Samsung Galaxy S

Yes, folks, it's all but official that the Samsung Galaxy S (see our hardware and software hands-ons) is coming the U.S. Only questions are when and to which carrier. (OK, those are pretty big questions.) But the flying saucer we got says it's "Landing soon," and there's a new U.S. website up and running, so things are definitely on the move. If you're in the mood for some unsubstantiated rumors, TMoNews says it's heard of a possible July 21 launch on T-Mobile, and there's a Verizon rumor going around, plus that one on AT&T. But there's nothing to back up most of that other than a big pile of salt, so ... Stay tuned, everyone! [Samsung]

Update: Oh, yeah. Samsung's having a little party on June 29, so we'll likely find out more then.


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Yes, folks, the Galaxy S is 'landing soon'


EVO is a great phone, don't get me wrong, but it can't really hold a candle to the Galaxy S. Super AMOLED screen > TFT. Samsung Cortex-A8 + Hummingbird > Snapdragon (by a country mile). Same HD video capability, same HDMI out, and same front-facing camera. The only spec it loses on is the size of the screen, but I think it makes up for it with unparalleled image quality (Apple can suck on their IPS garbage). Oh, and it's only 9mm thick!!

No offense intended -- I'm a wistful Incredible owner myself (still in my return window and hoping for a Galaxy S announcement for Verizon inside the next 22 days)! The Galaxy just friggin rocks (assuming Samsung's UI is half as good as Sense).

You forgot to mention that the Galaxy S doesn't have an LED Flash. However, other than that, i'm in the same boat as you. I'm hoping for a Verizon release soon.

I'm on the Galaxy S bandwagon as well. Partly because I wan to stick with T-Mobile and they have nothing else to offer...until now that is :) Can't wait!!

Evo Shmevo! I bet my Galaxy's forward facing camera won't be backwards! Gimme that Super AMOLED, and that super snappy processer, plus hey with a slightly later official release date, we may get some Froyo love on in our Galaxy's!! ...just a thought, I got nothing to back that up. I am a dreamer.

Meh, let's just hope Samsung doesn't pull a "Behold" on some of you. You better like whatever Android OS it comes with, because you'll probably be stuck with it for a long time.

Just something to take into consideration.

I'm interested to see some through review of this phone. I know when the youtube video of it running came out, people accused of Samsung of fast forwarding the video because the UI was moving so fast... I've read some early Korean reviews and everyone was blown away by the speed. It'd be interesting to see this thing with Froyo and JIT... Although I'm a happy Evo owner, if Galaxy was on Sprint, I've probably gone with the galaxy...

This phone is better than the EVO. It doesn't need a HDMI cable to stream video to your TV. It can do so through DLNA. I am not worried one bit about Samsung updating this phone since it is there flagship device. They didn't update the Behold II because they didn't feel like committing there developers to a device that never sold well. Are some of you forgetting that Samsung is not the only company that sucks with updates. I still haven't got my update to 2.1 on my Mytouch 3g GEN2.

GSM arena stated that this phone is on top of the Android food chain and that the Nexus One and HTC Desire do not live up to the Galaxy S standard.

Anyone notice that they have SNS instead of SMS on both the specs and the 'social hub' sections of their website? Just my random thought for the day.

Who ever BUYS this phone is WHACK, the freaking home screen looks like the damn Iphone I like Android for being original and love the Live Wall Paper. Android is known for being original not a Damn Biter were supposed to stomp out stupid Iphone not copy it and I though all Android users felt the same way but Obviously not I Love my Evo for being original and on top of the game. This Phone IS A TRUE WANNA BE. This phone belong in the GALAXY because it's truly a worthless phone.

Correction, the homescreens (up to 7 of them) are normal Android with widgets and shortcuts plus Samsung Widgets.

The menu however does resemble the iPhone's grid menu, but this is not new for Samsung, their Touchflo menus have been like this for a long time.

Admittedly it does resemble a big iPhone, with shape, color and camera minus flash...though with a much better 4" Super Amoled WVGA screen, much superior camera + one on the front and a great processor.

This will be the best Android phone, even better than the Evo. Just wish it had a flash and camera button, really unforgivable by Samsung.

@Bizzare....It's not the home screen. It is the launcher tray. Last time I checked, Apple didn't invent the squared icon. Nothing else but launcher tray looks like the iPhone. I don't think the iPhone can have 5 pages worth of widgets.

"The customizations start on the homescreen where you have up to seven panes to populate with widgets"

Straight from Gsmarena's latest Galaxy S review.

In light of everything that's going on with Samsung NOT updating their other Android devices... I don't think I'll be buying anything that has the words "Samsung" and "Android" any time soon.

well my mytouch is still rocking 1.6... HTC isn't doing much better with updating phones. sure they are saying they are going to update but it is always soon. nothing less of never

@Wesley1....The phone they used to do the review was likely the early model with 7 screens. I remember seeing somewhere that Samsung reduced the Home Screens from 7 to 5 and the app launcher from 5 to 3. They did it because they felt 5 screens were more than enough and the added screens would hurt performance or battery. As you can see in these videos all of them have 5 home screens and 3 screens in the app Launcher.

Not true. Actually originally there were up to 11 homescreens, not up to 7...

It may have 5 homescreens when you see it on a video, but you can add more.

It this point for it to be better than the Evo it needs flash to compete that's one less spec than the Evo. I haven't really read into it what it can actually do better than the Evo from my understanding it does the exact same thing but on a .3 inch smaller screen. all I see different is the launcher tray which like I said is a lot like the Iphone. Front facing camera again Evo had it first. 8MP camera EVO, 1ghz Snap Dragon processor EVO. and like I said people this phone is know different lets all just be happy that the Damn iphone is finally slowly fading away.

Well, the EVO may have a bigger screen and flash for the camera, but that doesn't mean it's camera is better. Mega pixels isn't the only determinative in taking good pics. EVO's screen may be bigger, but it's AMOLED, the Galaxy S is Super AMOLED, which is far and away the better screen. Also, yes the EVO has a Snapdragon, but the Galaxy S has a Samsung brewed processor codenamed Hummingbird, which by all reports is faster than Snapdragon and uses less power, and has the same gpu as the ipad/iphone 4. So camera: who knows yet, but lack of flash hurts (despite their low light capturing tech). Screen: Galaxy S. Processor/gpu: Galaxy S.

Also, the Galaxy S was released before the EVO, just not in the states. So whatever the EVO allegedly did first, may be false because it was released later...unless you think the US is the end all of technology (we are actually behind in terms of phones and broadband, sadly). However, a lot of what the EVO and Galaxy S can do and have under the hood, has been released in the forms of the Desire and Incredible (and the Xperia X10, in terms of screen size), etc.

On a side note, from the reviews i've read, you can add/delete screens. So if you want 7, go for it. If not, delete 2 and have 5. Also, while scrolling through a lot of pages could get annoying, you can always double tap the return button (or maybe its the middle button) and it returns you to the default home screen.

@Wesley1- They may have not invented it but it is there signature and made it popular so for ANY phone to copy it sure as hell is trying real hard at copying it and for that I say good day sir. Why not just get the falling out on technology no good but for ipod and apps iphone.
Why copy? regardless of what people think and say to talk trash about a phone and go out and grab a phone that try's to imitate another phone why not just by the original.

I got the Evo for its originality and screen not because it looked like and iphone because it sure doesn't look like one. The Evo looks like how the Iphone would look but on steroids. So people who say it's better than the Evo we will just have to wait and see if it holds up.

Just seen the Videos and I must say it's deffinetly and Iphone the only thing I like about it is the fact you can orginize the launcher trey all and all OK phone i just can't get get over the fact of how close it looks like the thing I hate the most it even has the damn home button in the middle.

The only thing on this phone that looks like the iPhone is the Application Launcher Tray. Last time I checked Apple didn't invent squared icons in rows of 5. Also, last I checked you couldn't have multiple home pages covered with widgets on the iPhone. Maybe if some of you did some research, you would see that Samsung was using this icon style before the iPhone was even thought about.

To those saying the Evo is better might wanna do your research as well. The Hummingbird processor in this phone is 3 times more powerful than the Snapdragon. The Super AmoLED display on the Galaxy S is far more superior than the LCD TFT/TFD display on the Evo. The Galaxy S doesn't need a HDMI cable to stream HD video. It can do so through DLNA. Last but certainly not least. The front facing camera on the Galaxy S does not take backwards pictures. =) last thing. GSM Arena said there is a option in the menu to turn off the TouchWiz UI but still get to keep all of the cool Widgets Samsung incorporated into the phone.

I have an EVO and I would definitely consider the Galaxy S if it came to Sprint. Super AMOLED and the dimensions are the only thing I care about on this phone. Everything else is just extra fluff for me personally. I really do love the dimensions of the Samsung though. The EVO fits in my hand and pocket just fine (and yeah I wear them skinny jeans) but it is hefty. Slightly narrower and slimmer seems like it would be perfect.

Oh, and who cares if the front facing camera takes pictures backwards? It shows up correctly when you're video chatting on the EVO which is the only time you'd be using it right?