Wikipad7-inch tablet with gamepad controls to sell for £249.99

Wikipad has announced that its 7-inch gaming tablet will go on sale in the UK from Sept. 27, priced at £249.99, following the U.S. launch a couple of months back.

The much-delayed tablet with gamepad controls will be sold via "from a number of well-known retailers at launch," through distribution partner MSE.

The Wikipad features a 1280x800, 7-inch display and is powered by an NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor with 1GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage. When it arrives in the UK next month it'll come up against strong competition in the small tablet space, not least from Google's cheaper and more powerful second-gen Nexus 7.

via Engadget

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lightyear420 says:

Awesome, it looks like a game gear!!

Gary Allen3 says:

I agree

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Mayoo614 says:

Why does companies continue to make tablets more expensive and less powerful than existing models? One reason : Fool the consumers who are not aware of other models. In other words, consumers satisfaction means nothing anymore.

OR they all have a dumb R&D and/or marketing team.

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Iynkata says:

It's them who think that we are dumb. Of course they are the dumb ones. It's all about $$$

mtechguru says:

Think this isn't true at all Google Nexus 7 is 249$ Wikipad is 249$ BUT COMES with the gamepad--
so you get more
Nexus 7 has a lot more limitation no upgradeable storage amongst others
not affiliated just want your comments to be real not emotional.

Underpowered and late to the show!

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Iynkata says:

Exactly what I was thinking.

Wobblin30 says:

We need a game pad like that for the new 7

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rexxman says:

I'm thinking the same thing. I have the MOGA Pro for my S3 and love it.

Iynkata says:

Gaming tablet with 1gb RAM? Isn't that a bit low?

1966cah says:

They should drop out of the tablet game entirely and make that controller accessory for the Nexus 7!

Robbzilla says:


Robbzilla says:

£249? That's like, a million US dollars!