Mystery box of AC swag

It's the weekend, the bosses take the day off, and Michelle and I have cooked an awesome little plan where we're gonna give away three boxes full of random Android Central swag!

There may be a t-shirt, there may be stickers, there may be a coffee mug, pens, sticky notes or any manner of great AC stuff crammed into a box and sent to your door. We've got a big pile of it, and the best thing to do when you have a pile of cool stuff is to share some of it.

Want to try and win one of the boxes? That's the easy part. Make sure you registered at AC with a real email address. If we pick you, we need to know how to get in contact with you. If you didn't and we pick your name, we'll never know where to send your loot and we have to give it to someone else. That would totally suck, so make sure it doesn't happen. 

Once you've done that, just leave a comment below. At 11:59 PM Pacific time Sunday night, we'll shut it down and pick three winners at random. All that's left for you to do is check your email and see if you were one of them.

Ready? Set? Go!


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Win a box of AC swag!



Nice. Not like I win anything, but its worth a try. Especially if it is from AC!

SWAG Scientific Wild Ass Guess
SWAG Souvenirs, Wearables And Gifts
SWAG Stuff We All Get
SWAG Sourceware Archive Group (Pascal program sources)
SWAG Semantic Web Agreement Group
SWAG Special Warfare Group (Philippine Navy)
SWAG Silly Wild Ass(ed) Guess
SWAG Stolen Without A Gun
SWAG Studies in Women and Gender
SWAG Software and Giveaways
SWAG Southern Women Aging Gracefully (book by Melinda Rainey Thompson book)
SWAG Super Wild Ass Guess
SWAG Stupid Wild-Ass Guess
SWAG Sealed with A Gift
SWAG Sophisticated Wild Ass Guess
SWAG Stolen While At Gig
SWAG Something We Asians Got
SWAG International and National Snow, Weather and Avalanche Observation and Recording Guidelines
SWAG Some Wild-Ass Guess
SWAG Standard Written Agreement
SWAG Sold Without A Guarantee
SWAG Still Wondering and Guessing
SWAG Something We Africans Got
SWAG Shock Wave Generator
SWAG Southern Whippets and Gazehounds
SWAG Simulated Waste Access to Ground Water
SWAG Swinging Wild Ass Guess
SWAG Stuff We Acquired Gratis
SWAG Sour Water And Gas
SWAG Smart Wild Ass Guess
SWAG Senior Women Are Great (student group; various locations)
SWAG Stuff We Are Given
SWAG Southwest Ag, Inc (Bayfield, CO)
SWAG Semi Wild Ass Guess
SWAG Strong Wise Accomplished Gentlemen
SWAG Saved with Amazing Grace
SWAG Something We Artists Got
SWAG Something We Americans Got
SWAG Something We Athletes Got
SWAG Spiritual Wisdom and Godliness
SWAG Sleeping with a Girl (Dominance song)
SWAG She Wants a Gentleman
SWAG Super Wealthy and Gangsta Boyz (band; Chicago, IL)

Let's get this! I'd like to win something from you guys for once lol. Maybe a nexus 7?? I'm cool with last gen lol

I like loot! My birthday weekend here also, hook me up :-)

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I've been reading ever since I got my Motorola back flip all those years ago!

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Android Central is awesome to keep up with the latest Android news.

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I would donate this whole box of old Android devices to my little cousins who have wanted smart phones for the last 3 years and whose parents have struggled. They cut out pictures out of magazines and they really want a smartphone. I let them play with mine when I can, but yes, a whole box of goodies would brighten their day!
Here's to hoping!

I need that ac swag to put Toledo ,Ohio on the map! And show android is the best!

I will be waiting for the box to show up on my porch...

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Not sure I can handle all this losing, maybe this time will be different

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Would Love A Box Of AC Stuff....And I Could Use A Coffee Mug To Keep Me Up During My Late Nights Of Android App Development.

All I think about when anyone says swag is Michael Scott aka Michael Scarn. Haha! The good ole office days! Ya, sign me up I could use some swag. Thank you

It's fantastic that you guys do so many give aways :D , count me in please ! Good luck to all.

I want it. I need it. I gotta have it. Please!

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I registered for this. I want this. I have had the shittiest possible day answering mindless, confused and rude customers all day. Then I saw this post. It filled me with hope. I am told there is no false hope, just hope. Please make this not false hope. I do not know how much more of this I can take! SOMETHING HAS TO GIVE... I love you.

A box of Android awesomeness sent to my doorstep would be great. I'd love for my name to be added to the running.

What a brilliant competition! Someone is gonna be very happy. Hope it's me :)

I run aokp and still have no swagger, so maybe this box of AC swag will help me!!!

Would be nice to drink my morning coffee at work from an AC mug, wearing an AC Tshirt (on Fridays anyway), with AC stickers ... :)

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