Yahoo Fantasy Football

Football season is here, and that means fantasy football  is everywhere at the moment. If you don't have time to watch all the games, you can stay up-to-date with your league and players on Android with Yahoo! Fantasy Football '10. Yahoo is one of the leaders of the fantasy sports world, so it's great to see a dedicated app make its way to the Market. 

With the app, users can check league and player stats, make roster changes and more. If you're a fantasy football fan and use Yahoo, don't miss this free app in the Market; it will make your life a lot easier! [Thanks Small_law!]

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drose0 says:



yozick says:

Bah I want it for Hockey!! I already have my league setup and waiting for the season to start! C'mon draft day!

PeterPhan says:

Got it earlier today.
Joined my first FF league last night and now this.


dustinfrank says:

so maybe its a noob question, but will this work with ANY fantasy football league? I'm in two ESPN leagues.. or does it have to be a Yahoo league?

Examiner19 says:

No, just Yahoo leagues.

dustinfrank says:

thanks, figures..

DroidRage79 says:

This app is really well done, I like it a lot better than the CBS Sports fantasy football app, despite the fact that overall I think CBS has the best fantasy sports platform going. Their mobile app is lame however compared to this which is much more user friendly.

Examiner19 says:

I wasn't expecting this. Very happy to have it in time for the season. Woohoo!

Yeah. I thought that yahoo had given up on android. Guess the market dictated otherwise. Fantasy Guru still better though.

jloosli#AC says:

I hate to be lazy, but can the androidcentral staff put in the market and appbrain links every time they talk about an app? I think all of your loyal readers would appreciate it.


Rockblast says:

confused by this statement - was the qr code at the bottom of the article not there when you read it?

beasleybiz says:

I used this app on BB platform last year and it was awesome. Cant wait to try this one on my DX

This is a decent start but Yahoo has a long way to go to make this app as good as Fantasy Guru.

newboyx says:

Looking forward to giving it a try this season.

xWiggy18x says:

Once i get done playing with yahoo, they make an AWESOME APP. Super jealous, wish espn did a great app like this.

milo12 says:

This does not work for me. I have a Droid X. It tells me "no team or league exists." I can go to the yahoo site using the browser and look at my team. I don't know what the problem is.

jloosli#AC says:

I know this is off topic, but regarding the qr code, it doesn't show up when browsing on the mobile site, so the links would be more effective for mobile browsers.

Actually, if you browse to the full site, both the qr code and the market link show up. If the market link could show up when browsing from mobile, that would be great.