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We've all been on pins and needles over the upcoming cupcake build of Android, which is slated to add useful things like an on-screen keyboard, A2DP Stereo Bluetooth, and more. One of those pins just burst our bubble (to extend the metaphor), as Robert just tipped us on this thread over at Google Groups, where Jean-Baptiste Queru writes about how the G1's code isn't being currently rolled into Cupcake:

The G1 contains a significant number of proprietary applications, drivers, etc... that aren't part of the core Android Open-Source Project. Even if the source code for the 1.0 platform that powers the G1 was released, you'd still be missing many parts to turn the base platform into something that exactly matches what shipped on the G1. [...] Cupcake sets a base that should reduce the impact of the first aspect, with the open-source tree being hopefully eventually close (or identical) to the underlying platform of the stuff that ends up on consumer devices.

The part that's straightforward: it makes sense not to take a specific version of Android -- namely the one built for the G1 -- and put it back into the 'main build' of the core of Android. The question, then, is will the changes in Cupcake filter back out to the G1 branch? Robert feels that the answer is likely "No." We're less sure -- it sort of depends on how much support T-Mobile and HTC want to throw at a device that is, perhaps, more of a first effort than a sign of what Android will look like in a year.

If nothing else, take this post as a reminder that we're not at all sure yet what the update scenario is for Android on the G1. If it will be the iPhone-style "everybody gets it all the time" kind of scenario or the BlackBerry-style "You get it when the carrier gets around to it, but meanwhile feel free to try to hack it on yourself" kind of scenario

In other cupcake-related news, it has been merged into the master branch for Android, so it's now 'canon' code.

Update: Engadget confirms: it's coming to the G1!


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Will Cupcake Come to the G1? (Update: Yes!)


This is exactly what we DIDN'T want with Android. I expected the system to be open in the same manner that we can run Windows Update or Software Updates on our desktops. (I don't have to get a new desktop every time a new feature/fix gets rolled out.) Don't do this to us, guys. Some of us hopped on early with the impression our device we remain updated.

This would suck. I came in to this on the premise of updates, applications, etc. If this is true, then there would be no reason to continue with this phone, and the hell if I'd going to spend another almost $200 for another. It would be a sigh that the time is right to move to the i-phone and just become one of those....

Ugh, if cupcake doesn't filter out to the g1, i'm selling the damn thing and switching back to blackberry. this is just the sort of ridiculous behavior i'd expect from microsoft.

i guess in 2 years i'll probably have to join the iphone hordes.

This is not what I read from the original posting at all.

All I got was that there are changes that will need to be made to the cupcake build before pushing it out to G1's including some of the google apps, the crap-tacular email client (hopefully there's an improvement to that on the way), messaging and tmobile favorites.

Some sort of "official" announcement needs to come from Tmobile ASAP regarding the feature set in Cupcake and the G1.

I was "promised" by the Tmobile rep that a2dp was coming as well as the softkeyboard.

If these things exist in android but are not put onto a g1, I want an exchange to the next android powered phone.

I don't personally agree with that article.

I actually find the phone quite pleasant to use.

Granted, I received the phone with rc28 on it so the experience was probably different than when it first released but it's been pretty rock solid for me as a device.

The iPhone was plagued with problems at release but yet these articles compare the current iPhone to the first attempt at this phone.

As long as google and tmobile update this phone, I have no issues with it as a device.

From what I've been reading, ppl in the UK have been receiving the update and some also have taken the time to manually install the "Cupcake" however, the only part of that which has been seen is the Vkeyboard.

Ota update is planned for the 9th february. No word on functionality except it will support googlecheckout

Your neighbourhood friend,


I can assure you that the G1 update has not come to the UK, as usual we are the last to get any updates.

Don't know when the last update to this was but I talked to tmobile on friday. Got a no way not gonna happen. All hype, hype that was created by tmobile. When I bought this phone the "cupcake" update was promised in a short time frame. They are blaming google. Tmobile is the one that won't put any money into this phone. They are however once again screwing people who bought this phone over though. The "G2" set for slow role mid 3rd quarter 09. I was also told my area was getting upgraded to 3g in feb 09, then april, now october. All I can say is glad I paid full price for the phone. Didn't sign 2 more years. When is that at&t andriod powered coming out again.....

I just stumbled apon this article while looking for Updates about 'Cupcake' to the G1.

I have one, I have been drooling over a pair of stereo bluetooth headphones for weeks and have been looking forward to this update.

if this doesn't come out for the G1, I'm going to chuck the phone at the wall and get a Blackberry. (i'm a developer, but i say Screw Open Source! if you have to deal with crap like this...)
Most modern phones from 3 years ago already had Stereo Bluetooth, Touch Screen, and all the other crap the G1 barely has.

are you listening GOOGLE?!?
I'm not getting another F@#$%ing PHONE just because you rushed this piece of crap to the market.

So is anyone closer to understanding when this update comes out?

This really takes the piss!! I've hurd it will be out jan 09, then end of mar 09
And now I'm being told 7th april!!

Does anyone know a date?
Or even if its coming at all........

I paid $400 for this phone thinking it would rival tha likes of the Iphone and the blackberry bt in all actuality it seems as if it will never reach their level. I am highly disappointed in this phone and will be tradin it in for the Iphone. I thought the g1 would help me like t mobile a lil better but it turned out to make me switch to at&t. T moblie has turned into the company for high school students.

Keep whining. Or head over to xda and put saphire/magir rom with a2dp, vk, google apps on your G1 and get a life.

T-Mobile announces April 21st "private launch event" in NYC
by Joshua Topolsky, posted Apr 9th 2009 at 12:31PM

Well well well. Well. What do we have here? Apparently the cats and kittens over at T-Mobile have something special planned on Tuesday, April 21st. We've just gotten a very brief email letting us know that something was going down, but without any other detail. Obviously our gadget-alarms started clanging, and the way we see it we've only got a few things to get

.......excited about. Will we see the launch of Cupcake? Could this be the official US unveiling of the Magic? Or perhaps we'll finally get to see the new Sidekick which just hit the FCC. Look -- anything is possible, but whatever happens, we'll be there. What do you guys think is in store?

I check everyday for the cupcake update, but come on folks let's be realistic. If you didn't know the G1 was bleeding edge technology when you got it, you weren't paying attention. No facts to back this up on, but, T-Mobile listens they will come through... then again, if not.. geeks world wide will buy the G1's from the faint of heart, and have a cool linux toy.

Hey just in case, can someone turn this into a full blown linux w/desktop.. haha.

Hi just to let you know the cupcake has just been released for the original G1, there are a number of changes.


I am in the U.K

Cupcake update received today, on screen keyboard works alright and like the slight change in apperance of notification bar and gmail

I live in the UK and have been eagerly awaiting the Cupcake Update, although nothing as yet.

Strange because I was one of the first to receive the previous update a few months ago. Bah!

Yay got the update 2day, its an improvement for the g1. One step ahead of iphone... now with the camcorder and yeh...

Got my update here in the UK this am. I have always been 3-4 weeks after others so was a shock!
Install didn't go well, phone locked on Android screen despite every attempt to start it. So I did a hard factory reset and all is now ok

Just few minutes back I got my cupcake update on my phone. The camcorder and virtual keyboard are cool things. And this update is for TMobile US customers at non-rooted G1. eNjoy your's