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When Sony Mobile announced that its leading 2012 products would be getting upgraded to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, Xperia S owners were left in the lurch, with no timetable for the arrival of their update.

But today it seems an announcement may be near -- on its official Twitter account, Sony Mobile UK has promised details on exactly when Android 4.1 will hit the Xperia S by "mid-December." For the moment that's all Sony is saying on the matter, although the Xperia S is definitely confirmed as being in line to receive Android 4.1, as per the previous announcement.

Sony's Jelly Bean upgrade roll-out is set to commence in "mid-Q1 2013," according to a statement released by the company in late October. The first handsets in line for upgrade will be its late 2012 flagships, the Xperia T, Xperia TX and Xperia V.

Fingers crossed, Xperia S owners -- hopefully your Jelly Bean update won't be far behind.

Source: Twitter, via: XperiaBlog

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panagiotisgr says:

if i get 4.1 on Xperia S before the end of December i will be very happy and take back what i have say about Sony so far. but according to their timetable and so far updates i don't think so.

rksst228 says:

there should always be a possibilty to go's so much better

Gionataaa says:

Sony not following the schedule? I don't think so.

jonoave says:

Yay!... I guess I'm the one of the two people on AC who have an Xperia S?

zhantshen says:

That's announcement people, not actual update schedule, nothing to see here, move along.