Win a Samsung Galaxy S4

How would you like to win a brand new Samsung Galaxy S4, courtesy of Android Central? In 'The World's First Samsung Galaxy S4 Contest', you can win the device, no strings attached.

Here's how you can submit your entry:

  1. Submit a single comment to this blog post.

That's it.

Pretty easy, right? Leave a comment on this post and you're automatically entered to win. A winner will be announced shortly after the official device announcement on March 14th, and we will ship the device as soon as it becomes available.

Good luck to all!

P.S. Once you've left your comment, head on over to the Samsung Galaxy S4 Forum for more chat, banter and general S4 goodness.


Reader comments

Win a Samsung Galaxy S4 in 'The World's First Samsung Galaxy S4 Contest'



Sign me up! I love my phone, but everyone knows that your phone is obsolete after 2 months of owning it. ;-)

If I win this contest, I will give the prize to the man I love.
Even if he´s owning a Samsung Galaxy S1, he payed half of the price of my Samsung Galaxy S3, as I was not affording one just by myself, and he did not want me to have anything less than the best on the market. One of the greatest acts of love I have ever received.

I am going to do this and this will be the first time ever cause I dont think that anyone will win its just a way to get people to sign up so there is my post hope I win

I think this is one of the best prizes for a contest... I for the love of all that is good... wish to win this contest. Thank you.

Ohh I so wanna win this; even without knowing any specs of the s4. My Galaxy Nexus is dying a slow death these days.

I would very much like to receive a Samsung S4. It is for this reason that I'm leaving this comment. Thank you very much. Also, Iphone sucks.

Ill take it. Maybe if I win, I can have my very own phone instead of the kids saying "my phone" to my current S3.

I think winning a phone before even officially announced would be a trip. Hopefully there is a sprint version.

The wife emailed me you folks are gonna give away a phone and threatened divorce of I didn't post and get her off her samsung galaxy s . Lol

What will be coming?

8 Core processor?
Inbuilt wireless charging?
Stunning camera?
Flexible screen?
Larger screen size?
Full HD screen resolution?
64GB and 128GB variants?
All New TouchWiz?
802.11ac support?
LTE support standard in international model?
Android 5.0?

The list must be endless, take your pick Samsung :D fingers crossed it'll be an awesome phone!

Happy with my N4, but I'd sure welcome a brand new GS4 courtesy of the best android site around,

I am on this website every day for up to date android news. Keep doing what you guys do best.

I'm not due for another upgrade until 2014, so feel free to sling one of those S4s this way!

A S4 is better than my wife's S3......with that I won't have to check my man card when talking phones with her.

Would love to win one for my wife. Her GSII is getting old and frustrates her alot. This might just be amazing for her. :)

I've had the Epic Touch, the S3,,and Now the Note2!! You would be a FOOL if you bought ANYTHING Other Than a SAMSUNG!! SAMSUNG IS (IS) THE WAVE NOW and Of

Wow great way to get S4.
I need to replace my S2 with S4.
I have a valid reason. I deserve it from Android Central as I am the biggest Indian fan of Android Central.

Wow great way to get S4.
I need to replace my S2 with S4.
I have a valid reason. I deserve it from Android Central as I am the biggest Indian fan of Android Central.

Oh yeah now this is a phone I would love to have. I have the S3 now after having a Razr and a Bionic and love it.

I am a loyal Samsung galaxy follower. Nothing would make my life more complete than to have a shiny new S4. I have written a poem to describe how I feel:

The Galaxy or not the Galaxy
That is the question
I looked to the left and saw iPhones
I looked to the right and saw other Android devices
(I dare not even glance at Windows phones)
All the while my answer was in front of me
It is the Galaxy that is the best device for me
What else has the best overall hardware
It tis the Galaxy
what else has the last version of Android software
It tis the Galaxy
What else is on every legitimate carrier
It tis the Galaxy

if anyone needs this its me
ok heres comes the pity story
bricked my htc one x now using iphone please get me back to android

Boy could I use the new GS4. Rockin' a Captivate that doesn't even have the power to navigate and play mp3's, both over BT, at the same time.

I was up for a new phone on Sprint when the iPhone 5 came out, and I was not impressed. I'm thinkin' the Galaxy S4 is going to be my next phone. And it'd be even sweeter to win one.