If you're waiting on the wood, know that it's still coming

We know they are coming. Motorola has even said as much. So tonights' latest from @evleaks doesn't surprise us much. Pictured are those same Moto X phones everyone knows and loves, but with the highly desired hardwood backs

I'm a bit partial to the walnut look on the left, but the bamboo on the right is very nice as well. Hopefully, that white Verizon logo on the bottom is just a sticker and not etched into the wood itself. 

We've a feeling that these will be coming very, very soon.

Source: @evleaks


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Wood-backed Moto X leaked yet again, this time with a Verizon logo


so nobody else is tired of people complaining about stupid logos.... Just saying there's more important things to worry about and a freaking logo isn't going to make or break my experience with the phone.....

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No no, I'm completely tired of the complaining about the logos... doesn't negate the fact that you came off as a total jackass. B-)

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The logo destroys the wood feel on the phone so it does break the experience with the phone, You should calm down and let people express their opinions on what they like or not like about the phone.

Well, jackass... If you're going to pay a premium for a hardwood back, then it makes sense that you wouldn't want some stupid Verizon logo crapping up the look. I'd totally go for that walnut finish, but not if I had to have writing on the back from the carrier.

I've been waiting so long for this model (minus the Verizon logo) but it took to long. Now I have a nexus 5 and not looking back!

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Looks nice, but I just ordered an X on Moto Maker sans the wood backs. Gotta get that re Cyber Monday discounts while they last.

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Right?! Wood back is cool, but not to the point where I'll pass up a $150 discount AND keep waiting for goodness knows how long.

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Which moto x shall i go for in this cyber monday deal.. As i stay in india and asking my cousin to bring the phone from the states. And i don't want to get into the unlocking issues and left disappointed knowing the phone isn't working at the end of the day

i like to move it move it

How often do you look at the back of the phone? If it was on the front, then yeah it'd look bad, but its really not so terrible on the back. I get that its wood and that may make it a little worse, but still, its on the back.

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ALL of the Moto X' have carrier logos on the back, except for T Mobile, and that's because T Mobile doesn't actually sell it...Motorola does. Even when you order a customized Moto X from Moto Maker, before you purchase it, it gives a disclaimer saying "Carrier logo will be on device."

Phew! Thank God there's a Verizon logo! Otherwise I could forget which cellular provider I am using!

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Agreed, and it is the fastest ,I live in northern nj and with getting speeds as high as 52mbps uploads at 20mbps kinda better.

Maybe they will be out in time for me to return the one I just bought minutes ago?

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Don't think so. I finally made the plunge and got one too, but I don't see these coming out before the return period for the Cyber Monday sale is over, ie. January 2014.

I think that's the Teak, not Bamboo....I had been waiting on the wood, for the longest, but don't like these latest pics.

I think the wood would just make it slippery and then you end up putting a cover over it anyway. Besides wood is so 90s, now its either carbon fiber or brushed aluminum.

You mean dented aluminum. I will take a soft touch or the back of the note 3 anyday

So where is the competition for the Note 3? Oh right there isn't any...

You mean fake leather? But really I wasn't talking phone, going by the inside of fancy cars. Wood is out. Myself like you I don't really don't want wood, carbon fiber or aluminum but if you are going to do it why go outdated?

Ugh my only gripe with many phones and tablets coming out is the accessories are often so far behind.

The cases look good sans the V logo. I just have to wonder if by the time these are out the Moto X version 2 will be announced.

OMG, the Verizon logo comments are getting so old. Please stop; it's ridiculous. Yes, it has a Verizon logo on the back. We've been through this over and over every time Verizon does something like this. Let it go.

Look down at your sneakers; is there a logo on them? Look at your pants, t-shirt, hat, car, bicycle, TV... You see what I'm doing here, right?

Anyway, I have the MotoMaker code for $150.00 off, but I may let it go and pay the extra money just to get the wood back. Even with the Verizon logo.

The part that gets me is that people act like Verizon is the only company that does it when they all do it

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Yeah my Sprint Note 3 is the only phone that I EVER had that didn't have a logo on it.

I said it recently, my old bag hone had a logo, as well as every flip phone.

The logo on the home button though was nuts....

So where is the competition for the Note 3? Oh right there isn't any...

Plus, my woven black Moto X has to be shone in direct light in the exact spot to see the Verizon logo. These wood pics are much more prevalent than mine

-Moto X-

And? The more people that speak up, just maybe, they'll listen and conform to what customers want. You don't get anywhere by keeping your mouth shut.

Yeah, cause making constent complaints about it on AC artical threads is the proper way to get VZW's attention.

ANYWAY. .I like the wood backs, I'd be scared that I would get it scratched though.

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You don't think they have people that scour the internet (especially android blogs) looking for reactions? Like I said, keeping your mouth shut gets you no where.

If you think your comments about how you don't like the Verizon logo is going to get them to remove keep dreaming those big dreams.

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Honestly, I could care less as I don't use VZW. But the VZW logo plastered wherever they can fit it is asinine and down right fugly. If you like it, to each his own.

Enough people saying that they don't use Verizon, mainly because of the bloatware and labeling will eventually get through to them. You think they don't want to push more units? It might be a slow process, but the minute they start losing people, they'll listen. Until then, it's important for people to see why they might want to choose another carrier than Verizon. You have absolutely no vision, oh short-sighted one.

I am a Verizon customer and the logo doesnt bother me. But if it did, I wouldnt waist my opinion on AC's threads "hoping" a Verizon staff member sees my coment on a random site not owned or partnered with their's and then convenses the executives that a major marketing change needs to happen on my behalf. Obviously you dont know how effectively make a company change something and I'm not going to explain it to you. So all the talk you do on this site, you might as well be "keeping your mouth shut"

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Wow. An expert on Corporate infrastructure. Awsome. I don't know how an expert of your stature could be so immature. Maybe a class on self-worth?

Verizon is often worse about it and that's why people complain, why do you care either way? Should've seen it coming given the original article content...

AT&T's pretty close tho, as far as awful branding... They put AT&T on the notification bar, which is almost worse IMO, and they've had some appalling logo placements too.

The front AT&T orb on the Atrix HD that looked like a home button (but wasn't) is just as bad as the Verizon lettering on Samsung home buttons (which are kinda ugly shaped anyway, IMO).

Sprint & Tmo are usually more restrained. I'm not sure if my EVO LTE even said Sprint on the back (tho it did have a Beats label, bleh), probably, definitely not on the front tho and it's a Sprint specific device!

The difference between a carrier's branding on a phone and a Nike swoosh on my sneakers is that carriers have no sense of aesthetics.

Would look good next to a pair of Audeze LCD-2's (not that you could/would play those off the phone)...

Im surprised Motorola hasnt struck a deal with the NCAA or pro sport organizations for team logos or colors.

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Motorola cannot afford the license I would guess... For now.

And don't say Google can, they are different companies

So where is the competition for the Note 3? Oh right there isn't any...

Just wait for the day when your device back becomes a billboard for another product and a revenue source for VZW. Can you say " Shop BestBuy" Bring this phone in and get a 5% discount. Trust me it's coming.

Just buy a Kindle and you get the ads now...

BTW, I own the Kindle Fire (original) and would NOT recommend a Kindle to anyone. Just get a Nexus or a Google Experience device.

The bamboo works and would be a solid device-not so sold on the mahogony but each to their own. Still the faux leather on my Note 3 is great and wonder if rumours are to be believed for a metal S5?

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I'm with Jerry - the walnut rocks!
If the logo IS permanent, it would look better branded in... or maybe laser etched.

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Pretty cool! While cleaning the house on Saturday mornings, you can clean your phone too. Windex on the front, Pledge on the back.

Is it appropriate to walk up to a wood-backed Moto X owner and ask him if he has wood?

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One of the few phones where Verizon doesn't put their logos everywhere.

Bravo! Definitely one of the cleanest looking Verizon phones out there.