Win a Samsung Galaxy S4

How would you like to win a brand new Samsung Galaxy S4, courtesy of Android Central? In 'The World's First Samsung Galaxy S4 Contest', you can win the device, no strings attached.

Here's how you can submit your entry:

  1. Submit a single comment to this blog post.

That's it.

Pretty easy, right? Leave a comment on this post and you're automatically entered to win. A winner will be announced shortly after the official device announcement on March 14th, and we will ship the device as soon as it becomes available.

Good luck to all!

P.S. Once you've left your comment, head on over to the Samsung Galaxy S4 Forum for more chat, banter and general S4 goodness.

There are 16810 comments

gamerpaul says:


mang_dencio says:

I never win anything in contests like this :/

mop26921 says:

It would be great to be the first winner of GS4

zorian99 says:

me please! :)

Hi Android Central,

I'm an avid fan of yours, reading it from Google Currents everyday.I'm always fascinated how smartphones have evolved I'm from the Philippines and I would feel great and awesome to be the first Asian to try and experience the new features of the Samsung Galxy S4. Thank you in advance.

jmoney13 says:

Pick me please! Would love to have one of the first S4s

count me in! i'd love a new phone.

Boy1Da says:

My blood flows because of my samsung products! I need the S4 to SURVIVE!!!

trapntan says:


DreLeRoux says:

I want one!!

PureEnergi says:

I'd rock one. :-)

kshorizon7 says:

It'll be really nice to upgrade from Samsung Galaxy S to "Samsung Galaxy S4". i wish i win it :)

Skyrim8 says:

Galaxy S4 Please!

nickandre32 says:

I want one

jpwillis269 says:

I need it. My my big screen on my galaxy note has a big crack :-(

ogonba says:

Awesome, I cant wait for the S4 !

Daemun says:

Excited to see what Samsung has in store..

johnjuan says:

Winner! Winner! Winner! right here :D

Dirkadirk3 says:

I hope this phone and Samsung can live up to their expectations.

I really like my S3, so I'm sure I'll love the S4

stewdaddy says:


Attreau says:

Oh please let it be me who wins this certainly to be awesome phone!

milan03 says:


Asmodicus says:

I wanna win! Pick me! Pick me!

raymey001 says:

This would absolutely be AWESOME!!!

skyerz says:


Behace says:

Let's do this.

WMC21 says:

Come to me s4!

Kiltboy says:

I would like to win a S4 please!

LoganK says:

The laziest contest ever! Even I can win that!

kennyd75 says:

Man, I feel like the S3 just came out!

BlueEdgeNick says:

I feel luck, oh so lucky, resisting the temptation to burst into a kylie song...

Atef Rum says:

gimmie gimmie gimmie gimmie :)

Kevin Lim1 says:

pls pls pls i want a samsung galaxy sIV

Dens21 says:

Let's do this ;)

briankurtz79 says:

I never seem to win but here's hoping! S4 yah!

ccbflo says:

i've bought the wife and kid GS3's, and I'm stuck with a crappy work phone...I need this!!!

mysticaly4u says:

count me in, Perfect first Samsung device

racingbmwm3 says:


anthonycr says:

5020/5021 chance of not winning + never winning = I won't win this

dragon798 says:

Want soooo bad.


chasstaf says:

I will take it

adamzenwine says:

Sure, why not.

Hammer9274 says:

Haven't won anything on android central yet, but I'm going to keep trying and trying and trying! "Fingers crossed"

I Monarch says:

The first and easiest contest ever!

You Guys Rock!!!!!!!!!

CJWindex says:

I just won!

drtunx says:

Please GOD - let it be ME !!!

sanman951 says:

I would love one. Thanks!

Chuck3 says:

Please!! My Sam Gal S2 is on it's last!

CJWindex says:

I just won!

I would love to have a Samsung Galaxy S4 before my friends do.

mjaviert says:

WOW this is awesome androidcentral! I hope I'm the lucky one! Can't wait to get my hands on the Galaxy S4!

timolgb23 says:

Samsung is awesome and Galaxy phones ROCK!

Tower72 says:

Im there just like everyone else!!! What carrier will this be on :D

mgraff1 says:

I was a die hard Palm Pre fan for years and android OS seemed to have a fair amount of issues so I justified staying away from android. When I heard of Samsung Galaxy S3 with ICS OS, I knew android had turned the corner on improving satisfaction with that operating system. I purchased the Galaxy S3 in July 2012 and was immediately converted to android but still stay informed about other OS's. It was the Samsung Galaxy S3 that won me over and I can't imagine how wonderful the S4(or whatever is next)to be anything less than the best for me. Thank you Samsung for a great product.

mao mao says:

man that's a lot of comments..i'm not liking my odds!

BobBrown2 says:

I would like to experience the galaxy s4 and the technology it has to offer!

thundersome says:

Good deal.

Eduardo bob says:

In the name of the phone!

seydawg says:

samsung galaxy s4 baby!!!!!!

I would love to have the S4. Thanks!

soopla says:

another great contest! i hope i win!

Hreidmardmar says:

Evo 4G

Croxy says:

Count me in! If it's a worldwide giveaway anyway.. Good luck everyone! :)

TechAd says:

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

biggsl69 says:

Can i Please have one

Hope it goes on sale in March. Cannot wait to get one to replace Gnex

manutdonline says:

Yes please may I have it? It can sit pretty right next to my Nexus 4 hehe.

TheDonJ77 says:

I've never won anything...............Pick ME!!

so we dont know what it looks like or if we even like it but theres a contest NICE thats why android central is the best

It's be awesome to own thee 1st SGS4

It's be awesome to own thee 1st SGS4

It's be awesome to own thee 1st SGS4

I am commenting

It's be awesome to own thee 1st SGS4

jkfsr says:

I wanna win!

It's be awesome to own thee 1st SGS4

dwhitman says:

My current phone is getting a little long in the tooth. Sure would love me some Galaxy SIV!

iP5 says:

Finger's crossed :D

Good luck to everyone who's entered. May the odds be ever in your favor. :)

b_lightamor says:

Hope for a new GS4 in my hands.. Thanks.

StvSD says:

Yes, please!

It'd be awesome to own the very 1st SGS4

wendemi says:

I am still hesitating between getting the Galaxy S4 and waiting for the Galaxy note 3 if ever it's coming out this year. I wouldn't mind a free Galaxy S4 however!!!

It'd be awesome to own the very 1st SGS4

Nault2000 says:

Something that good being given away for free? Can't help but give it a go.

It'd be awesome to own the very 1st SGS4

Roger Lee1 says:

Let me win. Let me win!

tex02#AC says:

Ok me too! Love a new S4!!

Free S4 for me, please.

jackbcohen2 says:

This would be awesome to win! Thanks...

jc_17 says:

yayy :D

jmaher1023 says:

I'm game!

jmaher1023 says:

I'm game!

ramy68 says:

Would be a great birthday present :-)

jmaher1023 says:

I'm game!

MDRealtor says:

I'm due for a new phone please make it the Samsung Galaxy S IV

devo1929 says:

Me first!

dennislaska says:

Yes Please!

late_boy says:

Never Try Never Know :)

heathroi says:

5171 COMMENTS? i'm in too.

Droidus says:

I'm still on the original Galaxy S, Please let it be me!

beri says:

Samsung 4 the win!!!

jchookas says:

Pick me!

groan says:

I'd just like to say, this comment should be the winning comment.

astarling10 says:

yes, i would gladly take the new Galaxy S4. pure awesome! i'm gonna get it for sure but it would be nice to get it for FREE! BAM!

Kisziszi says:

Give a chance :)

bassmig says:

I would love one of these!!! You guys are the greatest!! :)

lemonalism says:

S4S4S4S4... I want one!

jayochs says:

galaxy s4, here i come!

teletron says:

Teletron for the win

mr_becks says:


coltonwood7 says:

My life would be complete if I won this phone :-)

bkinney says:

S4 is going to be sweet

Djaudicy says:

Comment here

Yeah, a simple comment is needed, but I thought this would be the perfect oppurtunity to describe my situation...

Two and a half years ago, I was suckered into buying a Samsung Continuum. Yeah, the 'red-headed step child' of the Galaxy S series. But even though literally six people bought this phone, I drudged along with it, eventually learning Java, and then Smali, to develop for it. I am/was the sole pioneer in making that phone 1000x better. Alone I stood, amongst my small group of friends here... That alone should make you feel bad enough to let me take this beautiful phone off of your hands :)

But to make matters worse, I recently dropped this phone in the toilet, thus rendering it a very-hard-to-charge piece of poo. So now I have no phone to develop on, and no phone to call with :(

If you chose me, it would literally make my year!


PGatt says:

If you pick me to win this competition, I will give you nothing in return. This is why I deserve to win. Is that 25 words or less?

Arash Amini says:

me please

Mike54321 says:

pick me

ChiribaoGA says:

Perfect. My Sprint upgrade is May 1st. Sign me up! So excited to switch to Android from Windows Phone Arrive.

TommyNauw says:

Gimme gimme gimme! I'm ready for a new phone, can't think of better way to go than a fancy new S4 for FREE.

enoimreh says:

I love android central

keilflex says:

Win or lose. Im here!

RTMullins5 says:

Comment... I want the S4

michaelroni says:

Gimme gimme gimme!! *waves hands around like an impatient schoolchild*

jumboadam says:

could really use a new phone!

Pick me I never won anything in my life

mrmartis says:

i want and need one soooo bad that im going to shop and chop till i drop ;)

wfleish says:

Single comment

ced2334 says:

Can't wait for this phone. Please pick me!

Suprtrukr425 says:

I can haz S4 goodness?

Lucki says:

Please pick me!!! Thank you guys for this!

mdholgate says:

Lloyd rules!!

ogdlow says:

Pick me.. Pick Me...

nickal says:

G4 for me please

Daan87 says:

Big fan of the site and long time lurker! Want to win the phone for my mom so please pick me!

jsrockets says:

Excellent! Would love to have what I'm sure is going to be a top of the line product.

jomcty says:

I'm sure the GS4 is going to be amazing! Here's to winning!

Excited to see what Samsung's next flagship phone is!

Jacques says:

This may be one of the few times where I want to get a device, sight unseen. But, being that it's a Samsung, and a Galaxy series (I have the S2 Skyrocket now), I'll take an S4, please. :)

sinc39 says:

I want to win ^_^

tj piri says:

try my luck.. i want it too.

stryder36x says:

Good Luck to everyone!

TitoRoE says:

Try this again:

Cuz LLOYD said I needed one...

paul0303 says:

It needs me :)

Prince Bama says:


U guys gotta pick me u just gotta

I can't wait to win!

barondebxl says:

The juggernaut of all phone is coming, behold the Samsung Galaxy S IV!!!!!

kantoben says:

Yes please!

N2myN2 says:

I'm in. It would be a great present for my wife. She has an iPhone 3.

zero_be says:

Sadly there isn't contest for the HTC One... Well this will do. :)

FarButHappy says:

I promise to give £50 to Save the Children if I win this phone.
I will. Really. Will save me £600 over two years still.

mistacab says:

Best phone on the planet...and it hasn't even came out yet! Please pick me!

leemwoo says:


juan1158 says:

I would love to win a S4

nickf126 says:

Yes, please. GSIV.

gdbusby says:

I got 99 problems, wanting this phone ain't one. That could be an epic launch. I'll gladly tout it in the name of freedom

mpegripper says:

an s4 would be awesome

jfitts75 says:

Winning a Galaxy S IV would be sweet.

larkhillv says:

Pick me, or else I'll kill a baby dingo and eat its brains. You wouldn't want to hurt a dingo, now would yah, mate?

araujo says:

Love Samsung!!

djmobil2 says:

Let's see if this time the DJ gets a prize!

joe rz says:

In like Flynn.

dgene84 says:

Let it be me.

ctrl_doom says:

This is an awesome concept. I hope to win.

verdana says:

All I have is my Nokia 101, time for a super major upgrade! :)

gambit410 says:

Me please

murof says:


gambit410 says:

Me please

str3tchb0y says:

Post!!!! Win????

adinofaries says:


urseppuku says:

I dont want my iphone anymore! Switch me to Android with the newest and greatest flagship phone!! G4!!

aznturtle says:

I want to WIN!

Love you AC :)

nnyarko says:

God bless you for thinking of us! I enjoyed your live Google Hangout from Spain.

gothdroid says:

I'm in for a chance at this

Count me in as well please :-)

KeithSouth says:

Here is my comment: Commenting to win phone.

FailDeadly says:


chucker2147 says:

What a nice idea count me in

jontalk says:

OK.. I'm in.. PICK ME!!! Samsung phone totally ROCK!

glserr says:

I would love to win a GS4, I never win anything so I guess its worth a shot.

droidbeat says:

4 open.
4 choice.
4 excellence.
4 Android.
4 ever.

tdbacksrock says:

This is awesome!!

Orbi says:


alhedr2316 says:

Thank you in advance! ;)

kdep2002 says:

I would love a free S4

patrice782 says:

Team iPhone

Jk Jk.... posted from my Samsung Galaxy.

Ashamed to say this is my first comment after following this website for YEEEEARS.

JMarinuzzi says:

Hook me up! I've been wanting to switch.

JMarinuzzi says:

Hook me up! I've been wanting to switch.

milkycoins says:


Conner O says:

This would be pretty awesome, Hi!

nathaniz says:

AC as usual is two steps ahead. As Marcia Brady said to Richie Cunningham, "Win me! Win me!"

Yes please

I really need a new phone . Have the Galaxy S2 and need to upgrade badly . Pleassse Android Central . You guys rockk!!!!

Judah Tribe says:

Now thats some serious Android Central Loveing thank you

mels531 says:

I would love to win and just for once have lady luck in my favor.

tanginaglaz says:

I want!

USCTrojan4JC says:

I sure wouldn't mind Lloyd giving me a new GS4! :) Thanks, Android Central!

JGravitas says:

Yes, please.

crazyouija says:

Winner winner chicken dinner

fubu04 says:

I want one!

I hope they sell the Galaxy S4 in Fuscia.

bgbagz says:

Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease pick me please..... (grown man begging here LOL)

jasvinder100 says:

My G2x has had its time...send S4 my way....cheers

andreinahr says:

ok so I'm in for one S4 :)

MustyRash says:

awesome :)

Yeah I could totally use a SGS4.

jtwebfusion says:

Awesome. Would love to win this phone!!!

kdog78 says:

That's a long list to scroll through. Hope I'm a winner.

Fingers Crossed :3

Gino N says:

I want one!!

LightChaser says:

I want an S4!

ciewkui says:

S4 me, I get my android fix at AndroidCentral.

Absolut352 says:

Yay yaaaayyyyy

Balsta says:

Yes please!

Will Rosario says:

This is bananas!!! If i win this contest my world will be rocked #TeamGalaxy!

aslum says:

Please, please, please!!

ron87 says:


excavalon says:

Oh wow I would love one!

antonusklesk says:

Crikey....chances are next to zero, but that doesn't stop me playing the lottery each week!

Unlikely but it would be awesome to win!

Eso Rimmer says:

My Huawei Sonic needs to be replaced by this beast!

matthwo8 says:


toll says:

I've got to win this! My wife is killing me with her s3, always rubbing it in my face.

buckwild says:

I'd love to win an s4! Thanks AC!

Thank you all for trying but I am the winner of the new Samsung Galaxy S4. I shall be making a video unboxing and review soon as AndroidCentral ships the unit to me:-)

ForTheGlory says:

Im in. Would be so grateful.

D2Gfan says:

Count me in! It would be about time for me to upgrade from the Droid 2. Thank you Android Central!

I would love to upgrade my phone finally with a Samsung Galaxy S4!

IntrepidNOOB says:

Hopefully I won't be disappointed by it like I was with the S3

theDarr says:

Samsung is undeniably one if not the best smartphone maker to date so I'm really looking forward to their new flagship.

walkingsad says:

always worth a try

dontknow61 says:

Yes, please. I need something to replace my Evo 3D.

dean7890 says:

Omg! Would love to win one! Would be my dream!!!

Hunter Petit says:

I want a GS4! I should trademark that.

Vic_C says:

Please Oh please oh please pick me!!!

xbltheshadow says:

I'd love to win a galaxy s4!!!

Drewsefer says:


funktron2x says:

I'll double fist the Sammy phones all night long! Note 2 and S4 would go beautifully together.

Go go Gadget Luck!!!

SolidSnake4 says:

Please, save me from my Thunderbolt!

FLuX927 says:

I'll take 2 please ;)

DrSnooze says:

My first name is Samsung, my second one is Galaxy, and i am the fourth brother of my family! c'mon Samsung This one is for me!

Cody Blair says:

Hey.... I just would really like this phone... Ok. C ya. Love you.

icoolfox says:

This is excellent ... having a brand new S4 will just make my day!

I'm in to win it, will you ship this worldwide? Pick me :)

tc416 says:


Coach_Urk says:

I think you should send me a GS4 to see if it makes it through the Bermuda Triangle to me...I think it wouldn't (yes that's a challenge)

fivegear says:

Fantastic! Thank you AC!

This would be cool

baldypal says:

I've got to get me one of these. I'm loving me some Samsung with my Galaxy Nexus and this should be an exceptional replacement!

ojmalik says:

Free galaxy S4? yes, please!

ekabon says:

I would love to win one, so I don't have to spend money on a new phone, cause I've got my HTC One X broken at the moment :(

I want one!!!!

vnangia says:

Haha, amazing.

raino says:

Count me in

Jester23 says:

I'd like to win one of these contests sometime.... Why not this time :)

AbramQ says:

You can light my GSM Fire! :-)

simtra says:

Post a comment. I'm so cool!

wwwjr says:


rap1 says:

Wow! That would be awesome to win!

Vetdoctor says:

A 1:6000 chance to replace my Vivid? I'm good. Yeah, I'm good.


Only 5000+ posts huh. Seems like good odds.

Im in for the galaxy s4 :)

imdabold1 says:

Thanks in advance ;-)

TBolt says:

I'm in! Give me the chance to prove to Forbes that this phone doesn't suck. (reference some article about the S4). Thanks.

xd1936 says:

This is fantastic! Thanks, guys! I have a trip to Europe planned soon, this would be absolutely fantastic. Hoping for the best!

tgp says:

Of course I could use an S4! Thanks in advance ;-)

Vdiresta13 says:

Yes please!

Nick8539 says:

I wanna win!

Judah Tribe says:

Now thats some AC love

akosasih says:

Here is mine. Can't wait.

boriqua2000 says:

Por favor regalame el telefono. Gracias por su cooperación. Que dios los bendiga.

jclucca says:

Don't want. Need.

nanana BATMAN!

JayBains95 says:

Free phone? Sure!

between this phone and the note 8.0, i'm not sure which to grab first!

MarcusSch says:

1 in 5367 and counting. Great odds :)

bokajay says:

S4 for sure

Joe Bentley says:

I can not afford a new phone.

voc627 says:

Please and thank you.

Woah woah woah.. pretty straight up. That is how i like it. Good going android central.

ortizeliezer says:

Just got my S3 two months ago, time to upgrade! Haha

Zeus77 says:

I have had a Galaxy S (Captivate), Galaxy SII (SGH-i777) and I currently own a Galaxy S3 GT-i9300 (Also owned a Samsung Infuse ATT and a Galaxy Nexus GSM). Do I have to say more? I want a Galaxy S4 :) Cheers from Costa Rica. I hope this is an International Contest :P

T-Go says:

yes pease!

qballdude says:

I would very much like to win!

jcizzle33 says:

Would love an S4!

MihirAlve says:

I hope to win the GSIV, hopefully one of the best phones on the market.

Let's see who win's! I'm in.

jmartinbsu says:

Score! S4!

Thanks Android Central!

tonez says:


kooja_IIT says:

I'm always up for a free phone :)

buzzard says:

AC, do you know how cool you are?!!!!

Elite1085 says:

Would love one!

Rmac2 says:


vwvapor says:

Yes please!

imdiego says:

I want to believe!

smmate3 says:

Gonna hopefully be a beast of a phone!!