Win a Tablet of your Choice

To celebrate 1 million downloads of their SwiftKey keyboard app, TouchType is giving away a tablet each to THREE lucky winners! Which tablets? Whichever the winner chooses so long as they're available for purchase for up to $800 where he or she lives. iPad 2, PlayBook, Xoom, Galaxy Tab are all on the table.

How do you enter? TouchType has put together a small survey which shouldn't take more than five or ten minutes to complete. That's it - well, that and a quick perusal of the official entry rules just to make sure you're eligible (sorry minors and SPE employees). The contest is open to readers of Android Central,, TiPb, and WPCentral and ends at midnight Pacific on April 14th.

Not familiar with TouchType? You may have also seen that TouchType made a splash at this year's CTIA with their tablet keyboard for Honeycomb - that's coming soon, but SwiftKey is available now for Android devices. 

So get cracking on the survey, folks - these tablets aren't going to give themselves away.


Reader comments

Win a Tablet of your choice from TouchType!


Repeated "internal server configuration errors". VERY frustrating! I hope they get it worked out... Or use a company like SurveyGizmo or SurveyMonkey to do their surveys.


wow, I hope most people will choose an iPad. Maybe they can use the results to convince Apple that it should give developers the opportunity to develop third party keyboards for non jailbreaked iPads.

at first I thought it was an april fools joke because the last page of questions sent me to an error page LOL

Sweet hope I win because I'm not allowed to buy any type of tablet since I'm getting married this year in December :(

Just finished the survey. Looks like I got lucky compared to previous posters. These sites really need to anticipate the number of hits they will take.

Anyway, I wouldn't mind an Android tablet.

Took less then 5 mins, entered with no problems.
Joke or not, its still worth a try. Good luck to everyone.

What tablet would you folks choose? I'm leaning towards Xoom.

Does anyone know how much it would cost to add a tablet to to an existing Verizon account? or would you just use it as Wifi Only?

If I win, I'd take the iPad 2... and then sell it, buy an Android tablet, and pocket the remaining cash. Profit!


Sorry this is so long but PLEASE READ. Hi, my name is Brooke Smith. That's really awesome of u to give back to those of us that are avid fans. I'm really hoping to win...well, really any Tab and here's why. To give u a quick rundown, my 5 week old baby died in my arms while we were sleeping on New Yrs morning of 2010. Obviously, I pretty much lost it for a while there. But I'm getting back on my feet and there are so many things I want to do to get Carter's story out so I can help other people. I have started a blog, my first post is telling his story, the second is to give information on SIDS and positional asphyxia, signs to look for, how to help prevent these tragedies, etc, and the third is to give parents who have gone through similar tragedies a place to talk openly about what they're going through. I've learned since losing my son that most ppl don't want to hear about it, not even your closest friends, which is very difficult to deal with in itself. I'm also creating a website in memory of Carter which will be similar to my blog but will have a lot more info and research on SIDS and positional asphyxia. The latter is how my son died, and is a totally preventable death. I was following all the nursing books and doctors recommendations, but he still died. Most ppl are unaware that this can happen to their newborns so my goal is to get all the right info out so parents can be more cautious. I've also created a memorial website for him that's open to the public, and have put links to my blog and website on there. I currently do not have anything to do all this with except for my smartphone, which as u can imagine is very difficult and tedious. I'm trying to get a laptop but our funds are pretty limited right now bc we're trying to save up for Carter's headstone so it will be a while before I'm able to do that. So as u can see, winning a Tab would make my dreams come true. I would be able to do these things that I now feel I'm responsible for, getting the word out on the tragedies and hopefully even save a baby's life. Please choose me. I can't even express what it would mean to me. Thnx, Brooke Smith, email: PS: If u ever have any laptop give-aways please let me know, as that would be very beneficial for me to meet my goals as well. I would even take a used and/or refurbished laptop, desktop, anything. As u can tell I'm a little desperate for something to use other than my phone, for obvious reasons lol.