Microsoft's popular Wordament game has enjoyed success across the board and the game is set to sport a sequel as early as tomorrow – Wordament Snap Attack. If you're not familiar with Wordament, it's a word game putting players against each other in a continuous series of two minute matches to find as many words as possible. Snap Attack will be changing things up without sacrificing on gameplay.

The sequel is set to launch on Windows Phones and Windows 8 from tomorrow, and later this summer for both Android and iOS hardware. Snap Attack will be a Scrabble-type sequel tasking players to utilize seven letters and create as many words as possible during a 2:30 minute session. Provided letter pieces snap onto an on-screen board with a handful of words already present.

Much like the original Wordament, Snap Attack will display words the player could have created at the end of each round, should they happen to miss any. You then have the leaderboard and multiplayer aspects of the title, which make it incredibly addicting to try and beat friends.

Source: Seattle Times; thanks, Mohammed, for the tip!


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Wordament sequel 'Snap Attack' reportedly dropping for Android later this year


Microsoft may want to hurry up. As soon as it drops for Windows, 100 developers will be waiting to clone it shamelessly.

Yeah but if it's anything like with Wordament, the clones will be second-rate, buggy hacks. The nice thing about Wordament is the consistently high number of players. That's something the clones will never be able to clone.