We want to help you show your support for #TeamAndroid, and what better way than by handing out some hot swag? Trick question -- there is no better way. If you want to win some, follow these simple instructions.

We'll sort through them and pick 10 lucky winners, who can get any #TeamAndroid item they want from Android Central's Cafe Press store. Want a T-shirt? Gotcha covered. A laptop skin? Yeah, we got 'em. A shot glass? Awww yeah.

Get a prize for showing support (and feeding the fire a little, we admit) for the winning team. That's how #TeamAndroid rolls.


Reader comments

Win some #TeamAndroid swag from Android Central


I'm like webbie2. I don't use Twitter, but I do use FAcebook! I changed my profile pic last night. CAn that count? (grin)

@arundc Representin' #TeamAndroid! I don't really care for instagram but some of the back & forth is comical to read on an otherwise stressful day...

Rather disappointed to see AC jump on this bandwagon. I find it childish that you promote this sort of behavior. What's next, cyber-bullying all the iPhone users on Instagram? Poor show AC, -10pts. No better than the haters on the other side.

@UchihaHogosha is a recent convert to #TeamAndroid... I love it so far as I said in my Tweet along with the link! You guys rock!!! I check here everyday for info on the Premier Suite release for my Note as well as updates to ICS!!!

"and feeding the fire a little, we admit"

Huh. I guess when you guys emailed me to say you didn't support this kind of behavior, it was just another line of shit.

Grow up already, there is no war that needs winning.