Words with Friends

Zynga has released an update for the Android version of its social puzzle game Words with Friends, fixing one particularly annoying bug which caused the game to force-close at startup or at random on a number of devices.

Head to the Android Market to grab the update to the new version 3.28. If you've not yet tried Words with Friends, you can find a handy Market link and QR code after the jump.


Reader comments

Words with Friends updated, fixes 'force close' problems


I'll believe it when I see it. I wish they would "Android-ify" our version a little bit. For example, put functionality into the "Menu" button. Our phones aren't stuck with just a back button. Use the resources at your disposal Zynga!!! I would also love to see a way to log out of your account and into another (so my wife can play on my phone too).

Having said that ("Curb" reference), I love the game and it is great to be able to play with anyone on any platform.

It does seem to be working better.. however, can no longer play with my friends that have the iphone version! doh!!!

I downloaded this update as soon as it was available. Still getting force closes, the notification system isn't accurate and the game has errors and needs to reload itself several times a day.

By far the buggiest app I've ever used.

Agree there is notifications and when i click on the notification nothing was played. But it was working great and then the past few days had a lot of force closes. Love the app they just need to iron it out.

I have an evo and the game worked just fine x platform. No fc or anything like that. However I uninstalled because the the battery draining non push garbage notification system doesn't even have a sound!! It just appears. The only time I see it is when I light up my screen to do something else. I don't have time to make a word right then. So I forget and my i-crap friends resign and its not worth killing my battery. Uninstalled. Thank you come again.

What's fixed? I've had 3.28 for a few days now and it force closes just the same. I did a cache clear, data clear uninstall, reinstall still force closes and loses my games. EVO.

One of the buggiest and most obviously rushed games/apps I have ever used on Android. Not only is this game missing key features such as an in-game refresh and a Friends' list, it was literally force closing on me every time I tried to start it up. (Using Captivate running Cognition)

I gave this app one star in Market and will keep it at one star until it is actually playable and no longer feels like a rushed, half-ass iphone port.

The FC issue has been OK for me, but my big issue is notifications. I get notified when I make a move (short-term memory is not that bad) but not when an opponent does.

This game absolutely sucks on my evo!!!

Sorry but 3.28 is just as buggy as every other version they have come ot with.

Can't wait until they hire a real Android developer who knows how to develop applications for this platform!!

It's great to play with friends but definatly need to utilize the menu button and notification sounds. Not that buggy, maybe one a day, but it mostly tells me that i need to play back when i can't. very annoying. I've sent them numerous emails about what they should fix and get same generic responses.

Nope, force closes even faster now. Same dark page with really long url in purple type with upsidedown android head at the top.

I'm running cm 7 v31 with incredikernel for dinc.

Are you running AdFree? That's what was causing this problem for me. The app won't run if it's not able to hit the ad server. Clicking Restore in AdFree removes the ad servers from your hosts file, and allows the app to run.

Once the app is running, of course, it continues to FC, and to lose track of games in progress. Buggiest app I've seen yet.

Are you running AdFree? That's what was causing this problem for me. The app won't run if it's not able to hit the ad server. Clicking Restore in AdFree removes the ad servers from your hosts file, and allows the app to run.

Once the app is running, of course, it continues to FC, and to lose track of games in progress. Buggiest app I've seen yet.

I don't know what everyone is talking about. This game is great and I don't get anymore FC than other applications. EVO 4G

So glad to see others mentioning the NOTIFICATION issue for WWF. I sure hope that ZYNGA is paying attention. If it's true that this update breaks the ability to play with friends on the iPhone platform that would be very bad.

This game is crap on our phones. Those who don't have issues... great, but it sucks so much ass. You can tell it's a iPhone port. It's lack of options horrible notifications (that don't work right anyway),and just plain shittyness means it was rushed.

You can only do so much with a button meant to go home and it's apparent.

What's comical is it took them a year to put out a rushed crappy app. Seriously? The corn in my s@#t is a better app. And that's what my review says in the market.

My letters shuffle on their own. Gets stuck. Too many bugs on Epic. Love having capability to play iphone friends at work but notifications suck. They need to get it right.

Word feud is so much nicer. It may not be as flashy a UI, but it gets the job done. On top of being stable, it actually pushes notifications, allows you to add a person to your friends list and lets you clear all finished games with one push. Hate when WWF messes up, brings back all my old games and I have to delete 12 games 1 by 1. It also doesn't use as much battery as WWF. Hope word feud cross platform version comes soon. Once that happens, it's sayonara, dude.

I gave the middle finger to this load of crap app and went back to WordFeud, which is much faster, never forces closes, my letters don't disappear, my games don't disappear, old games don't reappear, and I actually get a notification every time- not just sometimes. Oh and I personally like the UI better.
Not sure what everyone finds so awesome about Words With Friends except it being cross platform. WordFeud is way better.

Had this update since it came out haven't had really any more problems then usually. I play against a whole bunch of friends on iphones so the CROSS PLATFORM DOES STILL WORK.

From ZYNGA :
"Q: How do I get notified when it’s my turn?
A: Our server checks for moves every few minutes. When it sees a new move, you will get a notification in your notifications bar. We will support true push notifications later, but wanted to start out by supporting Android 1.6 users (which doesn’t support push) until enough of them have upgraded to versions that do. Update: you can now change the rate at which the app checks for notifications in the settings menu."


Working great on the Droid X (rooted with Apex 1.4.1). Never force closes and no problems playing with friends on iPhone or iPad.

It's still too slow and buggy. I've been using Wordsmith for months and it's 100x better than WWF and Wordfued imo.

How about they fix the problem with the crazy obnoxious ads & release a REASONABLY priced ad-free version? ;)

force closes on my thunderbolt. Also says it's my turn under my move on main screen but doesnt change the board to include what the other person played and wont let me play.

so i read the whole forum but really nothing says how to fix when this message appears "process com.yahoo.mobile.client.android.im" evrytime i open my yahoo messenger. can anyone help??

my thunderbolt force closes all the time too, and it says I have a newer version 3.35.

and it does the tease, of telling me it's my turn... and then nothing... then randomly i'll go into the app, to see if i have any moves, and i have all my games waiting for me, with no alert that popped up!

Its very interesting game..I love this game specially its my way of spending time with my family..Sometimes I use the ANAGRAMMER to give me some hints in times I'm in trouble..

I have a lot of time of this game..I spend most of the time playing with words with friends..I am glad that I did download it on my IPHONE 4..I also use the ANAGRAMMER to give me more hints..