Only three days left to enter to win a Motorola Xoom!

Motorola Xoom

The Motorola Xoom is looking to be the Android tablet to beat so far -- check out of first look at CES. And if the rumors are correct, it could well be launched in the next few weeks on Verizon.

And that means it's time to give one away. We're teaming up with Wyse Technology, developer of the Pocket Cloud app, to deliver one unactivated -- and free -- Motorola Xoom tablet, running the Honeycomb version of Android. Hit the break for the full details and instructions on how to enter.

The contest details

First things first -- we don't yet know when the Xoom will be made available on Verizon. Rumors have it at mid-February, but that could well change. Also be aware that the Xoom will launch as a 3G tablet. Verizon has said it is expected to be upgraded to be LTE-capable sometime in the second quarter of the year.

The Xoom is being purchased and delivered by Wyse Technology, once Verizon makes the Xoom available for purchase.

You must be a U.S. resident at least 13 years old to participate in this contest. For complete rules, click here.

How to enter

It's simple: In the comments of this contest post, tell us how PocketCloud has helped (or will help) you do what you do better.

The contest ends at 7 a.m. EDT Sunday, Jan. 30. Wyse will cull the entries and choose a winner, which we'll announce later that week. Remember to answer the question. Merely replying "Yes!" or "I want to win!" will not get the job done. And we won't stop you from entering more than once, but we'll know if you do. So don't waste your time.

All that said, have fun, and good luck!


Reader comments

Win a free Motorola Xoom tablet from Android Central and Wyse Technology


I will use PocketCloud to RDP to my home computer for personal files and, helping my wife with computer issues. I will also use it to remotely connect to my work computer. It looks like an awesome app that will help me out a lot. Thanks for the app.


PocketCloud would significantly increase my productivity on the go; basically anything I can do on my comp I would now be able to do on the fly!

I used PocketCloud to RDP when I am in bed or on the couch, but also to control my CARPC via VNC, not while driving of course. It can be easier for me or any passenger to use it than trying to touch the screen. I find the interface of PocketCloud much better than any of the other apps. I love having the courser and the options ring around it.

PocketCloud has been helping me finish my thesis work by allowing me access to my home computer through my Droid Incredible on campus. Thanks PocketCloud!

I'm the owner of an IT firm, and currently I have chosen to support a competitor of pocketcloud (LogMeIn). So by selecting me as the winner in this competition, it gives Wyse an opportunity to win as well. In this case a sizeable chunk of business, as we are constantly rolling out new installs with remote support, and always looking for the best tools to help manage these clients. We also encourage many of our users to use the products of which we are most familiar. This could be PocketCloud.

Wyse's Pocket cloud is amazing software. As I dont have a laptop to lug around, and taking my desktop with me is out of the qeustion my documents are stuck at home on my desktop or on the cloud... however I can't access the cloud from school or work. Or sometimes I can't even find a computer.

This is where my smartphone comes in, I can access my documents and personal files from my desktop even without internet thanks to Android and 3g.
This personally saved me on a few projects as I couldn't get them in school, so I just whipped out my Android phone, walked to the window connected to my always on desktop, downloaded my presentation and presented with my phone plugged into the locked down laptops in school.
This app also helps me show off to iPhone fanboys and that's a plus all in it's own.
The more possibilities that are added to Android the harder it is for me to be without my phone, and the harder it is on my batter ;)

Even if I dont win the XOOM, which I would never be able to buy on my part time job salary, I would like to thank Wyse for saving my A** on quite a few presentations and projects in school.

Accessibility to your home computer while on the go is priceless. I can't tell you the number of times it has saved me in the past. Adding the ability to do so via your Android device just makes it all the more convenient. I've never used PocketCloud, but I will definitely do so after I'm finished posting this comment.

With the pocket cloud app and a Motorola Xoom, I could leave my laptop at work and not bring it home where I am tempted to do work when I should be focusing on my family. Not having the laptop at home would make the distinction between work and home greater, yet I could still access stuff from my computer in an emergency.
This would be awesome!

The company I work for only allows remote access to the company network thru a Citrix gateway using Windows and MSIE; this means that in order to do my job (on call support)I had to lug a windows laptop around wherever I went. But that is the past ... Pocket Cloud now gives me the ability to leave the windows PC at home and do whatever support I need to thru my phone - a BIG THANKS to Wyse for giving me the ability to live my life again.

WOW! Cloud could really help me as a sales coordinator, us sales coordinators are a dime a dozen on here, so my specific application wouldnt stand above the rest so I am hoping for the luck of the draw here.... >( but i can say that I miss the P'cola area down there Phil....moved to Kansas City from Pensacola and I dont have the good seafood that I fell in love with in Florida....please at least help a fellow pensacolan out man!!!!

I am an IT Consultant and constantly need access to other computers and PocketCloud fulfills this need with flying colors - helping me get the job at hand done! Thanks for such a great product!

Holy crap....

I take care of my immediate family, extended family, and even friends using VNC viewer/servers. I'm the 'computer guy' to all of them.

It's so hard getting to the exact problem by having them call me and read the errors to me. (some of them have terrible accents and I don't quite understand what the heck they're talking about) Hence VNC. From parents who are just getting to understand computers, to aunts/uncles with small children that accidentally download spyware, to friends that just want help doing something. PocketCloud's VNC capabilities make it so much easier.

I can't carry my laptop with an active internet connection everywhere, but as long as I have internet on my phone I can access those machines.

I'm also a professor at the local community college, and a forgetful one at that. I don't always update my gradesheets onto my flash drives, or I leave the drives at home, or lose them....When students are asking for grades and I don't have them, I'm falling down on the job. Again, VNC and PocketCloud to the rescue. The only capable device is my phone, since the school blocks certain protocols/ports.

A smart phone is a great tool, but its capabilities are limited compared to my desktop. With my phone's always on internet, and access to my desktop, my phone sheds its limitations.

I simply like the idea that all my stuff can be located in one single place, accessible anywhere, and in a format and location that I control.

VMware viewer support: Totally awesome. I am going to have to check this app out. I love having one more reason to not turn on my actual PC! A Xoom table would even give me one more. ;)

PocketCloud gives me the chance, as a Computer Technician to always have my computer on the go, in case I need different links for anything. I can pull it up and have the links at my hands. I can have my computer anywhere I go. It will give me the chance to show others this technology and show them how advancing everything is. One click and you can have your computer in your hands. I think thats an amazing concept for the everchanging technology of today.

Since I'm studying Computer Science at VT and have two different computers and a smartphone, the PocketCloud app on a new Xoom tablet would help me access files from my desktop if I ever need them on the go. The Xoom tablet and PocketCloud would be perfect for helping me keep everything organized in my life.

As an IT professional in the non-profit world, I have to be available and ready to offer support 24/7. PocketCloud allows me to travel with less bulk and less worry that I'll be able to quickly and easily access the information I need, from my platform of choice!

Your app is a lifesaver for those of us who need to access files and programs on our pc from the road. I use it to access Word and Excel files the most. I can also access my passwords for various websites from Roboform on my PC. Keep up the great work. You guys keep me productive on the go!

I am a high school math teacher. I have been looking for something like this to use in the classroom. If I had a tablet to use your program with, it would give me the freedom to walk around the classroom and be more interactive with my students and still project things on the screen.

I use several programs like Geometer's Sketchpad or various Flash animations to illustrate math concepts to my students. I could also hand the tablet to individual students to "put them in the driver's seat" and get them involved in the lesson. This would be perfect!

I also have to say, this would be a great way to advertise ;) Teachers love t "steal" from each other. If other teachers saw me using something like this, they would want to know about it.

PocketCloud helps me to preform better at my work and actually do my work even if I can't be in my office in front of my computer
I have it installed on my MotoDroid but I will definitely benefit from the bigger screen of the MotoXooM

Thanks for this opportunity

I would get double duty from the tablet and Pocket Cloud. As for me, I am a project manager with customers all over the US and I would be able to travel from various sites and still have the access to my desktop using Pocket Cloud.

As for my wife, she is a photographer and this would be the perfect tool for showing her portfolio to existing and potential customers. She also does a lot of charity shoots for families in need and the Xoom would be a perfect tool to show the families the pictures prior to printing them.

Thanks for an awesome contest!

Pocketcloud has allowed me to keep track of my network no matter where i am.

Well I'll admit I probably don't deserve the Xoom as much as some people on here (especially those deployed) and I am new to using PocketCloud. Then again, who better then to give a Xoom to than someone working in the tech department of a major financial company who is always presenting in front of large audiences of tech savy people? Sure, someone who is sitting in a dark room writing code or watching server performance could really test the limits of both the app and the Xoom, but who else would see either item outside of that dark room? Better to give it to someone that can champion the effectiveness of both and call out to the masses.

Pocketcloud severs the final tether to my laptop and makes me a true mobile warrior. Now I have full functionality from my Droid. Now if only I had a Xoom!

Wyse PocketCloud, combined with a new Android tablet – the Motorola Xoom would be perfect – is just what I’ve been looking for. In my job, I am often on the road traveling the length and breadth of Oregon. Currently, I rely on my phone to keep in touch, but it still doesn’t give me the kind of access I need to my office computer. In addition, I have medical problems that don’t allow me to work for extended periods of time, and then, for only a few hours a day. When I am able to work, I need to be productive and organized, not wasting time looking for files and documents, and/or knowing I don’t have what I need with me. I often find myself working unconventional hours and PocketCloud will allow me to access essential data whether it is during regular business hours, or at 3 o’clock in the morning.

In addition to work travel, being on an organ transplant list means I have constant medical appointments from Portland, OR to Northern California to Phoenix, AZ and several places in between. Being able to access my medical records from anywhere, and at any time, could literally mean the difference between life and death for me and I believe Wyse PocketCloud will make this possible. During the 6 to 8 months of recovery after the transplant, PocketCloud and a good tablet, will allow me to remain productive and in contact with family, work, and friends.

Thank you Wyse for collaborating with Android Central in this awesome and generous giveaway.

PocketCloud helps when I have to login to one of my remote servers. Great for ease of use and power combined!

I love PocketCloud because it is by far the best rdp app out there and saves me when I forget that all important paper on my home computer. Thanks for saving my english grade!

I work in IT, and PocketCloud on a Xoom tablet would make my life SOOOOO much easier! I could rdp into the office, get some tasks done, all while at home on the couch. This would essentially mean I could forgo hauling around my ancient work laptop home and back to work all the time, never knowing if I'll need it. This Xoom tablet with PocketCloud would make my life so much easier. Wohoo! for android central and Wyse giving one away!

I haven't used PocketCloud yet, but I plan to give it a whirl so that I can login to my home computer while I'm away to access work files, but more importantly, to schedule my TV show downloads from the newsgroups! =)

My wife and I are sitting on my couch watching our favorite TV show when suddenly an alert pops-up on my phone - "email server hung". I use my android phone & PocketCloud to RDP into our Exchange server and release the stuck queue all before the commercial ends! My wife asked me, "Do you have to go into the office again?” I replied, "No Worries Man!”

My son and I are walking into his favorite pizza parlor when suddenly a SMS message from my boss pops-up on my phone - "I need that updated vendor Statement of Work!". I use my android phone & PocketCloud to not only send him the document but print it out on the conference room printer. My son asked, " Daddy, do you have to go into work again?" I replied, "No Worries [little] Man!”

I use remote desktops all the time. I'm an engineering student, and some of the applications that we run are incredibly expensive and resource intensive, so we remote in to the school server. Since then, I have been wanting to do the same at home, with some of the hard core apps on my desktop running on my tablet. I work part time for an add company. I could use a tablet and remote client to use it as a photoshop tablet. It would be an amazing solid works companion device. Remote playback of video files, watch podcasts on miro, listen to music in rhythm box, play games like World of Goo or Osmos (though hopefully they become android native like they did with iOS), all sorts of things. This would most definitely be a major app for me.

Since I am in the security field & the safety of the patients, visitors and co-workers is of up most importance, I believe that having the ability to communicate with our operation center to give them live status reports is of up-most importance. Although we currently use walkie-talkies to communicate, I believe that a tablet with the ability to store important information from the field is the next step in the field of security. I would love to be the test case for this step.

I support a number of small business networks. Currently I have to lug my laptop everywhere to support them when they need it. Having a tablet with this app may give me more mobility, if I can maintain security. At minimum, it should allow me to RDP into my server and I can use it to RDP into my client networks from there.

I am a college student that is working towards my CS degree. I am a co-op software engineer and I love technoligy. I will be honest I have not used pocket cloud. Although looking it up and reading a bit about it, looks like a cool app that I am going to try out on my DX. Beyond this point I am a tech junky. Unfortintly I dont have funds for an $800 tablet. I think that pocket cloud could definitly be used in my day-to-day, assuming it is a stable app, because I remote into my work computer everyday, since I am up at school most of the day. I also have a very small startup skate company that I travel quite often for sales as well product delievery and would be extremely convient to have the portabilty of a phone with the power of an almost pc, aka moto xoom. To keep me connected and able to work wherever I am. Okay I feel like I am rambling now, but just know if you choose me, which I dont expect because I dont ever win ;) haha, this tab will not go to waist. Thanks for listining, over and out.

Pocketcloud is a great app. The way it allows a user to access files they have stored on a work or home PC remotely at any time is awesome. How many times have you left a file at work or home and you have to wait until you go back home or the office to access those files? Pointcloud affords you freedom.

PocketCloud lets me access the vital data on my desktop when I'm away form it at a customer meeting. Maybe not a life saver in literal terms but it is a customer saver in literal terms~

WHOA! PocketCloud could totally improve my efficiency and give me complete, and quick, desktop access no matter where I am. No more needing to carry around a bulky laptop, waiting to boot up. Connecting to a Wifi network or tethering. Then waiting to VPN in only to finally RDP to my desktop.

i am an animation student/freelancer and using pocketcloud would give me access to a myriad of files on the go on the moto xoom, thus improving my productivity ten-fold. Please consider me to win

I'm a photographer and PocketCloud would help me to access my client's precious memories while on the go. Whether it be Wedding and Engagement photos, Graduation photos, portraits, or Model Portfolios, having access to my client's photos while on the go will help me to better grow my business.

Pocket Cloud brings the gift of virtual remote access all the way to the ends of the world. As an avid traveler this would allow me to rescue work crises on the go with instant access to my work PC - whether in New York or on a beach in Hawaii. As a daily commuter on public transit the Pocket Cloud would heighten my commute productivity therein making it possible to leave the office on time. The Pocket Cloud in essence will remove the shackles from my home/work PC. In a life of constant motion, the Pocket Cloud is a necessity.

I use a Windows PC at home, a Mac mini at work, and an Android phone everywhere. Adding a great tablet and Pocketcloud would make my life so much easier. Sure I can get by with thumbdrives, or emailing files, but that's very clunky and doesn't help if I forget to do it. Xoom and Pocketcloud seems so much better.

PocketCloud will help me work on school projects on my Xoom while my wife has the laptoip! :)

Using PocketCloud RDP Software has helped me considerably in my work as an Instructor of IT. I can keep track of my student records and training schedules by remoting in to my work computer from my android device. It also allows me to work at home when I develop curriculum and I don't have to remember to load it to a flash drive in the morning. I just use PocketCloud to have access to all my work any time I need it! And Its safe and secure!

PocketCloud is great because it lets me access my VNC, RDP and VMWare client machines all from one app. Having it on a Motorola Xoom would truly make it the pinnacle of portable connectivity for business!

As a pastor, I am always on call. This combo would really help me as I stay in touch with people, write lessons and sermons, keep note and ideas up to date and it would be very handy for keeping my calendar and todo list up to date no matter where I am. I would find many great uses!

I'm a Blackberry user looking to move to the Android platform. I would love to have a Xoom and Pocketcloud to help me with my coaching and consulting business when I travel. I think it would be great to offer clients instant access (in person) to my business's portfolio, have access to my desktop hard external harddrives, and other files from the Xoom.

Thanks for a great opportunity. Unlike most tech geeks, I don't just want a Xoom . . . I actually need it!

PocketCloud already has helped me with server issues at work. I can use my phone with PocketCloud to access all physical and virtual servers. Since I am the only person who oversees all servers I need some tool that allows me access when I am away from my desktop or laptop. This application allows more freedom without carrying a laptop when I am remote from work.

PocketCloud is mostly useful to me for the remote login features. It's less laggy than other solutions and provides a great way to work on my computer when I'm away and to control webapps like NetFlix from the comfort of my couch.

Being an avid Linux enthusiast, I find your application to be one of the most priceless components of my computer diagnostic toolkit. I can now log into any one of my client's systems from anywhere and fix just about anything in the gui. Also not sure if it matters but it is running on my Droid X and the screen real estate, while nominal for a smartphone, would be SUPERB if being ran on a Xoom... WINK WINK, NUDGE NUDGE. Thank you so much! Great product! -Aaron

I work 2 1/2 hours away from home and spend 3 night a week away. I need to get access to my home network and apps and PocketCloud lets me do that easily and reliably.

Currently I work in a mixed mac pc environment. Primarily my company does audio video installation and right now I'm testing Pocket Cloud on our office machines so I can remote acces via my Evo and iPad. We would like to install this on clients computers we manage to help troubleshoot problems. It looks very promising.

Over the last few months I have been reading up on cloud computing. I realize more how this idea makes integrating technologies(hardware) and OSs(software) more possible. For me cloud computing would finally give me a way to access files and media with my DROID from my computer which would save me time throughout the course of a day. That time would be used to spend with my family. Please allow me this opportunity. Thank you.

I'm an LA commuter... as many will attest, getting to and from work is hard enough in the absence the occasional memory lapse. When I've forgotten my morning coffee or Bluetooth headset I can survive, but sometimes I'm not so lucky, I end up leaving behind a crucial document or essential piece of information... something whose absence stops my day dead in it's tracks. Turning around simply isn't an option, and usually I realize it's missing at the worst possible moment when I least expect it. PocketCloud is solution that brings my home office to work, my work office home and both offices to me when and where I need them most, helping me seem far more organized and together than I actually am (but that's just between you and me, right?).

With PocketCloud I will be able to control my home computer from anywhere in the world, which will allow me to keep an eye on what my kids are doing and put a stop to it if necessary. Further, it will allow me to keep in contact with work and business associates wherever I am without having to resort to the small screen of my phone. Lastly, I would be able to drop my expensive smartphone plan, get a dumb phone, and carry around a MiFi hotspot for tablet connectivity which would save me a significant amount of money each month.

I use Pocketcloud to remotely manage a 911 Emergency Medical Services system. Via a VPN connection, I'm able to use PocketCloud to provide support to the paramedics that are utilizing technology to help save the lives of those that are sick and injured. Without it, I wouldn't be able to remotely login to provide this support from all locations at the time they need it.

I'm currently in the process of starting a Home Care Agency for Seniors and individuals with disabilities. The business design requires the Home Aides to keep extensive records of the members wellbeing and progress. I've been looking into establishing an internal network with VPN access but the expense is too great.

The PocketCloud seems to be the perfect alternative. Clients will be able to update their needs requests in real times, Aides will be able to punch in once they reach their location, track hours worked and most importantly keep detailed notes of the clients condition.

With or without the Xoom, I'll be using PocketCloud.

PocketCloud is fantastic--I am the tech support for all of my friends and family, and I have been using it for a while on my iOs device. I'm actually surprised by this post because I never knew that the app was available for android--I'm downloading the free version now, and hoping it's got the same functionality. That being said, the xoom would be fantastic both because of this app and because I'm not ALWAYS using my device to fix other people's screw-ups!

Being always on the run, PocketCloud will help me to take care of urgent client needs by letting me access my screen at the office.

Simply put, it will be like carrying around your home computer everywhere you go without actually doing so. :)


I have tried almost all of the RDP software in the androiud market. Pretty much all of them have one big selling point. Pocket Cloud on the other hand is my hands down pick. It provides a simple, easy-to-use interface while still maintaining high end features that RDP customers demand. Being that I am the "tech guy" in my family...(as a matter of fact, my wife has stated on numerous occasions that she married me for the tech Pocket Cloud has been a life saver. I can work on my family's computers from anywhere and the software never fails. Being legally Blind, the pinch zoom is a must in an RDP program and I must say, Pocket Cloud seems the smoothest of them all. I use this on my HTC Icredible and would absolutely love to use it on a XOOM. If for nothing else other than to make my IPAD using coworkers swallow their tounges in envy. Maybe then I'll have some quiet time at work to do what's important....PLAY ANGRY BIRDS ON A XOOM!....oh and work some too.

How Would I Use A Xoom with the Pocket Cloud App?
I am an instructor at a native college in NW Montana. We have a lot of space and a lot of classrooms spread out over that area. Having a Xoom with Pocket Cloud would enable me to take the tablet with me to class and to be able to teach each class equally and independent of its location. That's what I would do with it.

Working for an IT company that handles both regular consumers and business customers, this will be a welcome addition as we as a company move all of our customers towards a total cloud computing experience!

As a professional musician in Los Angeles who is always on the go Pocket Cloud helps me immensely already by giving me access to the enormous library of sheet music I have stored on my Mac at home. Often times, I’ll show up on a gig and find that tons of new songs have been added to set lists and no charts available. What I’ll do is go into my Mac on the fly, pull up whatever I need on my Droid X, and go from there. A solid solution that has saved by butt many times, but even with the awesome Droid X screen size it can be a serious eye strain and I would absolutely LOVE to have this sort of access on a XOOM –which is the perfect display size for sheet music. This solution would also enable me to leave the giant music songbooks I have at home altogether, and instead simply plop the XOOM on a music stand, connect to Pocket Cloud, jump in up my directories, and open the sheet music as I need it. Plus, I carry a music stand, amp, mic stand, two bass stands, and two basses into gigs and to be able to cut lugging all these gargantuan songbooks would be glorious.

In addition, I do music composition and song cues for TV and have a massive library of .WAV files at home that were created in Pro Tools. I often end up taking CDs to meetings because these files are absolutely huge and it is impossible to load a nice mix of material to my Droid X to play for potential clients. I can go into my Mac and access it, but it is impractical to make a quality presentation on the Droid X simply because of the size (people make with the squinting). With Pocket Cloud on a XOOM I would be able to set it on a display stand, jump into my library on the spot, effectively show its depth, and pull up and play any track in any style the potential client is looking for. It would be ideal in that I could take my presentations to the next level, make a fantastic impression as a guy right at the technological cutting edge, and allow me to lose the antiquated CDs.

Lastly, I’m a comic book creator (I consume coffee via I.V. at this point) and I keep PDFs of finished books and works in progress on my Mac at home. I am often in meetings with editors and development execs and the ability to break out the XOOM to answer the question, “What are you working on now?” by pulling up my works-in-progress to actually put an amazing visual to my own verbal description would be a HUGE advantage. Again, these files are gigantic, with a typical 22 page comic book combined into a single PDF running over 20 GB –impossible to store on a mobile and even more difficult to show off killer comic art on such a relatively smaller screen. Comics can be a visual medium, and it is often times far more effective to “show” than “tell” when it comes to getting ideas and mood across to someone you are meeting for the first time. This would be pitching 2.0.

Bottom line: A XOOM combined with Pocket Cloud would be a game-changing combination to my day-to-day business routine and allow me to take my entire operation to the next level. Thank you for this opportunity and for your consideration.

This device and Pocket Cloud will help me convince my company to pull the trigger on an Android switch.

PocketCloud and the Motorola Xoom tablet would be a really great help to me as a student of the Naval Academy. We are needed to keep near constant access to a computer or mobile device to check emails and use word, excel, powerpoint, and the internet in general. Having a tablet I could always carry around easily, and that has the ability to connect to my computer would be perfect.

i tried to email a report to my teacher before going to school. when i pressed the send button i rushed because i was going to miss my bus. if i didnt send it i wouldve failed the semester. we didnt do that much work that semester so work counted even more. luckily i had pocket cloud and checked if it had sent it. it didnt so i sent it using pocketcloud!!!

I'm a big fan of this app. It does mobile windows better than Windows Phone 7. I can just imagine it running on a Xoom tablet. Can't wait to see what is possible.

I use pocketcloud to remote desktop to my server at home, giving me constant and full access to the server while allowing me to manage it anywhere while on the road.

My sister is living by her own in another city, she usually phoned me to ask advice when she had troubles with an app on her laptop. The only way I had to help her, was to tell her step by step the instructions, but was quite difficult sometimes because she confused the instructions.

I saw this app on an Ipad, it was simple to use and got the job done, but now on my Android it's wonderful to help my sister on the go with no hassles. Thanks a lot!

If I were to win, I would put this to use as my travel machine vs my current laptop as the touch screen would replace the need for an external mouse (the touchpad on my laptop doesn't work as well as I'd like).

I'd be able to use this to support my family when they have computer issues without having to worry about where I am, and could use this during scout meetings as a far less awkward presentation tool and learning device. I would still have access to the files I use for scouting without having to convert or store them elsewhere, so no more worries about formatting issues.

Being in IT professional I like stay on the cutting edge of technology and like to play around with new and interesting products. With the tablet it would be cool to see how it operate with various other platforms and bring a new way for data and communication to other established platforms, and it would be cool to have something fun like this just to play around with and make others around me jealous.

Since my cat tore some of the keys off my laptop keyboard, I plan to use PocketCloud as a keyboard replacement, which would be especially nice on a XOOM.

I didn't even have the free version of PocketCloud back in December when Android Central reported the 250k+ downloads of the app. I knew then that it was time, downloaded the free version. With Christmas money, the full version was my first purchase. I've used PocketCloud to remotely connect to my client's computers after I've sold them my company's software. It allows me to troubleshoot (and train) without having to make a physical visit. And I think the "cool" factor of it, when I show them in initial sales meetings now, makes my company seem more progressive and on the cutting edge!

Wyse helps me get things done. I can get into my home computer and grab files that I forgot before class, or I can use it to access my bosses computer to fix a quick snafu. Either way Wyse PocketCloud is one cloud I'm happy to have hanging over me.

I do part-time IT work for a non-profit. Having a full-time job, I do as much of the work remotely as possible. PocketCloud makes it easy for me to log into their server and take care of little problems that popup from where ever I happen to be. It's so easy and it saves them money, since I only charge if I have to come out onsite.

It's great to be able to do this on my phone, although the screen's a bit small, since I don't like lugging around my giant laptop bad all the time. Now, if only I had a 10" screen that was lightweight I could use... :)

PocketCloud will help out with the long projects that cannot be finished in time whether they are personal or business. To have the ability to have all my info anywhere is just crazy and I would not have to carry a hard drive that needs constant backup to be current. I would love to win this because it would help in all aspects and just make projects go by easier because I would be able to do them on the go.

The PocketCloud will help me keep in contact with my family that is located all across the US. Right now trying to video chat or even stay in contact with my family and even friends is rather difficult. With the PocketCloud I will have the ability to do this anywhere at any time, which would really make the parents and grand parents very happy, since they will not only be able to talk with me but my 7 month old son as well.

My career requires me to be on the road quite frequently visiting clients and making presentations to prospective clients. In the past I have relied on "other software" to access files from my office computer, but oftentimes this "other software" has lag time and a difficult time staying connected. Pocket Cloud looks like it was made specifically for someone like me (or my colleagues). I have decided to transition away from a laptop to a tablet for presentations, so this will help my efficiency and effectiveness within the workplace. Furthermore, the ability to extract media files from my work and home computer while on the road will improve my quality of life during down time (i.e. sitting in the airport or my hotel room). In my opinion this app on a tablet will change the way business is done across the world. My colleagues and I will benefit greatly. Great work Wyse and Motorola!

Pocket Cloud would help me develop more games and apps for android for free. It Also Would Be A Great B Day Present....Good Luck Everybody!!!

Besides possibly getting a free Motorola Xoom tablet. PocketCloud would be useful addition to accessing data on the go using various mobile devices from smartphone, tablet, and netbook that support Android OS.

If I had a Xoom I could connect to my XenDesktop and XenApp enviroment and work from anywhere. I could also show it to my clients and get them to buy WYSE and Motorla products.

With PocketCloud I will be able to conduct business on the go without needing my laptop. I can't wait for a tablet that will replace, at least mostly, my laptop.

Pocket Could and my new Xoom will allow me to access my work files whenever I want from my Xoom. Giving me more flexibility in my work and family life. I won't have to worry about carrying around my heavier and bulkier laptop if I know that I have Pocket Cloud and my Xoom!

Best of all...having a Xoom we'll keep me from buying the new iPad 2...and let's face it, I was going to buy one till the Xoom was announced at CES. Now I won't have to after I win the Xoom through this contest! :-) Android FTW!

Oh dear lord, PocketCloud saved me from failing a class only this week! As a student, I had to write a 15+ paper for my Advanced Chemistry course and I, being the typically rushed person I am, left my finished paper in my room on the non-debatable due date....

I was about to die until I remembered I had left my desktop on. I used PocketCloud to access it and email it to myself to print.

Thank God for Wyse and HTC for PocketCloud and the Evo 4G or I would've been sunk!!!!!

I'm currently a Windows user who has been using Android for two years now and Pocket Cloud has allowed me to blend the two together. It has made my business run smooth now that I can access my desktop pc from anywhere.

I could use PocketCloud to streamline my life. I am an independent artist looking for easier and quicker ways of contacting clients and showcasing my portfolio. While I do have a laptop like most that are entering the competition, winning the tablet would help me pick up clients which would help my business goals overall. Laptops are portable but are not nearly as portable as a tablet and with PocketCloud I could leave the bulky computer are home and use the cload to access my files on the go. Showcasing my skills quickly and conveniently is very important to me.

I do appreciate the you took to read our entries and I wish you luck on choosing the winner. I know the decision wont be easy.

My career requires me to be on the road quite frequently visiting clients and making presentations to prospective clients. In the past I have relied on "other software" to access files from my office computer, but oftentimes this "other software" has lag time and a difficult time staying connected. Pocket Cloud looks like it was made specifically for someone like me (or my colleagues). I have decided to transition away from a laptop to a tablet for presentations, so this will help my efficiency and effectiveness within the workplace. Furthermore, the ability to extract media files from my work and home computer while on the road will improve my quality of life during down time (i.e. sitting in the airport or my hotel room). In my opinion this app on a tablet will change the way business is done across the world. My colleagues and I will benefit greatly. Great work Wyse and Motorola!

Pocketcloud is great; I've recently started a business that takes me all over the city. Having access to my computer from my phone not only saves me the cost of a separate computer for data entry, it also saves me time, which lets me be more attentive to the needs of my customers.

I am in a touring band and PocketCloud will help me work on software back home while out on the road

I have been using PocketCloud for a few weeks now and it has simplified my life. As a Sergeant for my local fire department I am able to access files and computers from my Droid X in the field with ease. I frequently access reports or inventory sheets. Having a Xoom and pairing it with PocketCloud would make a perfect combination for having my office and home computers at my finger tips no matter where I am. Hats off to WYSE and the developers for putting a great deal of thought and effort into this great product!

With PocketCloud my life would become much easier, I would mainly use it when at school. I am a college student, with a CIS Major, I have a old bulky Laptop that when hurts my back from caring it all day, but that laptop is still good and functions pretty well, but with PocketCloud i would only need to carry a tablet around and would make my time in college a little easier, mainly for back. I would use PocketCloud daily with typing up something or with programing on VS, or simply streaming a movie from my laptop or desktop. Well thanks this tablet would help me and my back a lot.

This tablet will enable me to more easily develop award winning applications for the medical community from anywhere by using Pocket Cloud. This tablet and handy application will free me from being tethered to the office, Starbucks, or my neighbor's internet connection. It is very time consuming and difficult to do that now on my Samsung Fascinate (keyboard and screen are a little small to do any real coding) but I do what I can. I would appreciate it very much if lightning would strike and deliver this Xoom tablet to me. I am also very fond of any other free technology that Wyse, Motorolla, or any other vendor is giving away. Thank you for your consideration.

Wow how can I sum up how great pocket cloud has been since I've been an avid android user and dev. I take my phone everywhere with me (HTC Incredible) to keep up with all the office and company owner support.

I've used pocket cloud countless times to remote into different servers at different locations across Tennessee, remote into virtual servers, remote into administration consoles and phone switches that are windows embedded based.

I remember going to see Coheed and Cambria in concert last year and having an extremely urgent call from the owner of where I work that he could not get e-mail on his blackberry (it was extremely urgent, what isn't to a CEO lol). Considering he's the CEO it was a big deal and he was in a pinch. Thanks to pocket cloud I was able to remote desktop into the utility server, launch the BES admin, delete and reset his blackberry account and device, and proceed to walk him through the BES activation again all while standing in line for a concert at a extremely loud and dark venue. I was the hero and I didn't lose my place in line for the concert! I can't live without this software (this set it in stone).

It doesn't stop there I've used this software at doctors appointments, dentist appointments, even on lunches with friends and vendors! I remember being out of the office when I should have been in the office for something and this thing saved my butt, they thought I was somewhere in the office taking care of business :D.

I've partially contemplated going Windows phone 7 for the great Zune and Xbox Live integration but based on the sole fact of no decent remote desktop app (pocket cloud thats you!) I decided to stay android camp for the foreseeable future :).

If I win this Xoom tablet (highly doubtful I've never won a single contest in my life) I would use it as a replacement for my laptop and partially in place of the HTC incredible on my remote desktop needs as I'm out of the office or out of pocket. Regardless this software is a must have to anyone on the go like me!

Pocket Cloud rocks, Android Central rocks, Open source forever!

i could get work done from anywhere. multitouch...window dragging!!! woot. this could be the first new piece of android heaven for me since the nexus............thx.

As a network engineer, Wyse Pocketcloud will be my all in one pocket tool when I need to accomplish my data center maintenance even you're out of office or onsite away from the desk you can connect back to you desktop. It's so convenience enough to accommodate my needs complete the works onsite or offsite.

Beyond the obvious technical advantages of PocketCloud, the usability of such an app is a crucial marketing strategy geared toward the average consumer.

The techies know exactly what can be done with PocketCloud, but the average white collar user needs a more practical example, like my favorite use of PocketCloud...

Training my newly adopted mini schnauzer, Oscar, not to pee on my bed by playing a loud sound on my home PC via PocketCloud whenever I see him sniffing around my sheets!

I love PocketCloud!

This would help me tremendously with the IT support part of my job. I would be able to connect to the servers and end users computers from wherever i am, without needing to lug my laptop around! Great for the times i'm on "vacation" and need to fix stuff!

Pocketcloud is an incredible tool.

I'm in college now, as a freshmen at Stevens, and find myself out all the time. I have the Droid X, with my college email synced to it, so ive grown to not need to have my computer with me all the time, especially since i get amazing signal here.
Yet most of the time i still need the files on my computer. I used to use dropbox until i found out about pocketcloud. now i just leave my computer on and anytime i need anything i just log onto pocketcloud and i literally have access to EVERYTHING on my computer.
I cant even begin to explain how infinitely helpful this is.

I have the utmost respect for the wyse for developing this incredible program, especially since i myself am beginning to get into android development. Receiving a device as new and incredible as this would help me out tremendously with everything from school work to android development to pure fun.

Thanks for the consideration!

As someone that works remotely PocketCloud can help me have the freedom to work from nearly anywhere. On a tablet I can only see this as being that much more useful. I wish I new about this sooner.

I am a professional piano accompanist. I would put the piano music on the tablet. Then I could turn pages by tapping the tablet to bring up the next page. That would be tremendously quicker and easier than to grab the page manually. No more missed turns or turning two pages at the same time.


Paul P

No question about it.... I already love being on cloud 9 using PocketCloud on my HTC EVO 4G. I love being able to login to my home PC and use my webcam as surveillance, although a bigger screen is always a plus right...RRiiiiiiiight!

As a transportation specialist, I cannot take my office with me, but this app looks perfect for my needs needing to connect on the go to give my customers real time answers and solve their problems.

pocketcloud would be a great way for me to keep one copy of important files that i can access anywhere, on my tablet, phone, or pc.

To be able to continue to edit my books, without having multiple copies of them everywhere, at different stages of writing/editing/formatting would be a godsend.

This would be the ultimate gadget. i woudl be able to utilize it fully at work with the business intergration and seamlessly use it at home to watch moveis from my Video Server anywhere in my home.

I cannot wait to use this app. I am in the process of installing it on my laptop. I have seen other people using LogMeIn and have wanted the ability to access my laptop from my phone. Now I can...for free!!! This will be so helpful for me to be able to get to my school files or even my media from my DX. I can only imagine how much more I can get done while away from my computer using this app. This app is about to get seriously used. Thank you WYSE for PocketCloud!!!

Of course, I wouldn't mind a Xoom either.....although I may have to wrestle my wife to keep it in my posession. And thank you Android Central for the Xoom!!!!!

PocketCloud would save me when I'm on the go. I have multiple desktops, laptops and flash drives. Remembering which one has the file I need to present to a potential client or having all the files synced to my phone is a pain. PocketCloud will save the day, by allowing me to access all my files on the go. I can access that Presentation, that image, etc anytime anywhere.

I would be able to help my deaf grandmother with her PC problems from my HTC Evo (or the Xoom and it's bigger screen) more often than having to rely on her using a translator at Best Buy - which to me, is more valuable than anything.

Pocket Cloud will help me to be able to watch my recorded TV off my PC. Also I could use it to access my archived mail on my PC and to remotely troubleshoot PCs for family and church

I am a caregiver to an disabled family member. My office is very understanding about allowing me time to take him to doctor appointments and physical therapists. The problem is that I can't take my work with me. My job requires that much of what I do be tied to one computer back in the office so I always have to come back in and work late on the days he has appointments. Having a devise that can access the information on my desktop while on the go would be a huge time saver for me! The Motorola Xoom with the Pocket Cloud app would allow me to keep working while away from the office rather than spending all my time going back and forth.

Having the power of Pocket Cloud on the Android platform for me makes the formerly impossible, possible: having the ability to access my desktop from anywhere. Thank you Wyse!

Pocket cloud is great because it diminishes the need for a laptop. A tablet by itself can not replace a laptop for my needs. not even a tablet with honeycomb. But a tablet along with this app does exactly that. You get the best of both worlds. The versatility of a laptop along with the portability of a tablet. I'd say this is the single must have app for someone who plans on using their tablet for more than just fun.

Honestly, I would love something more reliable than LogMeIn and useable than it on my Android as well. I would use it to log in and send myself things from home when I'm either on the road or in the office. I would also use it to help my wife with the computer when I'm out and she needs something.

By using PocketCloud on a tablet, I would be able to play the third, or even fifth, iteration of my favorite epic turn-based, history-spanning empire simulator during my lunch hour at work! I do it in my head, but PocketCloud would let me do it on my home PC better.

I have only just started using PocketCloud but love the features and the possibilities seem endless. It's unbelievable that this allows me access to my home machine to monitor processes and access files while on the go...but it really does work. With PocketCloud's support for both platforms I have the ability to access my Mac at home or my PC at work. The free version is very appreciated - it's allowing me to give the application a worry free trial run before I decide on the purchase and makes it a lot easier to suggest that friends give it a try. I can only imagine how amazing it would be to use PocketCloud on an Android tablet.

PocketCloud has become an invaluable tool for me. I'm often in places where remote access is restricted by network administrators and when I get a support request in those areas I don't have to apologize for not being able to help. I can just RDP in and resolve the issue on the spot. And if I get going down the benefits of having access to my VMware View virtual desktop via PocketCloud I wouldn't get any work done for the rest of today. Amazing software, keep up the good work!

This would make my job as a freelance IT guy so much easier.
I would be able to get to all my tools I use to fix PCS.

I just started using this great product yesterday to control my home computer with my ipad. HOW GREAT IT IS!!! My goal is to turn my ipad into my home computer, and my goal is to control a computer hidden in the house to do everything I can't. But this great tool and the new hardware that can do more would be PERFECT! Thanks!

Im 16 years old and attend The McCallie School as a boarder.. this tablet plus this app will help me not only be a better student and actually do school work and projects, but will show our lazy IT department that tablets and cloud computing and storage are a must at a school like this. Students' tablets (which consist of mostly those oversized iphones) are the furure and we need to adopt early and be ahead. haha..

p.s. this is by far my most visited website on my computer (behind facebook of course)

Pocket Cloud and a Xoom seem like they could be the perfect complement to my working (and playing) life. I currently have a PC at home, a Mac at home, and a smartphone. Often files I need where I am are on a machine at another location. When covering long bill hearings for the radio station at the state capital, being able to have access to all my files on a compact-but-capable device would be wonderful. It could let me put the long hours to good use while waiting for something interesting to happen in the hearing. In my non-working life, the same access would apply to make things more copacetic among the different electronic devices. A smartphone is just too small and unusable to control and have access to all these devices.

As an IT Manager, PocketCloud would enable me to remotely manage our infrastructure from anywhere I have a data connection. I could also remotely support our users. There are other interesting possibilities like using tablets for check-in via RDP to a server based application.

I run a test lab at a semiconductor company. I often have multiple tests running on different computers. When I am in a meeting or out for lunch, I use PocketCloud's RDP capabilities to monitor tests.
I also have a MineCraft server running at home that I manage with PocketCloud while I am out or at work.
It is amazing. I don't know what I would do without it.

The pocketcloud app is awesome, the remote desktop feature is not to be missed. If you forget a file no problems. I would love to win a xoom tablet and be able to use the pocketcloud on a tablet.

Pocket Cloud will allow me to make the tablet experience more suited to work. It will help me to justify the expense of something that would have otherwise been just a toy (no expense if I win it however.

I am a technology consultant for trading firms. This requires me to be available no matter where I am. PocketCloud (especially with the larger tablet screen) would allow me the freedom of troubleshooting and analyzing what is happening at any of our clients and finally free me from having to lug around my laptop everywhere I go.

This means more freedom for me and better support for my clients.

PocketCloud on Tablets is also something many of my clients have an interest in as well.

I use Pocket Cloud daily on my DroidX to connect to my work pc. Much better than the other rdp apps out there! Would LOVE to use it on the Xoom tablet!!

Pocketcloud will definitely help me out, allowing me to lay on my bed or sit on the couch and still utilize my desktop! Just downloaded it on my Fascinate, the Xoom would definitely allow an easier experience though.

I am looking forward to using the Moto Xoom and PocketCloud to forward my patient information and condition report to receiving hospitals during my interfacility transfers. As a paramedic, anything I can do quickly and easily tops the list of must have items since I need to use the majority of my time assessing and caring for my patients.

When I remote into my work PC its always been from a stationary desktop in my home office. This app truly enables me to be remote while also being mobile! This ends the necessity of being tied to my home office enabling me to multitask between my everyday tasks more efficiently. I would love to win this device!

It's easier then logmein on the iPad. Makes viewing large spreadsheets and word documents possible on an android based device.

PocketCloud is great when I need to access my home PC from work or school. It's a lifesaver since I don't own a laptop and the setup was smooth as silk!

As a very involved student, I have many different tasks I have to do daily, many of which require a computer. I've been using PocketCloud for quite a while now, and it has saved me more than once.

Recently, I forgot to upload an important file to Dropbox, which normally would have forced me to run back to my computer and drop it into the right folder. Thankfully, I had been using PocketCloud at the time, so I just had to open my phone and I moved the file to the correct space.

I don't have the money to get a laptop or tablet, so winning a Motorola Xoom would be awesome!

We demo VDI on Cisco UCS for our customers using an Ipad and Citrix Receiver. I'd love to be able to demo the alternative combo customers have been asking for which is Pocketcloud running on Android!

Then customers and my co-workers (Apple fanboys) can see the full deal with my HTC phone (running CM7), Xoom Honeycomb, and Pocketcloud!

PocketCloud would help me greatly. I just started my own business and would love to have the ability to get my invoicing done right after my work. It would streamline my business from the start, allowing me to concentrate on the next job and not about billing the previous one when I get done with my day.

Pocket Cloud could really help me access important files on my computer while I am out meeting with colleagues, as I am always out and about.

Pocket Cloud would help me in my college to make sure I never forget another assignment, while the tablet will also help me with taking notes. It would be great to win! Thanks for the contest Android Central and Wyse!!

Holy mackerel. Pocketcloud rules! I can remote into any of our servers when away from the office to fix/troubleshoot something. It works so smooth and the pointer is really cool. It will help me when I get calls away from the office that something went down.

I am the office manager of a relatively small multi-million dollar company. PocketCloud helps me in my day-to-day activities by providing me a link to my office and office files regardless of my location. The use of PocketCloud lets me examine and make changes to documents of importance from our company server with no hassle. This has allowed me, on more than one occasion, to complete time sensitive activities while away from the office.

I have tried many competing applications/solutions that will remain unnamed but I found them to be very inconsistent with their level of connectivity/reliability. I simply can not afford to use applications that might not be availble for use when I need them. Thus far, PocketCloud has proved to have the level of reliability I require. The only drawback I have as of now is the small size of my Android powered smartphone's screen. (4")

With that in mind, I have already decided I will be purchasing a tablet to use in place of my phone in conjunction with PocketCloud. The Motorola Xoom would be an ideal companion considering its computing strength and wireless capabilities, not to mention its large 10" screen.

Thank you for your consideration in this contest as well as providing the contest for Android Central's users.

I manage a 24hour production facility in western Washington state for a parent company in Wisconsin. Not only do I have to juggle sharing data across time zones, I also need to be able to get to data from my office for those pesky 3am phone calls...

Pocket Cloud helps me by doing exactly what it says it can do: allows me to securely access my desktop any time and anywhere!

I could manage our QA servers while in bed in my pajamas!

As opposed to at the office in my pajamas... Mm, it would be glorious!

And on another note, I saw the mention of Thin-Browser™ on your website being used to allow Flash. While that's cool and all, what about Silverlight for Netflix? Would that work too? That would be even more glorious! Though probably not good for the servers mentioned above...

I've been a fan of Wyse for years. From their old Serial Device Terminals, to the Win Terminals, and now Pocket Cloud. The RDP function means everything is at my fingertips w/o taking the Laptop with me. Great Company, Great App.

Pocket Cloud will the close the gap between myself and PC while away from home. I will no longer need to bring my laptop in for meetings instead I'll be able to take my notes via Xoom. Cloud integration will be the end of clunking around unnecessary hardware.

Pocketcloud running on a new Moto Xoom would greatly increase my efficiency as a person who's in the field much of my work day. I manage the instore IT infrastructure for a growing quick casual restaurant chain. Being able to VNC into servers at the restaurants and our office while i'm on the go from a Xoom using Pocketcloud would save me a great deal of time and create a higher level of enjoyment for our customers who rely on the many systems we have for a great customer experience.

PocketCloud helps me improve the workflow when I'm not at the office. It's a real timesaver and I guess it would work pretty well on my new Xoom... (c;

I'm a mobile mofo! The pocketcloud helps me because I'm always on the go! As a IT Professional and developer, I'm always on. As a grad. student, I'm slammed with papers and reading, and I need to be able to read and write with the fleeting moments in my day. I need a device that goes with me, and can access everything always. With an hour commute each way, I can't just run home to get a file, turn on a computer. I need a device connected to the cloud, not hindered by corporate IT policies, and one that can be used for work, RDP/Remote/VPN, navigation, GPS fitness (CardioTrainer), homework/posts/discussions, and the ability to access objectionable, consensual, content :)

And any time a person owns a device NOT locked into crApple's apples, that's a win for humanity!

As a field engineer that is on the road for 8 out of 12 months this will give me more access to my work pc and server where all of my documents, plans and prints can be found. Currently I have to find a hotspot or wait until I get to my hotel that evening to access stored information. This tablet with 3g service will give me that 24/7 access almost anywhere across America. What a great product!

PocketCloud will ensure that while I'm at school and away from my computer, I can quickly access all of my important homework files. No longer will forgetting to bring my computer be a problem!

My job requires me to be very mobile. I frequently need access to files and a console remotely. PocketCloud gives me the ability to access my server console across multiple devices. The VMware View capability will soon enable me to access our VDI environment from just about anywhere.

Pocketcloud will let me access my research papers/articles from my home computer when I am off in class or on rotation during my years in pharmacy school.

I am extremely excited for the Motorola Xoom, especially when it will have a great app like PocketCloud to go along with it. A device is only as good as its apps, and Pocket Cloud is one of the best. It allows me to access my computers with ease from pretty much anywhere. Because of pocket cloud, I don't have to worry about forgetting to bring my flash drive or email a link. I can just pull out my tablet, open PocketCloud, and it is like I am right back at home. PocketCloud is the ultimate solution for anyone looking to compute on the go, especially those who desire that full PC experience. PocketCloud working on the Motorola Xoom will provide a rich, big-screen, high definition computing experience that will be hard to beat.

What a great app! I already have it on my phone and can't wait to run it on my new Xoom! This product is essential for my online business and I would be using it on a daily basis just about all day.

Pocketcloud would be a lifesaver for those times when my wife needs me to help her with the computer. She owns her own business and I end up being her tech support. She is usually out and about visiting different clients so it would be nice to be able to instantly see what her problem is and help her out.

I manage a bunch of servers and when i say a bunch over 1100.
I would use this bad boy on a daily basis and put it through its paces. Will it keep up? I dont know but I would love to give it a try.
Plus im the biggest Android dork, yes i wear the T-Shirts!!!

As a former Marine and current grad student, Wyse already makes my life easier. I work on campus, but at a job where I sit at a desk and have nothing to do most of the time. I am able to just put all my schoolwork in the cloud, and work on it from my phone or when I have nothing to do. I also edit papers for a lot of my former Marine friends on the side, and this enables me to have easy access no matter whether I'm on my computer, or phone. It just makes my life easier. With a Xoom to carry around, particularly at work, it would be that much easier.

Been using the crap out of it to help with family tech support issues. Helps ease the strain on relationships with the less tech savvy members of the family.
Using it on the XOOM would be a blast!

Thanks for a great giveaway!

With the Wyse Pocketcloud app for Android I can finally be connected to reality wherever I am. Ah crap, I forgot my laptop with my 30 page essay saved on it. Boom...Pocketcloud! Love it. And love it even more with the Auto Discovery feature. Please make my life easier while attending Flight School with a new Xoom tablet and Wyse Pocketcloud. I am the "Wyse" choice.

Can you remember when you forgot to print an important document before meeting with a client.... with Cloud, you can print right from your smartphone! Save the day!

I would be able to log in to a computer from an android device
and to find everything I need!

The other thing I would be able to do better is make my boyfriend jealous! He loves tech stuff like this!

This is a great tool for when I need to move some files on my desktop into an accessible location or download some movie to the disk for streaming.

helps me to fix my special needs sisters computer which seems to need a lot of fixing!

This would totally allow me work while mobile. And all the other things you can do from a Xoom. Would love it!

While I use PocketCloud on a daily basis for work, the most memorable use I had was during Christmas. About a week before Christmas I had connected my Laptop to our big screen TV in our living room. I was letting the kids watch a movie with my wife. I then told them that I was going to our neighbors house.

Instead of going to the neighbors I went into our walk through coat closet using the door through the garage. The other door opens into the living room. I was able to log into PocketCloud with my phone and commandeer my laptop. Now understand that my wife is clueless about computers so as I started closing the media window on the computer she had no idea what was going on.

I opened up a new Word document and started typing. I said that I was "Santa Claus" and my 6 and 3 year olds went NUTS! They started screaming and yelling in excitement as I proceeded to tell them what Santa was doing to get ready for Christmas. I can hear my wife freaking out trying to call me from her cell phone (luckily, I anticipated this and my phone was on silent)! My children started asking questions and since I was only a doorway away, I could hear them!

I was able to answer their questions and remind them that Santa is always watching them. My wife then started talking to the Laptop as well and it took all I had in me to hold my laughter in. Well after about 20 minutes of this I explained how I(Santa) needed to get back to work if I expected to be ready for Christmas Eve.

I then snuck out the back door to the coat closet and went next door for about 20 minutes. I explained to my neighbor what I had done so he could cover for me if my wife asked. Luckily I did this as my wife came out the back door and yelled over the fence for me asking why I wasn't answering my phone. My neighbor (great guy that he is) "reminded me that it was inside on the table where I left it".

So to this day my wife hasn't a clue what happened or even how. My children ABSOLUTELY believe in Santa and I can't wait until next Christmas to do it again! I'll probably have my father do it this time after I secretly call and put him on speaker so he can hear us. My wife won't suspect a thing!!

Pocketcloud will help me access my business documents without having to have a laptop with me all the time.

I have used PocketCloud before a few times. Only issue is on a phone its a little small to use really well. On a tablet it would be very useful for when it comes time to update and run the maintenance items on all the PCs/Servers I have.

PocketCloud combined with the Motorola Xoom would be extremely useful in both my professional and personal life. I am often on the road and have relied on two laptops (one for work, one for home) that I carry with me any time I travel. In my professional life I must constantly keep in contact with my customers and projects, while at home I work as a side devloper and designer. I am the proud owner of both a Galaxy Tab and Nook Color (rooted, of course), neither of which manage to bridge the gaps between my career and off-hours activities.
PocketCloud has allowed me to maintain some of my at-home development activities while on the road, but I am looking for the next best piece of hardware to eliminate the 'fragmentation' of devices I need to keep up with my day-to-day.
I cherish the day where I will be able to conduct work activities while on the road and truly maintain my at home business from the hotel room without the need to carry multiple laptops / tablets.

It is most helpful because I do not always remember to put an important file on my phone in a compatible form on my phone, and when something comes up and I need a file thats on my computer

I currently attend school and most of my English papers are done at home. I normally email or bring my papers in via USB. I've had this application on my phone to check up on some of the processes my computer runs on a daily basis while I'm not home. One day I had a MAJOR paper due and was unaware and luckily I had it finished at home. I hopped on to my phone and used this app to email my paper to my teacher in the nick of time. It would be a blessing to win the Xoom tablet because Wyse has already saved me once. Keep up the great work and even if I don't win I still thank Wyse for an amazing app.

The Xoom and Pocketcloud will assist me in selling software solutions by allowing to me to connect to my PC at my office and run a full demo in from of the customer without having to ask for permission on their network. I sell a software called Laserfiche and is an Enterprise content management software that is hard for the normal person to see all the benefits until you actually run it for them. Also having a table can help show the flexibility of the software by running the web client on the Xoom

Especially on a tablet, running PocketCloud could not only solve my multiple devices problem, but save my back too! Having a tablet, laptop, and phone on me in school is a bit overkill and it would be great to start consolidating my devices. My backpack wouldn't be packed to the brim since obviously there would be one fewer device, if I can finally leave my laptop at home, but I would also be able to pull up my notes from home while in class and still retain the power of a fully fledged PC!

My back would be so happy if this went through and I love both Wyse and AndroidCentral for doing this!

As a teacher PacketCloud will allow me to help my students with technology issues, when they are in the computer lab from my class. I can also take it with me to the lab and help several students easily. Plus, it will give me the opportunity to integrate the media on my home PC into my classroom.

Man I want one of these!

Pocket Cloud will help me access information when I am on the road talking to dealers and customers. When I'm on the road I find it hard hard to find an internet connection that I can jump my laptop onto to look up serial numbers or check on status of company orders. Pocket cloud on a Tablet will allow me to do more without having to call my office to look up the information for me.

Wyse PocketCloud enables complete access to my Windows PC, Mac or TS when I'm away from the office, on top of googles android os it will improve a already great application.

Wow, this would be awsome. I am a mobile user and find that carrying a laptop is not always needed and most of the time only require the funcitonality that a tablet provides. However, I find that I am constantly hit with events where I still need the resources at my regular computer and having that reachback capability would allow me to satisfy 95% of my computing requriements when on the go. I can generally plan for the other 5% when I actually need the computer in hand. I am sure all mobile users would agree. Haveing a tablet, namely the Motorola Xoom, with integrated cellular support and PocketCloud onboard would streamline my day to day logistics. Thanks Wyse and the PocketCloud team for sponsoring this contest.

PocketCloud will help me manage my client's computers with ease. And help out my needy relatives as well in my lacking spare time.

As a photographer, PocketCloud will make life easier using the tablet. As orders for photos come in, I will have complete access to the necessary files on my photo PC. I will not have to spend time at home filling orders anymore. Pocketcloud will also allow me to display photos on the tablet for a potential client or friend without having to pre-load them onto a flash drive. Awesome technology that I was previously unaware of for Android!

The Pocket Cloud app is one of easiest to use remote desktop apps around. It's saved my behind on several occasions during the past semester at college and would be a create addition on the Motorola Xoom. Winning would make my day...or semester even.

As a law enforcement officer, it will give me access via my Droid X to important case info back at the office from my desktop while I am out conducting field work. Mugshots, associate adresses etc.. will be more up to date without the need to sync on a daily basis.

It would be amazing if i won..pocketcloud would definitely help me use the full potential of Xoom,letting me pretty much have a completely portable pc that I'd use almost 24/7.

With Pocket Cloud I was able to check documents on my home computer and view it right on my Droid 1, seemless and easy process, great app! Would love to use this on a XOOM!

Would love to be able to pair a tab to my Droid Incredible! That's how I'll use PocketCloud.

With multiple wireless providers, 3 OS, laptops, desktops, Atrix and XOOM joining soon and the sometimes unpredicted travel plans we need a solution such as PocketCloud - allowing us to access some sales and POC materials we need for our work.

Imagine the possibilities, being able to access homework or presentations located on your home computer from anywhere. As the Android OS and Wyse relationship continues to develop, the future possibilities are endless, I am excited at the chance to be part of that future!

if i win this the pocketcloud would be so helpful during school it may be the only thing i would use for now on if i win this Motorola XOOM

I am an engineering student at the University of California San Diego and Wyse PocketCloud allows me to leave my heavy laptop at home while still being able to be productive. I can access my laptop from my android phone and still get my engineering work done, all the while saving my back from having to lug around my laptop all day.

First time I've heard about PocketCloud but seems like it would be awesome once I get my first Android phone(waiting for 4G) and Tablet.
Right now I use gotomypc from my laptop but that is expensive and sometimes I just need quick acess to forward an email or document from my work computer. Not much fun to have to power up my laptop everytime for that. This would be sweet on a Xoom. I got the dumbpad as a gift last year but was planning to give that to the wife once I got a real tablet.

PocketCloud will make my life easier and more enjoyable in general from streaming my music and videos to accessing my papers from the job .

Wyse with PocketCloud has recreated the remote desktop experience directly on the mobile phones and tablets, either iOS or Android based. This enables one of the most important connections we can have on the go, the connection to our personal computer. This product has the potential to change the way we use our phones by turning our devices into something more than an email client, a browser and an app store. This will be especially useful in the context of the tablets, where a bigger screen will help the user to recreate the desktop experience everywhere. Wyse has also took care of packing all these features with secure connection functionalities (SSL) and VMware View 4.5 support. What's more? A full flash-compliant browser gives you the web experience you've been dreaming in iOS. Thanks Wyse Technology!

Owning a talent agency, the freedom to travel while working losing no functionality while being away from my studio is invaluable. It will be great to use this tablet for giving presentations to prospective clients.

Wow, This is the coolest of all apps, for true Google fans. PocketCloud will help me make of my new XOOM (I hope to win....), replace my dog of a windows pc. I can see it now, me an my new XOOM with PocketCloud running office apps and upload Pics for my friends on FaceBook. Oh if it only could be true that I win…….. As I keep my fingers crossed……………. Wish m luck!

pocket cloud has helped me be able to access hulu on my phone, and other documents I might need to email to myself wherever I am even away from home. I hope I win I have known about pocketcloud for the longest time and I love android central. :)

PocketCloud will really help me when my company sends me out of town and there is a meeting the follow morning and someone asks me for a file or some spreadsheet from months back. I have to send an email to someone in office back home, then walk them through until they find the file. In other words, PocketCloud would help me by getting the middleman out of the way and being about to get what i need before its the last minute. It can also help see pictures that my wife uploads on our PC of our new born while I am out of town.


PocketCloud looks like it'd be a big help. Currently I'm working at a company that's just starting up, so being able to quickly remotely access the one business PC when I can't be at the office (I have to keep working my current job until this one takes off) with an ultraportable machine.

I've been an Android since the G1 pre-buy.
Still not up to speed on all this stuff but I'm trying.
I have not used the Pocket Cloud and have only just heard
of it thru this contest, But I'm going to give it a shot.
I can see where it would be very useful to my sales/business.
Thank you for your support.


Really, really (yes 2 reallys) useful and truly polished apps are not all that common. Pocket Cloud has already proven to be one of the best! Thanks for all the hard work in developing such a great app.

PocketCloud would help me get away from my desk at home and spend more time with my 2 boys, something I desperately need to do. At 3 and 1 they are a handful, and I need the flexibility to get away from my desk to spend time with them while still being able to get at my files and work. I'm sure my wife would second that, so she could get more breaks.

As a man who is literally only home a few days a month, owning a Xoom tablet would greatly enhance my ability to do my work, stay in touch with clients and with my family.

Man this would make my life so much easier. I have to do audits on 115 machines and am always away for my computer. PocketCloud on with the Xoom will make it so when I won't be behind for hours when I get back to the office. That would be amazing!

PocketCloud will make the Xoom capable of more than a run-of-the-mill tablet. When I think about it, I feel like I'm living in the future!

Pocketcloud will make me being a college student much easier. I would have the ability to be connected to my computer at home and I would not have to carry my laptop everywhere and still be able to have a tablet with the ability to read my papers and allow a more readable cloud experience on a tablet screen compared to my phone. My eyes would thank you if I won.

Pocket Cloud is just what I need to be more productive when traveling or out of the office! It would be even more awesome on the Xoom's large screeen!

Since our business relies on WYSE terminals and remote desktops, PocketCloud further extends our ability to work in practically any location we desire using a more convenient and lighter device than a laptop or netbook. It provides a more effective and efficient way to do business on the go for our Corporate users, IT technicians and Sales Agents. Access to internal business applications and services hasn't been easier to deliver to our users. It's all around a great product.

PocketCloud with a tablet will allow me to excel in college more. I am heading off to the University of Michigan this fall and I already have a very powerful and expensive desktop computer that I built with love, last year. PocketCloud will allow me to save the $1000 plus that I would have to spend on a new laptop for school because I could just use my phone or tablet to access my powerful desktop that is back in my room. I am already strapped for cash due to the financial costs of college and PocketCloud would really help me save a large sum of money and improve my learning abilities. Thank you for offering this contest.

I installed PocketCloud on my Samsung Captivate and the remote desktop capabilities have allowed me to access necessary information at anytime from anywhere, as well as being able to respond to last minute questions while in meetings, working hospitality it has allowed me to refresh the status of arrivals, departures and rooms within minutes. PocketCloud has made me point person when other managers are looking for the latest information, it also allows me to provide information about their rooms and concierge services on a more mobile environment. The success of these benefits has started the idea of no physical front desk or concierge but rather roaming staff to provide these services from anywhere on the property. On a personal level thank you so much because thanks to PocketCloud because everyone thinks that I am in my office 24/7.

As a student pharmacist having the XOOM with PocketCloud would help me every day with class work, research, and also with entertainment during slow times. Being able to access my saved research articles and homework from work, school and on the road would be an immeasurable help to my productivity and learning. I would be very grateful to win.

I have no clue how PocketCloud will help me in my everyday life. My only guess's would be actualy watching my media w/o over filling the tablets HD or actually being able to watch Netflix via my desktop...

PocketCloud is great because it's the first ap of it's kind that was extremely easy for me to implement. It was very easy to download and setup. I travel a lot for work and PocketCloud helped me access files I forgot today and will definitely come in handy in staying productive while I'm on the road. So happy someone made an app like this so simple and easy to use. Thanks!

PocketCloud will allow me to convince my boss that Android is the OS to have along with the hardware of a Xoom for the office.

Wow, Amazing!!! what more can I say about the "Pocket Cloud" app.

Android Phone $199.00
Pocket Cloud App $14.99
Remote access to all my computers without having to carry my bulky laptop "PRICLESS"

Wow Pocketcloud is a great app that helps me get access to my desktop easily. No hassle setting up and UI is wonderful. When ever I need access to my desktop I can do that easily from my andriod device. Sweet, I hope to be able to use it on the Xoom tablet I win!!!

I would love to try and use the PocketCloud app on the Motorola xoom. The app force closed on me a few times when I tried to use it on my htc evo. Great premise and I can't wait for it to work reliably.

I wasn't aware of Pocket Cloud before seeing this contest, but it looks really interesting. I'm going to try the free version now and experiment with accessing my computer from home and work before upgrading to the Pro version. There's been so many times that would have come in handy.

It would be great to run it from a Xoom, of course.

¡oƃ ǝɥʇ uo 'dn ǝpısʇɥƃıɹ plɹoʍ ʎɯ uɹnʇ ǝɯ dlǝɥ plnoʍ pnolɔ ʇǝʞɔod

As a young IT professional, I'm always looking for a way to be more connected while away from the office. I believe that with the combination of the XOOM and PocketCloud, I will truly be able to work from anywhere.
I'd also like to show it off to my bosses who are considering purchasing an iPad for us at work. I think the XOOM and PocketCloud combination would be able to perform everything they want the iPad to do and more and hopefully they would invest in one for all 12 of our markets.

Well you can tell by all the comments the combination of the Xoom and Wyse pocket cloud have traction and great potential. I think tablets are great devices for consuming media with a small handy dany footprint. By themselves, tablets aren't good for creating content and have few main stream applications that are ported over. Combine Xoom and Wyse pocket clouding and you have a winning combination. I am a IT Ops manager for a health region and I would love to get my hands on a device that isn't so tightly controlled like the iPad. I would love to have more options for our doctors and nursing staff. Today our staff can use any device with the pocket cloud because we secure it with RSA. They can destroy their tablet or install anything on their device, but the important patient data or important company data is safe and sound. If the tablet is stolen no worries, no risk. Everything important is sitting in the datacentre. Another great thing is that you only one place to patch your apps too.
Please let me take this solution for a spin.


Well you can tell by all the comments the combination of the Xoom and Wyse pocket cloud have traction and great potential. I think tablets are great devices for consuming media with a small handy dany footprint. By themselves, tablets aren't good for creating content and have few main stream applications that are ported over. Combine Xoom and Wyse pocket clouding and you have a winning combination. I am a IT Ops manager for a health region and I would love to get my hands on a device that isn't so tightly controlled like the iPad. I would love to have more options for our doctors and nursing staff. Today our staff can use any device with the pocket cloud because we secure it with RSA. They can destroy their tablet or install anything on their device, but the important patient data or important company data is safe and sound. If the tablet is stolen no worries, no risk. Everything important is sitting in the datacentre. Another great thing is that you only one place to patch your apps too.
Please let me take this solution for a spin.


As a small business owner staying ahead of bigger companies with technology is a must. Being able to basically run my business wherever I am is paramount for my success. I have looked into the iPad, but it doesn't have the necessary applications i need to do this. I have researched the Motorola Xoom and found that this is the gadget I need to stay ahead of the game.

Access to my PC from anywhere, will allow me to show potential clients what i have to offer, without having to carry anything bigger than a book. I like that! Also, since my business is tech driven, it will be much more impressive for clients to see that I keep up with new and exciting technology. Business meetings and client presentations will be a breeze with the Motorola Xoom!

The big and beautiful 10" display will put my clients jaws right where it belongs... on the floor!

Ive never heard of pocketcloud, but now Im going to try it out because i know cloud computing is the future. the motorola xoom, which is powered by googles android OS, already places emphasis on clouds. all of your contacts, emails, and calendars are synced. with pocketcloud I'd be able to sync all of my documents and more, which should come in handy this fall when i go to grad school.

Oh, to be able to use my Xoom, and my link to the cloud, to create. I'm a novelist, and envision a day when writers can carry around xooms like their antecedents carried notebooks in their back pockets. struck by inspiration, at any time or in any place, we can use this amazing technology to capture that moment.

oh,i'm also a journalist, and i'd love to give one of these xooms a good workout as a tool for reporting and editing.

Pocket cloud and the doom would help my family and I manage photos for our family abroad to share and would also allow my wife and I to do work using our desktop without having to be at the desktop. My wife could access lesson plans and assignments for students and I could work on proposals and email clients using the tablet and RDP software. It would be a portability and Savior tool for when things are forgotten at home or when traveling for business. A super cool and useful combo. Hopefully I am lucky on this contest. We sure could use the tablet and software. Aloha!

Two words: Tech Support
I am going to college, and this will make my life so much easier, so I don't have nightmares about going back to fix the computers. I'll take care of it all with PocketCloud! Quick, simple and intuitive.

PocketCloud is an amazing app. To be able to access my PC anywhere I go is a life saver. I work in the wireless industry, so I am always on the go. On days when I am traveling, I easily have access to any important files or reports that are saved on my PC at home. When I am in my stores, I also use this as a great selling tool for Android (I know its available on iPhone too, but who cares about the iPhone). Those heavy business users love it.

PocketCloud will help Organize Schedule from anywhere, making the switching days easy, will help me control the content i download and make it ready when i came back home, will help me share with friends those pictures taken last week while snowboarding but that i wouldn't like everyone to see it, or maybe those old memories that i only keep in my main computer.... wow so much i could do, I could write a book just mentioning, i would love to use it with a new XOOM if i win the one from here, i wont be able to spend the cash they will ask for it... if not i might try it with different tablet in the future

i'm always at work, seems like it's my life and my jail. thankful i have a job, but still... anyway, while at work so much is being restricted and monitored: blocked websites, blocked ftp to the outside, blocked wifi, blocked thumb drives & usb connections, but thankfully not (yet, anyway) smart phones or personal devices (tablets).

so, for me to fix something on the home network, review my kids book report, or get something useful done while babysitting a junior developer, pocketcloud and xoom would make the perfect combo over a 3g or tethered connection!

PocketCloud would help me tremendously because I work after hours support for my software company and often answer calls late at night. With this I wouldn't have to start up my computer for every call, I could remote directly into customer's servers.

Pocketcloud would help me to be a great sales manager and get me through school. Organization is key and a small screen can't always help out as much. I can't lug around a laptop and I can't do everything on my phone and look professional at the same time. And sometimes your files are at home when you need them. Plus it'd be a nice showoff tool to ipad users.

Every day PocketCloud lets me access everything on my computer directly from my android phone. It does it seamlessly without a hitch and I look forward to the same media portability on the Motorola Xoom. Thank you.

I love using Pocketcloud. Ive even told all my friends and associates about it. As a music producer I constantly have to send stems and riffs to different artists and when I was out and about clients didnn't like to have to wait until I can get to my desktop in the studio to send important files. Or wait for me me to find an outlet and an internet connection to plug my hard drive up to my VERY old laptop. Now ever since I started using pocketcloud it is a lot easier. Though my HD2 has a nice 4.3 in. screen it still is a little difficult to operate my desktop because I have extra large fingers lol and the Android os for this windows phone is far from stable. I'm a starving artist so i dont have the funds to buy an android tablet. Hell I don't even have enough cash to pay my phone bill. (Wifi is my Savior lol). It would make my life and job so much easier if I had a nice large screen and fresh operating system to operate my business. So with that I say please choose me as the winner and help a starving artist out. Who knows if I make it big. I could be a great advertiser for Pocketcloud :)

As a road warrior, I'm away from my office the majority of the week. PocketCloud allows me access back to my home lab from my Droid Pro and is an indispensable tool for my productivity.

this is no doubt craziest app that I have! it help me with the many things but my favorites would be:

1: seeing what my kids are doing while I'm not there.
2: controlling my pc which is connected to my television. people cannot believe it when they come over!

congratz to whoever wins but please pick me !

Ps...pocketcloud would be even crazier on the xoom!

Since work blocks everything but http, PocketCloud allows me to login to my server and fix any issues that arise during the day.
At home, it allows me to manage my headless server without needing to switch my keyboard and mouse from my desktop over to the server.

it would help me check on problems that my photographers are having in the field.

It was great for providing tech support for some of my small business clients while I am away from the office. Now I need to get a new phone because my current backup phone won't run PocketCloud.

PocketCloud would allow me to be able to keep up with my blog and other social media by allowing me access to my home PC where all of my important saved data is stored.

well... i saw this post and thought... i could win a free xoom, sweet so i can save myself $800. then you had to be a member of not only android central but you had to have the app.
well l thought about it and downloaded the app. As soon as i saw my home screen pop up on my Droid Incredible, i had thoughts of how this could help me at work. I spend a lot of time brainstorming in my bosses office at work and on the road visiting clients. We dont have vpn access for any of our computers at work, so to be able to access all of the network drives on a beautiful 10.1" screen would be great. It would surly increase productivity. The best part is that i can take notes in meetings and file them away on my PC at work. I can also do that it i am on the road with a client. I can pull up data instead of having to bring 900 different jump drives.
I do have to say though... it does take a little bit longer to open things up on a smartphone with a 3.7" screen. I think the beautiful 10.1" screen on the xoom would make the app even better than it already is.
In case you were wondering... i wrote this entire comment using the app.

PocketCloud would allow me to become truly mobile. Being able to access my workstation and VMware images while on the go would be a great asset!

I'll be honest, prior to reading this article I had never heard of Pocket Cloud (I've heard of Xoom, but what android junky hasn’t!). After reading through some of the comments I immediately downloaded the "free" version of the app. This is an app that I could definitely benefit from.

Being a father, a husband, a provider of the family working 40 hours a week, and a graduate student working on my Master of Social Work degree, time is something I have to manage constantly. This is where the Xoom and Pocket Cloud would be an asset. Instead of spending time on the PC working on assignments, returning work emails, etc. once I get home from work I could use this in the living room, giving me the opportunity to spend more time with the ones I love which I could ALWAYS use.

Being a senior in college with three kids makes me a very busy person, but with PocketCloud I can be in two places at once. I can monitor downloads that are going at home, and I never have to worry about forgetting an assignment on my desktop, because with PocketCloud I bring my desktop with me. I can even use it to remotely assist my brother with virus removal. A device like the Motorola Xoom, running great apps like PocketCloud, would definitely make my life, and hopefully my senior project, go a little bit more smoothly.

PocketCloud would be awesome because i'd be able to access my Media PC at home via my phone and I could watch my own videos on the road when away from home...

I have to work at a different satellite office every day of the week... up to 20 different locations... obviously this would be very useful for me.

ive been reading this site religiously for about a year, never made an account until just now... so how about a xoom to welcome me in?

Being a young entrepreneur having a Xoom Android powered tabled combined with the power of the Pocket Wise app would truly alow me to conduct business everywhere and anywhere. The freedom to travel while working losing no functionality of being away from the office is priceless. Please make me a winner Wyse Technology.

I Can't afford a Xoom and together with Pocketcloud life could become easy
I had never heard of pocketcloud before and my original intention was to just make something up. However when I looked into it I'm really interested in trying it (need the xoom first) because currently I use a dyndns setup with vpn and vlc in order to access my desktop computer when I'm on the road... needless to say its a pain in the but and I with everything just worked. I'm thinking pocketcloud may have some huge potential especially plugging the xoom into a small projector for showing presentations from files on my home desktop.

For me, answer is simple. PocketCloud has helped me to organize and keep track of vast amount of information like i have never done before. I take a lot of notes during and off work and always had difficulty keeping track of them either because I lose piece of paper that wrote down on or couldn't read my own writing. With smartphone and mobile cloud sync note app, not only I can write, but I can also take voice, video, and pictures as notes and organize them on a big screen when I get home or office.

Pocketcloud has helped me get my school work done on the go, that's why a Xoom would be great to use in class and out.

As a current college student it is very difficult for me to access the files that I left on my home computer from the new city I am in. PocketCloudis the perfect app to have for me. Since I an always on the go with a full time school schedule, 30 hours of work per week and a campus ambassador position, a Motorola Xoom would greatly increase my productivity as well as helping to maintain my high level of academic achievement. Thank you Wyse Technology ave Android Central in helping me to become a more productive student.

PocketCloud? Until now, I'd never heard of it. All things cloud based help keep me mobile. So I guess that's how it would help me in the future- by keeping me connected to my junk wherever I have a signal.

I'm a sysadmin - Wyse would let me leave the bulky Dell laptop I have to lug around at home. Being able to get a full desktop in a tiny form factor would make my life a lot easier - not to mention my back a lot happier when I hop on my motorcycle and don't have an extra 5 pounds in my backpack..

This and Pocket Cloud would help me with college, and also to get my future business started. This would my life easier in so many ways! :) I always get calls for tech support and this would save a lot of gas money and headaches

After seeing this contest I searched the web and read up on PocketCloud app more. What I've read lead me to replace my pogo-plug, which only worked about 25% of the time. There are 2 things that I love most so far. I can open a file on my PC and see it as it was meant to be (nice when the mobile screen is just too small.) And the ability to do whatever whenever I need. Thank You androidcentral for showing me this great app. Can't wait to see who wins!

PocketCloud would help me with my school work being able to no longer worry about leaving documents on my laptop (which I don't bring to class) and not being able to turn in assignments. I would defiantly bring my new Xoom Tablet with me and then if need be use Pocketcloud like all good college kids should. =D

Wyse Pocket Cloud is an awesome app that I have used since it was in beta. I purchased the full version immediately, as it was by far the best RDP app out there. I use it almost daily to log into my computer and control the lighting in my house, pull up programs on my computer, and even run some games on my computer.

PocketCloud will help me as a student in college to access all my documents, whether I'm in class or in the library!

PocketCloud would allow me to keep tabs on what the kids are doing, without so much as a clue that I am monitoring their Internet use. That and like most people have stated, it would free up a great deal of time and energy by allowing remote access to my different PCs scattered throughout. *Fingers crossed.

PocketCloud would make my life so much easier because much of the time, I need to gain remote access to my own artwork, videos, photos and other media for both my job and personal use. Streamlining the whole process with a device and hardware would change everything about computing for me. I've wanted to upgrade to an Android phone for some time now, but I just haven't been able to get the money together at quite the right moment lately. So, to be able to do this on such an amazing portable device would be AWESOME! The Xoom is a truly brilliant device and marrying it with PocketCloud would be a match made in heaven!

I frequently travel for work and often need to access files from my desktop at work. It would be extremely convenient to use a tablet such as a xoom to access my computer from the cloud, and would make my life much easier. Plus I can use the Xoom on the plane for watching movies!

I am currently a Masters student in information systems, through my course work I would use the Xoom to organize my school, exam, and assignments schedules in one location. As well as using apps like Teamviewer to manage my home server while away with its live desktop GUI. The kindle application with the Xoom to also investing in e-book versions of my textbooks which are cheaper. Having all textbooks and planners in the Xoom would optimize my schedule and efficiency greatly.
Overall the Xoom would allow both my academic and social lives to be equally balanced in one device.

At first I didn't know what this PocketCloud is all about. But when I visited the site inorder to know more about it so I can comment what I need to write to win the Xoom, I am more and more interested on the app itself now.

Still though it is better to run the app in a xoom tablet.

Oh by the way... BOOO!!! Motorola for pricing the Xoom like gold.

As if the coolest device coming to market wasn't awesome enough...

I already teach computer apps and hardware as my full-time day job (to literally hundreds of students per year). This includes introducing them to the latest technology to make them more productive, including server maintenance, remote access, virtual machines, desktop apps, graphics and web design, and more. Plus my second job is teaching an online curriculum to EMT's and Paramedics. Then my third job is my own pet project, teaching public safety personnel to make more out of their devices than just spending a few hundred dollars on a phone for text messaging and decent quality pics and Facebook. I teach them to make apps work for them to evaluate scene hazards, keep track of resources, work on online and offline continuing education, look up patient's medications and check for interactions, document patient care, play games, chat, use social media (for personal and agency use) and more. I also use these kinds of tools to motivate them to get solidly into the digital age before they get further behind, especially since electronic documentation is now mandatory in most regions, and it will be shoved in their faces whether they embrace it or not. With the employer's job market, the new mantra is, "Here's your computer... learn to use it right or get a new job!"

I can easily see demo-ing the PocketCloud app to my IT wannabe students to help them manage their systems from anywhere in the building without lugging around a full OS tablet or laptop or bumping another person off their PC to administrate a system, and when they intern and full-hire at their new jobs, they'll take the awareness of PocketCloud with them and share it to their new employers and if they're the boss themselves, get their staff on board. I'll share it with my EMS and public safety colleagues to have them remote access their home networks to stream their media, pull a PowerPoint for a class, or remote log in to a training server for teaching materials. In public safety, this app could help us with facilities management from off-site, such as checking on crew welfare, managing system automation (like environmental controls, opening and closing gates and garage doors, troubleshooting their workstations, and obviously that's just the start. On a disaster scene, many of our new generation monitors can be networked together to a central PC, which this app can let us remote access while we make rounds on patients in a portable hospital environment. Plus it will personally help me as I build my tech business and expand my IT skills. Oh yeah, one last thing PocketCloud would be great for... it wouldn't hurt to use the app with my grandparents (and other family's) computers so I can help walk them through their frequent obstacles with daily computing (especially since I've been nominated as the entire family's free personal tech support).

Thanks for running the contest and giving me a chance!

The Unwired Medic

I use Pocket Cloud on my Evo, and it's a handy way to be sure I have everything at my fingertips... but on a Xoom...

I'm a musician and I have a great deal of sheet music on my PC. Tons. Too much to put the whole collection on most mobile devices. To have access to all of it on something the size of a Xoom, sitting on my piano, would essentially allow me to a very legible, virtual songbook of PDFs at my fingertips. With Pocket Cloud, that songbook would include the entire collection I have at home.

I don't just want a Xoom, I think that it or a similar tablet of its size will be indispensable to me and people in my line of work.

Many of the people in my life see me as the man with the answers when they have a technical question. PocketCloud will allow me to stay connected to all my personal and business data when I am on the go. This increases my productivity and keeps my coworkers, family, and friends happy.

PocketCloud will help me do what I do better in the way it transforms my tablet into a portable desktop whose resources are only limited by what's available on the other end. I can do anything that I can do with my workstation, in fact I AM in my workstation. It's just like having a much more portable monitor with built-in input devices wired through the internet.
No more dealing with setting up numerous applications and freed up from compatibility nightmare on the mobile device itself.
The fact that it works smoothly over 3G also implies more uninterrupted productivity.
On top of that, the NLA would be one of the top selling points for enterprise usage.
PocketCloud is the true meaning of mobility :)

Pocket cloud would help reduce my neck pains. Instead of staring at my desktop computer all day, I'll lay down on my bed and work from the tab.

PocketCloud will help me be able to access files and information I need for work, and for play, to be able to stream my files and/or access my content remotely while I'm away.

Everything I could possibly need in ONE place ? What's not to LOVE ? ! Simply put: PocketCloud rules !

PocketCloud will help me do what I need to better by making it easier for me to access my PC whenever I'm out of town and I forgot to do something or if I'm making any last minute changes to any essays I have to do.

if i won the xoom it would make my life much easier seeing as i would be able to monitor my family convience store with a bigger screen than my droid2 and i do alot of computer repair stuff for my vietnamese family who arent very pc literate so thats where pocketcloud would help out tremendously. good luck everyone and thanks you for offering this contest.

After ten years of being the closest to tech savvy as the lonely geek in an office full of normals, I'll admit, my tech-fu is has gotten fat and slobby. This year, I decided enough was enough, and struck out solo. It's been pretty sweet so far, but I'm realizing I need an update, and fast! I'm traveling more, doing much more online, planning a website, networking like a mad thing, setting up contracts, keeping books, and running a lot of the communications for an international organization. When things get hectic, it means responding in real time at all times, whether I'm on vacation, on the job, or sitting up at night in my bed.

I like the efficiency of a little smart phone (Nokia ExpressMusic, and bite me, because that little sucker does what I need it to, keeps me up on my e-mails, plays my tunes, takes great pics, surfs fine with wifi, fits in my small pockets, lets me type with my nails, and survived being CURBSTOMPED by my 3200 pound car, with only a quick and easy screen replacement required. Suck it, iPhone!)

Ahem. But I digress. The long and short is, any travel means hauling the laptop. Tried a netbook, but it's slow and almost as cumbersome. Good battery life, and fine for the airplane, delightfully dainty keyboard, but heaven help me if I try to do anything that requires the processing speed of a newt. Used to be lovin' the Macs, but in recent years, craptastic innovations like cutting edges (literally, I've gouged my hands) and dumping real software for kids' games (seriously, Sound Studio downgraded to Garage Band? No included office software? WTF, Jobs?) have made me bitter for this worm-eaten name brand. So no Mac Air for me, and as for the iPad...well, I'm not so very impressed.

But the more I read about PocketCloud, the more intrigued I get. See, mostly, I'd just prefer traveling with a gizmo for leisurely reading and surfing, for which, believe it or not, yes, I can use my Nokia. OK, the surfing gets painful. But sometimes, I need to tap into my programs, my templates, my scads of old documents, my slideshows... I need more, and I need it now. The laptop's a pain, the netbook isn't up to the job. But a tablet with some decent remote accessing software...well, that might just do.

Pocketcloud would be great for me. No more worrying about not having the right files at work or at home. No more needing to remember numerous files to flash drives now all I need is pocket cloud and I always have access to whatever file I need.

I'm automotive centered, I help out a lot of friends and family keep their cars going and it sucks going inside to look at my software diagrams. having a tablet that could pull down all my software/diagrams from my PC to where I'm at would help me get them moving again quickly.

I currently use my laptop at work and it's kind of a pain. I pack it up when I go somewhere, then have to unpack it again when I'm ready. With a Xoom Tablet and Pocket Cloud (& Wi-Fi from my Droid X), I'd be good to go!

Just joined Android Central today because I heard about it on The Stern Show. (Howard Stern just got his first Android phone and like me is trying to learn all of the features)

Soon after joining Android Central I heard about POCKET CLOUD, I watched the video and I AM AMAZED, I cant believe a product like this exists!! WOW!!

I love it!

I cant afford to buy a Tablet, im still paying my bills from Christmas like many people but today im happy because i found android central and pocket cloud.

PocketCloud is a great RDP solution for both home and office. Having the ability to carry it on the Xoom tablet would allow even more benefits and flexibility between the two environments.

I currently can't use pocket cloud due to having a lower end android phone with not enough power to sufficently use the application to its fullest. Wth a Xoom however? That's just a whole new world of possibilities.

As an IT guy I always find myself in need of a great RDP application. I think this combination would be a wonderful thing. It would allow me to respond to issues without the need to pull out my bulky laptop. Plus I'm a geek who loves playing with new toys.

PocketCloud will allow me to access my desktop PC while I'm at work where our firewall prevents access.

I am constantly on the move, yet required to have knowledge of realtime info. Something like this can allow me to meet both requirements!

I work for a Pharmaceutical Database company that specializes in data entry systems for companies conducting FDA drug trials. Our current setup is a Terminal Service (Remote desktop) setup. We are always looking for ways to innovate and this may be a possible solution!

1) The Sponsor (Pharmaceutical Company) always complain about the lag time between data collection and data entry. This is usually because they have limited connection terminals and they're usually static. PocketCloud on an awesome Motorola Tablet would enable the data entry people collect the data right at the bedside!

2) With the reduction of data entry lag, it would result in a faster turnaround of monitor review and therefore faster and cleaner data.

with pocketcloud, I would be able to access my files on the go, which for a business owner like me would be extremely helpful. I currently have a lot of files I use on a daily basis, and having to email them to myself is a hassle. with pocketcloud, i would have everything I need in one place, plus having the XOOM tablet, i would be able to access that on the go, in an easy to use form factor. Pocketcloud, I am rooting for you, and hope you see fit to let me win and show you what I can do with your product.

PocketCloud will help me work more efficiently and without lugging around a laptop. Using to help family and friends fix there computers. Accessing my movies and music on the go would be great

Pocket Cloud will definitely help when I forget to print out a document so that I can email it to myself.

PocketCloud is great to have everything accessible when you need it. Between a desktop, 2 laptops, a Droid (and thats just my devices...double that for my wifes devices)....being able to easily share and access what I need, when I need it is great. Using a XOOM tablet will make things just that much easier....and will make traveling lighter instead of carrying bulky laptops.

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