Words With Friends

One of the most popular cross-platform word games in the mobile world, Words With Friends, has received an update tonight with a few good parts to it. First off is an interesting (and we doubt very useful) feature that lets you invite friends to games via SMS messages. Zynga also lists improvements to the notification system -- something that has been pretty hit or miss for many users. Unfortunately the notification sticks with a pretty unsightly gray/white striped background, but that's just how things go. Lastly, the game now automatically adds a homescreen shortcut when it's installed -- a curious addition considering the Play Store lets you choose whether you want this or not as a global setting.

You can grab the game for free at the Google Play Store link above. You might just grow your vocabulary while you're at it.


Reader comments

Words With Friends adds SMS game invites and notification improvements


don't do it.
get wordfeud as well. wordwithfriends is a horrible battery drain and doesn't have near as many dictionary options as wordfeud does.
unless you already have friends that play wwf, it isn't worth it.

all these "new" features sound like spam and bloat to me... Ugly textured notification, ability to spam others via SMS, and adding a shortcut to your homescreen without your consent?

Zynga sucks, stopped playing their games a long time ago