Only three days left to enter to win a Motorola Xoom!

Motorola Xoom

The Motorola Xoom is looking to be the Android tablet to beat so far -- check out of first look at CES. And if the rumors are correct, it could well be launched in the next few weeks on Verizon.

And that means it's time to give one away. We're teaming up with Wyse Technology, developer of the Pocket Cloud app, to deliver one unactivated -- and free -- Motorola Xoom tablet, running the Honeycomb version of Android. Hit the break for the full details and instructions on how to enter.

The contest details

First things first -- we don't yet know when the Xoom will be made available on Verizon. Rumors have it at mid-February, but that could well change. Also be aware that the Xoom will launch as a 3G tablet. Verizon has said it is expected to be upgraded to be LTE-capable sometime in the second quarter of the year.

The Xoom is being purchased and delivered by Wyse Technology, once Verizon makes the Xoom available for purchase.

You must be a U.S. resident at least 13 years old to participate in this contest. For complete rules, click here.

How to enter

It's simple: In the comments of this contest post, tell us how PocketCloud has helped (or will help) you do what you do better.

The contest ends at 7 a.m. EDT Sunday, Jan. 30. Wyse will cull the entries and choose a winner, which we'll announce later that week. Remember to answer the question. Merely replying "Yes!" or "I want to win!" will not get the job done. And we won't stop you from entering more than once, but we'll know if you do. So don't waste your time.

All that said, have fun, and good luck!


Reader comments

Win a free Motorola Xoom tablet from Android Central and Wyse Technology


I support a couple of medical sites with 200+ users. PocketCloud seems to have what it takes. Might be a useful tool to have.


I know everyone will have an awesome example of how or why they will use pocket cloud so trying to one up everyone else is pointless.

I've never used the software before but have had my eye on it! I think it will really help with when my parents call and need something fixed on their pc asap and I'm not around my pc. The idea of rdp from a phone is leaps and bounds from what I thought a phone would be able to do just a few years ago!

to the cloud FTW!

I would like to use pocketcloud to win a zoom. I would use the xoom to video chat my dad whose always on buisness trips. I hope I win.thanx.

The Pocketcloud will help me do my nonprofit work better by allowing me to help orphans without being tied down to a hard drive I have to carry around. I travel a lot helping migrant kids and I need an easy way to keep data safe.

pocket cloud is awesome! it combines my fragmented use of google docs, logmein, dropbox, evernote...all into one convenient access point!

As a senior in college and a ROTC cadet I am constantly working on the go. With the cloud system I wouldn't need to worry about whether I remembered to transfer a file off of my desktop or if I included everyone in an email. This would ultimately mean I have more time for things like sleep or trying to find change for chow!

The majority of my work is stored in the cloud. All my documents are done on Google Docs. Thanks to Documents To Go Premium version, I can easily edit my documents on Google Docs. It helps to have a bigger screen when typing. Other applications I use on a daily basis are Dropbox (for storing my AutoCAD Drawings) and Evernote. I wish there was a great App to view DWG (AutoCAD drawings). For now I use Dropbox and Log Me In Ignition on my Workstation to remotely view these files. There has to be a better way. If anybody knows of one, please let me know.

Also, Netflix. I just downgraded my plan to the streaming only plan. I'll have a lot of fun with this one :D

Never heard of PocketCloud before, but if it could simplify some things for me I'll give it a shot. I love being informed on productivity apps like this.

WoW this is a great oppurtunity for someone to win and get the most out of a great tablet namely the moto. Xoom paired with wyse technology pocketcloud tech. I will be able to work so much more efficiently and with that said play even harder! Wyse and moto teamed with android central the possibilities are endless. I would definitely push it to all limits which will be hard to do but, with all that I do on a daily basis. This will touch new and older generations in more positive ways than one! Good luck to everyone

Wyse PocketCloud will help me tremendously in this years upcoming VMware View VDI deployment project. I'm a virtualization engineer with far too much on my plate like most of my colleagues in the industry and a Wyse PocketCloud enabled Motorola Xoom tablet would make my case for secure VDI mobility for our end uses as well as enable me to manage my environment on the go. Wyse's strong offering in VDI over the years is my top pick for desktop delivery zero client to my end users. Unfortunately, my users aren't at their desks all the time and their mobility is key to our business success. These are the business pressures that are moving desktop virtualization to the forefront of our agenda and Wyse PocketCloud can be a big key to our success in the mobility aspect for all of my mobile end users.
Plus it's just super cool tech, it friggin rocks.

Im a full time college student and since I do no own a printer I am constantly needing to email documents to myself so I can access them at the library to print them off. This busy load that comes with an engineering degree often causes me to overlook the emailing to myself step of the process. With PocketCloud I can easily access my computer from my phone to email myself so I can print off my school documents and has saved me a lot of the times I have slipped up and forgot.

I can use PocketCloud in all facets of my life. For my job as a United States Air Force Bioenvironmental Engineer, I will be have at my disposal the information I will need 24/7 to protect all our Airmen from potential harm due to occupational and environmental hazards, as well potential threats such as chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear disasters. Also, in my personal life, I can maintain my finances, especially when I have a temporary duty (TDY) assignment or if I ever get deployed. This is vital during a time like tax season. Overall, just a very useful and practical application for life in general.

PocketCloud would help me access both my Linux and Windows machines at work allowing me to continue to learn to code and start adding to the Android community!

PocketCloud will definitely help me be way more productive on my way to work and school. I live in Chicago and commute via CTA Train so it would be perfect for my 40min one-way trips to stay active. Also, both my wife and myself will utilize the video calling to our relatives who live in Europe. Would be an awesome b-day gift, it's coming up later on this year ;)

Pocketcloud will help me help my mom when ever she has computer problems and she needs me to look at the problem she is having on her computer

Pocket cloud is a great app that allows my to work virtually from anywhere. It allows me to avoid lugging my laptop around all day while I'm out on the road. With the 10" Xoom I'll be able to easily see more of my screen and be more productive. Hope you pick my entry.

I just download the app and it looks really cool and i think it represents part of the future of mobile computing. The reason i say this is because if u can access your computer with your mobile device from wherever you are as long as you have a connection and this will be even better with the new 4g connections and the new lte devices like the droid bionic and it would be cool to get a Motorola xoom course it is an actual computer that can do things unlike the ipad which is a enlarged itouch with a faster processor. This represents the future of mobile computing.

I will give PocketCloud a try on my work PC. I am new to android (about 3 weeks) and have just started to look at apps to do the things I want and was getting ready to start looking for a remote app. This looks like what I was wanting. I will give the free one a try and see whether I need the pro features. And if I could win a Xoom to run it on that would be even better! I am an administrator and if PocketCloud works that way I hope then it will allow me to leave my notebook behind and just connect directly to my desktop.

I would love to use Pocket Pro cloud in my new business venture. I was laid off for some time and it has been difficult on my family. I decided one day to open up my own recruiting business. However, I need every advantage I can get and the pocket cloud will allow me while i am away from my computer, away from my family, to keep in touch with not only those that are important but information that is imperative I have access to. The tablet and pocketcloud pro will make it possible for the small guy like me to compete with large firms by having access to the things most important to my business.

Thanks Pocket cloud,

Brian Scheets.

PocketCloud gives me the missing "in between" functionality that I need when I'm on the go. It bridges the gap during the times that I'm out of the office and can't lug around a laptop.

The PocketCloud app has helped me many times. Just last week, I had left my sales numbers on my home computer. I used PocketCloud to access those numbers and save my sale.

Being the resident "Computer Guy" for my friends and family, PocketCloud helps me help them all! Whenever any of them has a problem, instead of trying to explain to me what's wrong they now show me and I fix the problem on the spot. They no longer have to wait for me to come over saving time and headaches! Don't know how I have ever lived without it!

Just the other day I forgot and left my laptop at the office and had a deadline. Got home anf fired up Pocket Cloud and viola! Problem solved!! Great App.

I use PocketCloud to remote into my Windows Home Server when I'm not near a computer and need to move stuff around or just check on things. I also use it to remote into my work PC to diagnose issues instead of going into the office.

I was thinking about trying to be impressive and write a long paragraph about how pocketcloud will change by life, but I decided to change my mind. Pocketcloud is great because it is like taking my computer with me on the go. There are very few things that help people become this more productive while on the go.

I don't have PocketCloud yet but as soon as I have an Android phone I intend on getting it! It would be amazing to be able to see everything on my computer at home just using my phone. It would mean I don't need to lug my laptop around every time I go on a short 2 or 3 day trip. It would also allow me to help the wife when she is having computer problems while I'm at work. Sounds like a great application and will be one of the first I get.

I travel around 30% of the time with my new job. Pocket Cloud along with the Xoom would be a nice way to travel. I wouldn't have to worry about forgetting files from home or work.

Thank you Android Central and Wyse Technology for teaming up and offering this contest.

I have always loved being able to remote into my powerful desktop from anywhere, It makes life simpler. I tried the pocketcloud beta and I loved how elegant their solution was. Its not always the easiest thing to use a tiny screen for RDP but with pocketcloud it is actually not just livable, but very usable. I use it for everything from checking the status of or starting a torrent/download remotely to quickly viewing a file I have on my desktop.

I would love to be entered for a chance to win the Xoom. Using RDP on a much larger higher res screen will make it that much more enjoyable!

The main reason I would like to have pocket cloud and the xoom tablet is to be able to work on my research remotely while on the go. Having the tablet makes it more convenient and time saving for me to run and edit code for my research project. I will also be able to share documents in a flash using this software. Thank you for your consideration.

I'm a Ph.D. student, and I am always traveling to conferences, lab meetings, and talks. Often during these travels, I need to answer questions about my data and wish I could quickly run analyses to answer those questions. Instead, I either have to download my data onto another person's computer and use their software (if they have it) to run my analyses or basically just hazard a guess about the answer to the question. It would completely streamline my ability to collaborate with my colleagues when traveling if I could run my analyses virtually from my work computer instead of having to download my datasets onto another computer with different analytic software and capabilities! Quick and easy access to the work computer I've put so much time and effort into setting up exactly as I want would make my job a lot easier.

With PocketCloud, I won't ever have to worry about which computer I have a particular document saved to because I will be able to remotely access my desktop while I am on the go.

PocketCloud has helped me while I am on the road servicing printing/scanning equipment. Thanks Pocketcloud!

PocketCloud will enable me to make sure my server is running perfectly! It's always been a bit of a struggle to fix errors when I'm out as telling my SO over the phone what to do can get a bit difficult. Having this would give me the ability to provide the reliability, speed and solid connection my server needs to ensure I get no unhappy customers. PocketCloud would be a life saver!

What wouldn't I do with this?! I'd manage my computer away from home, updating documents for work and personal use, even perform website updates on the go... the possibilities are endless! Also, if it launches on the rumored release date, it'd make a GREAT birthday present.

Being a network admin, having to lug my laptop around 24/7 is not just a pain, it's darn near impossible most times. Remoting in on my Android phone is just brutal on a small screen. Having a portable, instant on device in my arsenal along with pocket cloud would make life beyond bearable when duty calls and down right enjoyable. Being mine would allow me to do all the fun things I can't do on company hardware as well as support my families computer issues while at work. I sure do hope I win!! =)

PocketCloud has provided an opportunity to truly work mobile while still having all resources available at my fingertips. I no longer need to worry about lugging my laptop with me everywhere I go! Thank you for that!

The free app has been useful to view my computer from the living room. I do seem to have some issue with ctrl+alt+del usage and would like if that were improved.

However there are work around for that since all of the functions are available elsewhere.

HTC Incredible
Windows 7

As a systems engineer in Silicon Valley, I now use PocketCloud constantly. Not only is it great tool for when I'm away from my desk but it's an invaluable tool for when I'm away from work. It allows me to "be there" when I'm far away from wherever "there" is. I love it and I use it often.

PocketCloud alone is an amazing tool but when combined with a XOOM it will be a definite "MUST HAVE." As a network engineer, I am always needing new devices to manage components and also a good/reliable remote desktop tool that I can count on. With a Xoom and PocketCloud I will have extreme confidence my network is running at peak efficiency.

PocketCloud has saved me 4 times in the past 3 months. I had to get in to work on a permissions issues on a server, remotely restart a Terminal server, creating new Active Directory accounts and locking accounts out. Because I am traveling and supporting clients in different states, I need to be able to solve their problems quickly wherever I am at. The PocketCloud works flawlessly on My droid X but having the larger Motorola Zoom tablet with the extra power and longer battery life would allow me to get my job done quicker and eliminate my Laptop for day to day use. I thought of another feature the other day that would also help when using PocketCloud. If there was a way to enable Remote Assistance to XP, Vista, Windows 7 clients, this would also be a great tool to helps and train clients as well. Some users would like to be walked through on how to do something and just have you as their eyes and ears. If this is something that would be possible and can help others, please keep me informed. It would would also be a great tool to present to current clients that are looking for a laptop replacement or a way to remotely access their work or home environment. Good luck to everyone.

PocketCloud would help me in many ways. It would allow me to remote in to my friends and family's pc's to help them fix their issues since I have a tendency to be everyone's go to person with computer problems. It can benefit me for work by letting me remote to our server environment where I can support our clients without needing to turn on my work laptop.

A honeycomb tablet with Pocket Cloud would be a great tool. Working as an emergency preparedness coordinator I need to have access to the various plans, maps, and other items that we have developed. Being able to retain these documents safely off site and able to access them wherever I am is something that would be a incredibly valuable.

PocketCloud enables me to be the family/friend tech support guy all of us gadget geeks are called to be on a regular basis. By installing clients on my friends and family's computers, I'm able to easily troubleshooting their next urgent issue. On top of that, it gives me an easy way to remote in to my home machine and add files to my dropbox. Once the files are uploaded I can easily show them on my... ahem... Xoom. :-)

PocketCloud has helped me win a Motorola Xoom Tablet and I've lost 50lbs of pure fat because of it.

It's going to let me access all my install tools and other one off situation needs instead of having to make multiple trips or clogging my email with a resend of items over and over again

Wyse PocketCloud has helped me manage my servers at anytime, anyplace. The ability to login to them and perform the admin tasks is what has kept me using PocketCloud. And all that from my Evo. Doing this from a Xoom would be amazing.

The strength of smartphones and modern tablet devices - the lightweight mobile operating system - is also a weakness in terms traditional computing capabilities. PocketCloud addresses that weakness by harnessing the power of my desktop computer. My device is no longer simply a smartphone, but a truly pocketable computer.

Pocketcloud will help me when my sister needs help on the computer, I'll be able to help and not have to even leave my couch!

My primary use case is to help my wife fix whatever is confusing her at her home PC while I'm at work. I'm a field salesman, I don't have a desktop PC to remote in with. A solution from my phone has been an absolute godsend. Thanks Pocket Cloud!

I would like to use the Xoom for school since everyone is using the Ipad. Hopefully this would allow me to utilize the machine better than those people who are apple freaks.

Pocketcloud is going to help me share files from my work computer and home computer while im running around at work. Im a comptuer tech for a university and would much rather carry around the xoom and use pocketcloud instead of a full-scale laptop. This would be so much fun to have.

Pocket Cloud will decrease my dependency on my laptop. With the Xoom I will only need to carry one device to operate in the android ecosystem, and get all the work I need to get done for school and my job in the windows environment. Crossing my fingers!

Hello, First off thank you Android Central and thank you Wyse Technology for holding this contest. As a college student Pocket Cloud allows to me to quickly pull class notes and assignments from my computer in my dorm quickly to my phone during class. This luxury gives contributes to less stress by avoiding the worry of making sure I have all of my assignments on me at all times. Many times have I used Pocket Cloud for many different situations at college and am very thankful for the app. The Xoom Tablet on the other hand would mesh flawlessly with this app to further improve my school work. The larger screen and tablet features would make note taking and viewing so much easier. Congrats to whomever wins this awesome tablet! and thanks again Android Central and Wyse Technology for the already great recourses you have both already provided me with.

Yes, this is what I need!
I frequently find myself trying to show off work to prospective clients but the pictures I need are always on the home office computer. Going to check out PocketCloud.

This app will be extremely useful. I am working on an online degree and the easier it is to access anything, anywhere, the better!

Pocket cloud has helped me many times with my sisters, girlfriend, mother, when need help with the computer which all the time

Wyse Pocket Cloud will help me retreive my documents from my computer when I've left them at home so I don't lose points on my homework ><

My goal in my house is to make the entire family and our files to be integrated and easily accessible by all users, from any location.
In order to reach my goal, I must first be able to do this myself.
PocketCloud is a step in this direction and I look forward to using it. The next step is to integrate a nice size (not to big) tablet as my portable device... like the Xoom.

Where to start? First, PocketCloud can help me better serve as the only tech support for my family. It can allow me to login remotely to my desktop and use its HTML editor to work on my website (an index of Android ROMs that I'm making for Science Fair [high-school sophomore] []) and hopefully in the future cook my own ROMs and make apps, as ChromeOS has no text editor, of all things. I can, as others have mentioned, use it to mess with people who are on my computer without my permission. Homework assignments that I forget to email to myself will be easy, as the XOOM has a sufficiently-big screen to efficiently control a desktop. Activating it will be a snap, as my parents have been Verizon customers for about a decade, and I can hopefully stick it to Motorola by putting a custom ROM on it, providing XDA pulls through, which I know they will. Also, can you say incredibly slow, annoying, hour-long bus rides plus Netflix streamed from a desktop? Oh, and of course sticking it to iPad-toting iSheep, who are quite plentiful in my area, and reading AndroidCentral's desktop version even while on the go.

I have been a PocketCloud customer ever since the software was first available on my old BlackBerry devices, and it has made connecting to the more than 20 servers I administer a breeze. There's almost nothing I can't do with PocketCloud while in the field that I can do on site.

As I write this using my htc verizon phone speech recognition software I am thoroughly impressed with android . I would love the opportunity to use the x o o m tablet . however I would not be able to afford it retail price . I will probably get one where is the price comes down a bit . The future looks bright , but I will have to wait a little while longer to put on my shades . :-)

I am a Computer Science major at a local University and a part time IT intern at an office close by. PocketCloud's ability to connect me to my desktop at home can really come in handy. For instance, one time for a Technical Writing class, I had an assignment that had to be turned in at the beginning of class. This particular teacher was not the type to be understanding and grant leniency. Luckily, or smartly for me, I had PocketCloud. I was able to get on my Android phone, access the file that I needed form my desktop, attach it and send it in an email, print it from a lab st school, and get a B on the assignment. Is it possible I could have done this without pocketCloud? Sure, but I have yet to find a service that makes it so easy to accomplish on a mobile device. I can't wait until I have the opportunity to get a tablet device and use this product on a larger screen. I am sure there is no limit to what I could accomplish.

I am a Computer Science major at a local University and a part time IT intern at an office close by. PocketCloud's ability to connect me to my desktop at home can really come in handy. For instance, one time for a Technical Writing class, I had an assignment that had to be turned in at the beginning of class. This particular teacher was not the type to be understanding and grant leniency. Luckily, or smartly for me, I had PocketCloud. I was able to get on my Android phone, access the file that I needed form my desktop, attach it and send it in an email, print it from a lab st school, and get a B on the assignment. Is it possible I could have done this without pocketCloud? Sure, but I have yet to find a service that makes it so easy to accomplish on a mobile device. I can't wait until I have the opportunity to get a tablet device and use this product on a larger screen. I am sure there is no limit to what I could accomplish.

I manage hundreds of servers at multiple different client sites. I use PocketCloud to access servers when I need to make a quick change or need to get something back up and running quickly. I had tried quite a few other RDP apps but none works as well. It's quite a bonus to get a chance to win a XOOM by letting people know about my experience.

I would use the pocketcloud to keep in touch with all my favorite android news sites and keep up to date information on developtment on xda! As well keep me entertained while at work with movie streams and complete access to home security cameras.

Although I have not used pocketcloud yet, it would make my life easier by enabling me to access my own files if I ever forget to email myself something or if I just want to access my home desktop

First off all I have to say is that Pocket Cloud ROCKS! It allows me to check my torrents from work. Not being tied down to computer and still have all the functionality is amazing! When I show people that my desktop is on my phone they always ask "HOW ARE DOING THAT?". Well the answer is simple: Pocket Cloud. If I win this contest having my full computer on a 7" tablet would be so awesome. I could do anything I want with the Xoom. So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PICK ME!!!!!!

I would really like to be considered for this contest. I currently own an HTC EVO 4G and absolutely love it and the Android operating system in general. My mobile productivity has increased ten-fold since switching from my "crippled" Palm Pre more than 6 months ago. Unfortunately, productivity is somewhat limited on a 4.3" screen.

The Motorola Xoom tablet and Pocket Cloud can change all of this. 10" of Android goodness and convenient access to my home PC via Pocket Cloud is just what I need. I can't even count the number of times that I have needed to access something from my home computer while being stuck at work or school 30 minutes away. Not to mention how many times my non tech savvy wife has needed some help with something on the computer while I am away. I could finally say goodbye to these frustrating moments if I were to win this contest!

PocketCloud will really help me when I'm at court and I need to call up a brief from my desktop remotely. Rather than pulling out my phone and frantically calling everybody at the office until somebody can print off a copy and run it to court, I could just pull out my Android tablet and call up the document right there!

As a poor, poor, poor college kid that seems to always forget to bring my papers, notes and other necessary items to class. Luckily with the PocketCloud, I can acces those papers and notes and not be broke and kicked out of school. With the Xoom I could have an easier way of using Pocketcloud and could use the Xoom and my Droid X to combine with my computer to always be able to access my files from wherever and whenever I need them. Please help out the poor college kid; I need something to impress the ladies with! 

I AM the Road Warrior My Moto Droid is already a powerhouse that I use for remote admin, MS Exchange to work, Dropbox for family sharing and more things than most netbooks do. With a new Moto XOOM and Pocket Cloud, I can make scare iPad / iPhone users, I can be the sole source for info no matter what jobsite I'm on. Did I mention that I could scare the heck out of the poisoned apple users. A XOOM and Pocket Cloud will change me from the Road Warrior to the Executioner.

pocketcloud on the zoom would be a great tool to debug work computers from home or anywhere else for that matter. how great is that!! i cant wait!!

My pitch is simple: I spend far too much time at work, and the lovely lady waiting for me at home has had about enough.

The combination of the very portable Motorola Xoom and the brilliant implementation of PocketCloud could keep my office always within reach. No more ending our "night out" early after being paged from work... No more vacation days spent in the hotel with the laptop... Heck, the PocketCloud/Xoom combo might just save my sanity, and my marriage!

Thanks for this little ray of hope (no matter how slim my chances!)

with Pocketcloud, I would be able to access my son's school videos from anywhere and show them off as a proud parent would to anyone, also I would get access to my personal and business files.

I would use Pocket Cloud to make sure I have access to all of my work documents from home at work (and I would be the coolest dude in the office with a new Xoom too!)

PocketCloud will help me by allowing me access to files kept on the pc while I'm on the road.

I'm a student working towards a computer networking degree. Having a zoom and remote PC application would make schooling much easier.

Wyse pocketcloud will help me reduce my dependency on dropbox. It will also help me fix my aging parents' computers from my home 500 miles away.

Having PocketCloud would let access my laptop to have all my important documents with me at all times. You never know when you will need that one file you didn't email or save to your thumb drive till you need it most. Thanks PocketCloud.

I travel a lot so being able to access my files and pictures is a huge thing to me, and makes my travel times less of a strain.

PocketCloud always allows me to quickly access documents on the go for school when i forget to put them into my drop box. It has saved me numerous time and I probably wouldn't be getting the grades I have lol.
This is more of a thank you letter/testimony

Recently switched from a Blackberry to an android phone. Love it btw. As a police officer im constantly on the go. I start my day in the office on my desktop then hit the road. On my desktop I have a lot of information(warrants,crime alerts,photos,affidavits,reports, etc). However once I get in my car I no longer have access to a lot of these things from my in car computer.Being able to access my desktop would help me and all the citizens in my city.I'd love to win the Xoom and put it to use in what could probably be one of the most important/helpful ways possible. Not to mention the obvious cool factor lol.

I'd love to be able to move to Android, and especially an Android tablet like the Xoom, and be able to utilize Pocket Cloud for what I now use LogMeIn and have to carry a laptop or netbook for - being able to be on top of the various computers and servers I use for my media work and need to maintain and update.
Thanks AndroidCentral and Wyse for sponsoring and running the contest, good luck with all your good work!!

Well me i dont have an amazing story or something that might blow your mind but what i would use pocket cloud for is mostly for storing my music and pictures because me i love flashing roms constantly like every day or every two day nd downloading games like asphalt or splinter cell mostly games that take alot of space on the SD card nd my ipod has been broken for awhile -_- which sucks cuz i listen to music every day and basically with all my space on my sd card consumed with games i dnt have enough room for all my music (989 songs) also i have a 8gb memory card so i dnt really have alot space forcing me too delete pictures and games from my phone nd i usually have to back up my SD card then format and put all the files back bc sometimes it says that i have a certain amount of gb left like lets say 1gb nd den i delete a game nd pictures it will still read 1gb unless i format the memory card nd put everything back which is superrrr annoying so as you can see this is a pain in the butt to be doing every week but i love my phone and messing around with it so i put up with it but having pocket cloud would really help me by storing my music there and listening to it thru my phone with out having to put all my songs on my memory card which would help alot and then having the xoom is just icing on the cake because in my opinion i think it will be the best tablet to come out as soon as it drops and will be the best tablet for a long time

I want a Xoom because it will help me access info from everywhere, I mean everywhere, even my your moms basement where I currently reside. Well maybe not, But yeah it's the cloud man.

I am a college engineering student and hate having to carry around my laptop along with all of my books. Pocketcloud will allow me to leave my laptop at home and access any documents or files I need on it from my EVO 4G or Tablet. Please help me take some weight out of my backpack!

I love Android Central (you're my homepage) and I will love PocketCloud (I don't know what you are, but I will love you too if I get a free Xoom!) Besides, I wouldn't need to still be deciding between a Galaxy Tab and an iPad if you picked me!

I would be able to use it at college to program java while at school without having to go to a computer out wait until I got home.

Pocketcloud has helped me turn in several projects, as people thank me for having a useful app.

As the only app I use without any problems as ive tried many.

The xoom would be a great present as my birth day is in a couple days from today.

I appreciate pocket cloud for even hosting this contest

PocketCloud is going to allow me to avoid heading into the office once I'm home or make my boss think I did.

I love Android Central (you're my homepage) and I will love PocketCloud (I don't know what you are, but I will love you too if I get a free Xoom!) Besides, I wouldn't need to still be deciding between a Galaxy Tab and an iPad if you picked me!

I would be able to remote into my clients machines from anywhere. Right now I have to have my phone and tether it to my laptop. This would make my life a lot easier.

Wyse is one of the best apps I have used to control my office computer from my Droid phone. Having the Xoom will make it so much more productive. I will be able to do work instead of just check on e-mails and appointments. Now I will be able to productively create, edit, and review documents.....all because of Xoom's huge screen and powerful underbelly.

Wow, this is one heck of a contest. I've never used PocketCloud, but this would be amazing on the XOOM! With it, I would access files and reports from my work computer regardless of where I'm at! I wonder if I could use PocketCloud to clock-in for work from my XOOM while I'm running late (if so, I would DEFINITELY use it for that too!). Things that make you go hmmmmm....

I have used PocketCloud to help my grandmother email photos to one of her friends overseas, while I was at work. She barely knows the difference between clicking, double-clicking, and right-clicking, so she needs all the help she can get!!

Pocket Cloud will be used by my current/future co workers & myself to steamline communication and productivity. This will be Ome of the primary Apps we use as we start and grow our small business. Since our business will be mostly web based, pocket cloud will be essential to our success and growth. It is key for us all to be constantly connected and have access to important information on the go and on-demand, throughout laptops, netbooks, smartphones, and future Honeycomb tablets. Pocket Cloud is they way to go! Not to advertise for a contest, it is just a great app! Good luck everyone. Wonder how many comments will be made!

Wow! Why haven't I heard of this software yet? I just downloaded it to my Nexus S, and I must say, it is awesome. I was going to write how the TABLE would make my life better, but this software is the icing on the cake. As an aerospace engineering grad student, I have many different tasks to be working on at the same time. One minute I will be working in the lab, next I'll be working on homework, next I'll be in a meeting, etc....

The software would be AWESOME for me because of the extreme variance in my daily activities. I can already tell I am going to be pushing this software on my phone! When I am in the lab doing research, I am often switching positions a lot (going from one side of the room to the other) and am always making notes in my notebook. This software is going to be great for me, because not only do I get to keep a digital record of everything I do, but I will also be able to edit things on the fly, and take them with me everywhere I go! We have weekly meetings to discuss what our research has been for the week, and this software would work swimmingly for me. I could throw together a powerpoint, take pictures of my work, keep records of what I'm doing, and best of all? I can take it with me to the meeting!

What an exceptional piece of software. I'm already sold on the idea, and I truly hope I win. This would streamline my work like no tomorrow.

I don't have PocketCloud yet, but it looks like it will really help me manage my mp3 collection on my laptop. It will also come in handy to fix the laptop for the wife when I'm away. Many remote apps exist and are done so poorly, but the PocketCloud app looks nicely done with sufficient security built in. This app wil be heavily used on my new Motorola Xoom tablet.

I've been using the Wyse product for a while now and I'm very satisfied with the intuitive way they handle usage from a mobile device, the speed of the client and great presentation. Great product that I've found no competition for!

I'm a Windows administrator by trade. PocketCloud will help me manage my environment from anywhere, especially when paired with this beautiful tablet. Most of my co-workers have iPads and I think this device would make them green with envy. I think the Xoom is a much better choice for me and I would love to use it and PocketCloud to do my job more efficiently.

PocketCloud will help me have full access to my computer files, even when I'm away from home. It will be especially useful with a tablet, since I will need more access on that type of device (compared to my cell phone). So I hope I win :)

I love PocketCloud. It lets me access all my computers data on the go. With PocketCloud and the Motorola XOOM, I would have faster access to my stuff on a bigger screen. I am a student and frequently have to pull up documents from home. I would love one of these!

I have my whole movie collection on my pc so I would use the service to watch my videos when I'm traveling so I always have my movie collection no matter where I am!

As an IT professional pocket Cloud has helped me stay connected with my clients and efficiently kept my business seamless. The combined potential of pocket cloud with the motorola xoom is enough to make me cry!

pocketcloud has allowed me to queue up my downloads for the night while still at work and also allows me to keep my itunes libraries in sync with one another

Wow! I didn't even know about PocketCloud since I've been using RemoteDesktop but PocketCloud is much faster and more intuitive and responsive to use. Now I'll replace RemoteDesktop with PocketCloud to manage my HTPC. Thanks.

It will help me better manage the headless unit i have as well as my linux virtual machines so that i do not need to fire up a computer just to change a few settings.

Definitely can use Wyse Technology's PocketCloud to remote desktop into my parent's computer to help fix it. I'll also use it on my PC when I need to access one of my websites that doesn't work friendly with my phone when I'm away from one of my jobs! Combined with the MOTO XOOM tablet, life will become so much easier!

PocketCloud protects my phone from keys and change while in my pocket.

Xoom Xoom!

Thank you,


I'm a busy guy and an on-the-go guy. These usually don't mix in today's day and age, where mostly everything is done on a computer. But with PocketCloud, I can access whatever I need to wherever and whenever. It's just better to be on the cloud.

I would use PocketCloud to access all the files from my home computer that I forget to put on my jumpdrive. As a teacher, I tend to take a fair amount of work home and when I forget to either email or transfer the work to a USB drive I can be in trouble. Forgetting your digital files is a lame excuse to give a classroom full of students when you're scrambling to recreate a lesson.

The combo of the Xoom with PocketCloud would be great for my work. Due to regulations, I can't remotely connect from a non-company issued device - but I can remotely connect to my home network which includes my company issued laptop docked in my home office. I do this now with a Netbook when I'm on call but it's WiFi only. PocketCloud and the Xoom would be an awesome upgrade to my on call remote IT admin duties!

Then of course there's my personal travel - when I'm overseas, I could easily connect to home and grab video or music or visit websites often blocked locally in various parts of the globe.

Currently I am employed as a network installer for an electrical supply company, this keeps me out of the house 2-4 weeks out of the month. And wail I have down time it is rarely at home. This wasn't much of a problem about a week ago, you see I picked up a new desktop (have not owned a desktop in several years) for the low low price of a DSlite. Any way I have no way other than to sit down at it to use it because of my travel schedule and unavailability of hight speed internet. With PocketCloud and a 4G connection all of that is solved. I would be able to remote in to the desktop and utilize everything right down to the VMware installation running on it. So now all those Linux projects I have been waiting to work on can be done on the go! This is one slick application!

I would love to win the motorola xoom. It would come in handy when going out to see my customers, and being able to schedule appointments with them, without the bulky and ugly laptop. Also, the portablilty and battery life would also be a major plus!

I do not have a mobile tablet device. With this xoom and its additional real estate, I'd be excited to use Wyse's PocketCloud to its full potential as a virtual desktop. I travel very often for my job, and it keeps me away from my home desktop (where I develop most of my own projects) for lengthy periods that can last weeks. To be able to access and continue making forward progress on those projects while on the go is an invaluable medium for new-found productivity. On top of development projects, I find myself strapped for time where I cannot sit down and develop/edit photographs that I have taken. I have a continual backlog. PocketCloud would help me log in and edit those photos as I am riding the train or waiting for a friend. All in all, it would be amazing to have.

I'm a Physical Therapist and I often provide inservices for coworkers. Even though I have only been using Pocket Cloud for a few weeks it has already saved me from forgetting documents on my home computer. The app was so simple to setup and it is unbelievably useful! When I first heard about it on your forums I thought it would either a.) cost a lot of money, b.) be pretty complicated, or c.) both... only to find out it was neither! Even if I don't win the tablet, thank you for saving me from looking like a complete fool by helping me retrieve my forgotten documents on the go!

Wow!! Have you checked out the number of comments thus far? With plenty more to follow. Let's see if I can sum this up for me.

Office on the go.
Increase productivity no matter the locale.
Good built in security.
Preparing for a presentation on a plane much easier w/Xoom than my current laptop.
Each of us feel we can get the same results from this device. Whether we say it with 500 characters or 250.

Good luck to all! Remember, if you don't enter, you can't win.

Thanks AC and Wyse!

As a law enforcement officer my goal is to introduce Android & PocketCloud to the law enforcement community. Many officers have laptops in their patrol units, however we have enough gear to haul around as it is. Tablets just make more sense and law enf. already has a long history with Motorola. I feel the Zoom is the vehicle to make this all important transition and PocketCloud will play a huge role in linking us with the enormous amount of data we have at headquarters. The ability to access this data quickly on patrol will not only assist us in carrying out our function more accurately and efficiently, it WILL save lives!

As a web designer and computer enthusiast, I sometimes have to visit with clients to help them with their web design needs. There are certain times where carrying a laptop is not convenient, yet having the ability to pull up my files on my desktop computer at home is of great importance. Having a tablet with me would streamline this process even more.

I've always turned to LogMeIn as my way to establish a remote desktop connection with my computer/s, and frankly I have not yet used PocketCloud before this. After giving it a test drive on my Android phone, I have to say I can't wait to be able to use it on a tablet device like the Motorola Xoom! It's not as expensive as the LogMeIn Ignition app, but it is packed with great features and an effective interface. The cursor wheel is both innovative and effective.

I'll go to PocketCloud from now on in order to access my desktop computer at home. If only I could use a tablet to make it even easier to use PocketCloud, especially with the bigger screen real estate. It will be a dream to use! ;)

It has helped me to be able to access my school work when I leave it on my computer at home and need it on campus.

PocketCloud will help me to access my files remotely from my PC while I am at a class away from home. It will also help me to run programs which require more processing than a tablet on my computer while away from home.

PocketCloud would definitely help me those times when I realize I need a file I left at home. The Xoom would definitely be a better way to show this functionality to others as well.

PocketCloud's great for me because I administrate several Windows-based web servers, and being able to RDP into them on my Android device(s) in order to perform most tasks makes my life so much easier.

This application would be spectacularly useful for me as I am a web designer and I could take care of emergencies from desperate clients on-the-spot and I would not have to leave them hanging with "I'll fix it as soon as I get next to a computer" anymore!

PocketCloud will diminish the need to carry around my laptop without sacrificing mobility. I can remain productive whether I am at my desk or on the toilet.

PocketCloud will help me with my company,I run a computer repair company we do at home, pick up, and delivery service. Having access to important files is a must! But sometimes not everything can fit on a flash drive. That's where PocketCloud comes in making all my important files and documents ultra portable, allowing access from anywhere!

PocketCloud helps me utilize the full resources of my home PC from the road, allowing me to work from anywhere without being tied to a heavy laptop. I use it for school, for work as a consultant, and for fun, to easily manage my media server software remotely.

Pocketcloud has allowed me to access company severs in a pinch. As great as it is on my phone I can't wait to get my hands on a nice tablet and say goodbye to my notebook completly. Pocketcloud on a tablet like the Xoom would make it worth purchasing the full version of Pocketcloud. I only wonder if the Cyanogenmod team are going to work on a rom for the Xoom. I think I've rambald enough. If I don't win ill just have to settle for getting my hands on a nook to root.

My brother and I bought my father a Viewsonic tablet for Christmas. We had so many problems with it. It lagged like nothing else, the WiFi wouldn't even connect to our home. I am a student at The University of Mount Union majoring in Computer Engineering and I still could not get this thing to work. We ended up sending it back and getting a refund and still haven't gotten him a new one because I know that there are some really good tablets coming out in the next several months. The second I saw the teaser trailer for this video with the evolution of tablets I knew that this is the one I want to get for him. One problem, retail price is going to be way too much. So I would really like to get this tablet so that I can finally give my father a nice Christmas present.

This would be perfect for me. As an artist I have large Painter and Photoshop files on my desktop but keeping all of them wouldn't on my new Xoom (the one I hope to win) wouldn't leave much room for much else. I'd be able to have all of my artwork at my disposal at any time in case I need to show it to someone on the spot or to have reference material at hand. Xoom and pocket cloud, how can you go wrong?

I have used PocketCloud Android application for a few different things. The main reason I use it is to help my grandma who recently bought a Dell desktop pc. She always needs help with basic tasks. Since she lives about 1.5hr away, with PocketCloud I can easily help her out and show her how to do basic tasks on her computer. I haven't had a chance to use PocketCloud for any work related tasks but I'm sure I will once I find another job. I would love to have a Motorola Xoom tablet to use as a home computer and on the go. Thanks.

Project management is a busy job. There is nothing worse than having multiple versions of the same file because you have to sync it all over the place to make sure you have all the things you need everywhere you go. With pocket cloud I can go back to the cloud mainframe mentality and leave my files in one place and never have to worry about access. Problem solved.

For months my grandfather had been declining from Alzheimer's. He no longer recognized me or my siblings, not even my parents. He did however, remember his wife (my grandma) who died two years prior. Six months ago I scanned, and added his favorite picture of himself, and grandma vacationing in Hawaii to his desktop computer. He felt comfort from the light beaming from the screen while he tried to sleep. We felt adding the picture to his desktop would be an even more calming feel for him. We had no idea if he even knew the picture was added to his desktop.
Last week, my grandfather was put into hospice. We all took turns staying with him, and keeping him company. Two days before he died, he cried that he didn't have his computer to help him sleep, and stated he wanted to see grandma again. My brother and I set up pocketcloud pro on our android, and synched it to his computer. We drove back to his room, and gave him the phone to keep him calm at night with grandma to look at. I want to believe he died, happy, and peaceful with the only person he could stare at and remember. Even if I don't win this contest, I'm thankful to be able to share this story because I am 100% thankful I knew about pocketcloud and was able to accommodate my grandpa for the last time. Technology really is awesome if used in the best way possible.


It will help me view all those precious images of my little one whenever I want.

The concept of a fully functional tablet and the ability to do ALL my work on it, access everything I need, I mean, REALLY be able to do real work, well the concept just blows me away. I travel extensively and the device and the app will make my overly burdened shoulders scream with joy instead of pain. I'm going all googly at the thought.

Speaking strictly from an IT Operations standpoint, the vp (which, lets face it kids,it's a vital requirement in the corporate world we find ourselves in), coupled with three ability to remotely login into a users machine to resolve issues without having to run back to the cube farm would be a godsend. How many guineas base you found yourself stuck in the server room, mid cable run only to get the call on your mobile that a room full of VPs from AP. Ned an immediate instal of the software they need to conduct the meeting that started 5 minutes ago.

Not to mention the astronomical advances in automagical geekwry with some serious points in style.

I have a long drive to work and pocketcloud would be great if I didnt have some information with me but i had it on my computer while i'm at work!

I am currently an IT student. I chose this field becuse of my love for technology. I buy a new gadget, learn everything about it, then sit back and think of ways to improve it. What would I have done to make this a little more interesting for me or what could have been better about it so that I didn't get bored with it so easily. Like most gadget lovers I am always ready to get my hands on the next new thing.
Im letting this tablet craze settle down before I decided on which brand to purchase. Owning one will give me the freedom to study, take test, and check-in on my classes while I am on the go. Being a single mother (of very active) 8 year old twins, holding a full time job, and taking college courses keeps me busy beyond belief. I seek as many practical/affordable conviences as possible. Purchasing a tablet I see as part of the future, winning one in the next few weeks would be even better.

Technology. Where would we be without it?? I know of nothing that has grown the way technical fields have. Technology is for ever evolving and I want to evolve with it....

Thanks for your consideration

Ms V.

PocketCloud can get the job done plain and simple. It eliminates the need of taking a latop with all the time and gives me the advantage of having all my files on my pocket. oh yeah!!

The cloud has really helped me transferring files back and forth from home. I do alot of pc repair and os troubleshooting. With this I have been able to reduce my footprint in a clients house. Having all of my data available from my drives at home has been a lifesave many times. Clambering around someones home toplug in a drive and a laptop is too much.

hello, i am a high school student at one of the most rigorous high schools in the country (Dsst). The PocketCloud will make my entire high school life easier as well as help me do better in school. with the PocketCloud school work would be easier and it would be a better method than i am using currently. the PocketCloud would also help be become a better student as my grades would increase and lastly the PocketCloud would help me get into the college of my dreams.

Pocket cloud will help me manage my school work better since I'm keep it on my desktop and would definitely utilize a tablet when I go off to college this year! It would also help me keep my files in sync with my moms computer and help her with different things when she needs it! I would love a xoom tablet!!

I'm a photographer, and I use PocketCloud to access and edit my photos in the field. There's no way I could carry my whole archive around with me, so when I get a request for a particular pic, I fire up PocketCloud and do it from my Droid 2 Global!

PocketCloud would eliminate the need to transfer files to usb memory sticks or flash drives as I would be able to access the files on the pc using pocketcloud.

PocketCloud has been a life saver, remote access to my work pc without all that cisco vpn mumbo jumbo. Huge help for me as a travel around the country and often need quick access to my files and programs.

As a Verizon Wireless sales rep, I have customers on a daily basis looking to simplify their lives with a program like PocketCloud. I deal with regular consumers and plenty of business accounts and I constantly get questions about how to best sync their computers and their phones. I honestly hadn't read about it until today, but I'll be giving PocketCloud a download on the OG Droid.

Having a Xoom would be nice - I know Verizon won't be giving us any to have! lol

I've always enjoyed remote desktop apps (especially vnc compatible ones). Now that I have PocketCloud on my Epic, when I am stuck at a long, boring meeting I can actually get work done by logging on to my linux dev machine, running compiles launching test runs, etc. When at home I sometimes use it to control headless old pc's running via vnc for my pet networking projects.

First and foremost, thank you Android Central and thank you Wyse Technology for holding this contest. Pocket Cloud helps me when I am away from home or just at work access badly needed files from my home PC. It soon will also allow me to tunnel out of my work place's "one size fits all" web filter to view this site and others daily.

Being able to get my files from my home computer for work is a great benefit! Especially with PocketCloud. I look forward to using it on my Xoom...won or bought

PocketCloud is an awesome app. It helps me connect to manage my HTPC downloads. Since I run my Knology cable into that same HTPC is a remote management app for my DVR as well through Mediaportal. Have the ability to remotely manage network shares at home is a great help when the wife needs a folder on the fileserver shared for facebook and youtube posting. It allows me to fix problems for the wife when I'm away.

Simply Great!!

I am already a user of PocketCloud on my Evo 4G. I Love it! Alongside VPN Connections, I can connect to work computers, manage virtual machines, use some of our SaaS applications which are restricted to machine on our internal network and just overall have access to information I need to complete my job from anywhere I might be. I remember one time I was at the doctor's office waiting to go in and received a call from one of my employees with an urgent inquiry. Using PocketCloud it took me all of 2 minutes to log-in and retrieve information from a machine in our office. But beyond that I've also used PocketCloud several times to remote into a machine at home or at friend's. On a tablet it would just be unbeatable productivity! I NEED IT! I WANT IT! PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE GIVE ME IT!

I spend 4-5 hours three days every week in dialysis. I've enjoyed having my Motorola Droid 2 Global smartphone to read, surf the net, and listen to audio books and music. With PocketCloud and the Motorola Xoom tablet I could take my seemingly restricted situation to a new level of inspiration. The ability to access my desktop replacement laptop without having to lug it around would be such an advantage. PocketCloud and the Xoom tablet--a match made in heaven! (Pun intended!)

I wish i could say i connect to work or school to get some work done but usually i control my computer from bed, still great software.

Pocket Cloud will allow my wife to bother me about computer problems even when I'm not home. Thanks for making my life just a little bit more difficult. :)

If you surf onto PocketCloud's website you find this,

"With Wyse PocketCloud and PocketCloud Pro you can remotely access your desktop, multimedia, files and applications from your Android phone or tablet. Staying connected has never been easier!"

This pretty much sums up the amazingness of PocketCloud. I currently have an Android device. And thanks to PocketCloud I am able to remotely acces ANY file or program that I need that is stored on my PC at home. If i need to pull up an Excel document, or Word document. I can easily just pull out my Android device and access those files anywhere! How amazing is that. And with the introduction of the Xoom. How much MORE amazing will it be to be able to access your entire PC on a larger screen. With the help of PocketCloud I can literally Carry my PC with me in a small compact design thanks to Wyse PocketCloud! Hands down the best in it's class!

Pocketcloud lets me take my work anywhere I want to go...freeing up my time, and letting me work and play.

As an aspiring musician and music major, I have many gigabytes of songs and lyrics stored on my computer. I often use these songs as inspiration for my own compositions. Unfortunately, my Droid 1 has proven to be bloated from all of the music and sheet music I already have on the SD card. Pocketcloud not only provides an easy way to view the music not on my Droid, but to be able to promptly jot down any lyrics I come up with quickly (before they disappear) without having to transpose them to a word document later on.


It helps me check my spreadsheet for my monthly budget that I have saved on my computer when I'm away from my computer

A new father of a wonderful and handsome boy, I find myself frequently "couched" as I like to call it. I come home from a long day of work and sit on the couch with my son on my lap as he sleeps so that my wife can get a few hours to herself. Unfortunately this time has it's drawbacks as the only web browsing I can do is on my phone. Since a majority of all my videos, pictures and music exist on my computer and I am unable to be on my computer while confined on the couch, a tablet paired with PocketCloud would allow me the freedom to simply access the media sever on my pc so I could stream it to my playstation 3. Additionally a tablet would give me a greater web experience and make that solitary time much more enjoyable. 

I just want one. Dont know if it will actually help me or not. I'll let you know if I win... :)

As a teacher I am always switching between my home computer, my laptop, my school computer, my powerpoint presentation laptop and the lab computer. Although I try to keep files accessible by using online storage, it never fails that at least once a day I am looking for something that is on a different computer. PocketCloud would save me the uploading, the syncing, and the searching. It would allow me to grab what I needed and go. Be it checking a students grade while talking to their coach or a parent calling me while I was out covering recess. All my information would always be right at my fingertips.

PocketCloud would help me do what I do better by providing EASIER access to my home computers and even allow me to be more efficient at work. I have a MacBook and two PC's...there are days that I have ALL three in my bed trying to complete work. Not only that, in an office of about approximately 30 investigators...there are only FOUR desktop computers (NO LAPTOPS) and on a good day...THREE of those actually work!! I'm constantly forgetting important docs at home or having to email them to myself after I have sent it from my Mac to one of my PC's. I need HELP!!!

When the open road is calling my favorite way to answer back is with two wheels and a fist full of throttle. A cutting edge mobile combo like Pocketcloud and the Motorola Xoom would be the perfect solution to tackle any task I make time for in between my pavement pounding sessions. Tucked inside my backpack would be the perfect tool to free me from the tethers of the office while allowing me access to all the resources available to me.

PocketCloud will help me manage files very easily from all of my devices and would makes accessing all of my programs from PC a breeze while I'm around campus.

POCKETCLOUD is something that I would like to use to help me sync with everything I do. well, its something of the future as we're all going to the clouds! android will lead the way! :)

I do hope I win the Xoom, then I can bring it along to Malaysia(when I do go back) as well! That would be another first if I really am able to.

Pocket Cloud looks like the perfect solution for my remote desktop needs. I'm in the process of installing the free version now and would gladly pay for the pro version of the app if it performs as advertised! This will be particularly useful when I finally decide on which tablet I will purchase (if I don't get lucky and win me a Xoom!) to access my various computers.

This would be amazing! Pocketcloud would let me go back to school, be more productive at work and at home! I need this!

PocketCloud is pretty slick on a phone, couldn't imagine how much more handy it would be on that beautiful 10in screen. I'm a net admin, however most of the stuff I use software like this for is local troubleshooting. I run a few Win/*nix servers, and when I'm not around a client, or when that client machine is busy, have something like this on a phone is huge. Like I said, if I could load it up on a tablet screen, it would make life that much easier.

This would be awesome- Not only a tablet but one with pocketcloud. Now that would enable me to connect to my computer and do it all on the go. No more delaying on getting out and stuck in traffic. Get out earlier finish what your doing on site.

It's pretty simple. As all IT folks and Admin's know, crawling out of bed in the middle of the night is a PITA. Pocket Cloud easily allows you to fire up your phone or tablet up and remotely login and handle your issues, no matter where you are. For me grabbing my phone and checking issues remotely without ever getting out of bed is the greatest thing since TV remote controls were invented. Pocket Cloud just makes life easier and lets me get more sleep. Do it.

Pocketcloud allows me to extend the functionality of a tablet to that of a PC. Can't wait to experience it on the Xoom!

I don't have a laptop so this will be perfect for school. I could check my online homework anywhere. I hope I win!

Pocketcloud would help me to keep up to date with the services I have on my personal computer such as my multiple e-mail accounts, blogs I read, and office documents that I often update.

To be honest, PocketCloud probably wouldn't help me out that much -- all of my remote work is done over ssh. It would probably just be a way to show off my cool new Xoom tablet. But who knows, maybe that would show me I've been missing some remote desktop action in my workflow.

Wyse Pocketcloud helps me manage my school documents and assignments between my smartphone and PC. How much more productive could I be with a Honeycomb packing Xoom?!?! I don't know, but I'd love to find out.

this would be a great help to my job. I work in sales, so I have to keep track of appointments, map out directions to my customers addresses. I also show them what web access looks like on droid X but I would to make it easier for them to see with a larger display.also I attend college so would make reading my college e-books easier.

I am going on a trip to Oregon in a few hours and well lets face it I can't literally carry my computer but I can have it on hand just in case i forget something. The combination of this and a few other apps. will bring my computer along with me on the flight and the drive back. I have more use out of my phone on a daily basis more and more then at my desk on the computer. And PocketCloud has done that one step further. I computer is now more a cloud server that I have anywhere I need it to be. Thank you Wyse and Android Central for helping me understand that the computer world is in the clouds.

I use PocketCloud everyday to log in from my Nexus One to company servers. Part of my job requires administration and monitoring and PocketCloud is of great help to me.

Thanks Wyse!

PocketCloud lets me access my computer files when I'm on the go. Perfect for students and people who need to read and work on tons of documents. (Who also need the security)

Plus, the best part, I get to view my movies whenever I'm bored!

PocketCloud will be great when I need to email myself a file from my computer's hard drive when I am out and away from my desktop! This happens to me more often than I care to admit, and now that I know of PocketCloud, it won't be happening again!

Thanks Android Central and PocketCloud.

With You Bet! and Thin Browser, I can check out the menu of that fancy restaurant on my mobile device even though it's hiding in the mist of a messy Flash website!

Im a youth pastor in my church and having to connect and constantly be in touch with more than 200+ kids and teens is hard to do with out the right technology. Pocketcloud would definitely help me with the things I need from my home computer so that I may continue to help teens with everyday issues and problems and helping them to be who they were intended to become.

Im a youth pastor in my church and having to connect and constantly be in touch with more than 200+ kids and teens is hard to do with out the right technology. Pocketcloud would definitely help me with the things I need from my home computer so that I may continue to help teens with everyday issues and problems and helping them to be who they were intended to become.

Pocketcloud plus the xoom could be the answer to all my problems. Never again will I have to worry if I forget to upload my paper to my phone before leaving for school. Being able to access all my files from home, if I bring up a topic in class and find that I need to reference source material I could do so quick and painlessly.

I can't even begin to describe how PocketCloud has helped make my life easier, whether it be at home, work, or on the road. Until now I didn't think the PocketCloud experience could get any better, but using PocketCloud on a tablet like the Motorola Xoom would bring it to an entire new level.

I could use this and pocketcloud in my research to better organize my voluminous data without worrying about it!

Mine is short and sweet, I love the damn thing across multiple plaforms. Its is sweet for the job viewing of different files.

So I use pocketcloud on my htc evo. Since I run 3 businesses it helps me especially when I go into a clients house. All I need is my evo and I can access my records from the clients house. I would lovethis tablet to help me in my business.

i Have just started using Pocket cloud on my EVO 4G being able to be anywhere in my house and access files on my computer is awsome i love the way the app make is so easy to us thanks Pocket Cloud

PocketCloud is so fuggin awesome I can access all my files at work so I don't have to juggle USB's anymore. Just wish I could leave my ol' laptop at home. Seriously amazing product thanks for making a free version!!

PocketCloud seems like it'd be able to give me a full blown desktop in my pocket. That would be great for getting assignments for work done while still being able to lounge comfortably wherever I care to roam, or at least get them done regardless of the fact I was at play when I should of been working. :P

I used PocketCloud during a public event in my software engineering school to show what smartphones are capable of doing. I demoed this remote control application and the public was genuinely interrested :)

I would love to be able to work while walking the floor at the same time! The xoom would be perfect for that.

PocketCloud would help me get more work done while I'm on the train commuting both to and from work. Therefore, I will be able to spend more time with my family while I'm at home rather than doing work on the computer when I'm home or staying later at the office.

What better way to forget about a windows tablet and use pocket cloud to do all the work for you. Verizon had the best network, motorola makes top quality android hardware, android central keeps you up to date, and Wyse technology makes the most useful app on android tablets.

Thanks guys for an awesome give away!

The new cloud application will help me be more truly portable. I am always switching between my computer and my phone to do things, maybe now it won't be so difficult

Being the resident geek in my group of friends, pocket cloud is always useful when a friend needs PC help. Instead of having to talk them through their problem over the phone, I just take care of it for them. Being a photographer as well, it's nice to be able to grab photos off my desktop while on the road (since lugging around a laptop isn't always prudent). Having the Xoom would just make it that much easier and much more effective.

I would love to have the xoom tablet for my work as an army instructor, I travel quite often to train other soldiers. For weeks at a time, I am on the road and it gets very old having to lug around all of the technical manuals that are required to teach the course that I teach. I love android too much to get an ipad so either way I will end up with the xoom, but I would be very grateful if given this awesome piece of equipment.

Thanks for the opportunity

i use pocketcloud sometimes to access my virtual enviroment at home,debugging and compiling codes for a couple of my projects.i can also view flash and kick my ipad to the curb.would love the dual core.let me win i really need a actual computer

pocketcloud enables me to be on the go and not worry about not having important data reachable whether it be pictures or files etc. no matter where i am i i feel as if im at home.

It's simple, I'm at home, I'm at work, I'm on site, I'm on the way, no matter where I am, I am there, through the cloud.

As a writer/artist, inspiration can come at any moment, so having my access to all my current work in progress with PocketCloud, is truly a blessing. I cant wait to discover the things I would be able to do, and finally finalize some of these works left in limbo.

Of course I can also show off the product to many of friends who will no doubtfully want in on the action. Thanks for the opportunity!

As much as I wanted to win a tablet, I felt it was only fair to see exactly what I could and would be doing with PocketCloud, in lieu of simply reading about it and saying "Yea, I'll do this" and pray for a tablet. The results were absolutely unexpected.
First off, I've used other remote desktop clients before, and I've never felt as at home with PocketCloud as I have anything else. Even running on a rather clunky tablet that was brought to me from the Far East, it seemed to be smooth and beautiful. It's a breeze to set up, and I had equal success connecting to my Mac as well as my desktop PC.
The long and the short of it is we are a mobile people now. Though the powerhouses sit at our desks and our tables at home, we carry our lives in our pockets (or backpacks, in some cases). With a really decent tablet in hand (not just an 80 dollar toy I got to watch videos) I can safely say that I would happily invest the full amount into getting PocketCloud and turn it into a invaluable tool, on par with the internet browser (in many ways higher). The free version hooked me: now I'm yearning for a stronger device to justify and utilize the full majesty of PocketCloud. Here's to hoping!

PocketCloud can help in my quest to become an Android developer by letting me connect to my home server and edit code on the move!

I use pocket cloud constantly. I manage several jobsites and I am able to pull up plan details for my crews if they have lost pages. This would be much easier with the Motorola Tablet, but even without the Cloud has made my job much easier.

I am just a normal guy with two kids trying to make it. I could use this Tablet to keep in touch with my kids and use the Pocketcloud software to further my small but growing business. I would love to be the one to hold up the tablet and say I won.

I see the PocketCloud app helping me and anyone else access their computer whether they are PCs or laptops that are at home or at work while they are on the go. The PocketCloud is an easy to setup and use for the novice and the seasoned pro. I thank WYSE for coming up with one of the most useable apps I have installed on my HTC Android Incredible. The PocketCloud app in combination with the new Motorola XOOM would be an awesome combination.

As a data center manager that relies on remote access, Pocket Cloud on a larger screen helps me manage my VMWare farm. I can already use Pocket Cloud on the go (on my Motorola Droid) to manage emergencies and check statuses. I can also control my work PC and manage my email without dealing with clunky smaller interfaces. Pocket Cloud gives you the most versatile and intuitive means of managing real business period.

pocket cloud will allow me to access content while physically being away from there, remote access

Pocket Clould and a New Motorola tablet could be my solution to always forgetting my work on my home pc. If I could remote in I would save numerous trips home to retrieve my work!

Because lack of certain applications on the android market like Quickbooks is keeping me from becoming a PC dissenter!PocketCloud will be my way to be as PC free as possible!

I have been a dedicated PocketCloud user for a while now, and I must say it is the best remote desktop app on the market. It comes in handy alot, whether I'm trouble shooting a problem from far away or trying to send myself a file through email on my computer when I'm not near it. I've told at least 10 of my friends about it, and they all bought it right away after seeing me use it. Good app Wyse, and thanks for all your hard work ;)

I've been using Pocketcloud for several weeks now after trying out the competition. It's ease of use for remoting from my Captivate to Windows 7 has been the deciding factor in making this my RDP software. I have also tried it on a Verizon Galaxy Tab which has been even more amazing.

It's fast screen refreshes have allowed me to remotely access my work excel documents from my home PC and easily jump over to my second monitor (where I keep Outlook open) to send them back to myself at work. Without it, I would have missed out on several important reports and presentations for my employees. I installed it for the novelty, but found it to be incredibly productive. Kudos on the software. Would love to try it out on the new XOOM.

Just a few thoughts...

As a network admin and having used various other support programs, I can say pocketcloud has met and exceeded my expectations as far as giving me the ability to serve my clients needs while I am out of my office or traveling. The best part about it is that with the built in encryption and ssl functions I can satisify the security needs for my even my most security concious clients without looking for an alternative product as I had to do in the past. It's robust and scalable enough to connect to connect to the latest windows 7 desktops and servers. I would love to see such functions such as file transfer and desktop sharing be integrated, but I know i'm getting ahead of myself.

i hate contests where you have to make up some BS story about how great this is, or why your the biggest fanboy of this, what happened to good old just gimme something for being a lazy jackwagon and just filling out my name and email. ugh.

The company I work for is an ISV specializing in Virtual Infrastructure management. We have a number of people in our company that have iPads and use Wyse PocketCloud to connect to their desktops as well as our VMware View 4.5 based demo lab. I'm not a fan of Apple products (too restricted) so they always like to "show off" how Wyse helps them do their job without having to carry a full powered laptop.

I've been waiting for "just the right" Android based tablet and it appears that the Motorola XOOM may be just the thing I've been waiting for. The XOOM along with Wyse PocketCloud would finally give myself and others in my company the ability to show those iOS fans that there really is something better.

Since I travel alot and meet with our customers and partners, having a XOOM with Wyse PocketCloud would mean that I wouldn't have to carry a heavy laptop (I'm sure my back will thank me).

Feel free to follow me on Twitter: @VMDoug

This combo would be awesome for anyone! Pocketcloud is such a useful app. Anyone could find a way to utilize this in a way that benfits them or makes them more productive. Some will use it to access home documents on the go (or maybe forgot to save a file to a flash drive before work?) Some will enjoy the ease of sharing files with others. Me? These and the ability to access all my music whenever i want without being restricted to the size of the harddrive. Add in the ability to take this thing to class for notes and reviewing powerpoints and this becomes the object of my geeky wet dreams. Its like having a desktop at all times. Plus, who wants to carry around a laptop everywhere? Or even worse an overpriced underpowered netbook. No thanks ill take this sexy beast!

Using this would allow me to access my office PC making last minute changes to items for Clients while I am on the road so much easier. There have been times when I need to access something at my home office and all I had was my Phone, This tablet would allow me to better improve supporting the people that call me on a daily bases and would almost rule out me having to carry my laptop.

I've got a sweet dog who would love for me to work from home more. and a wife. but mostly its about the dog. and working from home

I am a software engineer and I do a lot of work from home. PocketCloud works great for connecting to my work PCs from my iPad! I use it especially for checking builds that were running and making minor tweaks to code. I also use PocketCloud on occasion for using my PC's full browser when the iPad doesn't support something I need to access (like Flash). PocketCloud is a great product and I would love to use it on a Xoom!!

PocketCloud will help me greatly at trade-shows. I'm constantly out in the field generating new leads from our partners & trade shows so the ability to remote into my server and get any information needed as well as the ability access my CRM software on the go to book appointments on the spot will be a great gain. Thank you pocket cloud!

I use Pocket cloud daily as a Network Engineer I need to ba able to get to my clients from wherever I am and with Pocket Cloud I have that ability.

As an IT administrator, Pocketcloud would enable me to troubleshoot issues from the field. It would help greatly in bringing down completion times on our helpdesk application. Using the Motorola Xoom coupled with Pocketcloud would enable me to do all of this without having to carry around my laptop.

As a tech consumer, Pocketcloud would allow me to substitute the Motorola Xoom as a complete remote for my HTPC allowing for even more usability from the couch.

As a family member, Pocketcloud has allowed me to fix problems with my family-members' PCs regardless of which state they currently reside in.

Thank you Pocketcloud, and thank you AC for this contest.

I use PocketCloud on my Droid X to help manage my enterprise servers at work and my media and home automation servers at home. It's great, but it would be much better on a Xoom.

If I win this XOOM, PocketCloud will be one of my first downloads. I'm a traveling sales rep, and need my computer with me at all times. If I can leave my laptop at home, and use PocketCloud to remote access my necessary files, that would be huge. It would save me a lot of space, and it would eliminate all risk of toting my laptop around and constantly backing it up. Thanks Wyse and Android Central!

I found out about PocketCloud through this giveaway! I have been monitoring the xoom because of the built in barometer, i think that is way cool and as one of many who are impacted with sudden changes in barometric pressure changes I think there will likely be an app that will be able to alert me to these in the future.

As a server admin with a life (I like to put in fewer than 60 hours a week) I think PocketCloud could help me devote more time to both my job and my family!

This would be great. A great combo. Being able to access my desktop from anywhere will allow me to continue making Android apps even on the go, when an idea hits, I wont have to wait, simply awesome.

Pocket cloud is truly great, my family doesn't have the money currently to pay for cable but thankfully my laptop can pick up an internet signal and allow me to use it. Pocket cloud allows me to access my computer and set my families favorite shows to download so that we can all sit down and watch them together. Winning a xoom tablet would be amazing.

Thanks androidcentral, and wyse.

I am on call every single day of the week for my job. I get calls during dinner, at 3 am and when I am trying to enjoy my weekend. Pocket cloud lets me get out of the house and not have to stress that I'm not carrying my laptop with me. Now winning a Moto Zoom would be awesome because of the extra screen real estate and Android 3.0. It would be awesome.

It has definately saved my butt a few times, I go to college and when i forget to print my papers or my notes i can always rely on pocket cloud to help save the day

Since I bring my work home, PocketCloud allows me to access my files from anywhere. It saves me from the hassle of remembering which of my 6 usb sticks I saved an important file or presentation. Great app!

As an IT Technician, there is alot of times where i wish I could access my office information when I am out on the road. The company I work for, nor myself can spring for a laptop for me. nor the air card for use. I have been trying to get the money saved up for one for a while now. With the tablet and the Pocket Cloud app linked to my work machine and my home machine I would never be without the information I need again. It would enable me to save trips out of remote locations making a two week project into just a few days because i would have all the information i needed right there.

It also would make my school work alot easier as i could work on getting my Bachlors and later my masters while traveling so i don't need to worry about whether or not where i am going has wifi and always have access to my documents on my PC at home without having to carry around a portable hard drive.

I have been using Pocket Cloud since I saw the first AC post about it and I have to say, it has saved me in a pinch on numerous occasions. More than anything the memory that stands out the most is when I had to give a speech for my Organizational Behavior class and everything seemed to be going wrong technology wise that day. I tried to use my iPod touch as a remote for keynote(basically this is all I use my iPod for) but that failed but luckily Pocket Cloud was there to replace my iPod. Now when I go to class, I have to carry one less thing.

Working in the real estate profession, I could use Pocket Cloud in the field to eneter data on properties. This would be a HUGE time saver for our company!!

PocketCloud will help me stay connected to the 4 Elementary Schools that I support. Looking forward to it. =)

As developer I have to remotely access my workstation that has access to our domain that's where pocketcloud comes in. This has saved me time to drive to work at middle of the night or when I at Ireland meeting with my Manager

I have been using PocketCloud to connect to home and work on my android phone to troubleshoot or fix. To have a bigger screen and PocketCloud technology, I only see my remote roll getting bigger. Even if I do not win, I love the app wyse!

As a network administrator for a school district I intend to pilot Android tablets to an entire grade level in our schools. Having access to files on the network could be the key to making Android a platform that works well for our students, staff and administrators. Allowing myself access to administer systems across the network from my tablet would also decrease the support costs involved.

Allowing teachers to access their computers from the tablet releases their tie to the desktop allowing better monitoring of student work throughout the classroom as well as allowing phys ed, technology, art, music, and other teachers to control their desktops and projected work, enter grades, and take attendance from anywhere in the classroom.

It is really not possible for me to describe all of the possibilities until I have Android Tablets in the hands of my students and teachers as they are the creative ones. I can simply us PocketCloud to enable more possibilities for them as well as increase my own productivity.

Pocket Cloud/Xoom would help me by allowing me to access my information anywhere. This would be very helpful in doing my job as an IT Analyst for the USN. I would be able to access my documents and information while sitting at a users desk.

I already use Pocket Cloud for my own personal use and I love it. It's great to be able to access my home PC from my Android phone.

so far having dropbox wasnt enough, so i added the pocket cloud app and turned my age old G1 into a full on copy of my desktop, how sweet is that!!!!!

A tablet is in my future at some point and I have been waiting for a device such as this (the Xoom or the new Asus tablets) that have good options for being an impromptu desktop substitute. Where I work we use Remote computing constantly via Remote Desktop, VMWare EXSi and VNC software. I have been looking for a good light weight solution because I have a bad back and it can be tough to lug around even a laptop at times. If I had a device like this that would allow me to remote in when I have to go offsite it would be a life saver.

Dedicating 70 hours of volunteer time and having a full time job its hard to juggle in my life. But with Pocket cloud anytime i have a break or lunch at work if theres anything i need to print like a flyer or even edit that flyer from my phone i am only able to do that with Pocket cloud from work without having to be so it really saves me alot time from having to wait till i get home to do any of that

Pocket cloud saves my ass in school all the time, whether I forgot to upload assignments, I need to give them a quick, discreet edit or actually get the work to my school computer.

Just recently cut the cable and am relying on Netflix for streaming. It doesn't have everything so I have a HTPC on order. The Xoom and the PocketCloud app would allow me to have total control over the HTPC from the couch, without having to rely on the wireless keyboard and mouse, which can be intermittent according to online reviews. Then my wife can snatch the Xoom out of my hands and check Facebook while I stream the remaining episodes of Caprica.

I have a special needs son, who requires frequent hospital and doctor visits. It is nice to be able to highly mobile, so that I can still get work done and maintain communication with my office/customers during the down times waiting in the hospital. Thank you.

Utilizing Pocket Cloud brings some freedom. While traveling for work I am constantly pulling out my laptop just to get one bit of information. The ability to leave the laptop home and simply remote in and have access would be invaluable. Would also impress clients!

PocketCloud would really help my day-to-day activities by always giving me a link to my computer. I am an advertising sales rep and I often find myself in a situation where I wish I would have brought a particular information flyer, or may have forgotten a client's ad proof. PocketCloud would bring the peace of mind that as long as it's on my computer 30 miles away, I can still bring it up and reference it in a meeting.

Hello I am an HVAC Engineer and part of my job is going to construction sites and marking up drawings(blueprints). These drawings are large and heavy. Not only that but i also have to transfer any notes/markups to a PDF version of the same drawings. With the Xoom tablet and Wyse pocket cloud app I will be able to directly place marks/comments on the PDFs essentially saving a step and not to mention save some trees because now I don't have to print off these large numerous drawings and lugg them around on the job site. Thanks for the opportunity!

As a starving student and photographer, with a crappy job in a dingy call center, this would be great to not only access homework files but my photos as well. It would be great for when I'm talking to people about my work I can show them on a nice big sleek screen and be able to show a wide variety by accessing my computer rather than relying on my phone (Samsung Fascinate, which I love) which can't show as much detail and only a small sample of work I keep on it.

It would be much more impressive to perspective clients I informally meet and don't have my portfolio. It would also help with my portfolio not having to drop so much on binding and printing and help me show a more broad verity with clients I meet with in a formal setting. Not only could they see how my shots look printed but also see what they would look like digitally.

The possibilities in my life are overwhelming. As a college student though there's no way I can afford something like this when my money goes to food and photography. Photography helps keep me fed and is my main job, this could really alleviate some of the cost I currently put into it by keeping my portfolio up to date.

I work in IT and constantly have to fix PCs. Some PCs are in other cities/buildings so using PocketCloud and the XOOM would make my life so much easier when on the go. Also, the ability to remote back into my own desktop when needing access to files and documents would be a breeze.

PocketCloud would help me out as I work a lot on the road at different customer sites as a consultant. It would be wonderful to have an extremely portable device that I could use as a full system by remoting into my home system.

I have used PocketCloud on my droid X for a long time now. Being in the aviation business it has helped me greatly searching required items for me on our office mainframe when they are needed out in the field at 35,000ft. It has been the best RDP program I have tried and I have tried them all. I would love a tablet to help with my daily tasks. Just can't bring myself to get a iPad.

Pocketcloud will help me to keep my business information and personal information separate. Also I don't have to carry my personal laptop when I travel for business purpose.

Pocket Cloud would help me a lot by accessing my computer at home for programming purposes I run Visual Studio 2008 at home and also Eclipse with Ubuntu and would like to have a tablet instead of carrying around my laptop to remotely access those computers I also have a camera security system and would love to use pocket cloud to access that computer and monitor the home.


I deal with family members whom always have a bad habit of needing info from their PC at the most inconvenient of times.
Using Pocketcloud I can access such PC and poof relief!

Pocket Cloud lets me access my home and work computers no matter where work sends me without having to haul around a laptop. Best of all, when work calls about server issues in the middle of the night, I don't even have to get out of bed to start troubleshooting the issue.

Pocketcloud is like having a desktop handy at all times and sometimes you can't use your smartphone or tablet to really perform up to desktop standards.

I've used it to access documents and movies for when I need them. It's great!

oh wow! you guys are pretty lame and aren't true to yourselves..."I need it to do work, I need to help me be more efficient..great for school..helping my wife"....blah blah blah! Ha! who cares.great fabricated reasons. I just wanna be the dude with the hottest tech out and access my fav porn clips on the go, secretly stashed on wifey computer. ok Wyse / Android Central...My inbox is now patiently waiting for confirmation of tracking #......

Currently playing around with PocketCloud in order to enhance my mobile DJ business. Being able to leave the laptop set up and wander around through the party or wedding, while still being able to have remote access to the laptop running my DJ software allows for SO much more interaction with the crowd, and integration of my two favorite loves (technology and music) into a seamless product that I can make work for me! :)

I use PocketCloud to access my corporate environment and a few clients. It's very convenient and with a tablet I will not have to carry my laptop with me to do so. It would be great to have a dual core tablet that I could do this on and show off to my friends, colleagues, and clients. I hope I'm the lucky winner!

Wyse Pocket Cloud is the one app every serious computer user needs. Its the one app every business person that travels needs. When I'm away from home on business, pocket cloud gives me the peace of mind to be able to log into my home and work PC whenever I need to update spreadsheet or report.

PocketCloud already saved my weekends many times and for just 15 bucks... I can't imagine how great will be doing the same through the XOOM interface... Thanks for this!

PocketCloud lets me work from home on those days when there is too much snow and ice (especially ice) to let me get to work safely.

With Wyse PocketCloud Pro, it puts my world at my fingertips at all times. With instant-on capabilities of my handheld devices, I can remote to any of my own computers using VNC, I can use the Android VPN technology to securely connect to my office and use RDP to connect to my desktop. I can then access my VMware lab using VMware View. All of this connectivity from a single, yet simple, application. PocketCloud has changed the way I function when I’m on the go. I can’t imagine life without it! Thanks Wyse!

As a teacher, I am constantly trying to create new way to instruct my students. With pocket cloud, I can work on school lessons from my tablet from anywhere, all while accessing my school computer. I have the ability to create new and successful plans to better teach my students.....all from my tablet. This technology is amazing, and has greatly relieved some of the stress of teaching and preparing to teach.

Wow! I just found out about the right app at the right time. I use other cloud based options with Google and Zumo Drive, but they have been piecemeal alternatives that do what they do well, but in a narrow scope. I am away from home often and in situations where my laptop is just not able to be readily available. I am an officer in the Army National Guard and a small project manager on the civilian side. I never seem to have every file I need, when I need it. PocketCloud looks like a great solution. I can’t wait to try it out. Winning a Zoom would be great, but I feel I have already won by reading this thread.

Pocket Cloud could help me on the go, while im away from home and get the tasks done simple and quick. I have never used pocketcloud, but i read everything about it and it looks like a very useful tool for every day tasks on the go. I would love to win this Motorola Xoom.

As a computer programmer I find that this and PocketCloud will be a great asset to my work. Being able to remotely access files and having a second device for testing and debugging will be very useful.

The combination of XOOM and Wyse would make my life so much easier. As a person crazy enough to start my own business in this economy, having the ability to access my home PC will help my business grow as well as keep me close to my files without being there. Being able to sketch a design us SketchBook Mobile and then accessing my files at home will give me a leg up on the competition during my meetings. Having instant access to send a file or show drawings while in a meeting will be a huge sales tool. Plus it will be funny to have a tablet that is more powerful than my desktop.

I love using Pocket Cloud. I love to use it because if I need a file for school from my desktop, I can go on Pocket Cloud on my phone and send the file to my school computer, and then I don't have to get in trouble if I forget my homework. I use use Pocket Cloud almost all the time! It is also great because I can also edit files from anywhere, and because I can see who is doing what on my desktop computer! I love Pocket Cloud and will continue to use it for a long time!

I had no idea about PocketCloud until I saw this article. I'm going to install it now. Having RDP access to my PC from my phone will make it much easier to access documents that I didn't have access to before. Having the larger screen on the Xoom will be like sitting in front of my computer!

I haven't gotten to use PocketCloud in the past, but as I am planning on making the switch over to Android with my next phone, and can't wait for the Xoom to come out, this looks like an app I'll immediately want. It would be amazing to use on the Xoom, being able to access my home computer from anywhere with the 3G (and even better LTE) connection. It ands enormous value to the already greatness of the tablet (and any tablet for that matter). With the tunneling and secure connection, there are so many possibilities. It would also come in perfect in a pinch, like if I create a lecture at home for my CS class and don't have the latest with me, just pull this bad boy out, connect in, plug in an HDMI cable, and I'm good to go. It's great to see the connection even better between mobile and non-mobile device. This helps bridge that gap into helping keeping all your technology working together, for your advantage.

I work remotely and use my home desktop to dial into the office vpn and work on a virtual machine. The VPN software does not work on non-windows operating systems.

There are countless situations where I have to be away for an hour or two, but still need to be logged in to the workplace and see what's going on - Doctor's appointments, Auto repair, 30-minute coffee breaks, DMV etc.

This is where PocketCloud comes into play. I can be away from my desk without being away.

In simple terms, I would call it "Productivity on the go!".

I'd use PocketCloud to help my wife with her small business. We bought some space at our local farmers market for this coming spring, and using PocketCloud we could keep our inventory current on our home computer while we are making sales (hopefully, a lot of sales!) If we had the Xoom Tablet, we could do this from our booth in a much more convenient way.

I would be able to watch any of my "home movies" while on the go, thus making me the coolest guy around!

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