Sony SmartWatch 2

The Sony SmartWatch 2 doesn't mind a little dunk or three

There seems to be a little confusion out there among wearable enthusiasts and soon-to-be wearable enthusiasts about the Sony SmartWatch 2 and any level of water resistance. A representative of the company has assured me that the SW2 is indeed IP 57 rated for water and dust resistance. This is the same as the Xperia Z, and it means:

  • 5: Ingress of dust is not entirely prevented, but it must not enter in sufficient quantity to interfere with the satisfactory operation of the equipment.
  • 7: Ingress of water in harmful quantity shall not be possible when the enclosure is immersed in water under defined conditions of pressure and time (up to 1 m of submersion). 

That's all I needed to hear. Hit the break to see the Sony SmartWatch 2 meeting a glass of ice-cold West Virginia mountain spring water.

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Yes, the Sony SmartWatch 2 is IP57 water and dust resistant


Unless it helps me morph into a fighting warrior with a giant zord to command, or lets me talk to my car so it can turbo boost to my location to help me out of a jam, I'm still not interested in any smartwatches.

I don't know why I'm laughing so hard at this, but I am.
I keep imagining every user of AC frantically pacing back and forth while not yet knowing whether he is interested in buying a smartwatch or not.

I'm interested as long as it doesn't have to be connected to my phone to work well, understanding that it won't make calls that way. And that I can use it for music away from my device and connect it to wireless head phones or ear buds so it can be used as a stand alone device while doing physical activities. Most people don't want to take their phones while doing physical activities, like hiking or mountain bike riding through a forest, especially if there is some risk to damage a phone.

Agreed, they might be smart but they still look like shit compared to real watches.

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IMO they all look ugly. Might as well strap a calculator watch to your wrist....

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the Gear is the best looking of the bunch ie "last place winner in an ugly contest". but at least the design and the screws make it look like they tried.

the gear is a quality watch that just needs a little help in the software department. Plus it could have gone without the camera as well.

I don't understand all the hate towards smart watches like this. I would never compare one of these watches to a "real" Sophisticated watch because that's not what they are. How much would you expect a watch to do if it looked and felt like a "real" watch

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Why can't smart watches look at home on tuxedoed arms?

I don't get it.

Not everyone works at a tech startup that allows men to wear skinny jeans and look feminine. Not everyone wants to even if permitted.

This is like the mass car manufacturers thinking electric cars HAVE to look like clown cars. Then they wonder why they don't catch on.

Tesla and Karma proved that people will accept electric if the industrial design isn't embarrassing. Smart watches need their own Teslas and Karmas. Minus the fires of course.

I'm not a watch wearer anymore but I'd probably buy one that isn't so blatantly geeky. The utility possibilities are quite compelling. The ridiculousness of the designs are not.

At this point in the evolution of the the smartwatch they are not made so they look good and compete with regular watches. They are made to offer convenient access to your smartphone notifications. Yes, with time they will offer ones that look sophisticated and wearable on a date or wedding party. For now they are good enough for daily wear, business meetings or out a theme park or something. At least the Sony smartwatch 2 can be kept on while it rains a little unlike the bulky and expensive gear.

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Industrial design is just a matter of hiring people with a good sense of aesthetics. Aside from size itself due to component shrinkage, the outside is purely artistic.

I thought Moonshine came out of the faucets in West Virginia. Hmmm.

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G-Shock been making smart watches for years. I don't understand why all the hate towards smart watch. I think there is huge potential here someone's just need to get it close to being good. I am looking forward to Google or Apple. Samsung has the throw it against the wall and see if it sticks approach. ..

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MotoACTV was superior but unfortunately discontinued when Motorola was bought by Google. It's still available online.

As for Casio, I don't think he understands what a smartwatch is.

Sorry,cannot see the point of these watches.Will appeal to a few,it's never going to anything but a niche product.Personally I won't get one, a watch is a watch.Don't want to come across as a wally gadget boy.

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Here's the smartwatch I would buy: Give me one that can stream music via WiFi (4G for a premium). I want to listen to my Google Play Music without having to jog with my phone. Bluetooth to connect to my wireless sport headphones. Maybe there's a Bluetooth mp3 player out there already but I want to stream my music without having to mess with MP3 files and a bulky device.

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This plus all of the hardware for monitoring and tracking for fitness, hiking, etc. Then I'm in

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I think the Omate TrueSmart will do what you want. It has a SIM slot so you can use it as a full functioning smart phone (albeit with a tiny screen) if you want. You've missed the kickstarter, but it is available for pre-order.

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Have had the Sony Smartwatch 2 for about 2 weeks and so far I really like it.
Never considered the Samsung Gear considering I own an HTC One. Not to mention, not getting it wet at all is not an option in Seattle.
I did test drive a Pebble for about a week but could not justify the $149.00 price tag. For $30 more the Sony SW2 is head and shoulders above the Pebble.
Maybe at $29.99 I might have kept the Pebble, it has a very cheap feel, awful monochromatic screen, weird button layout.
I have no issues with the square design, it is very similar to the Bell & Ross watches that I wear (in fact I put one of the B&R bands on it).

The Sony is built well, water resistant and has several practical purposes:
- Notifications for email, texts, Facebook, Tweets, etc. with details so you do not need to pull your phone out (driving, meetings, etc.)
With the right app you can have the watch notify you for just about anything.
- Notification of phone calls with details and options to answer or decline and send to voice mail (again car, meetings, at the movies, church....LOL).
- Use as a remote to take pictures so you can now include yourself in the pic.
- Control music (I listen to Pandora through speakers in the car and office).
- Missed call can pick and dial from the log.
- Vibrates if you leave your phone someplace (already happened once).
- Makes for a fun watch....actually keeps time.
- Also has a flashlight feature that I have used more than once.

Lots of fun with practical applications.

I find that I am pulling out my phone less and less.

Well I'm sold from this comment, mainly from the church comment! Sony will have my collection money in the morning.

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I got mine about a week ago. I completely agree with what you said. I absolutely LOVE not having to pull my phone out when it's just junk mail. Traveling to different countries, email is how I stay connected most the time. Having the ability to keep the damn phone in my pocket when it's spam or when it's not is a HUGE benefit.

This is exactly what I had in mind for a smart watch. I'm glad to hear your positive review over the device. I'm just waiting to hear Google's announcement of their possible watch. If Google doesn't announce one this October then I'm just going to purchase the Sony smart watch. It's 1/3 the price of Samsung's watch, allows for interchangeable bands to match my taste, water resistant, and works with my Android phone (something Samsung really screwed up on and makes me feel like they are trying to lock me down like Apple does).

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I got a SW2 for yule, and have some issues. AFAICT taking pictures does not even attempt to focus. It snaps immediately at a preset focusing distance. Anyone else noticed this?

But I don't want to pull out my phone less and less. I like my phone lol. Come to think of it, my phone never really gets put away to begin with.

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Please leave the Caps lock alone, yelling is not necessary as I can actually read your comment quite easily when typed normally.

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HEH you like the $300 watch that trips the water mark sticker after sneezing on it, and only seeing a "1" in notifications when you get a message but no way to view who it's from or whatever. What good is the Gear anyways?

Um I can see who its from and read the whole message. Also view past messages. I've worn mine in the rain and it works just fine. It may not be waterproof but it is resistent. To each his own. I've got the note 3 so my gear is the obvious choice of the two. If I didn't have a Samsung product I would have bought the sw2.

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Jerry I felt really sorry for the watch, you seemed a bit overenthusiastic with the dunking! Does it still actually work completely normally? I'm guessing it might not make a difference (but I know little about this feature so please excuse my ignorance) but would it be OK in hot water or saltwater as well?

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really nice it's water resistant, but it needs a lot of work for it to become a success.
it's severely lacking in watch faces, not even the one on the box is an option right now, what digital watch doesn't show the date?
also the timeout of the screen is too short and should be selectable.
really hope they're working on a firmware update, they're not communicating about it at all...

I was gonna consider buying this, but the idea of having to charge a watch is ridiculous Haha

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My kids' kids will say "they used to wear watches JUST for the time lolburger" or something similar/opposite to please everyone.

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Reminds me of the two kids in the Back to the Future arcade scene:

"You mean you have to use your HANDS?!?"


I like the look. It sort of reminds me of an old Casio with a touchscreen. The IP57 is a must for any watch. I've had phones that have latest hours because of water.

Official review coming soon? Seeing as how this is cheaper and works with more than just the note I think people would be more interested in this than the gear

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“Discuss all sorts of wearable tech in the forums”
Well, maybe not ALL sorts because there is no forum for the Sony Smartwatch!

I don't know what anyone wants from a watch anymore... Before watches weren't even justified because you can pull out your phone and tell time. Especially a fancy watch with no backlight in the dark. But now, you have a watch with a backlight, talks to you, answers your calls, and does everything short but wipe your butt and people STILL complain. Seriously. You'd pay friggin' triple for a Rolex and it doesn't do half of what the smart watches do today.

Oh yeah... That engagement ring you bought? Guess what? It doesn't talk to your future wife and blink at her to remind her to cook dinner.

Oh you bought your niece fancy earrings? Guess what? She's going to substitute those earrings for a pair of headphones and an iPhone to make the varsity cheerleading squad when she goes running. Because it doesn't tell her how far she ran.

I swear, unless a watches come out with ways to monitor your blood pressure, pulse, reminds you when to eat, when to chew, when to friggin swallow your food nobody is happy. If you don't like them? Save your money for a Rolex. Go gambling. Buy a pair of friggin Jordans. Go on a dinner date. God! Buy a panda bear suit and twerk it like Miley Cyrus but do NOT say it's useless.

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Okay, bro. Relax, man. It's just opinions your blood's boiling over about.

As an aside, do you have any idea what crap the manufacturers would try to still be shoving down our throats as if it was still awesome?

People who refuse to just accept stuff are the ones driving innovation forward. It's why low end car brands have amenities once reserved for the elite. It's why new homes have fantastic efficiency. It's why televisions are bigger, clearer, flatter, and lighter. It's why we have Bluray now instead of VHS. The internet is faster; dial-up is no longer cutting edge.

People complain. They insist on better and refuse to spend their money until they get it. Existing companies that don't provide it are usurped by new companies that do.

But what do you want to be better? How do you get innovation when you cut it off at it's toes man? Even Steve Jobs was fired once for thinking outside of the box a little too much.

I'm just saying that simply put that people want "this, this, that, this, that, this" on a budget. People want a friggin Lexus and want to pay the price of a Corolla. Seriously. For the prices the watches are being sold on when you have watches that cost 2,000 dollars and don't do HALF of the things these other watches do.

You want something that tells time? There's something called a watch for that. It comes in a happy meal. You want a friggin smart phone? Get one. You want the best of both worlds? Get a smart watch. I'm pretty sure Da Vinci didn't get the Mona Lisa right the first time around and I'm pretty sure anyone who has specialized in a craft hasn't gotten it right the first time...

I'm just saying everyone is crying about it does and doesn't do and nobody is really giving an opinion on what they want. How many times I've seen "What's the point of this?" that could be asked of anything in America. People thought "What was the point of a light bulb? We have candles! What's the point of a car? We have horses. What's the point of a telephone? We have mail!"

Seriously bro... I'm not trying to come off as a know it all but technology crawls... The rate we get information is fast. If technology was So fast we wouldn't need R&D. People would just wake up in the morning and make something and throw it out there the next day and support it with advertisements. My point... If you're going to cry complain about a 300 (give or take) dollar watch that does MORE than tell time... When there's watches that are more expensive that just tell time... Then what are you (as a consumer) really crying about? That's like going to Vegas hitting a jackpot but crying over the fact you spilled your milkshake on the way out of the Casino.

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You seem to be getting a little bent out of shape over this.

But, people wanting things on a budget drives prices down for everyone. When a KIA has the features of a Lexus, the Lexus is forced to get better.

You get a better Lexus and we get better KIAs. How is that a bad thing?

I Have the Smartwatch 2 and I can say I use all the features but the best one for me is when im running outside in the rain, or after a gym workout my phone is in the locker and im swimming/ in the steam/sauna or jacuzzi I can still get all my notifications/texts if I need to pick my kid up because his mums late from work/call logs and so on.This also means i can use preset texts to reply to people if needed instead of them wondering where i am or trying to call me back. This is genius and enables me to fully relax in the spa/concentrate better at the task at hand if im in a labour intensive job or need my hands to be free. Theres all sorts of situations where the watch would make things easier.

I would go Sony over Samsung I believe. But that doesn't change the fact that I hate wearing watches. I'll wait for glass... lol

Imagine this (until pupil-tracking control or implants come online). Use the watch face to navigate glass instead of the awkward and conspicuous side-of-your-face method (though glass in itself in it's current form is awkward and conspicuous enough, and don't get me started on the remote control, more crap in my pocket). I imagine we will see this within the next year.

"That's all I needed to hear. Hit the break to see the Sony SmartWatch 2 meeting a glass of ice-cold West Virginia mountain spring water."

Now, that was funny!

The galaxy gear is actual not a bad looking watch I get alot of compliments. Were wearing it out in the rain yesterday still working.

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Thanks for pointing out the IP57 rating. The little information pamphlet says "Do not expose your product to liquid or moisture or to humidity", but the box itself is clearly marked with "IP57".

Since the box isn't waterproof, I will assume the marking applies to the product itself.