Win a Samsung Galaxy S4

How would you like to win a brand new Samsung Galaxy S4, courtesy of Android Central? In 'The World's First Samsung Galaxy S4 Contest', you can win the device, no strings attached.

Here's how you can submit your entry:

  1. Submit a single comment to this blog post.

That's it.

Pretty easy, right? Leave a comment on this post and you're automatically entered to win. A winner will be announced shortly after the official device announcement on March 14th, and we will ship the device as soon as it becomes available.

Good luck to all!

P.S. Once you've left your comment, head on over to the Samsung Galaxy S4 Forum for more chat, banter and general S4 goodness.

There are 16810 comments

emilde says:

Samsung Galaxy S4? Yes, please!

ghprice1952 says:

Who wouldn't want a new gs4??

leadbyxampl says:

Thanks for the wonderful gift!

slmblck says:

Hope to win what promises to be the most powerful phone on the market!

ghettosurfn says:

If everything was just this easy!!

J_Ordaz1975 says:

Yo quiero ganar..
I want to win the S4

I want to win.. I hope the world's first galaxy 4 contest is international..

bliedel says:

Sign me up! I love my phone, but everyone knows that your phone is obsolete after 2 months of owning it. ;-)

kccoleman10 says:


Moi moi!

LegacyEvoAce says:

Please have a LCD display!

Really want to win a S4.....

Been a huge fan of Samsung! Would love to be on the newest latest!

efrommel13 says:

Galaxy S4 !!!

nyirsa2323 says:

Yes please.

waj2278 says:

I'll take a new Galaxy S4! Why not?!

eagle62001 says:

Sweet! Can't wait to see what new features come with this phone!

icebike says:

A Single Comment!

matholamew says:

I'll throw my hat into the ring. Here's to hoping I win!

RadiantDuck says:

My phone is from the past! I need a phone with more than a 1GHz processor!

Ooh, an new S4? Sign me up, pls! Thanks.

ojanno says:

pick me! pick me!

strikeir13 says:

I would enjoy winning a GS4 :-)

Auzo says:

I want!

Well isn't this a awesome contest! I'll take one please.

selvinsosa says:

using a HTC thunderbolt :( . I need a new phone please

omerbs007 says:

wow this is awesome!!!!

Awesome contest! Awesome phone!

I'll take that, thank you...

I'll take that, thank you...

brytonic says:

I would love to win one, please pick me!

Thanks AC!

Se7enth says:

Pick me, pick me!! =)

Dimitrula says:

If I win this contest, I will give the prize to the man I love.
Even if he´s owning a Samsung Galaxy S1, he payed half of the price of my Samsung Galaxy S3, as I was not affording one just by myself, and he did not want me to have anything less than the best on the market. One of the greatest acts of love I have ever received.

leegreene says:

I am going to do this and this will be the first time ever cause I dont think that anyone will win its just a way to get people to sign up so there is my post hope I win

I really want to win this phone! Good luck to all!

twinkiehan says:

wonder how it stacks up to nexus 4...

Ciege says:

Count me in!

JayarMc says:


PauloLaSa says:

Well that's something to look forward to :)

Carl Stone says:

That would be nice.

mindseed says:

Yessss! My precioussss! !

ehh342 says:

love my note 2, but would totally swap it out for an S4, especially a free one...

d-android says:

Oh my god my dream is to win it, pick me up please!!

mindseed says:

Yessss! My precioussss! !

dchan07 says:

yes please

HOOK ME UP!!!!!!

yuhang says:

I think this is one of the best prizes for a contest... I for the love of all that is good... wish to win this contest. Thank you.

samjuan says:

Easiest contest I've ever entered.

mike770 says:

I'm in!

LifeInAnalog says:

With the S4 I could rule the world! Bwah-ha-ha-ha!

Hector Ochoa says:

Did you say Free Galaxy SIV? I'll have one, please let it be 5" 1080p screen :D

kaigetsushin says:

I'm living the galaxy s3 right now and there's no way im gonna miss a chance to get the sIV ^^

thecleezyone says:

It's time for a new phone anyway, save me some cash!

Sam Arnol says:

Down like a clown to win!

OMG. I'd feel like I'd died and gone to heaven.

cradrock77 says:

4 should be my lucky number!

Sh3ngLong says:

Ooooooh yeeeeah! Come to papa!!

Hugo Mathee says:

This is why this is the leading Android news site. Very nice that you guys are giving back to your community.

scott750 says:

Would love to win a Galaxy S4 phone!! Pick me!!

Outlaw08Torn says:

Definitely need this! Pick me please!

Floriss says:

This really would mean a lot to me. So pleaaase help me out.

Although I like turtles better, a SGS4 would also come in handy. ^^

analogvike says:

Count me in on looking forward to a Galaxy S4 so I can replace my Droid X2!

The cream of the crop...I want it, I want it bad!

KingBoo says:

Give it to meh!

crackedshel says:

Would love to win. Pick me.

berganzaF says:


MajorTankz says:


drkangela6 says:


topher21 says:

This is a comment. Please choose me.

Galaxy S4 por favor!

wolverine28 says:

wait, what are we commenting on. :)

ockc says:

Pick me!!!

beetlefreak says:

Thanks for the awesome contest! Looking forward to Pi Day!

bikerbob1789 says:

bikerbob FTW!

Suhail MC says:

lucky !!!

rich maddox says:

Being in on the first wave of S4's would be AWESOME!
Please let be an ambassador for the S4

Chipras3 says:

Um, yes please!

Brad48 says:

chances of me actually winning are so low, but totally worth a try!

SF Steven says:

dude. i could TOTALLY snarf on a GSIV. Totally.

dnickb says:

Because the chances don't look slim at all and I'm sure everyone here needs a new phone...

jorge perez2 says:

mine :D

Q1102 says:

I think I already won the S4!

ME ME ME ME Me ME ME ME ME ME ME ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anykine23 says:

Wassup Android Central!!!

jmartin says:

Yes please and thank you!

dpeden says:

I'm in!

DaroneBowers says:

Come on and give me that GSIV!!! I derserve it!

cbstiggy says:

I want one!

bagarwa says:

Ohh I so wanna win this; even without knowing any specs of the s4. My Galaxy Nexus is dying a slow death these days.

hikkifan714 says:


DoctorRanger says:

Hi, friends

DaroneBowers says:

Come on and give me that GSIV!!! I deserve it!

chiles007 says:

I want one.......PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FoeKilla says:

This is going to be a pretty good stress test of your commenting system!

blak8830 says:

Can't believe how quick the comments build up on here!

theRalph says:


bjv21 says:

Thank you.

dman2275 says:


Talk about bleeding edge! Android Central is so dope they are giving a phone away that's not even out yet! I hope I win! Thanks!

talonsmith says:

I am addicted to AC and android in general. Please reward my addiction

sparkyspub says:

I don't need it but I'm greedy.

This would be much appreciated!

squintyboy says:

awesome cant wait for it

bellken says:


DrPreeth says:

Would love to have a S4!!! Please Android Central, pick me!!!

gocegi says:

Win me some sweet GS4 yo !!!

I'm a 70% disabled Iraq war veteran and I love Samsung products and would love a chance to win a Samasung Galaxy s4 phone.

wslytoy says:

Omg!!! Yes please!

I've never owned any Samsung device and a S4 would be a nice way to pop the cherry.

Dostovel says:


Guitar_Jesus says:

I want this phone! Need a lil brother for my Note 2.

Zeustopher says:

Yay! Can't wait to be the winner of a brand new Galaxy S4!

Nochiep says:

Me Please ;)

Please please please.

The Samsung Galaxy S IV, brilliant, will be! To be the first would love.

tedski says:

Comment! I'll switch carriers if I have to :)

I hope I win so I can sell it to get the X Phone!!

DROIDDNAer says:

Great contest, Thanks AC!

arundc says:

I would love to get one for the Mrs. :-)

Coolnee says:

This would be my first Galaxy phone.

I would very much like to receive a Samsung S4. It is for this reason that I'm leaving this comment. Thank you very much. Also, Iphone sucks.

Me me me pleass...i really want one XD

I want it!

I need a new phone :) hook me up!

dpeay718 says:

Super excited to see what Samsung has in store this time.

jmalucci says:

Best day ever if I got this!!!!!!

Joet says:

3685 (or so)

I like these odds...

Me Me Me

This would be a much needed upgrade!

Clareway says:

Yes please...

Ashkerlon says:

Ill take it. Maybe if I win, I can have my very own phone instead of the kids saying "my phone" to my current S3.

i want to use this oportunity and is this international?

mpete says:

I think winning a phone before even officially announced would be a trip. Hopefully there is a sprint version.

ksixftfour says:

So all I have to do is comment here? And I could be the first winner of a great new Galaxy phone?

mafu6 says:

I just switched to a Nokia Lumia 920 I wanna be welcomed home by this Samsung phone.

Scagnetti says:

Count me in.

omdaddi says:


akts says:

The wife emailed me you folks are gonna give away a phone and threatened divorce of I didn't post and get her off her samsung galaxy s . Lol

wepabond007 says:

I'd like one pretty bad !

klcow says:

What will be coming?

8 Core processor?
Inbuilt wireless charging?
Stunning camera?
Flexible screen?
Larger screen size?
Full HD screen resolution?
64GB and 128GB variants?
All New TouchWiz?
802.11ac support?
LTE support standard in international model?
Android 5.0?

The list must be endless, take your pick Samsung :D fingers crossed it'll be an awesome phone!

Andthrax says:


hugh ten says:

f apple.

armando_rod says:

You are the best AnroidCentral!

PyroPete says:

I would enjoy a new Samsung S4.

MSgtSimon says:

Yea......pick me.

kookal123 says:

Pick me. (:

jackyD19 says:

I would love to have the galaxy SIV

Pick me! Pick me! pick Me!

Luca Vullo says:

after S3 I want YUO!!! I'm going to WIN

adamatus says:

Thank you!!!!


mooney1324 says:

hope I win!

ljbuchman says:

S4 would be sweet


DMonFiber says:

Please and thank you! GS4!

I call dibs!!!

Rodin98 says:

You guys are going o have lots of trouble in choosing this one:-D
Good luck to everyone

DefMars says:

I would love to own an S4

CyaniCs says:

Oh, how much improved that G4 would be over my crappy LG G2x.


MC_Doulos says:

Sweet Jelly Bean, pick me!!!!!

jonnyphil says:

Pick me!

get2him says:

let's hope the best!

jhinson52 says:

I want one!

Me Me me :)

milkb0x says:

PICK ME!!!!!!!!!!!

brandon_L says:

This one is mine! PLEASE

rsage says:


krYsti0 says:

Ok, I'm ready to win :-)

garmiblis says:


misiekpropa says:

Hi, my name is Rafał and I WANT TO WIN SGS4 ! :)

charlesvtiu says:

this would be my first smartphone ever if I win!

misiekpropa says:

Hi, my name is Rafał and I WANT TO WIN SGS4 ! :)

adwin says:

dreaming of squeezing every bit of juice out of the s4

corolla90 says:

Happy with my N4, but I'd sure welcome a brand new GS4 courtesy of the best android site around,

dames117 says:


kgbj83 says:

Sign me Up!!!

ozzygarcia says:

I want that S4!

hacheh says:


skippa2011 says:

nice phone

romshark says:

Throwing my name into the hat. Good luck to everyone!

kirbwrx says:

May I please have one? Thank you.

Luke Dolan says:

HECK YES!! I want me some UNICORN

mikesmith says:

Yes please!

pftpft says:

James Falconer is a brilliant man with lots of well thought-out, practical, ideas.

rfeissner says:

I'm going to need this for my Google Glass #ifhadglass

myculito says:


I'm in.

mdarby215 says:

HABU (Hook A Brotha Up)

hopkinsj1977 says:

It's my turn to win something. Please?

ricbon says:


chance1117 says:

Doesn't look like my chances are good...

Tom L says:

I'm a G Nexus man, but I wouldn't mind giving it a try.

lou2cool88 says:

Good luck everyone. REALLY want to win this!

Pitstop1961 says:

A Galaxy S4 would be awesome. Count me in.

eancox says:

Love to have this.

Alex Fuentes says:

Hi :)

Id love to win an S4!

IBM Kid says:

Wow, you guys are great! Giving away stuff before you even know what it is.

SluggoDaddy says:

I love my GSIII. Would love to try an upgrade :0)

bertsot says:

I want!!!

Scupcha says:

In it to WIN it!!

mmeads says:

Keep Calm and Johnny Football.

beck_is_back says:

So many gr8 phones coming out! What to choose?!?

sequoia462 says:

My 2011 Xperia is getting pretty lame. It would be nice to have something that had more internal storage!

Rikipa says:

Winning this would be awesome;)

Hattori says:

I want. Good luck.

i might buy one. but if you give me one that would be better.

rj160202 says:

I vont vun! I vont vun!

My wife currently has a S3. My phone needs to be better than hers! For bragging rights!

Though I'm disappointed that it won't be using Exynos 5, who doesn't want a free phone. pick me! XD

heavywolf says:

please cellphone Gods, let me win a new phone Amen!

deejayreact says:

I am on this website every day for up to date android news. Keep doing what you guys do best.

I'm not due for another upgrade until 2014, so feel free to sling one of those S4s this way!

rockdalee says:

Would love to have a brand spanking new Samsung Galaxy S4!!!

Cloudscout says:

Yes, please!

Ozman44 says:

A S4 is better than my wife's S3......with that I won't have to check my man card when talking phones with her.

namco360 says:

I want to win this galaxy s 4

Kasim Kaey says:

too much to ask for me to win? HA RIGHT.

namco360 says:

I want to win this galaxy s 4

namco360 says:

I want to win this galaxy s 4

bontjes says:

I'm so excited for this phone!

I hope I stand out from the crowd!

mikebudapest says:

It would be nice to upgrade my original Droid Incredible with this.

Good luck to all

oldskoolsc says:

I guess I'm going to try my luck.

benditzel says:

Would love to win one for my wife. Her GSII is getting old and frustrates her alot. This might just be amazing for her. :)

csharpe72 says:

Let me have that new S IV Please!

jayman350 says:

I would LOVE to get a Galaxy S4, free is even better

Very cool

bytorsnowdog says:

oooo shiny new phone yes please!

I thought I'd be the only one to enter... ;) Gimme the S4!

Eric379 says:

Would love to win a new S4!

mmartins49 says:

I want one!

6tr6tr says:

If the rumors are true, this is a phone I want to win!

o_reillys says:

i want it

BigSK225 says:

Never won a single thing ever! This would make up for everything:-) Good luck everybody!

ucfgrad93 says:

Great contest, I hope I win.

Goforitoo says:

I've had the Epic Touch, the S3,,and Now the Note2!! You would be a FOOL if you bought ANYTHING Other Than a SAMSUNG!! SAMSUNG IS (IS) THE WAVE NOW and Of

Kdarbha says:

Wow great way to get S4.
I need to replace my S2 with S4.
I have a valid reason. I deserve it from Android Central as I am the biggest Indian fan of Android Central.

dcross9818 says:

This would be fantastic!

Kdarbha says:

Wow great way to get S4.
I need to replace my S2 with S4.
I have a valid reason. I deserve it from Android Central as I am the biggest Indian fan of Android Central.

I really hope I win plz!!

Oh and if I win it will be the first unlocked bootloader! (okay, maybe the second)

hedstrom says:

Oh yeah now this is a phone I would love to have. I have the S3 now after having a Razr and a Bionic and love it.

GreyRogue says:

Ooh ooh pick me!

micko says:

me me me me me me me me me me me houp me me me me me me

Taknarosh says:

Let's do this!

DECOD3R says:

I am a loyal Samsung galaxy follower. Nothing would make my life more complete than to have a shiny new S4. I have written a poem to describe how I feel:

The Galaxy or not the Galaxy
That is the question
I looked to the left and saw iPhones
I looked to the right and saw other Android devices
(I dare not even glance at Windows phones)
All the while my answer was in front of me
It is the Galaxy that is the best device for me
What else has the best overall hardware
It tis the Galaxy
what else has the last version of Android software
It tis the Galaxy
What else is on every legitimate carrier
It tis the Galaxy

I want that Samsung Galaxy SIV

mjbyrnes4664 says:

My S3 is feeling pretty old. S4 would be nice to have

srgonu says:

Never thought I'd be this hungry for a phone from Samsung. Love the functionality and features.

Kafman1 says:


Snoogins22 says:

Pick me. I'm cute, fluffy, and look great in a bikini.

dundada08 says:

Galaxy series ftw!

I have no chance, but what the heck?

Italiannyc says:

If I win, I will dance with a goat on a dark and stormy night...

GS4! =]

a2Squard says:

Here's to hoping I win..

this is seriously really awesome! good job :3

david7598 says:

I hope I win

WarnerYoung says:

Pick me randomly, please!

tonylinde says:

Would dearly love to win this.

DismissedOwl says:

Hope I would win this.Even if I don't I'd end up buying one anyways...

PiersB says:

Entry submitted. Thank you!

n0obpr0 says:

I never win anything but here goes nothing! =)

I will take a shot at this.

gavincarter says:

if anyone needs this its me
ok heres comes the pity story
bricked my htc one x now using iphone please get me back to android

CaliberSRT4 says:

Thanks for the opportunity! Android Central IS THE BEST!

jer2much says:

Lets all do the Harlem Shake!. I'll start.
*music* Con los terroristas *music*
*hip thrust*.

kurtty1984 says:

i should win!!!
i love my s3, so s4 should be a great upgrade

fred72matt says:

Please liberate me from HTC and the buggy temperamental EVO LTE..PLEEEEASE.

JW13#AC says:

GS4 would be a perfect B-day present for ME!

I hope I win!

garfnodie says:

Boy could I use the new GS4. Rockin' a Captivate that doesn't even have the power to navigate and play mp3's, both over BT, at the same time.

richard_soda says:

this phone should be awesome! time to replace my nexus 4 hehe

do you make deliveries to colombia... thats where i want my s4

richard_soda says:

this phone should be awesome! time to replace my nexus 4 hehe

Ty Darapiza says:

Ok, I'll take one.

koiganzu says:

1 in 4000 odds I like these odds.

itsmemalloy says:

Mmm, GSIV. Tasty!

golcarcol says:

It is time for me to get a new phone :)

sunlifexxx says:

If I win I can give my mom my S3 .

itsmemalloy says:

Mmm, GSIV. Tasty!

naic says:

I want it! Bad! Pick me!!!

cornijo says:

cant wait to see whats new!!! Good luck everyone

kboss375 says:

GS4 me!

Mario Silva says:

All your Galaxy S IV are belong to ME!

BMIC50 says:

I implore, give me the first GS4!

rogermdias says:

Can't recall ever winning a contest in my life but sign me up.

discosoup says:

Sign me up please!

BigBear says:

I was up for a new phone on Sprint when the iPhone 5 came out, and I was not impressed. I'm thinkin' the Galaxy S4 is going to be my next phone. And it'd be even sweeter to win one.

Urfel says:

You don't stand a chance, winner just came in! :)

Sam Nong says:

Good luck to all!

biggoldy45 says:

Please pick me! I'm still using the thunderbolt..

gray21t says:

Pick so I can replace my S3 :)

doncrief says:

Love my S3, but I can't wait to win the S4.

ddtrujillo says:

We have an S2 and an S3 (mine) in the family already, Would love to be one of the first to have the S4

LordVader13 says:

Me please! I would love an S4.:-)

Fussolia says:

This is my time to shine: PICK ME!

romma says:

Me Me Me

triple_x44 says:

New phone please!!!! want want WANT this!