T-Mobile G2X Gingerbead

Could be hours, could be days, could be weeks, but T-Mobile has told one of its Twitter followers that "Gingerbread is coming to the G2X soon. You won't have to wait long." Let's certainly hope so. That that the G2X is unusable with Froyo, but it's definitely a little noticeable going back (especially if you're a stock keyboard user). [Twitter] Thanks to everyone who sent this in!


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'Won't have to wait long' for Gingerbread, T-Mobile says of G2X


I'm confused with some of the wording of the post. Haha. But I'm interested to see if it'll be the exact same stock gingerbread that's on the nexus s, and one. And I want it for my G2!

and I think ^he meant "meant" lol.

But to be on topic, There's something about LG that they seem legit to me. Idk what it is. Maybe its because they released the froyo source code already, which i wasn't expecting it to be released this fast. Or maybe its because they are running stock vanilla android. Or maybe because they have a girl spokeswomen like t-mobile. Maybe its a mixture of all 3. Not too sure, but i do think it wouldn't be long. We'll just have to wait and see. I do have a feeling at the rate the G2x is doing, LG will probably make the next Nexus phone. Hopefully that will have the NOVA display.

If anybody has watched the Wirefly review for the G2x, you will hear the reviewer say that he was told directly by T-mobile that the Gingerbread update would arrive OTA exactly ONE MONTH after launch. Seemed confident when he made the claim, but who knows. So on or about May 20, lets hope Tmob shows some Android love!

I had a feeling it'd be about a month's time for the gingerbread update. We'll see once a month goes by.

Since you guys seem to not know, the @TMobile account operator is an avid CyanogenMod fan, and was referring to the fact that CM7 will soon be available for the G2x. :D

okay why couldn't they release the phone with Gingerbread? 2.3 has been out since DECEMBER! NO EXCUSE. Any phone that gets release with 2.2 then gets an update to 2.3 in 2011 is just unacceptable.. it should come with 2.3 so that it can stay that way for months to come without community complaint until the next Android Update... IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK?! is it really?! because if it is please let me know AC folks.

Love this phone but I can not get over a carrier letting their customers and every major website go into details about this phone is future proofed for the possible AT&T buy out if it happens. That, IMO is complete bull, The phone was still being advertised yesterday about having AT&T 3G radio bands and I made a copy of that from my computer just in case they say it was never there. Not only is it just bull but to think you would have to throw away such a great device, that is just wasteful and irresponsible. I couldn't imagine just tossing away such a great phone because they wouldn't put a lousy 5 dollar part in during the construction process. I called today and was told the phone was never advertised with those radio bands, I laughed at the agent and was given to someone else, I told them I printed a copy from THEIR website and was then told to give them my # and someone would get back to me. I'm holding my breath waiting.

Do you know that the same phone all around the world,lg 2X,has in the retail box handsets and hdmi cable?tmobile g2x misses them..how is it possibile?I never seen a phone sold without headphones..
And noone speaks about this fact that I think it is very bad!

Ok I am new to alot of this, was a HUGE fan of EVO then MT4G and was told the g2x was going to be the best so I bought it and not to happy with it! And what is the differance between froyo and gingerbread?? Sorry if it sounds dumb but I am lost and not sure what to do cause I only had g2x for under 10 hours and didnt know anyhing about the new HTC Sensation until I saw it on here! What is all the differance?