Sony Ericsson Xperia X10

Sony Ericsson smartphones -- Android or otherwise -- generally come down to two things: above-average hardware hobbled by overreaching, underpowered software. And that trend continues with the Xperia X10. (See our previous hands-on with the X10.)

After the break, we take a look at the X10's better half -- the hardware. The X10 sports a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, 4-inch TVT LCD touchscreen, 1GB of ROM/512MB of RAM, and an 8-megapixel camera. Oh, and one thing we didn't bother with -- testing multitouch -- because the phone just won't do it. Period. That's not a deal-breaker, but ... We'll tackle the X10's Achilles heel -- the software -- later.

Update (4/17): In some extremely weird twist of fate, apparently we (erm, I) in fact reviewed the X10 with a screen protector on it the entire time, which explains why the screen felt like plastic. In fact, it's glass. The review unit we received came in an obviously used box (with no instruction manual, btw), and between that and a casual inspection, we (erm, I) completely missed the screen protector. That doesn't change the fact that we (erm, I) were rather enamored with the X10's hardware, and it's hardly unusual for a phone to actually be used with a screen protector. We're going to take on the software in an upcoming review.


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Xperia X10 hardware hands-on


It looks great I mean the phone has a beautiful design but oh boy it won't support multitouch at all kinda sucks

when we gonna break the 512 mb ram thing huh? just do a damn gig already! dont tell me we dont have the technology because we do. iphone is gonna be everybody to the punch again and make a phone thats 3 years ahead of everyone else.

and still no multitouch??? ppffff!!! cavemen...

I have my x10 and I'm happy as a Pig in muck. It's not perfect by any means but the 2.1 upgrade will sort the tiny glitches it has and at the moment I'm in no rush.

It play my media without faults.

You lose your creditability as a reviewer when you dont even know how to open the battery case properly. It clearly states in the instructions to open it from the he buttom of the device. I own the device it take less than a second, no extra tools...nothing. Stick your finger in the slot and pop open. Now that thats over, you have many errors in your review. i suggest you do more " hands-on" with a device before you decide to do a review that givens people opinions about a device b/c people come here and trust your opinions. At least state the facts! Oh yeah another discrepancy is that you said the screen is plastic. It is not plastic, ITS MINERAL GLASS! The reason it feels plastic and a finger print magnet is b/c Sony Ericsson has installed a pre-installed a screen protector over EACH X10. Every X10 has minerial glass, what u feel is a screen protector. Things like that you would think a reviewer would know. So people, if Phil dont even know how to propertly get the battery case off, how are we suppose to take him serious on a reviewer? I cant wait to hear the software review Phil!! C'mon Android Central you all are better than this.

Just FYI...From Barclays' Note today:

"Last week we upgraded DoCoMo to Buy to reflect our increasing optimism that the company could be the big beneficiary of smartphone proliferation in Japan, given their high quality network and evolving philosophy. DoCoMo's new smartphone, Sony Ericsson's Xperia, has sold about 120,000 units in its first three weeks on sale; Tsusaka's data shows that the initial 100,000 unit shipment to distributors sold out in 10 days, but another 50,000 units were delivered in mid-April, and a third set of 30,000 units is apparently scheduled for late April. Stores which open on weekends are mostly sold out. Sales over 100,000 units make a positive contribution to the company’s net increase in subscribers, so it looks very likely NTT DoCoMo will again have the top share of net adds in April. You can see that the Experia handset is enjoying unprecedented demand compared to previous smartphones on DoCoMo's network:

Xperia sales versus DoCoMo’s previous smart phones

Xperia  120,000 in 20 days
HTC Android 80,000 in 10 months
Blackberry Bold  60,000 in 14 months
Toshiba Windows Mobile 60,000 in 10 months"