Yahoo has announced that they have acquired the "intelligent" replacement home screen application Aviate. The app, which is still in a private beta status, uses data and metrics of how and where you use your phone to decide what content to display. the result may or may not be as useful as setting your own shortcuts and widgets, but it certainly looks good. 

Yahoo says "We hope to make Aviate a central part of our Android-based experiences in 2014 (and beyond), and we are committed to continued innovation on the product." Hopefully, that means the app will soon lose it's beta tag. In the meantime, Yahoo says they will giving away 25,000 codes.


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Yahoo acquires intelligent home screen replacement Aviate


I never thought the launcher was all that good to begin with. I never have what I want when I want it. This is the straw that makes me uninstall.

I'd agree with you, found it slow to access what I wanted, so went back to nova launcher after an hour.

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Since I've had my Yahoo email address since 1996, maybe I'll get an invite.

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If you download Aviate from the store, you can enter "YAHOO" as the code, and you'll have it. No need to wait for an invite if you're one of the first 25,000 people to get it.

Google buys a lot of companies, but no one criticizes them the same way Yahoo is being criticized.

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Google doesn't shut down apps that have a loyal userbase already, and Google doesn't shut down 6/7 of their more recent acquisitions.

Valid point, touche.

However, Google had Google Reader for quite a while. Google doesn't buy products and then shut them down 3-6 months later. Google just does that to long-existing products.

I'm not sure which one is worse. For me, I think the buy out and shut down is because you get all excited that your favourite app will get more updates and more features and then...nope.

Yahoo, in fact does not suck.

Their products are very good, they may need work but so do googles products.

Also Google has killed hundreds of companies. They don't get flack for it like yahoo does. Their keynote was very interesting and to the point.

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I like the layout Aviate uses more than the location services. Would be nice if it was compatible with my Z Ultra. Maybe a big backer like Yahoo will make it compatible with more devices.

Strange nobody called out the photoshop fail yet: the phone shown in the presentation have both hardware & software buttons :D

Regardless of yahoo acquiring the app... Isn't this the same concept that Chameleon launcher had? And look how successful that was. It won't make it far, at least I don't think so.

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And there goes the last of my interest in Aviate.

I tried it for a couple of days, and while I liked the concept, it was WAY too overzealous about changing my home screen location based on its whim. For one thing, it sticks to the rigid "home" and "work" dichotomy, while I have a wide variety of work places. And since it rarely knew I was at work, it would frequently, arbitrarily decide I was somewhere I wasn't, like some law office that was in the same building as me, and arrange my home screen in a new way around it, while giving me "tips" for that law office.

Honestly, for a home screen to change that constantly, and be that unpredictable, it just didn't work. Cover, which does simpler versions of that concept in a lock screen, seems to work far better. Does less, works smarter. I've still disabled even that because I missed the media controls of the stock lock screen, but it's a much better concept.

Yahoo buying Aviate doesn't bode well for its future for me.

I hated Aviate, it never guessed anything right and was hiding critical, although rarely used apps (such as the dialer!).

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I'm still trying to figure out exactly what Yahoo *is* these days. Once upon a time, they were a search engine. Then Google pretty much took over that space so Yahoo kind of became a quasi-news/blogger kind of organization. Now, I'm not sure what their claim to fame is.

I mean, Google can be described succinctly as "an ad company that provides good, mostly "free" tools so that they provide eyeballs to advertisers". Apple is a "premier hardware company", Microsoft is a "business and consumer software company". Yahoo is.....?

Everyone that I know who still uses a Yahoo! Email account as their primary email tends to be either the "Silent" generation, a baby boomer or a Gen X.

Millenials probably still *have* Yahoo! Email accounts, but I don't think anyone is using it as their primary email.

Now, for Live Mail, I can see a lot of people still having a Live email account and using it (all the people in China who buy Windows phones and such). So, I can see how live mail would still be relevant (even if people are only using it for their Windows phones or whatever).

To be honest, I mostly just use gMail. I've got 2 "real" gMail accounts (one for websites to contact me, one for people to contact me) and 1 "spam" gMail account which I use to sign up for things that require an email address, but I don't want to ever hear from the company again.

I want to get back into using Flickr, but half the time, I never can remember what my stupid Yahoo! ID was, and it's different from my Flickr ID. Frustrating.

Why. Why does the galaxy s4 in the presentation have both on-screen and hardware navigation buttons. At least cut the software keys out of the cheaply edited picture yahoo. You're not convincing anyone that you are professional. Maybe done by some free interns or something.

Thanks for the heads up! Been waiting for an invite for a while. Read this and said why not, let's try yahoo as the code. Lol finally able to use it. Let's see what I've been waiting all this time for!

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I just installed it as well with this code. I've gotta say, I am digging the minimalist look and simplicity.

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The death of yet another great at the hands of Yahoo. Why oh why don't they just stop!!

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I just installed the beta and I gotta say I really like the clean interface. Very polished. I'll try it out for a week or so and see how I like it. I have google set up as the main widget so we are all good on that end. Something different for me to tinker with. Been using nova for a very long time. Only one gripe, not able to hide the status bar and make the translucent nav bar.

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For all you yahoo haters... Tumblr is still rolling strong. Yahoo doesn't fudge everything up. Their just trying to build up product and services. The company can't innovative so they buy what talent they can so they can build from it. I don't use any Yahoo services at all. I'm not a fanboy. I'm just saying they don't murder everything they touch.

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They murdered Astrid. That was the one app I wanted to keep using that they took. I looked at some of their other acquisitions, which were all of apps I hadn't heard of & couldn't even tell you what they did (those have since been shut down).

Yahoo! seems to have a 55% rate of "app will stick around and either be integrated into Yahoo! or be continually updated." The other 45% of the time, Yahoo! seems to aquire the talent and shut down.

What I don't understand is: Why not just offer the devs a chance to work at Yahoo, but allow the devs to continue their projects on their own? If all Yahoo! is going to do is aquire the app to shut it down (the real goal being to get the dev), then why not just hire the dev and let the app continue to be worked on in the dev's spare time?

For all you yahoo haters... Tumblr is still rolling strong. Yahoo doesn't fudge everything up. Their just trying to build up product and services. The company can't innovative so they buy what talent they can so they can build from it. I don't use any Yahoo services at all. I'm not a fanboy. I'm just saying they don't murder everything they touch.

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I'm going to give it a go, once its out of Beta. I see on Google Play it's received some good reviews.

I'm on Apex, so not ready to switch browser's just yet...

the big print giveth, the small print taketh

This was an awful app. I have an HTC One and the battery usage was simply spectacular, I lost some 40% more in the day because of it. Besides, it wasn't half useful. The last thing I want is another Facebook Home, this time from Yahoo. Geez.