Only three days left to enter to win a Motorola Xoom!

Motorola Xoom

The Motorola Xoom is looking to be the Android tablet to beat so far -- check out of first look at CES. And if the rumors are correct, it could well be launched in the next few weeks on Verizon.

And that means it's time to give one away. We're teaming up with Wyse Technology, developer of the Pocket Cloud app, to deliver one unactivated -- and free -- Motorola Xoom tablet, running the Honeycomb version of Android. Hit the break for the full details and instructions on how to enter.

The contest details

First things first -- we don't yet know when the Xoom will be made available on Verizon. Rumors have it at mid-February, but that could well change. Also be aware that the Xoom will launch as a 3G tablet. Verizon has said it is expected to be upgraded to be LTE-capable sometime in the second quarter of the year.

The Xoom is being purchased and delivered by Wyse Technology, once Verizon makes the Xoom available for purchase.

You must be a U.S. resident at least 13 years old to participate in this contest. For complete rules, click here.

How to enter

It's simple: In the comments of this contest post, tell us how PocketCloud has helped (or will help) you do what you do better.

The contest ends at 7 a.m. EDT Sunday, Jan. 30. Wyse will cull the entries and choose a winner, which we'll announce later that week. Remember to answer the question. Merely replying "Yes!" or "I want to win!" will not get the job done. And we won't stop you from entering more than once, but we'll know if you do. So don't waste your time.

All that said, have fun, and good luck!


Reader comments

Win a free Motorola Xoom tablet from Android Central and Wyse Technology


I can keep all my med school online books on it! This would be a life saver, literally.


I work for a technology company that specializes in telecommunication services. PocketCloud allows me to updated and change quotes on the fly thus allowing me to close more business and meet my quotas each month. I would recommend this to my entire company!

PocketCloud gives me the ability to make full use of my computer while I'm away so I can work with my files from home while I'm taking a break from work. I can also access documents from home if i forget to load them on my flash drive before I head to class or work.

I would use pocket cloud to work on my home computer while I'm away. Managing documents, monitoring my film's encoding, and pulling up files that are on my main computer.

Wyse Pocket Cloud will help me not only at work but also in every day life events. So I own the following devices, iPhone 4, Fascinate, iPad and Torch. With all of these devices it becomes very annoying updating all with the same info be it pictures, work documents,music or videos. Sometimes at work when showing a customer my devices I have to look to see which device has the spreed sheet I want to show the customer or a video. With this app, all of my apps will have access to the same information across the board so when showing customers my devices I can also show them the app to simplify their life.

I already enjoy having all my devices connected to one another and with PocketCloud, I will be able to control my computer from my couch or bed or where ever I am. I will be able to access my files even when I'm not near my computer or at home. Using this app will make my phone and computer even more powerful!

Pocket Cloud from Wyse looks really nice. It would be so much more convenient to work from Xoom, than from a five pound laptop. Pocket Cloud looks really powerful as we as helpful.

For my work I have to access business critical web applications which are, for reasons outside my control, IE only. RDP is what lets me work on the road, and pocketcloud is the best I've ever found.

Pocket cloud helps me remotely help my mother at home ob her PC that she's just starting to learn.

Cloud is the future of networking, and with Pocket Cloud I am able to access my files from anywhere at anytime, soaring my productivity to new heights.

PocketCloud gives me the ability to make full use of my computer while I'm away so I can work with my files from home while I'm taking a break from work. I can also access documents from home if i forget to load them on my flash drive before I head to class or work.

I have a Mac at home and a Windows PC for work, PocketCloud would help me in so many ways... being able to remotely connect to my Mac at home when I need access to a file, video or song would be huge. I'm currently swapping thumb drives when I *think* I may need something but so many times I just forget it..

For my work PC, I work from home on occasion and I don't need to really use my PC all the time when I'm home, it would be a huge convenience to just be able to access what I needed, when I needed without having to drag it along with me each day "just in case".

I have an hour train commute to work every day, my Droid X is a wonderful companion for entertainment but its not really a viable computer replacement, a Xoom tablet with PocketCloud would be so ideal.

Pocket cloud helps me remotely help my mother at home ob her PC that she's just starting to learn.

In the enterprise environment, I always find myself away from my desk in meetings and at remote sites... PocketCloud would allow me to remotely access my HPDM server along with a virtual machine running my server administration tools (Active Directory/DHCP/DNS etc).

I would literally be able to complete many problem tickets on the move!

Haven't used it yet but PocketCloud will enable me to control my home machine while I'm at work and vice-versa. I'll have complete access no matter where I am.

Wyse Pocket Cloud on a regular sized Android phone is okay, but you are still peering through a keyhole. Wyse Pocket Cloud on a Motorola Xoom tablet, now we're talking! I'll have access to all the remote servers for work while laying in bed. Now that's appropriate use of technology!

I'll start out by saying, I am a *huge* Google/Android Fan - I've been using Gmail since there was only 4GB available, Google Docs has completely replaced Word for me, and Android is my mobile operating of choice all for one reason - Cloud accessibility. Pocket Cloud and a Xoom tablet, would not only fulfill a dream but let me do even more in that evolution of technology. Mobile cloud computing is truly the future of consumer technology and this app makes your data, wherever it is, even more accessible from anywhere you need it and is secure enough that it stays only yours. As a new college student, I havent been able to make the financial investment to get an Android device until just this past Christmas and well, I can hardly say its really even that. I have flashed and overclocked FroYo onto an old AT&T HTC Tilt and while it is better than my old feature phone, it leaves a lot to be desired. The major problem with any Android phone, however, is syncing data from a personal device to your desktop and I have to say that out of all the options I've tried for syncing things (Dropbox, DoubleTwist, plain microSD, etc) PocketCloud is the most reliable and feature rich option on the table. I look forward to using Pocketcloud on any device in the future but especially on a very slick Motorola Xoom. And it would also mean finally giving up At&t for something worth using - Verizon.
May the Force be with us, always.

It will help me access work computers/docs securely (thanks for the experimental 2-pass RSA security). It will help me a lot more if I were to have the tablet though :)

With a tool as useful as this it just makes life much easier. And it gives a lot of piece of mind knowing I am just a few clicks away from my home pc

As a busy father of 4, a full time student, and working 2 jobs, this service will be invaluable. With this much on my plate it is easy to forget things from time to time, like printing out papers for school before I go. This is where this service be of most value to me immediately. When this happens, notice I did not say if, I will be able to quickly log onto my pc remotely and email the papers to myself so that I can turn assignments in on time.

Also in the future when I finish my degree for information security, I will be able to remotely help clients securely fix their issues. Thanks Wyse!

Man oh man this Pocketcloud app is new to me but ooh boy i could name some things i would do with it. I would love the ability yo access all the videos of my kids on there. I work second shift and don't get to see enough of them while they are awake. For that matter i could use the excell spreadsheets on my pc during my breaks to keep our finances in check cause the Mrs. struggles with that. I know this isn't Pocketcloud related but I just can't wait to have a webcam that I can video call from work to see my babies when they are awake. Please oh please pick me. God bless

PocketCloud allows me the freedom and security of leaving the office but knowing that I can always access the files I need to get my work done. Having used it on my phone, I can only imagine how great this would be on a Xoom!

PocketCloud has proven to be useful in many sticky situations. As an extremely busy college student juggling courswork, a part-time job, and holding the title of president in a college club sport, being able to have full access to my computer at all times is crucial. Whether it is emailing a file to someone, managing files in my Dropbox, or resaving a Photoshop file for external use, PocketCloud has saved me many times. An essential app for anyone.

The PocketCloud app would help me do things better because it would allow me to access the files on my computer while on the go. The main reason I have not purchased a tablet is because they are the same price as a laptop, without the functionality. This app would give me the ability to write papers for school, surf the internet, and manage personal customers all in one convenient place. With the XOOM's mobility I can access client information at any time or in any setting, such as a meeting with a customer. The larger screen size allows more to be done on the XOOM, making PocketCloud easier to use and closer to a laptop experience. With the PocketCloud app, I do not need to copy everything from my computer to the XOOM or worry about leaving something important off of the device in an attempt to save memory space. Using this app in conjunction with the XOOM would stand out less in a class because of it's thin profile. Many companies are supplying iPad's to their employees as a way to keep them able to work on projects and communicate easier. The XOOM and PocketCloud app will help me do this as well by accessing customer info on the go without keeping their personal information on the XOOM. I would really appreciate winning the XOOM and thank you for taking the time to read this comment.

With the Xoom tablet I'll be able to spread the buttery goodness of PocketCloud RDP all over my servers. It will be so sweet I'll need Fabio to say "I can't believe it's not b.... holy S*@$ how are you managing your servers that fast!?".

PocketCloud allows me to travel the world free from worry about what I might have left behind on my desk! Rather than wasting a fortune calling home at odd hours on my last trip to Ukraine, I used PocketCloud to remote in, grab what I needed from my desktop in Denver and send it directly to my client!! As a design/development consultant, it can be a pain to deal with constant changes to CAD files. With PocketCloud for Android, I rarely have to carry my laptop around with me in distant places where it is not exactly practical or safe. My team can continue developing the design and then I can go in and grab what I need remotely from the site.

Now a XOOM with PocketCloud, now that would be even better than PocketCloud on my EVO!! Thanks Wyse, you guys are lifesavers.

As a Network Administrator PocketCloud would allow me to have access to my servers even while I am away from my desk. The faster I can respond to problems, the happier my users (and boss) will be.

I would like to use Pocket Cloud to access my laptop and also be able to remotely access family members computers so I can see what they screwed up rather than having to somehow figure out what they heck they are trying to describe over the phone. Otherwise there are times where I would rather drive the 2 hours in each direction to look at their computer rather than try to fix it over the phone. Please save me the 4 hour round trip!

PocketCloud is, simply put, a live saver.

I am a software developer with both a Windows and Mac computer at work, a personal Android phone, and a work iPad. See where I'm going with this? That's right, PocketCloud lets me connect *both* of my mobile devices to any of my work computers...let alone my home computer as I'm sitting on my couch! ;)

Obviously adding the Xoom to the mix will make yet another PocketCloud purchase all but inevitable. It is simply THE killer app for productivity and utility.

Pocketcloud will help me manage my downloads of pirated software and movies while I'm a work

So far using PocketCloud has been really helpful in assisting our clients while on the go. Using it on the tablet will be a much better experience then using it on 3.2" display

It would be an indispensable tool for both work and play!

1) despite all the great tablets sometimes you need to get to a feature rich corporate email client running on your desktop
2) same goes for certain office docs and needing a full blown productivity suite
3) forgot to put a file in a shareable cloud sync folder on or Dropbox but can remote in and do that
4) get to those intranet web tools like expense reporting tools that have special browser plug inrequirements and need a full-blown version of a desktop browser
5). Use my tablet or phone like a work laptop when I dock it with a keyboard and mouse accessory setup (like a moto xoom or better yet the atrix!)

1) manage my active torrents
2) manage my media server and streaming settings and content conversion while I am away
3) activate or manage media services that I want to use on my xbox or internet connected tv but require going to a pc web browser initially
4) "poor man's" remote for managing Dlna content streaming throughout the house ;)

And yeah you could do all of these through specific apps or remote administrative web pages..but the beauty of pocket cloud is you don't have to worry about all that complexity and it's a single port through your firewall!

Pocketcloud makes it easy to manage my multiple computers from my bed when I am lazy.

Biggest usage would be to start downloads at home, so I don't have to wait until I get home. I've also used it to manipulate media shares and dropbox contents. It doesn't always need to be used, but it's a big help when I do need it.

What will PocketCloud do for me?
- help me track my ladies MOBILELY
- Make my phone more powerful then Harry's wand
- win me a Xoom!
- let me access my, media on everyone of my PCs
- become the President. No joke.

I just tried this for the first time on my HTC EVO and I love PocketCloud! This has endless possibilities, and for so many different uses. The portability of being able to go anywhere and be anywhere and access documents at a finger's touch is nice. To mix the Motorola Xoom Android tablet with PocketCloud? Why it is a match made in heaven ...

pocketcloud simply lets me stay connected no matter where i am. it brings my desktop to my tab and allows me to get work done, anywhere!

the business use, the travel use all thats fine but the ability to fix or look at an issue my wife is having without leaving the couch when I'm watching the game.....PRICELESS!!!!!! Great app on the Droid X, I could only imagine how it would be on Motorola Xoom

PocketCloud will allow me to control the laptop I have connected to my TV when I want to stream movies.

Pocketcloud would allow me to truly have the power of my PC in the palm of my hands. I could access all my important medical school documents stored on my home PC while on the road. I do interviews and away electives and cannot be lugging my computer around everywhere, but this program would allow me to do it with A LOT less weight.

I support software used for distributing reports/pages for hospitals all over the world. I am constantly on call and often have trouble using my works VPN connection via my laptop. It would make my job a lot simpler if I could access my home PC securly on something lighter and easier to carry, such as the XOOM equiped with PocketCloud. Anyways I figured this was a shot in the dark and probably won't win, but figured it would be worth a shot.

PocketCloud would be a change my life in that I'll be able to access my files where ever I may be. It is becoming difficult to keep all my files synched with out having multiple copies of versions of them. With PocketCloud this problem would go away in that I would be able to access the same file in one location.

Because Pocket Cloud sounds so much better than Go to my PC.
What better way to remote access your home pc than with a sweet Xoom tablet, ultra portability running Pocket Cloud!
A winning combination.

While im on a business trip I can access my computer without unpacking it or even taking it with me making travel less of a hassle

Having a Pocketcloud would open up endless opportunities for not only myself, it would allow my entire household to benefit from it's capabilities. My daughter attends college, it would allow her to retrieve homework. My wife is constantly learning new technology through me, we would be able to use it for personal use and for business usage. I've never won anything in my life, so this would be ultimately the greatest thing that has ever happened to me.

Pocket Cloud will come in handy during my years in college. Just think about it. Using it on my multiple desktops (You know, my main desktop and a slew of virtual desktops).

Being a college student, I have documents scattered all over my computer that I need for class. Using Pocketcloud I can make sure that the important documents I forget to bring to class are always on hand with my Incredible. Totally a life saver (last week I forgot an essay that was necessary for a discussion section, pulled it right up on my phone!).

(PocketCloud will help me in many ways. Im a busy college student and carrying my giant computer around would be a hassle. PocketCloud would allow me to access files on my computer while in class with ease.) Ok we all know that our lives can be hectic. I also know that reading through all of these stories on why we "need" this tablet and how PocketCloud would help us is a big boring task, but the fact of the matter is that most of these people won't even use PocketCloud. I want this tablet, POINT BLANK, and i need PocketCloud. To be able to access my computer is great. Life is crazy, work is hectic and being car less doesnt help. It would be great to not have to lug around my laptop to my 6 classes and to work while riding the bus.

The non-profit I work for that supports people with disabilities has 9 group homes in the community. PocketCloud will allow me to more easily support the computers at these locations and I'm always looking for cheaper ways to improve our work through technology. Our most recent advancement in this area is when when we implemented Google Apps Education version that was no cost to us a non-profit.

This Tablet and the Power of PocketCloud will be amazing!!! It will help me untether myself from my desk and be able to enjoy my 1 year old daughter and family life. I can work anywhere with PocketCloud and will enjoy the freedom. Thanks in advance for the promotion at work, PocketCloud.

I work 12 hour rotating shifts with an hour commute each way, so being able to access my computer files from a remote place is very convenient. Now there is no more looking over my shoulder and worrying about using company resources, I can just use my phone. Awesome!

I'm a attending college student and like some other people mentioned I'm always on the go. Between my daughter, work and trying to further my education, I think that Pocketcloud would be a great thing to have. I usually take my laptop everywhere I go but since its become a hassle to carry with everything else, I truly believe that this device would help out so much for me. I really hope that I win, if not, I will look into purchasing one when it's available. Thanks for considering.

Pocket cloud would be a great addition to my device. I have been looking and reading on it and it would tremendously improve my productivity at work since I'm on the road a lot. Ive convinced my boss that tables like the Zoom would probably by all we need for the kind of access we have during travel and having pocket cloud will almost eliminate the need for a laptop, which is cost savings.
Thanks wise and AC.

PocketCloud lets me Xoom! by keeping my Life at the tip of my fingers! Important documents and information all at the push of a button. It makes me a better Employee (info/documents at hand), better mother (schedules and reminders at the ready), better friend (photos and important dates remembered), a better wife (I 'remember' the little things I always used to forget) and a better person, news articles with recycling/reuse ideas, charities I want to look into to donate/volunteer for...and keeps me in touch with my community and my world. PocketCloud is my Life 'cloud'.

pocketcloud incredible app to complete access to my PC, Remote Desktop Services, a Terminal Server, VMware View or virtual machine from the palm With Wyse PocketCloud™, it's no problem! PocketCloud allows me to securely access my desktop and do my job anytime and anywhere on my iPhone 4, iPad or my htc evo 4g.Pocketcloud make my life easier. thanks pocketcloud and android central, i will use pocketcloud on my Motorola Xoom too.

Wyse has helped me remote into my home computers, as well as my parents computer when they need help. I use it normally at least once a day, sometimes a lot more.

With a tablet, it would be even easier to do this since the screen is larger.

Wow, you've already made me a winner by bringing Pocket Cloud to my attention. I haven't used a remote desktop application since they were in their infancy, and it's incredibly what I can do with Pocket Cloud. Since I travel a lot and do consulting jobs, Pocket Cloud means I always have access to my files at home. It means I can remotely interact with my young daughter's computer, helping her out even when I'm not at home. I don't think any of my Android devices will go without Pocket Cloud again now.

Thanks for the competition, and for bringing this product to my attention!

I run my own business. When I have to be out of the office, having computer access is essential to keeping the business running. PocketCloud means I always have my office with me, wherever I go.

Being a college student, PocketCloud is the perfect mobile tool for me. It's extremely convenient to be able to connect to my desktop for files I need on the fly. Add PocketCloud with a android tablet and you have the only device a college student would need during and in between classes.

I use PocketCloud to remotely access my home PC when I am on the go. PocketCloud also enables me to provide computer tech support to my family and friends.

Pocket cloud is awesome it let my phone be a extension to my computer plus it works great for presentations. Plus it pretty cool to mes with people when they use my computer

Using Pocketcloud and the Xoom to pick that one file needed from the home PC would be a great convenience.

Haven't used pocketcloud but sounds like a really great application. A coworker if mine just got an ipad so I would live to rub my XOOM in his face. I would use pocketcloud to demo all my customers how it could help save them time everyday. Honestly though, I want to rub my XOOM in his face, I would send you guys photos. Hope I win!

As a student and musician, Wyse PocketCloud is a powerful tool for always-on users like myself who need constant access to their computers. As a learning electronic music producer, the ability to remotely access my music allows to me take advantage full of my talents. As a student, instant access to my notes and papers helps me keep on top of my schoolwork, no matter where I am!

Thanks for this opportunity :)

simple and to the point (and probably not win me anything :( )

This will let me totally avoid my a-hole of a boss while still getting my job done!

Being a travelling salesperson and a newbie Android lover. This is a device that in my travels would allow me not only review all sales figures, customer reports, faxes (efax is an amazing invention) but also enter orders keeping me that more productive. Obvious long flights/car rides to clients I can delve deep into the minds of my customers... like watching Inception with my blockbuster subscription >:^D.
Either way this looks like an much needed and worth while investment to keep a person like me on in touch with business. Also something to give me a well deserved mental health break!
Thanks for running such a great contest!

I haven't used pocket cloud yet. But the idea of accessing all my media while on the go, and the ability to access my Dad's PC to help him out from time to time would be fantastic.

I am a senior in high school right now and every day I take notes on paper. I've been applying to colleges like crazy and I have had at least 20 times where I needed to get documents from my computer at home, such as resumes, etc, and had to wait until I came home to recover them.

Ive never heard of the program before and now that I have I am deeply interested in exploring its many uses.

I hope, as an incoming freshman to college in a few months, I can have a Motorola xoom with me to take notes and use pocket cloud to access my computer.

As a 911 dispatcher who sometimes works third shift, it's great to be able to easily access my media files from work to help the slow nights go faster. PocketCloud makes that and so much more possible. I'd be lost without it.

PocketCloud helps me keep my life / computers / portable devices in sync. Makes me look great when I tell my boss I will have to grab something from home, then reply in 5 minutes with said item.

Brilliant software, cant wait to use it in conjunction with my new Xoom

Pocketcloud allows me to assist my customers wherever I may be. Intuitive and very easy, would work great on a Zoom in my hands. *wink wink* *nudge nudge*


I am Manitook, The sheeple herder, I have a small flock of friends and family I try to keep safe out in the wild west of the internet. Sheeple being what they are, click things they should not.It is not their fault. They can't help it. They are Sheeple.

Pocket Cloud makes fixing them up from anywhere so easy. I don't get frustrated when for the 4th time a Facebook app hijacks a sheeple and spams the others in the flock. Sheeple being sheeple open the email and click the link. They can't help it. They are Sheeple.

Thank you Pocket Cloud.
Shepherd Manitook

I'm an IT consultant to a non-profit company, and also to my Grandma. Helping her get to gmail remotely using pocketcloud will be a big benefit. And helping grandma is about as noble of an answer as any. Thus, please select me for the Xoom so I can help a Grandma!

Used the beta to run the office computer from the living room. Worked well trying to set up my machine for streaming media. Very useful clearing firewall pop-ups on my remote machine while clicking the remote in front of my set top box in the other room. Combine that tool with a Xoom tablet = true remoting utility.

Pocketcloud allows me to remotely help my friends and family with PC issues at home while also allowing me to control my PC from home to access all of my files and documents along with also doing things remotely when I'm at work such as downloading documents and closing internet zapping programs.

PocketCloud turns my phone (and hopefully my Xoom) into a portal to all the computers in my life. It means I always have FULL CONTROL over my NAS at home, my PC at work, and my music and video collection! All I need is a tablet, PocketCloud, and connectivity to basically do anything I need to do.

The other day I wanted to listen to some music using Audiogalaxy, but I had forgotten to start it up on my server at home. No worries! PocketCloud to the rescue! I just logged in, turned on Audiogalaxy, and boom...streaming music to my Evo. Couldn't be easier and more convenient!

I use the cloud to access my pictures and blueprints when I am at work so I don't have to fill my phone up with pics and use up space on my phone.

Pocket cloud is going to be a great help. As I often travel and cannot spend time with my family, this will allow me to share photos of my soon to be born child that (like everything else important that I own) are stored on my home computer!

Ive have been out with the flu for almost a week but thankx to pocketcloud, I can still do some work.

Posted from my D.X.

Whether I'm home or on the road, PocketCloud will give me access to all of my tunes, images and videos from the comfort of my HTC Evo 4G (or, hopefully, my Motorola Xoom). PLUS...access to AutoCAD files and shop drawings from the construction site thanks to Wyse Technology's PocketCloud app. This is the future. Bring it on!

I have not used pocket cloud in the past but I'm always looking for new ways to make what I do easier. Being able to access all my files from anywhere has always been something I've been interested in. I will definitely check out this product.

I cannot wait for this device, I can finally give full rights of my iPad to kids so they can play there games. Now if I am lucky enough to receive this device and install pocketcloud I will be able to hide from the wife and kids for a little bit and finish some work that needs to be done to pay the bills. I can even sit and a take a long sh!t and finish my work.. All with pocketcloud.. I won't be rushed in the bathroom anymore.. Take my time and have plenty of peace and quiet.. Thanks again, love your website.

I am a youtube partner, so I am constantly uploading videos and content to generate entertainment for others and income for myself. To keep up the content though I am always on the run and can't sit in front of the computer for hours on end watching videos render and upload. PocketCloud has helped me monitor my videos status on the road while I am already filming the next. I love it!

PocketCloud will make it easier for me to function as my mom's de facto IT support Guy!

Wow, I did not know that Pocketcloud existed until reading this post. I have downloaded it to my phone, and cannot wait to try it out on a tablet. The coolest thing that it will provide me is not just access to my files on my computer, or the fact that if I forget something on my laptop or desktop it will still be accessible. It is that I have been wanting to find a way to really make my laptop obsolete and just use my desktop for storing all of my information. It is annoying to go from my laptop and then my desktop and realize that what I need to work on is on my laptop. I then have to use dropbox, or my usb stick to move that information from my laptop to my desktop. With Pocketcloud I can just my desktop to store everything, and then manage it and work on the things I need to through my cell phone and tablet. That makes life much easier for me. Also nulifies having to backup several devices, and just making sure my desktop is secure and backed up. Can't wait to get better at using all of the options. Thanks. I would love to be the recipient of the Xoom, as I will no longer need my laptop.

As a secret agent out in the field, I need access to my data at any time. I depend on the security of Pocket Cloud to get me my data without any worries of it falling into enemy hands. Believe me when I tell you how it has gotten my arse out of the fire on more then one occasion. Ever forget the blueprints of the building your infiltrating? I have. I was able to use my android phone to pull up the docs from our base computer and get in and out quickly.

Thanks Wyse Technology.

I'm in the insurance industry and currently do presentations via a heavy older laptop with a battery that lasts about 30 min when not plugged in. Pocket cloud and the Xoom would allow me to give the presentations as well as any other applications or information I might need without having to worry about finding a place to plug the laptop into as well as cutting down on much of the bulk. Plus the new, sleek Xoom will look very upscale to my clients vs my 5+ year old chunky laptop.

As a web developer, PocketCloud is indispensable for my business. With pocketcloud I have access to my office desktop no matter where I am so I can handle sudden website emergencies for my clients promptly and efficiently. Thank you PocketCloud!

I cannot wait for this device, I can finally give full rights of my iPad to kids so they can play there games. Now if I am lucky enough to receive this device and install pocketcloud I will be able to hide from the wife and kids for a little bit and finish some work that needs to be done to pay the bills. I can even sit and a take a long sh!t and finish my work.. All with pocketcloud.. I won't be rushed in the bathroom anymore.. Take my time and have plenty of peace and quiet.. Thanks again, love your website.

Being in the Military Pocket Cloud would help me in so many ways when I am not at home, from keeping all my training docs and files, to all those ever so needed entertainment files. As an instuctor I can access everything I need to give my students the best instruction possible with on demand access to our curriculum. While stuck in the field or nights of duty I would have access to my movies and pictures of family and friends! I can have all the content I need on the go!

PocketCloud is amazing. I can use my Evo to log into my home server and move files around. I never have to worry about not having a certain file when I need it.

wow pocketcloud has helped out a lot! i love it! when ever i need quick access to important things when i am not around is awesome! it has helped me A LOT in school. i can access all my things like essays, notes, etc. without being next to my computer! at my dads house, he doesnt have internet so if i need help with homework,studying etc. i dont have much access to anything. so with pocket cloud i can get all of my documents i need for school! i think this is a GREAT start to cloud based products and will help me out a lot in the future! i am already thinking about how pocketcloud would be soo helpful to me if i got a xoom. wow life would be so much easier for me. cloud printing would be GREAT for me! i type all of my school work on my moms desktop but she doesnt have a printer. so if i was at my dads(who has a printer) i could print out all my school work i need! this technology will keep on growing and will keep on helping more and more people. the access to videos would be awesome! i hope they add that to the androidversion! if i need to watch a video from my computer i could do it anywhere! WOW! keep up the GREAT WORK! im looking forward to the expansion of pocketcloud!

PocketCloud will help me make sure Google Cloud Print is working like it's supposed to! I've had so many headaches trying to print off of my CR-47 from school.

I would love to play with the motorola xoom and pocketcloud but I never win anything. If I did win, I would give it to my daughter. She is a freshman in college this year and I'm she could put it to good use.

Having the Pocket Cloud app and tge Xoom would allow me to be more productive. I work for a website development/SEO company. Having access to my Dreamweaver, Photoshop, and other web development tools at a moments notice would be invaluable. SEO and Marketing is time sensistive. If you cant access the tools 24/7 you lose money for the customer and your company. Theses two tools would be the key to unbelieveable success.

I would use it to monitor my house with the webcam and keep te family in line. It would also help me with my studies. I would use it mostly for trouble shooting my computer when I'm away, not everyone in my family is very computer saavy...this would help the whole family!

PocketCloud and that new Xoom tablet will help me show up all the *Pad fans at work, showing that I too can be less productive in meetings.

For one its Android, and two its Wyse, a leader in technology helping companies use the cloud with thin/zero clients to maximum ability. I am strong advocate in both and making it come alive on a Xoom will only make the experience that much better. Using the app on my phone I am able to connect to my VMware View Environment from anywhere a data connection, now imagine how that would be on a 10in screen. Incredible!!!!

i am a single mom, who works crazy hours, the pocket cloud app on a xoom would let me "be home" even when im not there. help the kiddo with homework, fix dinner together and not just be on the phone.

The pocket cloud is amazing, will definitely help me find docs while away for my computer. Will allow me to not have to worry about carrying around my laptop all the time. Maybe a xoom will be a lil less bulky to carry around. Looking forward to increasing my usage on the pocketcloud as i do my travels in the coming months.

As an IT professional, I use Pocket Cloud constantly. I have multiple desktops at home, as well as locations I support that I can easily remote into whenever necessary.
It isn't all about home use, but when it comes to business this app helps me increase my customer response time and reputation. Being available wherever I have service or wifi is extremely important. If I need to, I can go into a server, set policies, then go into a workstation to test them out seamlessly. $14.99 is a bargain for this app, and I would recommend it to anyone without question.
Regardless of if it is on a tablet or not, this product has changed the way I work, and I will continue to use it on any device I own.

Wow. I didn't know PocketCloud could act as an almost fully functioning desktop.

This is sick. Will definitely get it if I ge the Xoom.

The obvious is that PocketCloud will help me to be more efficient like when I help my Mom, Aunt, and others with their computer issues. I think even more important then all that is PocketCloud is helping us all save gas which in turn saves us money and helps our planet. To me this is the biggest thing that PocketCloud does. I used to have to get in my car and drive to all these places. PocketCloud helps us all to be more efficient, save money, and help the planet. Awesome!!!

PocketCloud allows me the functionality of my personal computer in the compact form of my mobile device. This app has proven invaluable in many areas of my life: in class, at work, or when I'm just trying to pass the time.

Access to my computer on the go is a must. Pocketcloud makes it so I don't have to worry if I forgot a file on my computer. I always have access to it on the go. That combined with the Xoom would make life so much easier. Accessing the computer from my phone is easy but the screen size of the tab will make things even easier!

PocketCloud helps me connect to my father's pc and fix whatever he needs with it. It's useful because my dad works an hour away from my house!

PocketCloud will allow myself and fellow employees have a quicker connection to our client's server and desktop computers. With this, we will be able to easily remote into their machines wherever they are, whenever they need support. This is helpful because now we can spend our time outside of the office expanding our business while not sacrificing quality of service to our existing client base.

I can see PocketCloud being a major asset in my companies growth. If chosen for the Motorola Xoom, it would help secure the purchase of PocketCloud for more Motorola Xooms if given the opportunity to test this new product.

PocketCloud has really helped me get access to my files and songs straight from my phone. The best thing it can do though, is have my computer pointing at my TV and watch a show I really don't want to miss from my bathroom. Any way to make it better? I would say increase in overall speed would make it the bees knees.

it will help me out while im traveling or i forgot to save my homework on a flash drive i can just send it to my e-mail from this

As a technology enthusiast and technology support expert I find pocketcloud very helpful since I have joined the droid community. I passed up on the blackberry due to the lack of apps. Now that I use a droid phone I find it very helpful that the droid tablets are coming out and awesome and helpful tools like pocketcloud are being developed and the hardware like the Motorola Xoom to support them. I if chosen will thoroughly enjoy the Motoral Xoom along with the Pocketcloud app.

James Borzani

I have my own company and deal with a lot of customers who require project proofing while I am on the road. I have been using my droid x for viewing, sending and downloading large graphic files. I also have the need to access my office computer to view or modify customer files, and up until now have been searching for a convenient way to do this. PocketCloud would be a tremendous help in achieving a solution to getting proofs to my customers in a more timely manner. In addition, being able to access my files while on the road to make edits and revisions would be a lifesaver. I work with very tight deadlines and being able to address and solve customers needs is crucial.

Remote desktop functionality with what appears to be a killer tablet, I will take it.

Ian B

I'm using the pocket cloud app and that saves me so much travel time going from location to location that i have been giving customers a big discount for not showing up.

Basically, PocketCloud has made me feel more like I'm living in the future than any other app on my phone.

Remote access is something I've tried before between PCs with varying degrees of success, but PocketCloud simply works exactly as it should; and, actually, better than I thought possible. It allows me to, within seconds, access my desktop from anywhere. For example, it has single-handedly made it impossible for me to forget a crucial file at home. As soon as that wave of panic rushes over me, it's gone, as I remember that my PC is basically in my pocket. Situations like this are what make this technology so much more than impressive sounding buzzwords. It's a paradigm shift in how we use technology.

To sum it up: I'm constantly amazed by exactly how useful this app is.

When I think of the Pocket Cloud the first thing that comes to surface of my mind is the Fifth Element. This device has set the standards for future devices. I can see myself tangled up but a fire or by the ocean clinging to my PocketCloud enjoying the days. The 10 inch screen would be perfect for my eyesight. Then to have the Android HoneyComb and Google software would be amazing. The Pocket Cloud is going to be the best product out. Then to have dual-core processors its going to be LIGHTING fast. I just hope that I can become a PROUD owner of such I device.

I can store pictures of my catalog and fill out orders for my side business. No longer have to lug around and boot up my laptop.

PocketCloud will allow me to access all of my photos and excel files that I store on my desktop. This will let me stay on budget and balance my checkbook everyday!

Pocketcloud lets me deal with parent/grandparent tech support issues from my phone. It's saved me so many hours that would have been wasted.

I am a United States Naval Officer currently in dental school. When I graduate next year I will be serving as an officer and a Dentist for Naval and Marine bases at home, overseas, and on aircraft carriers. Having the cloud will make it so easy for me to keep in touch with the lives of my family, my baby girl, and my friends. I will get access to pictures and videos from everyone when I am homesick. Doing that much traveling and having to pack light, it would be a literal and figurative weight off my shoulders to have the portable XOOM with cloud capabilities. I was planning on buying it to replace my only computer (5 year old Dell laptop) but due to the suspected price, massive student loans, and conservative military wages, it would be very hard to justify that expenditure. The XOOM+Cloud would make being away from my family a whole heck of a lot easier...I am going to have to rely on webcams to see my family for the next few years, might as well do it in style with front and rear facing cameras!

This is perfect to finally be able to help my wife from work while she's busy breaking the home computers.

I will soon be honorably discharged from the Army, where I did two tours in Iraq, and beginning my job as a background investigator. PocketCloud will help me stay connected with my home office while on the road doing my investigations.

PocketCloud lets me access all of my documents and use programs that are only installed on my desktop. Very helpful for studying!

PocketCloud looks hot and I am going to go buy it right now for my Nexus One.

I've been looking for a secure RDP app that can handle NLA. This is going to be awesome.


I'm currently starting up a new company where I'm the only one that will be working remotely. PocketCloud will be great for logging into a work machine, especially when I'm on the road.

PocketCloud makes being a parent easier. Now while at home caring for a sick child you can still modify and send your revised proposal. Not necessarily a sick day now is it?

OMG!!!! If I were to win this I would be one of the most succesful realtors, if not THE most successful realtor in my Market area of Downey CA. I would be able to do amazing listing presentations and show potential sellers everything that I do to market their homes on my website I would especially be able to impress any potential client when I show them Pocket cloud on the Tablet and show them how effecient I can be, giving me the ability to service them like no other realtor would be able too...I'm sure that there isn't one listing appointment that I would come out of where I didn't succesfully obtain a listing when I use the Motorola Xoom tablet. Even if I don't win I want to say thank you to AndroidCentral for keeping me up to date on all the cool technology that I am able to use in my business, and Wyse Technology for teaming up with Androidcentral to offer such an awesome prize!!!!

Pocket Cloud could help me with a lot of things. You have to be inventive in the way you use these tools. I would use it as a way to present my photography to potential clients, there is no way I could store all the high resolution files on my phone. Then I could show them what they want to see based on organization of sets and style.

This would also work well with my work place, since we create a lot of spreadsheets, and most of my creativeness comes to me at night. I would not have to lug my desktop with me every where I go.

I see a lot of potential in this product for entertainment purposes, with music, video, and photos. Acting a a server and a business card.

Pocket Cloud could help me with a lot of things. You have to be inventive in the way you use these tools. I would use it as a way to present my photography to potential clients, there is no way I could store all the high resolution files on my phone. Then I could show them what they want to see based on organization of sets and style.

This would also work well with my work place, since we create a lot of spreadsheets, and most of my creativeness comes to me at night. I would not have to lug my desktop with me every where I go.

I see a lot of potential in this product for entertainment purposes, with music, video, and photos. Acting a a server and a business card.

I have dreamed the dream of a truly full featured and user friendly mobile VNC solution for a long time, and PocketCloud has delivered. PocketCloud and Xoom working together would be my dream come true.

With Pocket Cloud I can get away from my desk at work and fool my boss into thinking I'm confined to my cubicle

my mom has always wanted a tablet, it is just too far away from our spending range. she does a lot of work on word and excel for her job. i really think she would be able to benefit from both of them. i just wish i could give her a gift she would never forget. she deserves it

I'm a medical student that spends more time away from home than at home. If I'm not at the clinic or hospital, then I'm at a cafe studying, and I spend months at a time in different cities doing medical rotations at different hospitals. For example, in March I'll be leaving for three months to Central and then South America. So I spend huge amount of time away from my home computers. With PocketCloud and my android phone (and tablet?!), I can do anything that I could do from my home computer from anywhere in the world that I can get 3G service or steal Wifi service. I can register for classes and schedule my medical rotations remotely. I can use my school's massive online medical library and my hospital's proprietary medical applications from the clinic in Costa Rica. My taxes will be due while I'm out of the country, so I'll be able to do my taxes as if I were sitting at my home computer (where all my scanned tax documents live). I'll be able to apply for financial aid and student loans and scholarships from Colombia or Peru. I can access all my notes from medical school classes (PDFs, Word docs and Powerpoint files on my home machine). All-around amazingly useful! I'd love to prove that this little device and app are perfect for the mobile student as well as for the future doctor!

I forgot to print that essay i just typed on word! No worries, pocket cloud is here.
I have a .apk i need to grab! Good thing i have pocket cloud.
A new CM7 nightly is pushing and i have no wifi! Cloud in the pocket to the rescue.

That's just a few things that pocket cloud has done for me. :)

Pocket cloud will be great for when I travel for work and need access to work files. It also will make it so I can help my wife with pc issues while I am gone.

Well, working as a Maintenance Technician, I often take some of my work home to edit. On some occasions, I forget to bring the edited documents with me back to work and I'm stuck until I drive back home 12 hours later. Pocket cloud could easily allow me to access these my files. This is definitely something for me to consider in case I goof up again.

Well, working as a Maintenance Technician, I often take some of my work home to edit. On some occasions, I forget to bring the edited documents with me back to work and I'm stuck until I drive back home 12 hours later. Pocket cloud could easily allow me to access these my files. This is definitely something for me to consider in case I goof up again.

I love PocketCloud. It lets me keep an eye on what my kids are doing on their computers. I'm able to get my wife access to what she needs access to on our computer while I am at work. On top of that, I'm able to show off the app and phone it's capable every time I'm talking with someone who has a smart phone. People are always floored that I have full access to my home PC wherever I'm at. Only thing that could even life even easier is having a Doom to show off PocketCloud on.

As a short but simple answer, PocketCloud would provide me with the following: organization, access, and control. I am a student that is constantly on the go, and being able to keep all of my important files organized and not scattered throughout flash drives etc., accessible when I need them, and editable remotely would enable me to focus on the content of my work rather than having to worry about the medium in which they must be stored and/or transported.

PocketCloud will enable me to easily provide computer tech support to my entire family.

I will utilize pocketcloud to promote my innate couchpotato trait (a paternally inherited gene) by accessing my computer which is housed in the remote location aptly named 'upstairs'. The power is at my fingertips! XOOM!

Pocketcloud would help me fix my wife's computer, download movies, access all my notes while i'm out on the campaign trail.

Not to mention it would make me the envy of all the other staffers.

I live in New York and my grandfather lives in North Carolina. I love PocketCloud because it allows me to help him with his computer questions directly by being able to showing him on his own computer screen. It's also nice to mess with my mom from the other room while she's browsing YouTube videos haha

Let me start by saying I have never used PocketCloud and looked into it after seeing this contest.

The main reason I would like this tablet, beyond on the reason its a quality tablet and would improve my career and lifestyle in a number of ways. I am a psychiatrist who mainly prescribes medicine and help my patients through treatment. One major part of the job is I'm on call a lot because a lot patients will have breakdowns or mood swings and I'm required and really do want to help these kids or adults through bad times in their life.

A major problem I have with doing my job is if I should be out of office or home (aka on the road, vacation, etc..) I don't have access to their records or prescriptions which extremely limits what I can help them with if I'm out of place. If I had the ability to access my computer and files from a tablet that works seamlessly with my PC or anything else I link PocketCloud as I have to come to understand how it works.

That is the main reason I would like this tablet, to help improve my career and maybe a child or two. Not even counting what else I could do with it such as monitor my security system at the office and at home and of course free time. If it works as well as I believe it will, I would happily recommend it to all of my co-workers and associates of the generosity of Wyse Technology to helping me.

As the designated IT guy of the family, PocketCloud would definitely help me to provide tech support remotely. Also, as a student, I often need to submit or edit office documents. This would help tremendously at those times when I need to access a document that is on my home PC when I'm away. Thanks for this contest because I was not aware of PocketCloud beforehand.

I work in graphic design & beING able to use Pocketcloud to access my PC's is a convenient helpful dream! To be able to use it on a Tablet like the XOOM.......PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!!!

Very excited about this device! I am a full time IT employee for a school district, attend online college classes, run a small hosting business, and do varying degrees of support for family and friends. The Xoom tablet and PocketCloud would help me tie all these different aspects together breaking free of usual tether of a desk.

I would use the Xoom and PocketCloud to help my family and friends that always seem to call for technical assistance when I can't get to my computer. Being able to help them wherever whenever would be VERY nice.

Pocket Cloud by Wyse has already simplified my life in so many countless ways! I currently am now able to easily RDP into my parents/friends computers and provide tech support on the go. Being the designated "NERD", I have many a time needed to RDP in when it wasn't feasible to do so with a laptop(especially on the road) and would have to make my friends/family wait until I got home or found some WiFi. Now when I get that fretting call about computer problems, I simply launch Pocket Cloud and fix their computer issues on my Android phone. I could only imagine the power of having the awesome power of the Xoom tablet loaded with PockEt Cloud...its a match made in heaven!!

Pocketcloud is great because I can remotely access my storage server at home and manage backups from anywhere instead of having to be on a local machine.

Getting this tablet will help me 1up my friend who thinks his iPad is the best thing in the world. I need to show him how cool Android is by using the Pocket Cloud app at my birthday party.

Being a student, I get access to a variety of programs through my institution. Not having a portable computer makes it tough to access and edit files from programs such as SolidWorks, Matlab, and Labview while I'm on campus. Using Wyse Pocket Cloud app on my smartphone allows me to do this on the go. As I progress through my career I plan to continue my use of Pocket Cloud app to bring me access to my work computer from home and be able to help my fiancée with her computer problems while I'm at work.

Everyday I use my big, honkin' Windows laptop to RDP into my HTPC to check on the status of Usenet downloads & organize my media. It'd be super-awesome to do this on the Xoom with PocketCloud instead.

If I get a Xoom, I will use pocket cloud to access my home PC at work. Useful for grabbing files, and providing tech support for my family.

pocketcloud allows me to go on my darned ipad and be able to view full flash content on websites through the vnc client. It also allows me to print documents from my mobile device for homework so that i dont have to go and grab my computer, thus wasting time that could be spent browsing android central

I am interested in using pocketcloud to control my PC at home for media recording and checking on backups. Also, helping my wife with her computer "problems" while I am at work will definitely be better than talking it through over the phone. Thanks!

PocketCloud would help me do my business while away from office. I would actually love to have Pocket cloud on my tablet or iphone. I wish I win Xoom tablet with PocketCloud :) that would be perfect!

This will allow me access to my PC at home while on the road. Having this level of access will save me countless headaches, numerous hours and most importantly allow me to close more deals by never "leaving it at home" again!

As a graphic/web designer, PocketCloud would be a great addition to the tablet as it would let me visit my clients and show them the work I've done without carrying around a heavy laptop. I could simply keep the files on my home PC.

I would love a xoom with pocketcloud! why? well im a college student and i only have a desktop computer and if i had a tablet i could carry it to and from class, and if i just so happen to forget a document or file i needed that day......BOOM! pocketcloud to the rescue! I am oh so forgetful so this would benefit me and my education greatly! Thank you.

Pocket Could has changed my life in many ways. I don't see how I could live without it at this point. Not only is the technology amazing but it has made me so happy that my life has improved greatly many areas. Just to name a few of my key improvements you have helped me with:

- I now sleep a solid 8 to 9 hours a night
- My relationship with my wife has improved greatly in all aspects
- I no longer feel stress or anxiety as I used to before Pocket Cloud
- I've gone from 3 packs of cigarettes a day down to none
- I've traded my piece of rubbish 1976 car in for a new 2011 sedan
- I now wake up refreshed and look forward to each and every day
- I have reconnected with all my old friends
- I have returned back to my gym 4 - 5 times a week and gave up junk food all together

I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart. My life is so complete now and having the xoom tablet with pocket cloud will truly put things over the edge. That would be a true blessing and I can't imagine how incredible that experience would be.

Thanks so much,

The Motorola XOOM and PocketCloud would be a new adventure for me. I have no idea what pocket cloud can do (will google it after writing this) and the Xoom would be great to have and carry in my purse rather than hauling a laptop around !!! PICK ME PICK ME

As a small biz owner I find I never have a day off. Also take into account my two children and various volunteering activities and you have non stop. This is where pocket cloud and a tablet is going to make my life easier and give me the freedom to do all these things and still feel like I have control of my life. As a small biz owner I do not have a big enterprise and a room full of IT guys. I have myself and that is it. how many times have I forgotten something at the office or needed something I did not expect to need. But with pocket cloud it is there, it is you......enough said.

I'd never spend $800 on one but if I had a free one, pocket cloud would make it worth at least double what I paid for it. I could transfer files to and from the xoom and any computer to work on things like making our work schedule at home, waiting in my car at my kids school, art work, or anywhere

Pocketcloud has improved my life because it allows me to do things I have never been able to do before. I love being able to access my computer when I am in the city at work because I don't want to risk my $3000 Mac. Furthermore, it is so simple to use. There is no annoying complex setup to do. Once your connected its so easy to accomplish everyday tasks. I really love pocketcloud and wish that everyone knew about it because its so amazing. Like legit this thing rocks. Helped me so much with school also.

Pocketcloud will help me, when I'm a college student, access information from far away. I will be able to access information on my dorm computer while i'm in my class. I'm very excited :)

My IT telephony job requires me to do a crappy week worth of 24/7 on-call every other month. The entire time I am stuck like a prisoner to the man in my house. This would allow me to get out and not miss football, beer and strippers. It is great because my company already utilizes wyse terminals. XOOM, PocketCloud, and Verizon will give me the sweet release I desire. If I win I can make money while spending money, $1 at a time!

Pocketcloud would help in many ways, as would the xoom!! I'm graduating school soon with a BA in applied science, (computer and network technician) and this would help tremendously with troubleshooting a clients/families computer when I get into the field!

I used to use the LogMeIn App (hated that app) but after seeing the post on AC about PocketCloud I dl'd it from the market & haven't looked back. It's been such a great help to view docs on my PC when I'm away from my office instead of having to hope someone's there that can bring up the file I'm looking for. Thanks PocketCloud!

Oh boy... This is exactly what I need! My desktop is located in my office. My office is in the basement. The basement is colder than a penguin's ass. I could pay some bills and do my taxes all from the warmth of my cozy bed with Pocket Cloud!

I'm about to try Pocketcloud now, I'm hoping it will allow me to remote into the computers of some family who I do PC troubleshooting for.

Interesting. I'd never heard of this before. I had used LogMeIn during the beta and it was cool to be able to remotely control my PC from my phone. But the screen on the phone was a bit to small to be useful on a Windows desktop. Very hard to click on anything. But now that they're coming out with tablets this type of thing might be really handy. And at half the price of LogMeIn I'd definitely give it a shot. And it looks like it does a lot more than simple RDP.

I love the wife and sister-in-law, but they are computer stupid in ways I have never seen. I drive and spend a lot of time away from home. PocketCloud will allow me to remotely log in and correct their blunders much faster then trying to talk them through the fixes to what ever mess they make that day! I like this much better then any other remote access program I have tried!

I’m a musician/producer by trade, so I’ve dealt with a lot of paper and CDs, especially when working with a cover band or at church on Sunday morning. New songs are added and old ones are phased out, meaning the set list must change accordingly, or as is the case with a church worship band, the set list is new every Sunday. On top of that, there are chord charts and lyric sheets, and in order to learn songs, the band needs to have a copy of the record to listen to. In the days before the Cloud was a reality (and even further back than that) this was a tedious process. Charts and set lists had to be printed up at home, and CDs had to be burned and mailed to band members. In recent years, some of that nonsense has been alleviated by means of emailing charts and Mp3s, but that’s still a tedious process for the bandleader (me) who has to attach each song and Mp3 one at a time to each band member.

In most cases, my laptop would live at home, on the tour bus, or would stay in its bag in the rehearsal room, and I would only break it out in the case a song was added later, allowing the rest of the band to hear it (provided it wasn’t on my iPod). But honestly, I hate taking my laptop to rehearsal. I really do. It’s just one more piece of gear to load in. That’s where Wyse Technology’s PocketCloud comes to the rescue! I can leave my laptop at home, but still have it with me at all times! I have access to all of my charts, lyrics and set lists, which I can change if needed, then email to myself and print off at rehearsal. All of my Mp3 files are also accessible allowing me to pull them from my laptop at home and onto my phone to plug in to the mixing console for a listen, or send them to the rest of the band’s phones right then and there. PocketCloud is especially useful when I’m on the road. Set list changes can happen at any moment, so being able to access a file at home from across the country with a phone, make the necessary changes, then print it out…is actually kind of mind blowing!

That’s not even the coolest part! I see a lot of potential for this technology and already have my head in the clouds (pun intended) dreaming of ways it will make my life (and my colleagues’ lives) much easier. My goal is to have a dedicated music computer (probably a cheap netbook or desktop) that is open to all the bands I direct, allowing musicians from each band to log on from their phone to access charts, Mp3s and other information. Each band would have a separate password protected master folder with subfolders for all charts, lyrics and Mp3s. Another subfolder would be dedicated to the next gig on the books, which would include the set list, venue information (location, time, stage plot and input list, etc.) Mp3s of newest songs, and charts for each song. A mass text could be sent out informing the band that updates have been made, and then each musician could grab the necessary files at their own leisure, from anywhere, using PocketCloud.

So, PocketCloud is not just for the IT crowd! It can be an indispensable tool for many jobs and a creative way to make things easier for you and your co-workers.

With PocketCloud, I can finally work with overseas clients on their time, without having the hassle of busting out my laptop all the time! As an added bonus, I get to see my dad's face as I BLOW HIS MIND with this thing! It would be priceless! He nearly dropped to the floor when I showed him that I could program a TV show to record on my phone - imagine what this would do!!

AND a Motorola Xoom to boot?!?!?!? Yes, please! Thanks for the opportunity!

I'm the maintainer of the household home theater PC (you know, since I'm the one that built it). Being able to use Wyse PocketCloud to RDP into the HTPC from a phone or a tablet means not having to pull the keyboard and mouse out in the living room...

...which is great because doing so feels extra silly when all I need to do is something simple, like copy a file from the network share.

I do free tech support for all of my friends PC's, So what better way than to use WYSE pocket cloud than to run the whole operation from my phone and be able to help them out anytime. A motorola XOOM would make my pro-bono work just that much more effective because the productivity of a tablet is just that much better than a phone. Not to mention it would be totally awesome!

Excellent tool to keep synchronized with different tasks while not at home. I have used it many times to show off some of my family pictures with the rest of the family, when not at home. Last week alone, I was able to bring it to my grandmother's home and show her pictures of our newborn. The baby is currently too young to travel, but she was able to see the newest pictures of her new grandson. My grandmother does not travel, due to her age, and this seems to be a very easy way to make her feel closer to all of us. Then, by using "Dropbox" I was able to copy some of these pictures locally and then print them at a nearby CVS store. She loved them.

I do break/fix work in a large manufacturing facility. Pocket Cloud has allowed me to get back to my workstation and see if I had any new trouble tickets while I was still away from my station. It's not feasible to carry around a full laptop, and it's inconvenient to get back to my office and find I had other things to work on where I was just at. It's been a lifesaver.

I have a habit of forgetting files on my computer at home...Let's just say Pocketcloud helps me not look soo much like a buffoon....The Xoom would only elevate that feeling. =)

I would love to have a xoom and this app to show all the pictures of my kids when I go to relatives house. Both of these would be awesome!!

A a student and as the leader of my church worship team, I have a lot of files on my computer, such as group projects for class or music sheets for the band, that I can only access on the go if I have planned ahead, already knowing I would need to access them. This isn't exactly the definition of convenience.

I hadn't heard about PocketCloud before this contest, but now that i have it installed on my Droid X and on my computer, I can see just how handy this program will be for me! If we want to add an extra song to the weekly setlist, I can have the file on hand in minutes, and if I'm halfway across campus and I need to access my schoolwork, I don't have to worry about the contents of my backpack.

Even if I don't win the XOOM tablet, I will still continue to use PocketCloud on my phone. Great product, Wyse!

I would really enjoy a Motorola Xoom tablet. The Pocket Cloud application is a great tool and would be even more useful on a tablet. I personally use would use Pocket Cloud on the Motorola Xoom so I can be more productive in school. Having accesses to my desktop PC from anywhere is a great advancement and one that I would like to experience. Pocket Cloud is a great tool and complements the Xoom in many ways.

recently I got a new PC, and although my previous PC is still usable, i haven't fully set it up (no monitor hooked up), and it would be great to continue accessing it from android via pocket cloud.

I don't have PocketCloud or even an Android device yet, but would love to change both. I'm always on the move and having remote access to documents from different devices has almost become a necessity. The combination of the Xoom and PocketCloud presents an ideal solution for what I need.

the pocketcloud would really help with the launch of my drafting business. the ease of use and showmanship of it all could really bring in some business.

I will keep this short. First thank you guys @ android central for all your great work ,,, not trying to kiss your ass well maybe..HEHEH!! You can give it to who ever you want but let me tell you something!! I need this so bad its would give me a edge with my life in so many ways..I need this so bad my cell is still running (Cupcake).

I really love pocketcloud because I have way to many documents on my computer that I need for work so with pocketcloud I can just review a document right from my android phone and no longer have to Cary around a thumb drive and wait till I'm near a computer

I would probably save the life of my wife. I'm always forgetting some file at home and she often will deliver it personally to my workplace. This would allow me to access my own files from my work and keep her off the dangerous streets. God bless you!

PocketCloud will help me be more productive on the go and get those pictures, music, and documents i forgot back in my hands! I will be sure to use the PocketCloud app on my Xoom if im so lucky to win the contest!!

Who wouldn't want remote access to their files on their laptop from their android device? An awesome way to avoid having to wait until you get back to youre laptop to get important tasks done.

Awesome application that I use at work frequently. It has saved me many times from having to drive up to work to make a change or apply a setting. Also it lets me work from the comfort of my office without having to go all over the building... PocketCloud for the WIN!!!!

I've used pocket cloud to get a finished project off my home computer multiple times. I love apps that help forgetful people.

PocketCloud gives me unfettered remote access to both my home and work computers. In this day and age having this ability is absolutely critical to success as a business professional and extremely useful for home. Don't leave home or work without it!

Ahhh good ol PocketCloud. With this application installed on my Dell Streak and on Windows 7, it makes things a lot easier for me. Managing and organizing documents and information that is extremely important to me has became easier with this App. One of the Key assets of this program is that it allows me to jump in the App from my Streak and see if the family is snooping around on my computer. I gotta say, I do have the best in the house that Dell has to offer. The Streak might not be 24 inches like my moniter, but its a good enough screen for me to look through and see what the brother is doing on my computer. Gotta keep tabs on my belongings somehow, and this application made it possible for me. Now.........If only I could use it on a bigger tablet? ;)

Pocket Cloud will enable me to access my system, and files while on the road. As a sales representative, there are many times that I need something from home. I generally have to call my wife to have her email it to me. Pocketcloud would save me a lot of time, and my wife a lot of aggravation.

A XOOM would make a great way to make product presentations to my customers.....

I own a rooted original (OG) Motorola Droid running CM7 Gingerbread nightly builds. Pocket Cloud has given me one more tool in my quest to convert every iPhone user I know to the Android army. I love showing off Android to my buddies at work who are so bound by Apple. Just the other day I let them pickup on my 3G through WiFi Tether since they had terrible coverage. Now i can show them how I can manipulate my laptop at home from work on my 1yr old phone. Amazing! Keep up the good work Wyse. Wow imagine using Pocket Cloud between my Droid and a brand new Moto Xoom!

Pocketcloud will help me by allowing me to access the technical literature stored on my home pc. I use this literature to service, repair and maintain the medical equipment used by the 1st calvary division.

PocketCloud will help me work better, it will allow me to work when not at work. Sadly, this means less napping on plane flights and while waiting for connections at airports...

PocketCloud is extremely useful for me as a college student. I'm currently in my second semester of school and have a lot of homework that involves many assignments being completed electronically. By using PocketCloud I have my computer with me wherever I go! Priceless!

I use PocketCloud so I don't have to bring my whole desktop with me to every single class. It's more convenient, especially with cloud printing apps coming out now.

so...pocket cloud. Seems to be the best/easiest way to keep editing on the move. As a teacher with two jobs, anything that allows me to keep lesson plans cooking while i'm on a brief break, anywhere, is great by me!

We have a Citrix site already up and are looking into a VDI solution to help our Marketing and Sales force. We have tried getting an iPad, but it has not come thru yet. Having a Motorola Xoom would be great for evaluating our project.

Using Pocketcloud is going to keep me connected to all of my important documents for law school. I can take the tablet to school, take notes with it, and then have them on my computer when I get home!

Pocketcloud will help me to breakfree of my desktop and allow my kids to use the desktop while I do things from the comfort of my couch.

I love using PocketCloud. It's the perfect app to do a quick check-in on my home PC for quick tasks using my Android phone when I'm out or at work. Its such an intuitive program I could hardly believe I had it up and running so fast. I'd love to use this on a tablet. I can easily see my self using it to connect to my home PC when I'm out an about or just hanging around the house. I wish I had enough pull at my job to convince them to install this this on my work PC.

PocketCloud + the XOOM would help me be more effective at my non-profit job. It would allow me to RDP into my work computer and get things done on the road or away from my desk. I do eMarketing so I'm in need a constant connection to the Internet, and work resources. Having this would be awesome!

Pocket Cloud is very useful for me because it gives me everything that I need while I am on the go. It is refreshing to be able to present documents and files without having to be bogged down with multiple units. It enhances mobility greatly.

I do a lot of stuff on my computer for work, but my job takes me away from the desk often...Pocketcloud keeps me connected no matter where work takes me!

POCKET CLOUD helps me daily with accessing information on my PC at home and is probably the most used app in my phone. Its a lifesaver when i forget important stuff on my computer. I would love to use it on a tablet!!!

Pocket cloud already helps me while working with people. I can easily solve must problems right from my phone, or hopefully my new XOOM.

I'm a network administrator who is on call 24/7. Having a Xoom with Verizon's network and Wyse's remote capabilities would be the ultimate admin tool to allow me to remote into our network/servers and put out fires from anywhere anytime.

I'm a Net Admin at a health system, so Pocket Cloud has been great for me to be able to remote in and take care of any issues without having to physically be at the office. So I've been able to take care of our systems while on the way to work, way home.. out at dinner, pretty much everywhere I'm at. It's been real helpful during those emergencies when I can't make it in the office. Would love to see PocketCloud running on "My Xoom" (If I win).

PocketCloud will help me manage my windows pcs around the house. Connectbot works on the unix boxes like a charm. If PocketCloud worked for RDPing into Ubuntu it'd be a one-stop shop!

PocketCloud allows me to connect to my home computer to update or add music to my home server via my phone. I really love the ability to add new music on my home computer so that I can stream it over my laptop at work. I like to also connect to my home computer and check my finances through Quiken.

PocketCloud will help me manage ongoing processes and projects and help to share my work more quickly.

I use pocket cloud to remote desktop to my work computer to fix problems with our lab informatics software while I am away from work. This really helps me keep work flowing even when I can't be there.

I use pocket cloud all the time when I travel for work. I know that many people use this app for the purposed of work however I use it to stay close to my family. I have an 18 month old son and another one in the way. I love being able access my pc and video chat with my family. Plus I dont mind watching a little family guy and 24 that I have on my home PC eiher.

I would use PocketCloud to remotely access both my Mac and Windows boxes to use apps that aren't available on a mobile device yet!

PocketCloud has allowed me to securely access my desktop anytime and anywhere using my Android phone. Love it!!!!!!!!

I'm a full time touring musician that stays on the road close to half of the year. Besides the obvious ability to keep connected to the home computer for various files, I plan on using The Pocket Cloud App to connect to our digital mixing console. We would mix our sound system through the software connected to the mixer, then control it via touch screen on the tablet. Imagine how cool it would be to control a mixing console remotely with your finger tips. That would show all the ipad guys how powerful android tablets can be. Please give me the chance to do it.

I can get rid of my laptop and use the Motorola Xoom with Wyse Pocketcloud app and my Proxmox Virtual Environment server.

Pocket cloud has saved my back by allowing me to travel without my laptop. When I need the power of my laptop I just fire up pocket cloud on my Tab. Great app!

As a college music student, the value of a tablet would be of great service to help with taking notes and having something that more portable than a laptop. The Xoom would also be a good tool for music, keeping a library of of pdf files for classes and gigs. Having Pocketcloud with the Xoom, it would aid with files I need on the go that I may have forgotten or need anytime. Thanks Android Central and Wyse for a great opportunity! Cheers to the winner.

This makes me sad. I would love to tell you how I am using their pocketcloud app to access my home computer, but I have satellite internet. This means that my downstream is 512 kbps and I have a ping of 1400ms on average. My iPhone usually has an EDGE connection as well. I have tried a multitude of remote connection apps and I get the same slideshow animations with them all. Let me tell you that Wyse looks like they have the best I have ever seen. If I could use this I wouldn't have my current problem of keeping my data spanned across several PCs. I could have one main desktop set up to access from anywhere and use. Even with shear laziness I could look at something on my desktop from my iPhone. One small detail that I really liked about the app is that it uses you google account. When the day comes that my internet comes of age you can be sure that this is the service that I will use. I can't forget to mention that this would be awesome on a tablet.
This is an Edit:
Shortly after writing this comment I tried the app again just to be sure that the problem was in the internet. I don't know what I did the first time, but now it works. Boy does it work. This is not only the only VNC that I have got to work on this internet, but it is the best I have ever seen, I expect no less from a professional company. I want to thank Wyse so much for bringing this to me. The speed of the screen refresh on the app is unbelievable with these internet speeds. The app is just plain fantastic. I can't thank you enough for this app. Now to tell you how I will use it.
How won't I use it. I could leave my laptop plugged up in the basement while I browse on it upstairs. I can leave my laptop at home for a download or something of the sort while I use it at school via iPhone or Xoom. The applications for this are unnumbered. I can use my desktop as a pseudo server now. Leave it on all day to use as a VNC. Use it to view flash on my iPhone. Normally I would have come on here and lied about the product for a chance to win the Xoom, but this is actually something I will use. I could go on, but for the sake of your eyes and patience I'll stop here. Again thanks for the incredible VNC and a chance to win the Xoom.

"tell us how PocketCloud has helped (or will help) you do what you do better."

It doesn't do much for me, because PocketCloud doesn't support Linux users except plain VNC, which can be done with other apps. Would still love to win the Xoom tablet though, but I think they won't like my post :(

I am currently getting enrolled into a a college program in the medical field to start my family off in a new direction. Since the economy has been pretty bad, I have been needing to make a change for a better future. I feel that the Xoom tablet while using the technology of great apps like PocketCloud by Wyse will help me get through school better with more efficiency. I will use this technology to also develop a few apps I have in mind for the medical field as I have been an Andoid user and avid fan since the original Droid phone. Being able to get a helping hand of a free Xoom tablet would be greatly appreciated. Currently, I use PocketCloud to access my home computer and files while being out and about. I know there will be endless possibilities with this application and the technology of this great tablet to help me achieve my new degree in Radiology. Thanks for the opportunity.

Pocketcloud would enable me be IT for all my family (mainly grandparents and parents) all from my Android Tablet!!! Also I would be able to tell all my friends how awesome Pocketcloud is too!!! Would love to show off my new toy!!

I do theatrical lighting so PocketCloud allows me to remote back to the lighting console and control lights while 30 ft. up in a lift. Much easier than yelling down to someone. :)

Pocketcloud will allow me to help my wife remotely with any pc issues she is having while I am at work. Having the ability to access all my documents when at work is a HUGE plus! I cant wait to have a go hands-on style with that intuitive mouse/pointer system I hear rave reviews about!

I have never heard of pocket cloud. I am reading this on my wifes iPad,as I am waiting patiently for the onslaught of android tablets to hit the market. The xoom is definitely the front runner IMO. I look forward to learning how pocket cloud can help me run my general contracting business from the job site. I came from blackberry to the droid incredible on it's launch, and have never thought about going back to BB. Thanks for the opportunity to enter this contest.

With pocketcloud I would be able to more easily maintain my lab's computers, leaving me time to finish my thesis!

pocketcloud is the best app ever! having a smartphone is like a mini computer, and now even more so! i go to home's to fix computers for a living and now cant imagine not having pocketcloud! its so great to have access to all my files on the go.

As a teacher, I can use PocketCloud to access my files from work if I need to look at grades, student reports and files, and have access to my classroom website.

I already use PocketCloud on ipad and my droid X. I just hope PPTP VPN support get ironed out in Andorid 3.0 so I can actually use pocketcloud to do some work. I can't wait for Xoom to replace my ipad and more :)

As a college student, I don't want to carry my laptop around to every class. PocketCloud basically puts my laptop in my pocket. And with a Xoom tablet, I'd have way more space to work on.

PocketCloud will allow me to be the ultimate tech guru for my customers. This is allow me to be able to offer tech support on the go. It will allow me to access my information no matter where I am at and what I am doing. I just love technology!

Wow, I never saw this app before this thread, and it looks like PocketCloud could make a android device a worthy competing to my convertable tablet, all else I would need would be to have a keyboard for it for bigger typing tasks. The RDP functions, VMware, and even VNC will be very familiar to my admin environment.

I Could use it to research and find while I work 60 hours at my current low paying job. I have been out of college for almost a year and I can't find a decent job to pay my student loans soooo if I won this tablet I would have the means to enhance my ability to find a better job to better my life and you could make it possible!!!!

I never have enough room on my phone for all my music. With Pocketcloud i won't need to worry about that anymore. All my music on the go!

I Could use it to research and find while I work 60 hours at my current low paying job. I have been out of college for almost a year and I can't find a decent job to pay my student loans soooo if I won this tablet I would have the means to enhance my ability to find a better job to better my life and you could make it possible!!!!

I Could use it to research and find while I work 60 hours at my current low paying job. I have been out of college for almost a year and I can't find a decent job to pay my student loans soooo if I won this tablet I would have the means to enhance my ability to find a better job to better my life and you could make it possible!!!!

Pocketcloud is very important to have on the go. it will let me help my wife while im at work.

I work with law enforcement support in an ever increasing virtual environment. I could use PocketCloud in conjunction with the Zoom to provide better mobile support as most of my servers have no physical consoles already. Being able to flexibly support my users assists law enforcement and in turn, the general public.

I have need to access a number of different computers at any time, mostly helping family with problems, but needing to be at my desktop to do it makes it a little more difficult than it should be. I'm sure PocketCloud would help me accomplish this in a more efficient manner than I do today.

I use logmein now to troubleshoot all my families computer problems. In a way its a curse because now that they know i can help they dont leave me alone. Also I leave an old laptop with a webcam hooked up to the network so i can log into it and check the cam to make sure no one has broke in when Im on vacation. Id love to switch new method of doing this with pocketcloud and would def switch if i won a brand new tablet. I could bring it to work and not have to rely on the cell phone anymore. Logmein is kind of a pain to use so bring on better ways.

I use PocketCloud to show off to others how I can remote into my computer from my phone!! I also have a few of my own services running on my home machine and it's nice to be able to reboot from anywhere when one stops working...when in doubt, reboot!

PocketCloud makes it easy to access files (media or work) from your computer to store on the cloud or send them to someone else. Right now I just use gmail to upload files and save as a draft to store it online or just documents on google docs. I see that this product is much greater than my method as I could access the files directly from my computer at home.

This is an easy one, I'm always looking for ways to remotely access a pc for troubleshooting. I get calls at all hours of the days asking for help with simple issues that I could fix in a few mouse clicks but take forever to explain. Now send me my Xoom!

I'm a consultant, and work at several different client site during the week. Lugging around a full notebook PC just to remote into a system is not an ideal situation. I would trade for a tablet, but current speeds just won't cut it for me. A new Xoom with Wyse's Pocket Cloud would let me travel lightly & access everything I need on the fastest network!

I hadn't heard of Pocketcloud before but looking at it now I can see what a great help it can be, especially since I don't own a laptop. I can use Pocketclloud at home and at work. At work I have the responsibility to manage quite a few machines, both macs and pc's, and since pocketcloud supports both rdp and vnc that job will be much easier. I can remote into my business servers to manage them and also view the status of multiple machines as well. I can use it at home to manage my home network and domain from a central location and not have to boot up my desktop to get everything done. PocketCloud on an instant on device is a win/win situation for me. :-)

PocketCloud is great for those times you forget to sync your thumb drive and can't drive all the way home to get those important files.

I'm a video editor and rendering is such a pain so I think using pocketclould to check on start rendering and upload TV programs would be awesome.

oh and OMGWTFBBQ Xoom? oh my god yes!

So Bob, did I show you the "Stinky Monkey" video that I'm working on? Wait, it's not on my tablet. That's OK, PocketCloud to the rescue!!! I'll just use PocketCloud to access my home PC and suck it down.

The power of an Android Tablet with an app like PocketCloud will blur the distance between home and here and make everything available. No need to carry everything with you, just access the files from where ever you are and get them where ever and when ever you need them.

I myself will use PocketCloud to access my media and code projects while I'm on the road or at work and make sure my projects are where they need to be when I'm back at home and ready to work again!

PocketCloud helps me keep my side projects available while I have down time at my "real" job, as our proxy blocks access to most sites I could do this from on my work pc. Whether it is continuing work on my novel or posting to forums I don't normally have access to ;) It has proved invaluable to my app collection.

This would greatly reduce the amount I have to carry to the hospital...leave huge bulky laptop at will it help? I record all my dads medical data on the dreaded lap top. He is a heart transplant survivor and everything needs to be documented. I could record all his data on to the tablet then transfer over, his follow up appts, his biopsy results, etc...this would be so helpful in not having to carry/lug so much and its touch screen unlike the dreaded this would be a pun intended.

PocketCloud will help me help others with computer issues. I can reach out through the cloud and guide them on their way back. I wish the cloud was around for those days when I had to trouble shoot issues over the telephone and could not see the users computer. I love the cloud!

PocketCloud will allow me to program my indie games anywhere anytime to speed up development time.

PocketCloud is a great app that allows me to do things on my home PC like setup downloads so they'll be done by the time I get home. Very nice!

I look forward to using PocketCloud on the Xoom to help me stay connected to work from home so that I can spend more time with my family. I can't wait!!

Pocketcloud will give me the ability to take my tablet to the fullest extent possible. When tablets were first introduced into the mass market, the question was why would people need a tablet? How would having a tablet help us? Up until now, tablets are mainly used for entertainment purposes. With the Pocketcloud app, I will have the ability to take my tablet to its fullest potential, giving my tablet both entertainment oppertunities as well as work related potential. Pocketcloud app truely makes the tablet a necessary device, and can successfully replace my laptop.

pocket cloud will keep me from leaving on a week long trip with only my Epic, thinking that I've taken care of all I need to on my home computer before I leave and can do all i need to on my phone, just to later find out that I actually HAVEN'T taken care of everything and have no possible way to get to my files.

Sure, PocketCloud will be awesome. Being able to print from my Android is fantastic. But mostly I want to rub it in the noses of the people I work with that Google products beat the boogers out of Apple, no matter what their Supreme Overlord tells them.

I use PocketCloud every time my mom has computer issues back home from college. I also, believe it or not, use pocketcloud the most for controlling my uTorrent from any where I'm at on my PC.

Wow...I can't believe what I've been missing. I was completely unaware of PocketCloud until I read this article. I downloaded the free version and connected to my PC. This is pretty cool! Since I'm the resident IT person, I quickly bought the Pro version and then added my wife's and son's laptops. They've called me at work to ask computer questions. Now I can just whip out my phone and see if I can help them. However, it would be a lot easier to help them with a screen the size of a Xoom!

If I were to win this, it would totally rock my world for both work and personal -
First work: I am the online course development director for a small college. I get students emailing me with problems with different courses and since I'm not always at my desk where I can fix those problems, this would allow me to fix the situation and get the students back to their studies. I'm sure they wouldn't appreciate the fact that they don't have an excuse to not study, but I'd be more efficient and get more done.

In my home life, like many others who have posted here, I am "on call tech support" for many family members, many of whom are not tech-savvy. Boy would the combination of a Xoom and PocketCloud make my life easier, not to mention how much money I'd save on gas and cell minutes ("no, click the other your other left!!)

Anyway, I probably won't win, but thanks Wyse and Android Central for the contest!

As I field technician/consultant, I use PocketCloud on my incredible most of my day. I manage a bunch of servers and I am never at my desk, but out at clients offices. A lot of my servers are remote and if there is an issue and I am at a client’s office, I can easily turn on my PocketCloud in my incredible and remote into the server that is having issues, instead of driving back to my office which adds more time onto the servers down time. The only issue with pocket cloud on my incredible is the screen is so small that I have issues getting the server fixed right away because I am fumbling around trying to find the section of the screen I need to get to, and I have a hard time reading the events in event viewer and using the small keyboard is challenging. With PocketCloud on the Xoom this will make my life much easier and be able to fix servers faster, as I will not have to fumble around with the small screen, thus providing less down-time for my clients.

Pocket cloud combined with the laptop replacing Motorola Xoom could truly offer a seamless mobile solution between my home computer and my computing needs at school.

This would allow me to remotely use apps which can not be run on the XOOM, like a C compiler. This software completes products like the XOOM, putting the full power of a desktop in your mobile devices.
If I win, I promise to do only good things with my XOOM. ;-)

As an engineering student I find myself often needing to access various Workstation level applications (MatLab, AutoCAD, SolidEdge, Mathmatica, ect) while working on projects either in project meetings or in the field (such as tweaking a part design for a catapult while testing out the current version). Right now there are few laptops in the sub $1000 range that can run Matlab (for data analysis), and SolidEdge (for the part modeling) at the same time without choking. Being able to pull the files on my workstation at home would be massive benefit for me.

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