Withings Wireless Buetooth Pressure Monitor

Wirelessly check on your systolic and diastolic

Android users looking to stay healthy might want to check out this wireless blood pressure monitor from Withings. This is a new version of a previous award-winning blood pressure monitor made by the company. Android support is probably the biggest change for you.

You’ll be able using the Withings Health Mate app from Google Play to connect to the wireless blood pressure monitor. That app for Android is also used to connect to various other Withings products like weight scales, baby monitors, activity trackers and more.

The Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor was announced earlier this year at CES. It’s now available for you to order directly through Withing’s website. It’ll set you back $129.99, but that could be a small price to pay to stay on top of your health.

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Withings Bluetooth-equipped Blood Pressure Monitor now available


Looks very cool. Looking forward to more devices like this coming out. Anyone using health trackers like this? I'm thinking of getting the Aria scale since I'm already into the Fitbit club.

I'm totally looking at getting this. I want some sort of smart blood sugar monitor too. It's not that I have any health issues, but would love to wear both after I eat crappy meals... just to see how they mess me up in the hours that follow. I figure watching that in real time will make me never want to eat the bad stuff again. :)

Plus you never know what we can do in the future with vast amounts of data. Could be beneficial in our 50's and 60's to have all this information for our doctors.

I've been using the Withings Pulse for a couple of months now, though I rarely actually take my pulse with it. The Pulse also records steps, stairs, distance, and sleep. It's a double-edged sword to be able to track my activity, but I'm finding that I'm a lot less active than I thought I was/need to be.

You can also get 6 Moto Gs for the price of one HTC One M8. What's your point?

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How does it work on the pc or mac as shown in the YouTube advertisement video? The specs on their website didn't mention anything about pc/mac requirements...

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Web dashboard / cloud app is exactly what it is. I am using the Fitbit app., Withings Heath Mate, MyFitnessPal, and Microsoft HeathVault. They all sync up one way or the other and dump info to my Walgreens account to get discount points towards drugstore stuff. AARP fits in there somewhere, too. I'm sure NSA could explain it if HIPAA didn't force them to deny everything.

I have the Withings Pulse. It does not sync with my PC, I can only log in and view my dashboard/stats. To sync, I use my Android Tablet (or an iPhone, if I had one) and it uploads stats to my linked account. Thus, there are no PC/Mac requirements.

More importantly: How long will it reliably measure your BP?
In ten years I haven't seen a single battery-powered monitor doing more than 4-5 measurements before succumbing to battery fatigue induced faulty numbers.

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Then you might be buying cheap - I'm on my second battery powered BP monitor, and I only got the new one to check because my daily numbers changed. Turned out to be me, not the monitor. Current Omron works great, and has stayed reliable as long as I replace the batteries when it says so.

Finally got FDA approval and release on the same day WiFi quit working on my Withings body analyser (scale.) Bluetooth seems to sync OK with the Heath Mate app. and the rest, so I'm not too upset. Will be ordering the B/P Monitor, just to make sure I don't bust an artery over the WiFi thing.

Beware the wrong box!

My blood pressure monitor arrived last night and no where on the box or the setup flier does it mention Android - just that it works with iPhone and iPad. Yeah, I flew off the handle and shot out a nasti-gram to Withings customer support. Just got a reply a few minutes ago. Apparently they have a bunch of product boxed up for Apple stores that only address iOS devices, and that's what they are shipping at the moment. She was nice enough to include a PDF with the Android instructions as an attachment.

Along the same goofy line, the body analyzer (scale) in my previous post actually works with WiFi, even though it reports that WiFi setup failed during configuration.

Withings has some nice products but these slip ups can sure raise your blood pressure.