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Fresh out of the retail box and into our hands. This is the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, people. The phone hits Verizon's store shelves today. We know a lot of you guys and gals are super excited for this gaming device and we can't wait to hear what you have to say about the long awaited "PlayStation Phone."

The phone comes shipped with a pure Gingerbread experience -- no crazy skins. Inside the device is a 1GHz Snapdragon CPU and Adreno 205 GPU. As for the display, the Xperia Play rocks a 4-inch, 854 x 480 FWVGA screen. And the most notable addition, of course: the slide out control pad. 

Watch the video above to see what the Play is all about and be sure to check back in the next few days as we will have our full review. But for now, be sure to head into the Android Central Forums to see what other Android gamers are saying.


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Xperia Play video hands-on


I don't have this but the fact that it has a dedicated GPU means that your going to get much better graphic processing. People seem to forget that a strong processor means nothing if it doesn't have a dedicated video card or processor. DUAL CORE MEANS NOTHING if you don't have the GPU and RAM to back it up. That's why a lot of high performance games will run 'slightly' better on some Galaxy S devices, and you will get an overall 'better' performance.

Don't tell Chris Pruett that. ;) I remember in his Google IO talk this year he was saying that he found the CPUs on high end phones (Nexus, Galaxy S, etc) to actually preform better than their GPUs, just for the high end phones though.

Here is a link to the talk: I can't remember when he said it though.

Edit: Oh, I should mention that I do agree with you though. Just having a higher number on a CPU doesn't matter (unless that is what you care about). If you want a nicer phone (which is what most people seem to want), you have to take a more holistic approach. And this phone seems much nicer (for gaming at least), than other phones out there.

I wonder if Minecraft will be multi-tasked like how you were showing with Crash. Answering a text, or an email while Minecraft runs in the background. I would multi-task the hell out of it. :D

I really want this phone. To me it's a solid device, solid design, and it's innovating bringing something new to the table. Just if I had the $500 for it. X.x

The issue, I would have is the screen. I don't leave my house all that much, and when I do it's for a short period of time. So I think I could handle not having the best of the best, screen solutions.

So, the question now is: Is it possible to unlock the boot loader on the Verizon version? (I'm assuming you'd have to pay the full price for it, getting it off contract, but you can't really sim unlock a cdma phone afaik).

I can safely say this is my next phone as of right now. Let's see it's on Verizon which is my carrier, it's Android stock which is very cool, and it's got PlayStation games all over it. I'm a PS fanatic so all of this is gravy to me. I don't need a super all powerful phone that has a 1080p screen and can hack into NORAD and launch missiles with it's quad core processor and 250GB of memory. This will do just nicely. Nice job on this one SONY. You have listened to your customer.

Ill probably just wait for the Xperia Play 2...I want a higher resolution/better quality screen and hopefully the next will have those features

this would be a hit if it can Remote Play to the ps3 for video and music. i have a 1TB HDD with videos and music that streams easily to the PSP anywhere in the world with an internet connection. if this could do that as well, i'd be blown away. any ideas if this may be built in? i've read literature to see if its supported and its never mentioned. i dont think i'd touch it for games. just too small.... but major potential if this thing can communicate as well with the ps3.

This would be my next phone... but Sprint has no love for SE and it odd since Sprint and Sony do a lot of stuff together on the PS store.

No thank you, its ugly! Did you see the back of it how ugly it is, not to mention the thickness? No thanks- PASS

i actually have this device and i have to say just having straight android gb on it w/o manufacturer ui is nice..its fast, smooth no hiccup on transitions from one screen to the next or when using apps. as far as just the android device goes its solid. the games i like and are a nice plus if you do actually like playing games on your phone. the graphics on this device are pretty sweet... you cant actually expect ps3 graphics on a swiss army phone but what you get is really nice. My only complaint is that they didnt release enough games at launch. would have been nice to have more options on the game selection but that will come.. for now im hooked.. great job sony..

Wow, its a decent phone made for gamers, who are used to the different layout of a gaming console/portable versus just a phone.

Overall it does what it was designed for. Most of this review was spent whining.