Win Phil's (and Dieter's) Nexus Ones

This is it, folks, the final batch of entries. And we ended up with 40 submissions. Suffice it to say, you all rock. Here's where we go from here. With so many entries, we're going to have to pare things down a bit, and then we'll turn it over to you guys and gals to vote. Stay tuned for that. And now, after the break, the final entries. And to see all the other entries, hit the links below.

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Mark tries a little bribery

Jared gives us his reasons

Angie wants to help out her brother

Alex suffers some humiliation

Rob heats things up in his entry

Mike presents the 'God of Technology'

Davi' got soul

Jacob has luv 4 AC

Ayrton is in love with the Nexus One

There are 15 comments

megagamer44 says:

Looks like my finger might die

Jcrabapple says:

Man there are some funny (and crazy) people in this world. Good luck picking one of these videos. There have been a lot of good ones.

Treyy says:

Dude that's soo lame why wasn't my video posted!!!

DaviMack says:



Bcream90 says:

Trey your video was posted. And I'm voting for you

Bcream90 says:

VOTE TREY he really deserves it

izik06 says:


jlgraham says:

Not to toot my own horn, but vote for Jacob! (me)

AjsiaVang says:

TREY FTW he really deserves all of you guys got cool phones and his phone sucks

Treyy says:

I don't even have a phone anymore its dead but thanks for voting maybe ill get more votes

samatbek says:

Please vote for me

DaviMack says:

my g1 is broke vote for me

miniZ says:

self promotion, forthewin. the question. Will the mob effect work via internet?

appleander says:

hooraaaay for jared dum de duuuuu