and am still getting "service unavailable" error. I'm in the DFW area.(Texas)

dstrouse says:

Those of us that received the earlier version back in September, got a smaller 13mb file to bring us the fixes.

shadow2578 says:

still haven't recieved the update and checking daily

eastmesawhat says:

This update def. improved the 4g connectivity.