Win a Samsung Galaxy S4

How would you like to win a brand new Samsung Galaxy S4, courtesy of Android Central? In 'The World's First Samsung Galaxy S4 Contest', you can win the device, no strings attached.

Here's how you can submit your entry:

  1. Submit a single comment to this blog post.

That's it.

Pretty easy, right? Leave a comment on this post and you're automatically entered to win. A winner will be announced shortly after the official device announcement on March 14th, and we will ship the device as soon as it becomes available.

Good luck to all!

P.S. Once you've left your comment, head on over to the Samsung Galaxy S4 Forum for more chat, banter and general S4 goodness.

There are 16810 comments

LeeNelsonJr says:

This would be very nice to win!!!!!!

BMBubba84 says:

[Insert witty comment that I believe will help me win this contest, in which it will not actually increase my odds]

greenie25 says:

One for me please!

nbayer333 says:

Sure thing

g0dchaser says:

Shamelessly begging for a new S4!

mjkep says:

I am hoping for confirmation of the IV mini but certainly wouldn't discount the IV if the mini isn't released.

MowDownJoe says:

Sure. Why not? Could always sell it on eBay.

mlgoon says:

Please, and thank you!

Ohhh nice, I want one.


I sure hope to win

jeff327 says:

Thanks for the contest!

foxbat121 says:

Why not.

I am SO DEFINITELY IN!!!! I'm planning to get one when my upgrade comes up in June, but to win one would be totally SWEEEET!

trlovejoy says:

Comment comment comment. Happy to be part of the first thousand to comment if nothing else. :)

alienwarez says:

Ok, it will be a good phone i guess so i want to win too! :)

Mars_x says:


thedoolittle says:

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah! This is the phone that will replace my thunderbolt! Free would make it even better!

addsfsds says:

Hi guys :D

pimfram says:

I'll gladly take it off your hands.

kajii says:

AC with the hook up! :)

sandoff says:

Ill take one!!!

forceOnature says:

I'll put my bid in.

Will it work with most carriers?

S4!!! S4!!! S4!!!

Brian Erwin says:


matboud says:

Absolutely! I'm in!

You guys rock. Keep up the good work. You keep my reader feed pumpin'

imarx says:

Sure, why not.

Vprice93 says:

I hope I win!

yovader says:

no way!!
I want my SG4 NOW!!!!!!

nmyeti says:

Yes please!

Battou says:

Awesome !!
Greetings :D

drewgalyen says:

I had a dream last night I entered one of these contests, and all I won was a lousy sticker.

I Need this Phone!!!

Optikal says:

Who wouldn't want the new hotness?

Denelor says:

This is my single comment.

dustinfrank says:

yes please!

yankele says:

I wanna win!
Thanks guys for this contests!

Outrager says:

Winning a GS4 would be pretty amazing.

TekhyBlog says:

May I have one? :D

VDoubleUVR6 says:

In for one. :-)

Easiest contest entry ever? I think so! :)

pdone says:

A single comment

I'll put my name in this hat

djstarion says:

Here's to this being the first winning comment in the first Galaxy S IV contest!

parrispayden says:

This would be awesome!!!

cpackar says:

Yo quiero!

Gimmeh !!!!

kopeth says:

I'd like a GS4!

smgood2328 says:

I would love one

DragonGem says:

I can has?!

mastamoon says:

Comment up in this bish!

omarz83 says:

Done and done! I would love an SGS4!!!!

I need a better phone!

tooky85 says:

I'll take one, thanks.

Blackrig says:

I want that.

mstrblueskys says:

I'm stoked! Thanks!

AshleyT2107 says:

Ohh I'm in for a chance!

armstrong47 says:

Would love to check it out

Just my luck to win this when I really want the next nexus.

eley31 says:

Fingers crossed!

Tonio21 says:

Ill take one. Will make it that much easier for me to switch from sprint to a prepaid option when my contract is up.

Dimko Rodyk says:

Need one! My fiance's S3 desperately needs a pair! (:

rc213 says:

Nice, Gimme!

ftidarin says:

OK. I'll take it

16cocopuffs says:


KYHusker says:

Thanks in advance for my new Galaxy S4 !

cclautti says:

this would score much needed points with the wife!

nikhilpatel7 says:

If I dont win this, then help me God I'll...I'll...just have to effin buy it.

I could definitely use having the S4 so I could use my GNex as a back up since every one of my friends drop their phone and break it at some point. This way, i'd have a temp replacement for them. Plus, I rarely win any contests! :)

oxyquan321 says:

I want one

adzrules says:

Can't wait to gt my hands on this beast!

Premium1 says:

Good luck!

galaxy s4 :)

dsdxp says:

I'd like to win.


PGU5802 says:

Someone said Galaxy S4?

reg0303 says:

Chicken dinner...

edster186 says:

Oh! man! would like that bad boy Sammy in my hands. Yes Sir!!!

jeffdroid says:

I can sure put it to good use.

Tucker Vento says:

Tossing my name into the hat

orson1282 says:

Sounds good to me! Thanks guys!

ATSAI815 says:


Want to win the S4. Hopefully lives up to the expectations

senshidan says:

Ok so i never won a Galasy SIII before....I hope this is it!!! S4!!! Im in!!! Please let it be me!!! :)

Alex Wong says:

Here's hoping...

Rizz1-2 says:

I actually have a disease called mobiladdictionitis. Can only be cured with the first S4. Help a guy out. Thanks AC!

pmjohnson99 says:

This never works! I never win.

kikegm says:

Good luck everyone ;)

Ogre840 says:

New hardware is always fun, entry!

bennieboom says:

Galaxy yes please!

mdoyal1 says:

Sure would be good to win!!

alvefa says:

Helllo S4! ;)

aaroncosand says:

so what carrier(s) will this fabulous new device work on? :-)

bstarfish says:

Sounds good to me!

Dimeezy says:

Yes, I need a new phone!! Currently without a phone at all......

shibumi says:

Throwing my name in the hat!! Thanks!

ccano8 says:

My wife just took my GS3, I would love to have a GS4 to replace it!!

Reolin says:

Count me in! Good luck to everyone.

judeism says:

I would like it please!!!!!

Darian says:

First GS4 contest? Nice!

jfordawesome says:

I could use one of these! My phone is getting outdated!

Love my S3 but I can learn to love the S4 too!

toneman77 says:

I'd like to win it (and install CyanogenMod on it the minute it is possible :D )


kuri22 says:

Win Win Win!

graze81 says:

Maybe we could win it before Sammy shows it =O !

BobJones19 says:

Id love a new android device

gstark02 says:

Yes Sir!!

Craig King says:

Hello all. I would love a new GS4 to replace my Note.

Galaxy S4? Sure, why not!

CorvusE says:

Oh, yes please!

I would be honoured to win this most wonderful of prizes.

fractalbit says:


hls811 says:

I'd love to win one!

carrierwave says:

Awesome! Yes please.

brianmazanec says:

I crave this device and I don't even really know anything about it yet! Thanks for the awesome contests.

chrisdeme07 says:

Please i want the new galaxy!!!! :P

gkthomson says:

Who wouldn't want one of these?

James Hobbs1 says:

Samsung is the best brand out for cellphones. I started with a Samsung propel then got the Samsung blackjack2 then got the Samsung jack then got the captivate then the infuse then the note 1 now I have the note 2 I'm Samsung all the way thanks for giving us the best products in the usa..

Marko Kostic says:

Me want. Me want very much. ;)

PM1254 says:

Thanks for the contest!!

Ram84 says:

Ofcourse, I want this wonderful phone. Guess, I am in now.

asmodeus5 says:

Love the galaxy line of tabs and phones...would love to upgrade from my SIII.

shem2409 says:

I want it badly. Come on let me win for once :)

Markus Selg says:

Would be great :)

Joe Zurita says:

I want the Samsung galaxy S 4

pktrvl says:

Thank You Sir. May I have another?

exadecimal says:

let's try

slaj76 says:

Oh let it be me.
Though I don't believe in such luck.

artman5x5 says:

I have owned the original S1, S2 and now S3, I would like to continue the trend.

jackmei2 says:

thanks for running this contest guys

rumthin says:

I'm going to win!

Niphoetx says:

Go Samsung!

markpv says:

In it to win it. Thank you!

frozndevl says:

That'd be nice to have.

Richard Ruth says:

I would love to replace my old cracked nexus s with a gs4

smccloud says:

I'll take a free S4.

ethernetgeek says:

So, what other products of the future can we expect to win from Android Central? I would like to submit my entry for a flying car right now!

ediddy406 says:


Neotravy says:

As a previous owner of a S2, S3 and now a Note 2, this is perfect for a Samsunghead like me!

mikedaub says:

At some point, if I enter enough of these, I gotta win one of em, right?

cpaight says:

Oh hellz yea!!! I want it.

McCarthy83 says:


84guy says:

awesome. win or loose goodbye htc lol

makiger says:

I want to give it to my girlfriend, she lives in new york.


Cyberspew says:

I'd love a GS4! Thanks for the giveaway! :D

sumner929 says:

Yes please and thank you.

meridius says:

Already got the S3, already want the S4.. ;-)

landjo77 says:

AC Rocks! I'll take it!

shadeoblac says:

OMG Please sir can have more?

Jayayess1190 says:

Thank you!

Ron Yeshulas says:

Winning an S4 would be nice

dyastrab says:

S3 + 1 = S4

redevil says:

I'm in!

Ben Benlulu says:

I cant wait to win one!

hondaguy520 says:


ci7y says:

hahaha, im gonna win this time... hopefully!!

Greetings from Germany! I'm in.

This contest is almost as mind boggling as the amount of S4 prototypes that are produced by Samsung.

love_bug749 says:

I would love to win one! Thanks for asking.

webmatt01 says:

Yesssssss... Please!!!!

*fingers crossed*

JXiro9 says:

Can't wait to see what Samsung's next big thing is!

I want this Galaxy S4


I hope it better reception than the S3.. Don't get me wrong, I will take it.

noother84 says:

I would love to win me one of those fancy phones :-D

I'd like one please.

Would love to get my hands on one of these slick devices. As an IT Guru, it would help get me get familiar with the product so I could recommend to my clients!!

myeh99 says:

here's my entry

deputyvrod says:

Daddy needs a new GS-IV

tweetbekk says:

Sounds good!

JstewsMole says:

I'd love it...awesome...

winsettr says:

What an incredible upgrade this would be!

peek_12_21 says:

i need a new sammy my fascinate is pushed as far as hacking can push it

megapinky says:

nice, i want to be the first world winner XD

BossDon29 says:

That phone belongs in my hand!

Grahaman27 says:

you better believe I want one.

rdogger says:

Sign me up.

Samsung Galaxy s4 will be the best phone of the year!!!

ehsaan says:

I am currently using a nokia yeah I'd appreciate one too!

Metallinatus says:

Way to go AC õ/

yankeesusa says:

I would love this phone. Thanks for the opportunity.

McFly121 says:

I have been waiting for this phone to get a line of service for me. I have a crackberry with work but have been wanting an Android for some time now. Sure hope I win this so I can finally have a full featured phone.

sosleadgtr says:

I'd love a Galaxy S4! It would go great with my grandfathered unlimited verizon plan!

strydersound says:

I want one!

SikkNazty says:

upgrading from a galaxy nexus would be phenomenal.

hwy101 says:

Galaxy Nexus - Nexus 4 all the way but I would switch if I could get a S4 for free.

adamjft96 says:

Lets just hope this is not one of them let down new flagship devices

feli78 says:

I want this smartphone!

leerage says:

Please enter me into this contest. I would love to have a GS4.

I could really use a replacement for my HTC inspire!

On2Vegas says:

Any carrier?
And yes please.

Adam Valone says:

Should've waited for the s3 but got a one X instead. Right my wrong by picking me for the s4!

eibbed0001 says:

I like my Samsung Fascinate with CM10.1 but a Galaxy S4 would be wonderful.

thaphoenix2 says:

Would love to win an S IV. great phone to use in the UNcarrier. need a new phone to replace my amaze.

Ellingsoc says:

It would be on honor to win this contest.

chosen1_88 says:

Sure, why not?

thegreatino says:

UMM dot dot dot YES

This would be amazing to win!!!

Would simply be epic.

manneo says:

Glad to participate..... Thanks

pdl2mtl90 says:

I would be happy to win an S4!!!


mistertek says:

This would complete the Galaxy superfecta for me!

jwbekens says:

Sad day for webOS. Good day for Android.

seanoj says:


Redefined says:

Huge Android fan. Would love a GSIV!

Erievon says:

Ooo please. About done with my bionic and would love to keep my unlimited data!

cokm4n says:

Receive a top of the line phone for 0 money and near 0 effort? Sign me up!

RMSullivan says:

Another great contest! Thanks AC.


jaymond15 says:

I'll take one.

dcunited08 says:

Yes, I would be glad to take the S4 off your hands, sight unseen.

TheMert says:

Cool! Loving my Note II, and the wifey is loving her GSIII. One more for the boy would be sweet!

Jpartain89 says:

If I get a galaxy s4 I'd totally be an android convert (currently using iPhone 5)

Enderend says:

A comment

I did just get an S3, but oh well yolo

Ohh my god, this is the reason Android Central rocks, mobile not launched and already a giveaway, that's too good guys, Hope I win, Keep up the good work as always. :)

demhareesan says:

my precioussss!!!

Lightshield says:

I am on Verizon,lucky enough to have unlimited LTE. Unfortunately that means I can't get a subsidized upgrade without losing it, and paying $600 for a S4 straight up just isn't in the cards. So here is hoping!

drewfus0929 says:

Maybe I can come back to android after being on iOS for a year. :)

abickford says:

Please! I have an old EVO 4G that's killing me. I'm dying over here! Soooooo looking forward to this phone.

macdude15 says:

im stuck with Sense 4. I hate it. I need Samsung Goodness back into my life! Thank You!

kelvinlau3 says:

Yes please!

skpfkp says:

I dropped my Nokia suitcase phone that I bought in 1989 on a neighbors Yorkie last week, and I'm being sued for burial costs. I want to take this opportunity to upgrade for free. Thank you.

Dominance051 says:

My S3 needs a little brother! :-)

jdunn8303 says:

And yet another comment, decreasing everyone's chances by that much more...

ceepee says:

I don't believe in Luck... only in Destiny.

cancel_out says:

I want to win this for my little sister.

Tikar says:

Be nice to compare the S4 with my One X.

hondateg91 says:

That would be awesome if I won a new Galaxy S4. :D

Panos22 says:

Android Central is the best .

I want a Galaxy S4

Pick me, of course!

mlynch01 says:

Give me my Galaxy S4! Would be greatly appreciated!

cwaffles says:

Would like to win!

kirk0625 says:

I would love to toss my Evo 3D!

stepwan says:

woo gs4

anthony2558 says:

Would be ever so grateful. Thanks for the chance AC.

tata123 says:


skrtcsr says:

I've been a fan of the Galaxy series from he Original, I can't wait to get my hands on the newest toy!!!

sLipKn0t says:

Word up! That would be fresh to win!

I would love to win this phone!

yugnip says:

Shazam! Did I win?

NNate says:

S4 for me, hopefully!

dtraini30 says:


ctk4949 says:

Yes, please!!

Afterlife737 says:

:) Hoping to upgrade from the Gnex :)

Rahul Rao says:

Plz give me the beast... The next best thing!!!

seamus.zolly says:

My GNex needs a break :(

raef says:

Count me in! Thanks!

Just let your soooouuuuul glow baby
feeling oh so silky smooth
Just let it shine through yeah
Just let your soooouuuul glow oooo

Jon Busby says:


Ron Bailey says:

I just can't wait to see the new specs on this. Would love to win one, been without any Android devices for a year now.

Nilendu Das says:

i want too

Please let me win this!

frederick001 says:

In for the win!

VW Maverick says:

To paraphrase "The Color of Money", a Galaxy S4 won is twice as sweet as a Galaxy S4 earned. Mav.

johnowenstko says:

Please let me win this phone!

Asterisk says:

420-th for luck.

The possibility of winning and upgrading from a Dell Streak 5 to the S4 would be like going from an old black and white tube to a 4K ultra hd television.

PRNDS says:

Android Central you legends! #SGS4 #ANDROIDCENTRAL

doomstang says:

I'll gladly take a free S4

cmsfl941 says:

Please send one my way! Thanks!!

Examiner19 says:

a single comment

rdubbs007 says:

Hooray! Me wants Galaxy S4 PUHLEEEEZZZZ!

wchoi19 says:

I need this one.

Can't wait to have one on my hand. It will be the best phone ever.

probals says:

I was gonna buy one bit since you guys make it so easy...!

This would be my first Samsung phone, if I ever win this.

bluerobin says:

If I could by chance win this, maybe it would change how I feel about Samsung phones. Please give me the chance to change my mind about them.

odedo says:

SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!!!!!!1111....

risingevil says:

Want! Probably won't win though. The number of comments for this post will probably be in the 1000s pretty soon.

turbomach5 says:

A Comment. There. I left one. :D Seriously ohhh would be SOOOO sweet to own one!

Cgurholt says:

Shiny new toy? Yes thank you!

bear2195 says:


Androidas says:


rlfisher says:

Android Central contests rock!

drinksoma says:

I want that bad boy!!!!

Mikegrann says:

This would be quite a nice upgrade from my old S2... YES PLEASE.

wing2012 says:

Yes, I'm in.

Hopefully, have better luck this time. ;-)


jkloeker says:

Can't wait to sell this thing on eBay!!!!

PiotrekDG says:

The phone's name will be probably S IV, not S4. ;P

Pre_n_BluHvn says:

I really need this so that I can embarrass my wife's 4S that she loves so much...LOL

Sapko says:


Zlateway says:

But will it blend?!? :D

gbold3 says:

Yes Please!

lsu_darkness says:

I do need a Galaxy S4 for AT&T please.

Rytkonen says:

It would be a pleasure to have one.

darkaa says:

Thanks guys.

I would love to win it. I can't wait to see the specs of it.

pepitofeo says:

i need to have it!!

borgdog says:

This may get a few posts, here's mine. :)

samfascjdb68 says:

Count me in!

Ajit Pawar says:

Awesome! android central! you are the first ones to have this contest!

megamaster5 says:

Always down to win!

myuzi says:

I want to go to there.

TruMarley89 says:

Galaxy SIV????....yes please :)

robmccarty25 says:

Count me in!

royk says:

Sure, why not?