Words With Friends

A mix of old and new in a long-awaited update

Words With Friends is receiving a long-overdue update that brings in some modern design and a big performance boost. Anyone who has played this game for a while knows that the app has generally been a bit sluggish and most noticeably simply stuck in the past design-wise. This latest update brings an interface refresh that sheds some of the ugly buttons and drop shadows for flat elements and a proper slide-in drawer on the left side.

Zynga claims faster startup times, better performance all around and improved stability to boot. All things we want to hear and experience in a popular app from a big developer. It feels to us as though there's still a bit more work to do, but this latest update is certainly moving in the right direction. Hit the Play Store link above for a download.


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Words With Friends update brings a new interface, performance improvements


Guess all the super cool folks like yourselves have moved on to something more fabulous.

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Not a moment too soon. This app had become absurdly slow in recent iterations - I can't imagine what they did to make it take multiple seconds to switch from the main screen to a game board, when it used to be no slower than any other app.

The video ads are insanely annoying! Hearing the cspire video ad after every play is maddening. While it does start up much faster, I still notice bugs, such as screen flickering, going black, etc. Previous versions seemed much buggier though.

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The ads are certainly annoying. If you're going to play a lot, the $2.99 or w/e it costs to remove ads permanently is a no brainer for sure.

What's this? Pay for an app you say? Shouldn't all the devs just build us amazing apps with no revenue stream at all?

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Hi Andrew, I'm not seeing the new look, on my phone or on Google play store online. Is it not live?

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People still use this app? It was a good game but it's time for something new

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Hi, craigrn16. My husband and I own an indie game company called Napland Games, and we recently released our game Wordspionage on Google Play (http://bit.ly/1coJX4G). If you liked Words With Friends but want to try something new, please check out Wordspionage. It pushes the boundaries of traditional crossword-style word games, and encourages players to take word game strategy to a new level with cool and unique spy-themed features. Thanks!

The buggiest app on Android. No way they fixed all that is wrong with this app.

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There were co-workers in my office that couldn't do their jobs because they were playing this. It took me all of 3 minutes to realize this game was just not for me. Never understood the hype.

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I still play it, just be happy they don't treat it like the windows phone version. It's 2.99 and it crashes on you at least once a week lol and you dont get half the game's power ups. And it has adds lol.

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I still don't understand what dictionary they using in the game. I see people just making up words and it except it

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God, the new "look" is terrible. The "flat" look makes all the tiles blend together into a big blob. Performance is a bit better, but far from smooth. And yeah, the dictionary is weird. It accepts a lot of words that aren't real, and rejects some words that exist in every dictionary I've checked.

It's too bad scrabble blew it by ignoring the digital market until WWF had it won.

thanks to Android that has been dominating the current market of mobile phone. I am afraid if it grabs the OS of our PC. Soon it might be installed in our PCs

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