HTC One with a dbrand skin

We have a really special giveaway for you guys this weekend! The team over at dbrand has sent us an HTC One with their awesome skin in Ferrari red and black carbon fiber already installed, and one lucky Android Central reader is going to win it! We'll get to the contest in a minute, but first let's take a look at the dbrand skin on the device.

Win an HTC One courtesy of dbrand and Android Central!

Made from 3M vinyl, dbrand’s skins are precision-cut to match the cut outs and shapes of each specific device. With a range of textures including titanium, carbon, wood, and leather, and a variety of colors for each finish, you're sure to find the perfect look for your device.

One reason I personally like to use a skin on my device is for that added layer of protection. Many people don't want to cover up their beautiful phone with a bulky case, but no one likes to get scratches or dings either. While skins can't do much against drops, for daily wear and tear on your phone skins are a great solution.

HTC One with a dbrand skin HTC One with a dbrand skin.

While I don't have experience installing the skin on the HTC One, as it came installed on the device we're giving away, I have installed one on my BlackBerry Z10. It's not a complicated process, and if you take your time and follow the instructions dbrand provides, you will be assured of a perfect fit on your device. The skins are durable and will stand up to normal wear and tear so you don't have to worry that it's going to start fading or coming up at the edges. However, if you do decide to remove the skin, you will be pleased to know that the 3M vinyl won't leave any sticky residue behind.

All-in-all, dbrand has a great product for a reasonable price. A skin like the one installed on this device will run you $20, but since they are so durable and carefully crafted, it's money well spent. Also worth noting, you don't have to purchase a full skin. The pieces are sold separately, so you can mix and match the colors and coverage however you like. You can check out all of the options over at their website and keep up on their new products and other announcements on Facebook. You can check out our review of the LG Nexus 4 dbrand skins as well.

Win an HTC One courtesy of dbrand and Android Central!

Now, about that contest. As I mentioned, dbrand sent us the HTC One you see in the pictures above, with their skin pre-installed. This is the Google edition of the HTC One, so it's not tied to any carrier.

To enter, leave a comment below. Just one comment. If we catch you spamming and leaving multiple comments you will be disqualified from the contest and probably banned from future contests as well, and nobody wants that. The contest is open world-wide, but it's up to you to make sure this version of the HTC One will work on your carrier. The prize is just the phone, and the winner is responsible for any service and accessories. Good luck everyone! We'll announce the winner next week.

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drdeath91 says:

What the hell, I'm in.

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Id love to have it my s4 has a cracked screen errrr

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alexjarvis says:

That is a sweet skin. Now if only the GE One came in black or red.

mongodroid says:

have a nice weekend everyone!

Beautiful the skins

rickd88 says:

Wish me luck.....

I like the pattern on it but, man that's tough to cover up such a cool looking phone.

Though... It would suck to have the bad ass red version and scratch it up.

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Dale Bryant says:

I've just bought myself a new HTC One in black, do I dare be greedy? Yes I dare... Please can I have this phone so I can give it to my sister as an engagement present?

Thanks for the great contest

I have wanted an HTC One for soooooo long. And with a Ferrari skin? Heck yeah!

Adam Kinder says:

The phone looks amazing I could do with a new phone as mines getting old now

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Adam Kinder says:

The phone looks amazing I could do with a new phone as mines getting old now

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Hi I'm here to win the HTC one

I'm here to win :)

agrahul11 says:

pick me! me! me!...pleaseeee

Susie Bell says:

Excellent skin and phone

I'd love an HTC one!

Thank You

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PapaDocta says:

this is a great phone.....good job htc

Gosh I could win this the HTC one made more awesome than ever + it's a Google edition

iAlan says:

Christmas come early!

Give it to me

wsmather says:

Looks great!

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D1ne33 says:

man i could use a phone like this...pick me pick me!!

Would be a nice first Android device. Been wanting to switch for a while.

Jihun Lee says:

Oh yes

Mihai Rusu says:

That skin looks amazing on the One

That is a sexy skin wowee. Phone's not bad either ;P

sidharth says:

I want one and I want it desperately.

Sent from Nexus 4 using Android Central app

tg33zy6 says:

Sweetness boom sauce. end.

Jeekin Lau says:

Awesome!!!! Me please... Google edition makes it awesome!!!

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jomster561 says:

Ah, I hope I win this! I wouldn't mind giving HTC another shot!

Best phone of 2013,no real competition. Made to look even more beautiful with that skin.

alexige says:

An HTC One would be awesome!

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CarterGuy says:

Awesome phone and skin.

ba_hamilton says:

Sweet phone. I wants one.

The Black and Red look awesome. I'd consider purchasing this skin because it matches my new glasses and my car :-)

digitalbreak says:

Sweet! Let me be the one! :)

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Yes, HTC is must phone

wavesforlife says:

That awesome phone looks even better now! Hope I win one :)

Omg!!! Please!!! Please!!!!

lwysbrk says:

I think we have put the whole world in a difficult yet impassible reservoir dogs situation. In relation to the current Syrian spotlight. With little knowledge or care if we knock the first domino over

jdaclutch says:

Looking good! Count be in please, and pick me! Thanks.

Elfuan says:

Sign me up!

That is a very cool skin.

Edi Stancu says:

I wonder how this would look like in Lamborghini yellow.

Oh boy the Google Edition HTC One... this is my dream phone! Too bad I can't afford one haha. That skin looks amazing! I am seriously hoping to win!

Ashwani19185 says:

That's one great looking skin to amplify the greatness of HTC one! already a heavenly experience.... Loving it.. Waiting for HTC one max so eagerly, till then I will enjoy this piece of art

Really the great phone

Wesley1 says:

These skins are really cool.

busha7940 says:

Looks cool!!

With skins like this,no need for a case.

rickybello says:

Can I for once win something. A case I'll take it.

davidkelly21 says:

This slick phone looks even better with this skin! Got to have it <3

Reaster1 says:

Awesome colors! Would look way better in my hands! Gotta keep that VZW UNLIMITED DATA

MoversOnTop says:

I want it!

What better way is there to switch over to android than by winning this fine piece of technology?

jlh73 says:

Looks nice. I would love to have this to show off.

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Cindica says:

I would rock this

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secktor says:

That HTC One looks really cool.

Rezon3 says:

Great looking device. I like what they did.

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Nike5981 says:

Sweet phone and Ferrari theme, winning combo!

ogre2025 says:

Love Android Central, don't know what I did before the app. Htc one yay!

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mabeycm says:

One could always use a second one to mod! I would love to over clock this bad boy!

smooney3 says:

Man, I love me some dbrand. Their skins are the only thing I've ever had on my N4 and there's never been a scratch on it. Looks great on that phone, too. Count me in!

I_maybesmall says:

I need a new phone badly! May the odds be ever in my favor! ;)

N792 says:

Good luck to all!

song20 says:

Nice, I want one.


dlin95123 says:

I had a Sprint version of HTC One for a short time. I really liked it and it had the best sound quality of any phone I have used. However, it had a bad reception problem I couldn't live with. So I dropped HTC One and Sprint all together and switched to Verizon. I now have a HTC Droid DNA. I missed the sound quality of HTC one...

wurldfamuz says:


packhead says:

God I think you for letting android central pick me for this new htc one, in jesus name Aman.

Posted via Android Central App

Awesomeness! :D :D

lethalgorman says:

Got a Dbrand ony N4. Need a htc

Posted via Android Central App

Erikj135 says:

This HTC one looks so cool!!! :)

Posted via Android Central App

ishtar007 says:

Wohoo, I'd love to receive this fantastic phone!

I'd love to get this and fully try out Android. I love my Z10 but the HTC One had caught my eye and my brief encounter impressed me. The dbrand skin looks really good too.

MalachyNG says:

I have soft spot for carbon fiber and GE editions. Count me in

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gjrscribe says:

What a great contest.

Sui Chiek says:

Nice! Like it!

man_daaa says:

I want ittttttt.... >,<

Could use as HTC One to compliment my BlackBerry Q10

Posted via Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

Hope I win

Posted via Android Central App

15israellai says:


Posted via Android Central App

That's a pretty HTC One

Sent from my Nexus 4 via Android Central App

tibibond says:

The skin is looking great!! Lovely device, only made better by you guys!! Thanx for great post AndroidCentral!

Pelide says:

One of the best phones, I'd like to win!

ciroma says:

Nice powerful phone with a superb livery!!!

kickdrum74 says:

Awesome!!!!! Great looking skin and device!

andy4124 says:

Good luck everyone.

Posted via Android Central App

turnerb92 says:

This is an awesome looking phone! Good luck to all!

Sui Chiek says:

I want it

Rajesh Karia says:

Wow, this is such a lovely gesture from dbrand & Android Central. dbraand definitely adds such beautiful aesthetic value to our mobiles & tablets. Beautifully crafted skins to the T. Android Central as always a step ahead in redeeming its followers with such goodies, way to go guys, cheers...!!!

neonworm says:

I want one.

Sent from my Galaxy S3

From the little country Denmark.. Love HtC One :-)

Wan Haris says:

Top Reasons for my life to be Shine with it :
1. Its HTC!
2. Its The best yet 2013 Devices!
3. Its Skinned! Carbon skin. I love the most.

Hope I can replaced my old devices to this new Device. Have been using 5 HTC devices and still want it!!

Pick me!!

jjasonbsmith says:

i has one of their protectors on a nexus 4. really easy to put on, good protection and they looked great. would love this phone with this on.

mwatkins says:

Would love the developer version I have a Sprint One that I love on WiFi and would gladly seek it and pay my ETF to actually feel like I have the best android phone on the market

hynden says:

I am htc one!

Posted via Android Central App

tonybyatt says:

HTC One?, Me, ME, MEEE...

kiriath says:

HTC ONE! So cool guys! Thanks!

Posted via Android Central App

puffycow says:

I'll take one :-)

I need to get rid of my Nokia BR1CK!!! HTC would be nice :)

karl Berg says:


mranbel says:

Love the one

Posted via Android Central App


Posted via Android Central App

Wow, shure like that HTC One!

LisaHNothing says:

I would love this phone!

sinnigam says:

Definitely would appreciate this

thunderking says:

please? :)

Am I so lucky???

WinDroidGuy says:

My chances as it stands now are 1 in 808...hopefully I win =P

Texture HTC ONE texture.

riccoski says:

Played with the one in real life, it's really a beautiful phone!

Uly Melchor says:


TheSparks says:

And here goes another contest...

fugi82 says:

I could use a new phone.

elbers says:

Wow how to make perfection better :)

Posted via Android Central App

atreyu94 says:

I would love to win this phone. I've been wanting the Google edition forever!

Great competition!

This would be so amazing to win.

I LOVE dbrand those funny robots are awesome at what they do and their customer service is top notch.

Awesome Phone

Yes please I would love One ( ;) see what I did there ) puns are great

This is awesome!

Fast-car skin for fast phone! Definitely mine! B-)

tuvokof9 says:


GVFJR says:

Android central is the best!

Manny Lugo says:

HTC one...biatch lol

Yes, please.

hakki368 says:

My first and only smart phone up to today is an HTC Sensation. I got it in Aug 2011. I've always admired HTC's attention to detail and making things really user friendly. I've read a lot of blogs and reviews about the HTC One, and it is seen as the best one in its class. Today, my phone I think is ready to retire, as the upgrade to ICS last year was not smooth, and made my phone experience a lot of issues since. It was a burdensome experience, to say the least. But, I love the HTC brand and am hoping to win the HTC One you guys wanna raffle off. If I do win, I wanna thank you guys from Android Central and dbrand in advance for your generosity.

Awesome phone!

pikkuA says:

This is the phone I've been eyeing after release... My old SGS1 is showing age.

Maez10 says:

Cool... Ferrari... F1 season... Wish I'll have it...

db34 says:

Ferrari... Combined with an HTC = My heaven.

Karl Maul says:

Let's do this! I hope I get it :D good luck to all tho

Posted via Android Central App

Heli Phreak says:

I can use a second HTC One.
I always win.

CSS Hunley says:

That looks really cool!

Posted via Android Central App

vudude says:

Carbon me

Posted via Android Central App

mmcphie says:

That is an excellent look! Would love this phone.

Posted via Android Central App

That looks crazy awesome! Keep up the good work guys!

Tristan P says:

Looks awesome, would rather get a skin than a cover now

thall0780 says:

Me like!!!

georgeotc says:

Love HTC and the carbon fiber just makes the phone look even better than it already did. Already planning on getting a One when upgrade comes around so would be great to get this lovely thing early!

gusto5 says:

That skin looks wonderful! Go contest!

cassidyjames says:

I've been super impressed with the HTC One's build quality when playing with it at the store, but haven't had the extra cash to spend on one. I've also been a fan of dbrand for as long as they've been around. :)

Posted via Android Central App

Libb says:

I'll take another HTC One!

Hi, i love this phone :)

TeamNexus says:

I sure hope I win! GPE + HTC One + dbrand = EPIC!

CheerfulChe says:

Count me in!

Deveal2014 says:

I love Htc & I love the HTC ONE !!!

Posted via Android Central App

Marcel Boast says:

Here's hoping I win, I've been without a smart phone for a whole now since

campanth says:

That looks pretty sweet. Would love to win that!

Posted via Android Central App

eggwolio says:

That skin has me rethinking the cases I bought for my one. Winning this contest would sure clear some jealous air in my house.

klgroce says:

That would be a sweet reward!!! Thanks for the chance!

GreenBerry84 says:

It's hot the skin and it's a Google Edition!!! Yes please and thank you! :D

Posted via Android Central App

Gyula Kis says:

This phone is pure art!

deepesh1 says:

HTC one + Dbrand skin = super awesome phone

Shujat Syed says:

HTC ,,DeBrand,, AndroidCentral.. Pick me ! :)

lovo says:

Omg pure epicness

Posted via Android Central App

j3ssejamez says:

I would love a HTC One!!!

Posted via Android Central App

maged3d says:

good luck

Henri Chong says:

Google play edition@@ LOVE IT!
HTC had truly made us a wonderful ASTONISHING phone, the skin make it more stylish, more durable, more taking breath!!!

Gimme gimme gimme a phone at the midnight! Fingered crossed!

Dreamlyfe_ says:

Awesome, good luck me. :)

st. hill says:

I got the HTC one and I love it .this would be a great present for my girlfriend who has the blackberry z10

Posted via Android Central App

Today is the day

Charl Victor says:

Wow,that's cool!

Navraj Saini says:

I need a phone badly (my current one needs to retire) and One Google edition would be awesome

Posted via Android Central App

ericrangel76 says:

Red and black are my favorite colors. Add it to the HTC One and that equals am awesome device.

Yogimax says:

Excellent competition! Hope I win!

joakim_5937x says:

A htc one would be nice!:)

dgene84 says:


Spawn20 says:

Pick me please!

Posted via Android Central App

pagger says:

I've four but I'd love that extra one skin!

Posted via Android Central App

LiveAndroid says:

Wow Great Skin:)
Great Phone:)
Good luck everyone:)
Good luck me:)

Sithhar says:

Sure, I'm in!

I Hope To Celebrate

jjsb says:

I don't always comment, when I do, it's on android central.

jokosmo says:

Please save me from Samsung. I miss my old HTC that had a very hard meeting with the kitchen floor.

taongbuhawi says:

I never win these events but that doesn't stop me from entering.

Fingers crossed :p

Coach_Urk says:

Hell yea! I'd love this as a late birthday present! Cuz by the time you announce the winner my birthday would have passed most likely. (its 9/11 just for the record)

From my ParanoidNexus with the Awesome AC App

Bork says:

It will be the perfect present for my wife, for our wedding anniversary :)
It looks amazing.

I Hope To Celebrate

Daryl Aaron says:

Good luck everyone. Hope I win

Posted via Android Central App

Daryl Aaron says:

Good luck everyone. Hope I win

Posted via Android Central App

Awesomer6 says:

Yes please. Australia here!

Posted via Android Central App

mputtr says:

Carbon fiber and red?
you stole my heart!

sathariel says:

Good luck all.

shennawew says:

Give me One please ! :)

Htc one and me =perfect fit

Posted via Android Central App

Eldwafio says:

Oooh, pop my name in for this please :-D

Posted via Android Central App

Mr_Gino16 says:

"to win or not to win" that is the question!! to win is the answer!!! pick me!!!

bigsmoove33 says:

I want it...

labosuul says:

Count me in please. Thanks

Posted via Android Central App

andrdanl says:

Will win this!

davocarli says:

HTC One Google Play Edition=Best phone available right now... my opinion of course...

Febin Jose says:

Damn. This looks way better than the unskinned htc one ! Now this would be something really sweeet to own . :D

My 1st "HTC" was my 1st touch, was also THE 1st "HTC TOUCH" also know as HTC P340. Have been a fan since. Truly a solid product. Would love to have the "One". Sorta complete the circle for me, lol

old.geek says:

Definitely a step up from this old SGH-T959V!

Posted via Android Central App

dwaynerooney says:

No harm in trying eh :). I wish I win one. Symbian to this baby will be the best thing ever

Posted via Android Central App


Posted via Android Central App

Waleesa1 says:


htc one google edition is a great smartphone.
i want to win this smartphone.
plz choose me.

platodino says:

Hello from Singapore! That's one good looking HTC One! Hardly see this type of skins available in Singapore.

Posted via Android Central App

ivanfwc says:

I'm in for the new HTC one :)

waggermama says:

*sigh* Red, my favourite colour and HTC, maker if my first Android phone.

Posted via Android Central App

Archer73 says:

Yes please!

Posted via Android Central App

alan61 says:

What a great looking phone please pick me.

dcjose48 says:

I need a new phone, help me out!

zakth says:

I'd love one.

Droid Brick says:

I've wanted to try this phone since it came out. Good luck, everyone.

chris peri says:

give it to me! nice phone

Zzzzzzz77 says:

Sweet phone!

Jkidd2080 says:

Pick me!!!!!

Posted via Android Central App

jr07727 says:

That HTC one rocks!
I have a wallet that looks similar to the skin!

May the force be with me!

ashrock89 says:

Good people of android central. Today you are offering an amazing HTC One device with it's amazing quad core processing power, gs4 camera killer in any comparison. It's 32 gb drive..who ever should win her and her beautiful skin should really care for this phone. And I remember..HTC brought Android to all this. An amazing software amassing followers by the millions and the devices we all love. Earth bless HTC!
Wait did I say it had beats?

Best skin Ihave seen for a while

bonblade says:


Htc one has a great design !!!

kflanegan says:

Really digging the black and red accents on the skin. I'm in need of a new phone after dropping my phone a few weeks ago. Using my galaxy tab 7.7 is not a great phone substitute! Good luck everybody!

Posted via Android Central App

Roy Harrigan says:

It's about time I win one of these.

Hanan Haber says:

I really hope i'll win this beauty

Wolfw00d says:

It's so fancy but I like the white one

bdlacy says:

I love HTC phones!

tmismar says:

Looks cool

Posted via Android Central App

redsandvb says:

My comment -n- entry! Pick me!

I want it please

hope I win.. good luck everyone :)

uberwoots says:

Love it love it love it. HTC make the smartest, most beautiful, simply useful devices on the planet. This will be like owning a little piece of history if HTC don't make it through and start making a profit. Praised as the best smartphone of this year and no one's buying it. I love mine and now hopefully I'll have two so I can give me old one to me bro and finally get him off apple.

I'm a nokia fanatic and loyalist since time and memorial but when Its time to switch the only brand for me is HTC

Danny Vaca says:

Love the look on this phone :-D best of luck to everyone

NettZwerg says:

Plz choose me oh shiny little phone!
May there be bright times waiting ahead on our journey through live!
May we have the strength to carry on thtough bright sunshine and reflective screens.
Even trough hard rain with no umbrella!
May the drop on the floor not end our adventure trough live!
Cheers litte shiny phone!

MosesJ19 says:

Omg I would love to win this phone!

nemotheblue says:

I'd love to compare this to my Sense version

TechZOnline says:

A top tier phone for a comment? You bet!

baksaib says:

This is a realy nice giveaway!

ebaikki says:

i want ONE!

Love dbrand! Awesome customer service. I've owned several of their skins. =)

Posted via Android Central App

wxyandz says:

Oh my god! I would love this ever since my Nexus 4's screen cracked this past Wednesday and has been unresponsive! 2nd time this has happened this year. ugh. :(

Angle1555 says:

Would love to win this!!

valapsp says:

i want it.


GillRigged says:

Hellyeah! I have been a loyal Motorola fan for quite some time but this would definitely convert me. I'd even leave my MotoMob Google+ community that I started for this phone. :-!

Carter Phan says:

Awesome phone, I hope I can win this phone

uluman says:

Looks good, would look better in MY hand.

Mr. Creeper says:

Here's my entry! Let's do this!

pick me!

tjrsasealm says:

Always love android central's giveaways!! Hope I can win this HTC One with the skin! Would be great if it is an Android Central skin thought... but if I get to win this it is going to be so awesome!!! Love yall ANDROID CENTRAL!!!! :D

Posted via Android Central App

rdhrnt00 says:

I wouldn't mind having one of those

Posted via Android Central App

avergara08 says:

Count me in! Thanks androidcentral and dbrand!

Come on, don't keep us waiting, have some mercy. Thanks for leting it anyways.

Ansh Tina says:


thebrain2u says:

Holy moly, that is one sweet phone, what a great prize! In it to win it!

cheeta186 says:

Pick me!!!

Posted via Android Central App

sk8trix says:

Whats up all

Posted via Android Central App

This is the most beautiful phone that i have ever seen. It is a great piece to have as a collection. I recommend the htc one to anyone.

Rickondrius says:

Now that'd be a good replacement for my HTC One S!

Sakuran says:

Oh my god please

Dogsbody_au says:

Woo-hoo, goodonya's for having a world-wide competition!
Would love a hTC One with that sexy skin.

BigWelshDave says:

Cowabunga ! It looks gorgeous........

amiransari2 says:

this phone comes in my dreams everyday but i dont have enough money.....

Love this phone. I own a HTC one and the only way I would get rid of it is to trade up to one with a sweet skin.

shuddle13 says:

Man that is one gorgeous HTC One. Seriously, the skin just makes it downright sexy.

Posted via Android Central App

Yesss please! Drop dead gorgeous

shhon75 says:

Everyone is a winner...

sgruffalo says:

Amazing looking phone. Thinks I'm in love........

Posted via Android Central App

Justin Benz1 says:

Give it here!

Posted via Android Central App

ramonm2 says:

I can't afford a Ferrari but this is awesome! I'd have the slickest phone around.

Posted via Android Central App

lilcleo001 says:

Looks awesome!!

floriyann says:

Not so pretty though

Posted via Android Central App

gordazo says:


Posted via Android Central App

cscollado says:

HTC One! Always be my dream phone!

jlin815 says:

Would love to win!

Count me in and good luck to all! AC you're the best at giveaways.

I Like the HTC one.

Saul Zepeda1 says:


Phantomlynx says:

Odds of 1000 to 1 and decreasing ;(

jeide68 says:

Yes please!

Posted via Android Central App

jcstylz says:

Getting married. This would be a great present!

Posted via Android Central App

djfalconjr says:


Posted via Android Central App

Looks nice :-)

Posted via Android Central App

IanDimare says:

omnomnom, give me please!

Shani248 says:

Best phone ever. I personally loved this specific skin from their site. Fingers crossed :D

ILLmatic173 says:

Ohhh man!! My broke ass can really use this phone...def need an upgrade from my samsung Gs2..i hope i win ;) but if not congrats to the lucky punk haha

Posted via Android Central App

Amy Chen says:

That skins is sweeeet! I've heard good things about the HTC One too

ticktekk says:

HTC Droid Incredible 2. I rest my case

Man I wish those skins are available in India.
Are they?

brac20 says:

Ooo pretty!

rsilinnyc says:

The HTC One already looked great and they made it look even better. Would love to win it since my old android is 3 years old and overheating. Great giveaway!

lanocus says:

The phone looks really cool.

Posted via Android Central App

squirt22 says:

Pick me pick me pick me pick me please please please

pengellyd says:

Skin looks good :-)

Posted via Android Central App

Hope I win!

Matt Barton says:

Very impressive. Good luck all

Vorpalesque says:

I could use a new phone

Avirup Das says:

Oh, the odds.

P.s. best way to estimate the active user base for Android Central?

Posted via Android Central App

Shahanmn55 says:

Awesome replacement for my s2 i guess ....seriously need this one

rdlong47 says:

Count me IN !!!!!

Laacaa says:

My first android phone was an HTC Legend... I really loved! I know, I will love this one too! :)

amanmani456 says:

AWESOMEST skin on AWESOMEST phone is just being AWESOME

Would love to win one!!!!

MatyeszBMC says:

The skin looks very good, but the phone is the King :)

morestatik says:

Looks great!

Posted via Android Central App

bennywhite says:

Good luck for everybody, and have a nice day :)

Posted via Android Central App

stereotada says:

The things I do for love

Posted via Android Central App