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Further signs of Xperia Z2 stock shortages

Sony's new flagship smartphone, the 5.2-inch Xperia Z2, is now available to pre-order from British networks O2 and Three — though customers may not receive their devices before late April or early May.

O2 has the purple and black Z2 available for pre-order on O2 Refresh Pay Monthly, priced between £609.99 and £19.99 depending on the monthly price and data allowance you choose. And Three is offering the black and white models up for pre-order on contracts costing between £38 (for 2GB) and £44 (for unlimited data) per month, with a £49 upfront fee. To sweeten the deal, Three is also offering free noise-cancelling headphones and a Sony portable speaker, while O2 throws in £80 worth of Sony entertainment and an Xperia Tablet Z for £99.99.

Pre-order buyers will have a few weeks to wait before getting their handsets, however, as Three is listing a shipping date of May 1, while O2 is expecting to have devices on their way sometime in the week of April 28. Local rival Vodafone has been taking Xperia Z2 pre-orders for the past couple of weeks, with a launch apparently scheduled for April 10. Meanwhile, smaller UK retailers have been telling customers not to expect stock until early May.

In a statement given to Android Central last week, Sony said it was "working tirelessly to maximise stock levels in April," but did not "expect to meet the high demand across all our sales channels."

Source: O2, Three


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Xperia Z2 up for pre-order on O2 + Three UK, availability still a month out


I think this is also having an effect on the Z2 Tablet LTE as they have the same innards roughly. I am expecting this to launch in May instead of April now which is a shame because I really need a new tablet.

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The z2 tablet is already on sale in the Kingston sony centre store

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Aw man, forget that. Verizon is the most over-priced carrier out of them all! Oh well, Sony just keeps making dumb business decisions. No wonder they can't make a profit as a company anymore.

What a mess. Its very unclear which networks/stores will have the phone near its original April 7th release date. The Z2 looks like a great phone too. This is really bad news for websites like Clove.

I agree, I think Sony had a winner here but delaying way past the launch of the M8 and GS5 has really harmed it's potential sales. Still a great phone and a definite contender for best Android mobile this year so far.

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Really, I just want to know when the Wifi 32GB Z2 Tablet will be available in the U.S. market! Been waiting patiently, but anxiously, and nobody seems to know when this will hit store shelves. =/

Soooo I should just grab the M8 because doesn't look like any word for us in the US for a while.. mmmmm I'll wait a little longer..
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I was kinda holding out for this but my S3 has a dead headphone jack and I can't wait another month++
Solves the decision between Z2 and HTC one then...
Sounds like the Z2 will be more expensive anyway
Posted by my Nexus 7 (2013) or my i9300 (custom rom)

I dont know why they just don't release it now with shortages to get one up on the galaxy s5. If anything, shortages generate hype. Just look at Apple and what they do. I'll be getting the z2. Was hoping to on launch day u til they delayed it.

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O2 also offers the Sony noise cancelling headphones. I got the impression from one press release (of the many I've read on this) that Sony are actually including them with the phone, so it might be more of a deal included with the phone where ever you get it from, but if not, O2 at least will be including them with the phones. They also have the UK exclusive on the purple colour.