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ASUS EeePad Transformer GPS

Dunno how or why these rumors get started, but let's squash 'em right now. Yes, the U.S. version of the ASUS EeePad Transformer -- which goes on sale here in the states tomorrow -- has GPS. We've used it. It works. And we went so far as to mention in our full review a week ago. And in the specs list.

Repeat: The ASUS EeePad Transformer has GPS. And it works just fine. Carry on.

Update: We've removed ASUS' official statement because it was causing more confusion. here's the deal:

  • GPS works with Wifi on.
  • GPS works with Wifi off.
  • GPS works after a reboot and Wifi still off.

Any other questions?

ASUS EeePad Transformer GPS


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Yes, the ASUS EeePad Transformer has GPS in the United States


Podcast by friday (with talk of the Transformer review) or its me and you Phil!
(im not messing with Jerry....he looks like he may eat me :| )

Blame Engadget (Surprise surprise!). They wrote a scathing article on it after the review claimed that it was lacked GPS (Which was later corrected in the anandtech review). Rather than Engadget updating the article and saying that it was not true, they tried to brush it under the rug and flat out deleted the article. The article wasn't up very long at all.

But unfortunately in this day & age every news article is copy/pasted through hundreds of sites. In this case at least 10 different news sites copied the article word for word.

Here's one such site:

You're really on here Knocking Engadget? -_- . . . Up until alot of the crew left for their other new site Engadget owned the Tech Web. So cut it out.

Yes, Engadget USED to be a good site. Now, no. By far, no. Since most of the old crew left Engadget has been very poorly written.

So what? He can't say what he wants? Engadget was in fact WRONG. Just because it is Engadget that they shouldn't oblige to common courtesy? Please, get over it. They should have apologized and just corrected the article -- not delete the whole thing. It's exactly the reason BECAUSE a lot of people (like YOU) take anything Engadget says as fact that they should have just corrected themselves.

Frankly, I find it very unprofessional to just wrongly accuse a product of lacking a standard functionality and then just to wipe away all evidence.

Does anyone know who posted that article so I could avoid anything they write from now on? Tasteless and pathetic. Own up to your mistakes! This is another reason why Engadget is a shred of what it used to be.

But what about the blender feature? Will that work in the US? Also, I was curious about the toilet paper dispenser. I can't think of myself without TP and a transformer in the woods.

UPDATE EDIT: Okay it makes sense now that I've read other responses. Map data needs to be cached using an Internet connection. GPS will function as normal without Internet connection after map data loaded. Asus responded not very clearly though. So I suppose if we had a Navigation program with map data preloaded on SD card we wouldn't need the Internet connection. Too bad Garmin Street Pilot is not available for Android.

The official response from Asus is VERY confusing.

"like all WiFi based GPS devices"
"login [to reestablish connection]"....WTF?
"or tether [for persistent connection]"....ya ok whatever this means

Phil, you didn't help the situation by quoting Asus...because obviously their response is cryptic.

All we need to know is that the device does or does not lock on to a "Satellite" GPS signal on a fresh boot or not...without an Internet connection.

"like all WiFi based GPS devices"
"login [to reestablish connection]"....WTF?
The Eee Pad is a WiFi device [with GPS], as opposed to phones which have a mobile network to fall back on. You need to 'login' (aka, connect to WiFi) to establish a data connection for apps to get the data they need, which in most cases will be the map data.

If you were to pull open an app that either [A] gives you your GPS coordinates or [B] has map data locally on the device, you would have no issues whatsoever.

"or tether [for persistent connection"....ya ok whatever this means
That just means to tether to a device that has a connection. (Eg, WiFi tether from your phone)

OK. I've updated the post and removed the official comment, because you're right, it didn't help clear it up. Point is: GPS works. If you have a question, the answer most likely will be, "Yes, GPS works." :p

Apparently nowhere. No sites have it listed, and no store that I've talked to can find it in inventory or has any idea about its existence.

It's almost like it's vaporware

I know that. And when you call these places, they don't know what you're talking about and can't find anything in inventory/warehouse.

Hell, Amazon doesn't even have it listed yet.

If it's actually going to be released tomorrow, they've done a poor job on execution..

Maybe we should actually wait until the 26th first.

Unfortunately, it seems that this might be an online only offer for most retailers. This would make sense if there are limited quantities -- it's easier to consolidate orders.

Aww tartar sauce!
o`well, walmart has them.
waiting, i will have mine between 12am and 8am 4/26 lol!