Moto G

These three phones need a new home

It's no secret that we think the Moto G is a pretty great phone, especially for the $179 unlocked starting price. With a whole bunch of the Moto X's awesome features at just a fraction of the price unlocked, it's an amazing value for a smartphone user at any level.

And while we know that many of you received new smartphones over the holidays, we're sure not everyone got precisely what they were hoping for. To help with that situation, we want to spread a little post-holiday cheer by giving away not one, but three Moto Gs to Android Central members.

All you have to do to win is drop a post in the forum thread linked below, and we'll pick three lucky winners to receive a fresh new 16GB Moto G.

Enter this contest in the Moto G Forums

Quickly, here are a few rules:

  • One entry per person, please.
  • These are U.S. phones, so this contest will be limited to U.S. entries.
  • The contest will be open until 11:59pm ET on Thursday, January 2nd.

Good luck everyone!


Reader comments

Win 1 of 3 Moto Gs from Android Central!



This field cannot be left blank, but I was far too eager at the prospect to get a Moto G, that I posted here first...AND THEN in the forums.

Lesson learned.

EPIC FAIL! Appears you took so long to type your victory, you failed to be first but a long shot!

I'd really love one of these - simple easy phones. Hit hard times and had to go back to crappy basic phones.

Please pick me my 12 year old sister just dropped her today screen first!! she's been crying all day she's had the phone for 4 days and LOVES IT!! Please hook her up with a new one! I'm trying to get motorola to see if they can warranty it. She would be forever grateful!!!

Oh how I would love to win one of these. That would make a great birthday gift from Android Central to me considering my birthday is right around the corner.

I would love to win one of these for my son. I got him one on Republic Wireless, it is the Motorola Defy and it sucks majorly. If I win one of these then I can get him on something better. Count me in :)

hook up please. I'd really love to have one of these phones, thanks for the chance.
happy new year android central

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please, me! desperately need a new phone (my nexus 4 on PA hasn't aged well)

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This a great phone for the price that its at. For people who are on pre paid service this phone ever better.
Most phones without a contract phone are normal around 500 this is a steal for the price.
This phone would be great up grade for me from the phone I have now.

I have been looking into getting one of these for my father. It would be an excellent intro into the Android world.

Big fan of a Moto X.. Though haven't had the chance to get one.. Should Moto G be mine at least it would put me in my race to get that Moto X dream.. Haha.. Thanks AC..

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Gravitation cannot be held responsible for people falling in love. How on earth can you explain in terms of chemistry and physics so important a biological phenomenon as first love? Put your hand on a stove for a minute and it seems like an hour. Sit with that special girl for an hour and it seems like a minute. That's relativity.
Albert Einstein

I am a CMTS Engineer and I used to hate working on Motorola BSR configurations, I'd love to have redemption with Motorola via this phone! Would be a huge upgrade for me. :)

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Thank you so much for sending this my way. Great way to start off the New Year...Yayyyyyyy !!!

This is such an amazing device and great new year starter, would be blessed and grateful to Android Central to take this home. Congrats to whomever the winner is !!

Thank You for this opportunity, Android Central! Happy New Year!!!

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Android Central, oh, the time has come,
And you know that I'm the only one to say,
It's a Moto G!
Yeeeeeeeah, it's a Moto Gggggggggggggggggg ...

Ah a chance to win Moto X's baby brother. Since it is the new year maybe the baby should be a phone this year. Here's to bringing in the new year with the Moto X2. Thanks guys all your reviews during the years. Wishing you all a very happy New Year

Getting ready to switch to T Mobile next month. Planning on getting my daughter a Moto G. This would be perfect!

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I've been keeping an eye on these things. The most intriguing part of these devices is the battery life they're able to achieve at this price point.

Hopefully I'll win one of these's been a few years of entering odds should be in my favor in a few more :)...I need a replacement phone and was looking at this

So wait. I just leave comment and I have a chance to turn my wife into a Fandroid??? Awesome! She desperately needs to understand the beauty of this OS and sleek phone!

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I see what you did there. I "signed up" to Android Central forums to be able to post here. Oh well, I'll do anything for free cakes or smartphones, so count me in!

US only, why not Canada too? I'm sure the phones would work here too!! :-)

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Happy New Year! Thanks for the opportunity to win one of these phones!

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Cannot wait to have a better phone than my girlfriend lol

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This is the phone I am going to get for my wife, would be great to get one for free.
Thanks Android Central.

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I would love a Moto G. Seems to be on the same level sort of as the X, which I want too. Please send it to me and make my New Year a happy one. Thanks.

I have nothing witty to say so I'll just say Merry Christmas, happy holidays or good day to ya if holidays aren't your thing.

"Fancy a new Moto G Matt?"

"Really AC Crew??" Wow!"

"YEP, it's yours for being a devoted daily reader of all things AC and a massive Android fan since the beginnning.."

"Aww, AC Crew, I luv ya, here's a great big hug and best wishes going into 2014!"

(smiles all around, especially on the face of the Moto G who has a wonderful new home)