BGR is trying to put two and two together and predicting (with no sources, leaks, or tips) that the T-Mobile G2 is going to show up at CTIA. For those keeping score: the T-Mobile G2 is the HTC Magic and CTIA is a pretty huge mobile industry convention. What makes this interesting is that CTIA is right around the corner (April 1-3) and well, it does make a little sense.

Consider the fact that Android needs to become more relevant to be considered a true contender in the mobile industry. After the relatively quiet MWC we had to go through, the WORST thing would be to have another quiet convention where everyone is left wondering where Android is.

So what's better than making an impact at one of the biggest shows of the year? CTIA fits the bill perfectly. We're predicting big things for Android at CTIA because if Android is quiet again at CTIA, man we're going to be in for a long year.

This watercooler talk of Android and the T-Mobile G2 would surely make April an interesting month for Android. Remember, the HTC Magic is supposed to launch in April and the much anticipated Cupcake firmware is looking to be released in April as well. Can April get any bigger with the announcement of the T-Mobile G2? Could it be a month to remember with other Android Device announcements?

We personally would hate to see another opportunity slip by with Android barely making a peep. Now that Android has been on the market for nearly 6 months, it's time to see Android begin to fulfill its promise. With the Palm Pre still on everybody's minds and the iPhone 3.0 preview looking to steal attention, Android needs to shine the light back on itself. CTIA should be their show.

What do you guys think? Are we in for another quiet convention or can we expect some BIG news on the Android front? 


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Will the T-Mobile G2 Show Up at CTIA 2009 ?


@Anonymous "G2 will replace G1 in HTC lineup"

I doubt if the G2 will be intended to replace the G1, if it is announced. Some people like a physical keyboard, while others not. Thus, it would make sense to offer both.

The Magic is not coming to America. Something must have gone wrong for HTC to give Vodafone, T-mobile's rival, an exclusive to the HTC Magic.

Android announcements will be mainly software announcements- cupcake, new marketplace announcements, maybe a phone... that will be slated for a 3rd, 4th quarter release of this year. But no G2. I'm predicting a quiet time for Android.

I would love it if the G2 came out around the same time the next iPhone or Palm Pre came out. Steal some thunder. But I don't see that happening.

G2 will not be sold alongside the G1, I don't see it happening, even with the keyboard difference. Why the big price drops then if they decide to sell it next to the G2?

guys tmobile employee here who just spoke with a local business support rep... its confirmed g2 before june 2009 doubt me if u want... but in a few weeks u'll believe...

I was wondering if You have any updated info on the G2 now CTIA 2009 is on its last day and I haven't really seen any news about it or any android news in general. I would really like to get the G2, but don't want to wait any longer than June, but would also hate to sign up with a 2 yr contract with the G1 and then have the G2 come out in july. Jus curious, thanks.

The g2 looks nice but i need a keyboard if i want all touch i'll just use my iphone. I will miss the giant keyboard from my g1

I honestly hope that T-mobile realize what a piece of crap this so-called "G2" is and decide to pass on this useless device created by the ignorancy of HTC. Why would u possibly get rid of the physical keyboard? that was all that separates the device from a very weak iphone imitation, now that apple are becoming more open-minded with which developers get to create programs for their devices. T-mobile will lose a huge ammount of customers and profits if they decide to adapt the g2 to their network.


exactly it is very hard to make a all touch phone that can out do the iphone i love my g1 for its keyboard, I love my iphone for how smooth and usefull it is. I will wait for the g3 i hope they just keep the g1 form factor and upgrade it.

Physical keyboards are for idiots. We are in the 21st century, get use to the screen keyboard. Tactile keyboards are like training wheels for quasi-Luddites.

From the pictures i've seen online thus far, I can def dig it.. I will be buying it the first day and upgrading from my unlimited sk data plan which i still have cuz i dont see the G1 being worth my money. Some of you people just complain way too much. The G2 to me seems more of what i was expecting from the G1. You have word. All the icons are on the same screen. there looks like a news banner which scrolls across the top of the phone. to me its better than the phone foreal.. but as far as music i will be keeping my ipod touch.. no other mp3 compares